Sivut kuvina

1819, he visited France, where lie found ample materials for the exercise of his taste, in the picturesque buildings of Paris, and still more interesting scenery of Normandy"; the drawings made from these sketches, which were exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1820, as well as those of the present year, leave us to regret that this branch of art bad not, at least, shared a greater portion of his earlier time. He was elected an associate of the Royal Academy of Arts in November, J820, and no better or more grateful tribute could be paid, either to his talents as an artist or his worth as a man, than the feeling and appropriate eulogy pronounced to his memory by the president, at the annual academy dinner, which took place immediately after his death.


The Rev. W. Home, M.A. of Gore-court, to the rectory of Otham, in Kent.

The Rev. T. Gronow, A.B. to the living of Oadoxton, near Neath.

The Rev. W. Smith, A.M. rector of Broughton, Backs., to the vicarage of South Elkington, Lincolnshire.

Rev. C. Spencer, vicar of Bishop Stortford, to be domestic chaplain to the Marquis of Aylesbury.

The Rev. J. Warmford, of Mickleham,

Surrey, to the living of Llanellln, Monmouthshire.

The Rev. H. Scott, to the lectureship of St. John's, Newcastle.

The Rev. W. P. Jones, A.M. to be under master of the King's School of Canterbury.

The Rev. G. T. Plummer, A.B. to the rectory of Northill, in Cornwall.

The Rev. J. Scobill, BA. of Baliol College, Oxford, to the rectory of All Saints, Lewes.

The Rev. J. Baylis, chaplain to the Duke of Beaufort, to the vicarage of Mickleton, with Ebrington annexed.

The Rev. T. Jefferson, archdeacon of Colchester, to the vicarage of Witham, jn Essex.

The Rev. J. Nelson, A.B. to the rectory of Winterton, with the chapel of East Somerton, in Norfolk.

The Rev. J. B. Sharp, to the rectory of Martin, near Horncastle.

The Rev. J. Hownam, B.A. to the rec tory of Hockering, with Mattishall Burgh, in Norfolk.

The Rev. D. F. Pryce, D.D. to the perpetual curacy of Ashfield cum Thorp, in Suffolk.

The Rev. D. Lloyd, to be chaplain of Haslar Hospital.



With all the Marriases and Deaths.


THE Durham Advertiser reports it as a measure absolutely necessary, to check the encroachments of the sea at Sunderland, which has made great inroads in the last 20 years. In a few years more, unless prevented, the houses at the southern extremity of the town, will be undermined. Public attention is also called to the state of Sunderland moor, represented as a public nuisance, and which might be rendered a delightful promenade.

The Durham Chronicle asserts, that at the commencement and middle of the proceedings against the Queen, Earl Grey was twice offered the direction of Government, on condition that he would carry on the prosecution. No offers could induce him to consent to the sacrifice of an unprotected female.

Married^ At Berwick,\V. W. Hay, esq. to Miss J.Gregson, of Blackburn.—In London, F. Webb, esq, of Westwick, Durham, to the eldest daughter of Mrs. Shiel, of South Audley-street, London —Mr.A. Graham, merchant, of Howick, to Miss C. Nixon, of Leitb.—Mr. P. Blair, bookseller, of Morpeth, to Miss Hunter, of Alnwick. —At Halt whistle, Mr. J. French, to Ann, eldest daughter of T. Bell, esq—At Ber


wick, Mr. E. Sturdy, corn merchant, to the third daughter of Mr. T. Chartres, ironmonger.—At Sunderland, Mr. R. Wake, master mariner, to Miss M. Hall, also Mr. J. Davis, to Miss E. Hutchinson.

Died.} At Newcastle, 63, Mr. J. Aikin, Mr. S. Johnson, many years keeper of the Scotch Arms inn. His death was occasioned by the cutting of a corn on one of his feet—Of apoplexy, 49, Mrs. B. Hamilton.—Mrs. A. Batey, 66.

At Gateshead, 80, Mrs M. Wills— Mrs. A.Welsh, 81.

At Gateshead Fell, aged 51, Susannah, wife of Mr. T, Butterfield, tea-dealer.

At Durham, Mrs. Hilton, and the wife of Mr. W. Johnson, both hair-dressers.

At Bishop Wearmouth, Mr. W. Hardy, cordwainer, 84—Mr. G. Parke, master mariner, 37.—Mr. A. Leighton, 22. His death was occasioned by contusions from an accident in blasting stone.

At Stockton upon Tees, Mr. Dobbing,,of the Custom-house.

At Alnwick, 54, Mrs. Dixon, of the Nag'ft Head Inn.

At Berwick, Mr. J.Atkin, late Serjeant major of the royal horse artillery, 45.

At North Shields, 72, Mr. Robinson.—. Mr. T. Appleby, printer and stationer, 46.

At At South Shields, 76, Mrs. E. Young.— Mr. W. Rennhs, late of Newbiggir, 75. —The wife of Mr. W. Barnes,brewer.

At Sunderland, Jane, second daughter of Mr. M. Douglas, ship-owner.—Mr. G. Park, 35.

At Barnard castle, the wife of Mr. G. Ware.

At Darlington, Mr. T. Proud, 78, described as a " man of genius, and a poet."

At Staindrop, W. froctor, esq. late of Newcastle, 72.

At Bromley, 63, Mr. G. Angus..

Mr. R. Rea.v, farmer, of Kenton Bar.

Mrs. Ogle, relict of R. O. esq. of Eglingham.

At the Felling-, 82, Mr. C. Morley, late of Beowell.

At VVhattou, 72, the wife of T. Meggison, esq.;

At Aspatria, 67, the wife of Dr. Rigg.


Married.] The very Rev. T. Carter, A.M. dean of Tuam, in Ireland, &c. to Harriet, daughter of the late R. Wingfield, esq. of Kendal.—Mr. J. Jackson, of the Royal Oak Inn, to Miss Pearson; both of Keswick.—At Carlisle, Mr. J. Henderson, to Miss E. Eccles.—Mr. W. Matthews, to Miss M. Hewitson.—Mr. J. Johnson, grocer, to Miss H. Wharton.—W. Donald, esq. of Blagthwaite-house, to Miss J. Bell, of Lowhutst.—At Penrith, Mr. W. Elwood, of Barton, to Miss E. Boak, late of Eamont Bridge.—Also Mr. R. Campbell, of Brampton, to Miss H. Foster.

Died.] At Carlisle, Mr. J. Cartmell, tanner, 47.—Mr. A. Moore, 70.—Mr. J. Blay

lock, 81—Mr. T. Walsall, 56 Mr. W.

Bass, shoe-maker, 74.—Mr. G. Sewell, postmaster, 53.—Mr. J. Richardson.

At Workington, 59, Mr. M. Poole, late butler to C. Curwen, esq.

At Longtown, on the road to his residence at Bellinter, county of Meath, Ireland, the Rt. Hon Baron Tara, 56.

At Beatock Bridge New Inn, 63, Mrs. Shearman, mother of Mrs. Wilson, of the Bush Inn, Carlisle.


Mr. Clarke, of Scarborough, the principal owner of sixteen ships, is making preparations for building a square that will contain free residences for sixteen old and infirm seamen. . '. . '.:

By opening a new road through Pontefract to Barnsdale, the distance from Leeds to Doncaster is rendered four miles shorter. The line is much less hilly, and the tolls are much lower.

Married.] The Hon. H. Hawke, of Womersly Park, to Elizabeth, daughter of Sir J. Ramsden, bart. of Byram F. Marchant, M.D. of Hemsworth, to Anne, only daughter of T. Wilson, esq. of Pontefract. —At York, Mr. Hudson, of the firm of Nicholson and Hudson, to the youngest

daughter of Mr. J. Nicholson, merchant.— Mr. W. Morris, druggist, of Leeds, to Miss

E. Rawling, of Wood-house hill At

Northallerton, Mr. P. Kemp, wine merchant, to the daughter of Mr. J. Dixon.— At Richmond, Mr. R. Petch, to Mrs. Richardson, of the Turf coffee-house.

Died.] At Sheffield, 73, Mr. J. Barker, cutler, of Shales Moor.—Mr. T. Milner, file smith, 55—Lately, Mr. W. Harris, hinge-maker, 41.

At Leeds, in his 32d year, Mr. T. Burnand, of the old George Inn.—Mr. J. Driver, late of the White Hart Inn.—Mrs. Horsley.—In his 84th year, Mr. J. Armitage, confidential clerk to Messrs. Banks and Goodman.

At Hull, 89, Mr. S. Hammond, of Sprolsboro', near Doncaster.—At an advanced age, Mrs. M. Thornton, through life, and by bequests at her death, the friend of missionary and other charitable institutions.

At York, 77, Mrs. C. Cappe, relict of the late Rev. N. C, au excellent woman, whose life was spent in benevolent labours.

At Scarborough, 06, Mrs. Hornsea, relict of the late Mr. J. H. master of au Academy.

At Whitby, after an illness of 12 years, Mary, eldest daughter of John Saunders, esq. banker, one of the Society of Friends.

At Doncaster, 70, Mrs. Reynolds, of Hull.

At Sutton, near Hull, in his 76th year, R.Bell, esq. His character presented the picture of an honest man, and his life was marked by acts of kindness and beneficence,

At lngleby Cross, Mr. T. Holmes.

lu London, 26, Miss J. Walstell, second daughter of the Rev. R. W. of Cleasby, in this county.

At Nabnrn Lock, near York, 52, Mr. J. Purdon.

At Snaith, suddenly, Mr. J. Drury, merchant.

Mr. J. Kay, of Kippax, late of Hunslet.


A memorial, signed by more than athouv. sand merchants, has been transmitted from Liverpool to the Lords of the Treasury, petitioning against the plan of building Insulated warehouses, with exclusive privileges to supersede the stores now erected, Which it is alledged, would be unable to subsist under the competition, and would be gradually abandoned. The plan was recommended by the commissioners of enquiry into the customs and excise.

The Earl Moiia packet left Liverpool Aug. 8. In attempting to tack, the vessel struck on Burboo Bank. After considerable toil, she was got into deep water, but grounded a second timeon the Wharf Bank, and leaked. The vessel soon filled, and the pump was plied, but with noeffecl.


The waves brought the vessel on her broadside. All who were able got on the shrouds, and clung (men, women, and children) till from exhaustion they began to drop, and were overwhelmed. One wave carried oft'from ten to fifteen at once. The captain was among the first who perished. The Hoylake life-boat saved about thirty, many in a dying state. The number of those who perished and were saved, and of those on board, not exactly known. Fifty supposed to be saved, and the same number perished. The captain, mate, and greater part of the crew reported to have been in a state of intoxication.

July 19, the opening of that magnificent structuie, the Vrjnce's Dock, at Liverpool, was accomplished, with a respectable attendance, and all the paraphernalia of characteristic decoration.

By a resolution of the Common council, the buildiugof St. Luke's church, at the top of Bold-street, Liverpool, is immediately to be proceeded upon.

At the Salford sessions, July 23. Samuel Waller, a preacher among the ranters, for holding forth in the streets of Ashtou-undcr, Lyne, was sentenced to three months imprisonment in the house of correction, and to give securities of good behaviour for two years.

Population. Liverpool. Males 54,340; females 04,632; total increase 24,590. Kiikdale 1273. Everton 2109. Toxteth Park 12,829.

July 27, the foundation stone of a new infirmary was laid in Brownlow-street, Liverpool.

Married.] The Rev. H. White, M.A. rector of Claughton, in Lonsdale, to Elizabeth, only child of Mr. Stackhouse, of Blackburn.—At Liverpool, Mr. J. Bankin, merchant, to Miss S. Milligan.—Mr. J. Austin, to the 2d daughter of the late Mr. S. Irvin, cotton-merchant of Newton Heath, near Manchester.—Mr. W. Altars, timbermerchant, to Miss S. Boberts.—At Warrington, Mr. E. Wilmer, book-seller, of Liverpool, to the 2d daughter of Mr. R. Smith —At Manchester, Mr. Jos. Mackeau, to Miss Hulme, 3d daughter of the late Otho H. esq.

Died.'] At Liverpool, the wife of Mr.

Horner, of Blake-strect On the second

day after his arrival at this port, from Bahia, in his 26th year, Mr. W. Otway, son of Mr. (I. of Bilston, Stafford, late of Riverstone.—Capt. M.Scallion, 65, one of the oldest traders between Liverpool and Dublin.—Mrs. Freeland, 70.—Mrs. Welsh, of the Royal Oak, 59.—Mr. T. Clement, silversmith, 70.—Mr. W. G. Rowe, 24.—In his 56th year, Mr. J. Jones.—In her 71st yeai;, Mrs. E.Thompson.

At Manchester, 65, Mrs. S. Cowdroy, relict of the late Mr. W. C. proprietor of the Manchester Gazette.—Mr. J. Daven

port, grocer.—Mr. J, Ormerod, of New Windsor.

At Crook Hall, near Wigan, suddenly, Mr. J. Clarke, late banker, of Liverpool, 65.

Mr. J. Hickson, farmer, ofChildwall. . In his 36th year, Mr. W. Eltoft, of Clougb, near Colne, only surviving son of Mr. J. E. of Burnley.—At Savannah le Mar, Jamaica, May lb, Capt. S. Thompson, 42, of the ship Rose, of Liverpool.—At the Havannah, June 5, It. II. Comner, esq. lieut. R.N. and commander of the Hall, of Liverpool.


There are at present 352 men, six horses, and ten vessels employed on the Suspension Bridge over theMenai. On the Anglesca side, the main pier rises 63 feet above the level of high water, and the piers are rapidly advancing. On the Caernarvon side, the main pier is 33 feet above high water; first pier from it 45, second ditto 57.

A new iron bridge is about to be placed over the river Weaver, near Nantwich. -It combines elegance and lightness, with strength and durability. One peculiar excelenceis,thatthe 24 massive braccswhich are placed diagonally, between the perpendicular bolls, and the upper and lower ribs, equalize the pressure, on whatever part it rests; architect, T. Harrison, esq.

Married.] Mr. T. Daniel, of Hockley Hall, near Disley, to the youngest daughter of M. Walker, esq. of Stockport.—W. Leigh, esq. 2d son ofT. P. L. esq. of Lyme, to M. A. Wilkinson, daughter of the late J/.W. esq. of Castlehead, Lancashire.—At Nantwich, lieut. T. Young, of the late 3d Ceylon regt. to Catherine, youngest daughter of the late W. Wrench, esq—F. B. Clough, esq. of Denbigh, to Miss E. R. Marshall, of Horsham.—After a courtship of six days, Mr. J. Bayley, of Poynton, aged 30, to Miss Susannah Jackson, of Bolton, Lancashire, aged 75! . .

Died.] At Chester, Mrs. Garner, confectioner.

At Whitchurch, Mrs. Bromfield, of Chester.

At St. Asaph, L.John, esq. surgeon.

At Dolgelly, in his 70th year, E. Pryse, esq. late of Helygog.

Mrs. A Fenna, of Tilston.


Married] The Rev. E. Luard, of Morley, to Julia, daughter of the late E.Coxe, esq. of Hampstead Heath.—At Derby, Mr. C. Parker, to Miss E. Dewsbui-y—Mr. Hall, grocer, to Miss Cowleshaw.—Mr. R. Nevin, of Old Radford, late of Dublin, to Miss Riding, only daughter of Mr. R. of the Mason's Arms, Derby.

Died.] At Derby, 25, Mr. H. Dodsworth, grocer.—Mrs. Needham, wife of Mr. S.N. sadler, 62.


At Chesterfield, 42, Mr. F. Launt.—In 'her 64tb year, the wife of Eb. Smith, esq.

At Cold Eaton, 86, Mrs. Wild, widow. —Mrs. A. Dakin, of Suffield.

Lately in Loudon, Mr. Hough, of Chesterfield, formerly the dramatic tutor of Master Betty.

Suddenly," Mr. J. Collars, huntsman, of Ashboum Hall.

The Rev. F. Gisborn, rector of Staveley, DO. His charities were evinced hi the remission of his fees to the poor, in claiming merely nominal tythes, &c. At Peter-house, Cambridge. Mr. Gray gave up his rooms to Gisborne, the bard having been driven from his college, by the students mimicking his effeminate manner. Mr. G.'s gravity even then stood aloof from such indiscretions.


At Nottingham, Mr. J. Thompson, cornfactor, to Miss F. Salmon.—Mr. J. Barks, to Mrs. Osboume.—Mt C. Peet, to Miss M. Briggs.—Mr. F. Vity, to Miss England. —At Stapleford, Mr. Moore, lace-manufacturer, to Miss Simpson.—At Bulwell, Mr. T Ellis, eldest son of Mrs. M. E. to the youngest daughter of Mr. T. Lomas, twist lace-manufacturer.

Died.] At Nottingham, 59, Mr. S. Fox, dyer.—Mrs. M. Hall, 74.—Mr. J. Jennings, sinker-maker, 51. — Very suddenly, 23, Miss M. Selby.—Mrs. Straw, widow, 72.— Mr. S. S. Frost, 25.—Mrs. M. Clarke, 88.— Mr. J.Wateridge, 26.

At Mansfield, of a rapid decline, in his 31st year, James, only son of Mr. J. Handley.

At Newark, advanced in years, Mrs. Bradley.

At Kegworth, in his 65th year, the Rev. J.Dawson, dissenting minister.

At Ruddington, in her 23d year, on a visit at a friend's, Miss S. Wastie, of Camden Town, London.


At Lincoln Assizes, James Cawthorne was convicted of the murder of his wife, by administering arsenic in some thickened milk.

Married.] Mr. Simpson, surgeon, of Heckinglon, to Miss M. Ingall, ofSwineshead.—At Stickney, Mr. T. Cammack, goose merchant, to Mrs. D. Dewis.—At Swineshead, Mr. J. Allyatt, farmer .and grazier, aged 62, to Miss A. Motley, aged 22.

Died.] At Lowth, in her68th year, Mrs. Chatterton.

Miss J. Marshall, 21, daughter of Mr. M. farmer and grazier, of Elsham, near Brigg.

At Holbeach, 33, M. Hood, surgeon and apothecary.

At Gainsborough, 44, Mr. Atkinson.

At Wainfleet, St. Mary's, 80, J. Dandison, gent.

Monthly Mao. No. 358.

At Alford, 70, the Rev. W. Thompson, master of the Grammar School.

At Stamford, 59, Mr. J. TomKnson, deputy apparitor.

At Louth, 23, Miss M. Humphrey.


Population. Castle Douington, males 1206, females 1354. Coleorton, males 401, females 482. Belton and Gracedien, males 342, females 322. Diseworth, males 338, females 380. Lockington, males 100, females 106. Breedon and Long Wilson males 511, females 533. Long Wbatton, males 424, females 396. Packington and Snibson, males 227, females 219. Seals, males 568, females 505. Kegworth, males 785, females 822. Hemington, males 222, females 199. Blacktbrdby, males 146, females 144. Osgathorpe, males 174, females 178. Part of Raveustoue, males 134, females 121.

Population, county of Rutland, 18,493, increase 2118.

Married.] At Red Mills, near Belvoir Castle, G. Beaumont, esq. of Winthorpe House, to Anne, eldest daughter and coheiress of J. Shylock, esq.—Mr. Greaves, attorney, of Market Harborough, to Miss Munton, of Great Bowden—At Leicester, Mr. T. Wickcs, to Mrs. Murdin. John, youngest son of the late Mr. Thos. Horner, to the youngest daughter of Mr. Yates.— George, youngest son of Mr. J. Smith, farmer and grazier, ofKibworth Beauchamp, to Anne, only daughter of the late Mr. Thornton, of Kibworth Harcourt. — At Sheephy, Mr. T. Kirkland, surgeon, of Ashby, to Miss Fawkes.

Died.] At Leicester Mr. T. Cockshaw. —Mrs. F. Catlin, 25—Mrs. Cooke, wife of Mr. C. cabinet-maker.

At Loughborough,-72, Mrs. Bell, of the Marquis of Granby Inn.—Mrs. Hickling, 83, mother-in-law of Mr. Eddowes, surgeon.

At Hinckley, 86, Mr. J. Blunt, woolcomber.

At Uppingham, 24, Charles, eldest sou of Mr. L. Bell, wine-merchant.

At Quorndon, 72, Mr. Inglesant.—InLondon, 51, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Mr. C Lakin, 6f Ashby-de-laZouch.

Mr. W. Smith, grazier, 77, of Thorp Langton.

At Riddlington, Rutland, Mr. Baynos, of Leicester.—At Eaton, near Belvoir, in the prime of life, Mrs. Holmes, formerly of Melton Mowbray."

Mr. C. Smith, farmer, of Burbage Fields. —Mr. G. Geary,farmer, of Lindley. Shortly after breakfast, he fell back in his chair and expired.


Total population of Stafford, 5730, increase 868. Newcastle 7031, increase 85ti. Burslem 10,176, increase 1551.

2 A Married

Harried.] At Breewood, J. Wrottosley, esq. eldest son of Sir J. W. bart. to the 3d daughter of T. Gilford, esq. of Chillington. —AtTamworth, J. Baggaley, esq. ofFradley, near Lichfield, to Miss Lyon.—G. Parker, esq. iron master, of Tipton, to Sophia, daughter of the late C. Humphreys, esq. of Pennant, Montgomeryshire.—Mr. H. Parkes, of Wolverhampton, to Miss Gitton, of Bridgenorth.

J) erf.] At Wednesbary, suddenly, Mr. T. Hawe, 80.

At Walsall, in her 90th year. Mrs. A. Bates, widow, formerly of Bloxwich.

At Hitndsworth, Mary, only daughter

of Mr. S. Hodges In his 74 th year, Mr.

M. Woodhall, late of Birmingham

In his 68th year, Mr. J. Tandy, of Great Bur.—In the prime of life, Eleanor, wife of Mr. E. Wilson, of the Ilattons, near Breewood.


Married.'] At Birmingham, the Rev. J. B- Warden, to Marianne, only daughter of the late Mr. J. Crump, solicitor.—At Birmingham, Mr. H. Payne, to tke2d daughter of Mr. W. Riley.

Died.] At Birmingham, 20, Anne, wife of Mr. J. Plevins, builder.—Mrs. M. Darwin.—Mrs. Tindale, wife of Mr. T. chemist and druggist.—In his 50th year, Mr. J. Clowes.—Elizabeth, wife cf Mr. T. Ledbrook, nialster.—In his 19th year, Henry, eldest eon of the late Mr. H. Leake, of Tavistock, Devon.

At Cattle Bromwich, in his 21st year, Mr. Waldron.'

R. Bartlam, esq. solicitor, ofAlcester.

At Great Packington, 92, Dame Ecle.


Total Population. Wellington 8390; increase 177. Ludlow, males 2120, females 2700, increase 670.

Six orphans survive the late downfall of the house which adjoins the Shrewsbury theatre. Three individuals of one family were killed, and the ruins had nearly overwhelmed five families, comprising more than twenty persons. The theatre is 500 years old, and was formerly a palace belonging to the Lords of Powys.

Married.] At Longdon, J. Smith, esq. to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late S. Adey, esq. of Chorley.—At Shrewsbury, Mr. R. Reece, to Miss A. Jones.

Died.] At Shrewsbury, in his 62d year, J. Beck, esq.—Mr. T. Jones, wine-merchant, 42.

At Ludlow, 55, S. Vaughan, esq

Anne, daughter of Mr. Adams, surgeon.

At Oswestry, 71, Esther, widow of the late Mr. R. Jones, shoe-maker.

At Bishop's Castle, Mr. J. Lloyd.

At Church Stretton, 83, Mr. T. Beddoes, formerly a skinner.

At Pitchford Park, Miss E. Saiytbe.

In his 46th year, T. Vaughton, esq. of

Cound Cottage, late of Pearse Hay, Staffordshire—Mr, E. Davies, an opulent farmer, of Waen Wen, near Oswestry, 82. The close of his vigorous life was hastened by an accident.


Married] Mr. J. Chantry, of Birmingham, to Miss A. Lane, of Uptou-on-Severn.

Died.] At Worcester, 52, E Griffith, esq. formerly of Birmingham.—Suddenly, of a paralytic attack, while attending service in the cathedral, Mr, C. Richards.

At Evesham, 84, Mrs. Isabella Home, and after a few days,her brother, R. Home, esq. 85.

Mrs. M. Taylor, widow of Northfield.

In her 43d year, Mrs. Cooper, of Netherton.


Married.] At Bromyard,Mr. C. B'.ackith, merchant, of Palermo, to Miss Vickary.

Died.] At Hereford 42, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mrs. Gwyllym.

At Ross, at an a'dvaiiced age, Mrs. Williams, wife of Mr. W. corn-faotor.

At Norton, 75, Mrs. M. Shelton, mother of Mr. J. S. lamp manufacturer, of Birmingham.


Married.] The Rev. R. Strong, of Painswick, to the only daughter cf Mr. W. Gravenor, of Bristol.—Mr. W. Knipe, of Frainpton, to the 2d daughter of Mr. Turner, of Froomhridge.—Mr. J. Reeve, of the Bristol Theatre, to Miss Aylett, of Moorfields, Londou.—Mr. G. Gough, son of Mr. T. G. timber merchant, of Bristol, to Miss E. Step, daughter of R. S. esq. of Somersetsquare,—J. Whitchurch, esq. of Bristol, to Susan, daughter of R. Newman, M.D. of Thornbuiy Park.—At Clifton, the Rev.E. Jacob, tutor of the missionary institution, at Stanstead, to Jane, eldest daughter of the late J. Patterson, esq. of the Bengal civil service.

At Gloucester, 23, the Rev. J. Adams, a young gentleman of excellent sense and peculiar firmness of character.

At Bristol, Mr. T. Applin, 72.—Mr. W. Pether, formerly an artist.

At Cheltenham, the Countess Dowager of Jersey.—In his 48th year,SirT.M. Wilson, bart. of Charlton house, Kent.

At Cirencester, in his 19th year, W. B. 3d son of Mr. H. Chavasse. He was de signed for the church, but fell a victim to consumption.

At Tewksbury, Mr. J. Moore, corndealer.

At the Hot Wells, Mrs. Taylor, relict of the late J. T. esq. of Bath.

In her 31st year, Mrs. Vaughan, late of Pentyumawr-house, Monmouthshire.—Esther, wife of Mr. J.Daniels, of Ebley.

74, D. Parsons, esq. adjutant of the county militia.

At Monmouth, 60, Mrs. Philips, widow


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