Transactions of the Pharmaceutical Meetings, Nide 12

J. Churchill, 1853
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Sivu 341 - ... of the earth. Even a ship passing over the surface of the water, in northern or southern latitudes, ought to have electric currents running directly across the line of her motion.
Sivu 261 - A TOXICOLOGICAL CHART, exhibiting at one view the Symptoms, Treatment, and Mode of Detecting the various Poisons, Mineral, Vegetable, and Animal. To which are added, concise Directions for the Treatment of Suspended Animation.
Sivu 5 - ... in pronouncing such judgment for the penalty or penalties and costs, to insert in such judgment a warrant, in the event of such penalty or penalties and costs not being paid, to levy and recover the amount of the same by...
Sivu 75 - Much attention is paid to the cultivation of this tree : extensive districts of country are covered with it, and it forms an important branch of agricultural industry. In planting they are arranged, like the mulberry, in rows about twelve feet apart : both seeds and cuttings are employed.
Sivu 511 - Spirits, or strong Waters, for every gallon of such Spirits or strong Waters of any strength not exceeding the strength of proof by Sykes's hydrometer, and so in proportion for any greater or less strength than the strength of proof, and for any greater or less quantity than a gallon, viz.
Sivu 5 - ... who, upon proof of the offence or offences, either by confession of the party offending, or by the oath or affirmation of one or more credible witnesses, shall convict the offender, and find him liable in the penalty or penalties aforesaid, as also in expenses; and it shall be lawful for the sheriff...
Sivu 282 - ... which true organic bodies appear not to possess. Again, the source of such bodies being at all times inconsiderable, they would, if vapors, be liable to a speedy attenuation by diffusion so great as to render their action wholly inconceivable. It is more probable that matters of contagion are highly-organized particles of fixed matter, which may find its way into the atmosphere, notwithstanding, like the pollen of flowers, and remain for a time suspended in it.
Sivu 95 - In 1817, he was appointed Lecturer on Chemistry in the University of Glasgow ; and, in 1818, at the instance of the late Duke of Montrose, Chancellor of that institution, the appointment was made a professorship, with a small salary, under the patronage of the Crown. As soon after his appointment as he was enabled to obtain a laboratory, he commenced his researches into the atomic constitution...
Sivu 250 - Several years before Sir David Brewster had discovered in the case of an alcoholic solution of the green colouring matter of leaves a very remarkable phenomenon, which he has designated as internal dispersion. On admitting into this fluid a beam of sunlight condensed by a lens, he was surprised by finding the path of the rays within the fluid marked by a bright light of a blood-red colour, strangely contrasting with the beautiful...
Sivu 372 - ... the reputation of the physician. On the other hand, when apothecaries commit errors involving ill consequences, the physician, knowing the constant liability to error, should feel bound to screen them from undue censure, unless the result of a culpable negligence.

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