Sivut kuvina

of the late Iter. W. Philips, M.A. and vicar of Appleby, Westmorland.

At Cardiff, 35, Mr. W. Swausboro, clerk to Messrs. Tanner and Co. of Gloucester.

At Usk, Thomas, eldest sou of the Rev. J. Saunders.

At Stow-on tbe-Wold, Mrs. George, of the Union inn. She had sent fur an ounce of salts to a druggist, who by delivering a poisonous drug, occasioned her death in a

few hours i. Beech, esq. 79, lord of the

manor of Quedgley. His life was an example of temperance and persevering industry.


At Oxford assizes, Joseph Smith, for stealing a mare, John Betteridge, fur maiming and killing a brown horse; James King for stealing the carcase of a lamb, were capitally convicted; five were sentenced to 7 years transportation.

Married.'] At Florence, the only son of Vice Admiral Manley, of Braziers, in this county, to C. Emilia, only daughter of Sir W. Clayton, bart. of Harleford, Bucks.—At Oxford, Mr. W. Mcrriman, to Miss E. Cowling of Ewelme.

Vied.] At Hcnley-upon-Thames, Maria, 2d daughter of thelateCol.G. Harper, of the East India Company's service.

At Burford, Lydia, wife of J Phillips, esq.

At Thame, 22, Septimus, youngest son of the late J Hollier, esq.

Iu Kent-road, London, Mrs. Barnes, mother of Mrs. Buswell, of Oxford.


At Berkshire assizes George Giles and Haunah Howell, for setting fire to a barn, &c. received sentence of death.

Married.] The Rev. C. Shipley, son of the Dean of St. Asaph, to Charlotte, eldest daughter of R. O. Sloper, esq. of Woodhay. —J. E. Bicheno, esq. of the Middle Temple, to Elizabeth, daughter of S. A. Lloyd, esq. of Newbury.—J. Cookney, esq. of the Mauritius, to Tahitha, fifth daughter of the late Rev. W. Perkins, of Twvford.

Diud.] At Reading, 61, J. Blandy, esq. an eminent solicitor. His disiuierested services to the public, his active benevolence and practical piety are highly eulogised.—At an advanced age, Mr. P.Tomkins, gardener.

At V\indsor, 52, Mrs. Dobson.—Mrs. Humblestone, M).

At Wokiugham, in his 77th year, the Rev. W. Bremner, curate and master of Lucas's Hospital.

R. Thomas, esq. of Wantage, 61.

R. Mattingly, esq. of Baulking, 61.

Miss M. Taylor, of Bradenham Cottage, Bucks.

HERTFORDSHIRE AND BEDFORDSHIRE. At Hertford Assizes seven prisoners were capitally convicted, and three sentenced to seven years transportation.

Married] The Rev. R. Boyse, of Lit tit Hadham, to Winifrad, daughter of the lats Sir T. B. Plestow, of Watlington Hall, Norfolk.—J. Hayne, esq. of Middleton Terrace, to Anne, second daughter of the Rev. T. W. Ward, of S'lambrook, Bedfordshire.

Vied.] At Sawbridgworth, in his 83d. year, G. Dyer, esq. of Doughty-street.

At Welwyn, Frances, second daughter of the laic Major Gen. Chester.


At Northampton assizes, eight prisoners were capitally convicted, but all reprieved.

Married.] At Pitsford, the Rev. E.Collins Wright, to the eldest daughter of the late R. Pemberton, esq.—Lieut. C. Haycock, R N. of King's Cliffe, and lute of Stamford, to Mary, second daughter of the late J.Maydwell, esq. of Fotheringhay.— At Fineshade, Col. Reeve, of Leadenham House, to Lady Susan S'nerard, sister of the Earl of Harborough.—The Rev. T. C. Welch, A.B. of Pattishall to the third daughter of C Bacon, esq. of Styford, in Northumberland.

Vied.] At Geddington, 73, Mrs. Edmunds, relict of the late H. E. esq. of the East India Compuny's service, and mother of R. E. esq. of Kettering.


At Cambridge assizes, seven prisouers were capitally convicted, but mostly sentenced to transportation.

At Huntingdon assizes, Ricbard Vaughan aged 66, for au assault to commit a rape, was sentenced to two years imprisonment.

Anew species of black currant is cultivating in this county, the fruit of which is so large, that a single berry will weigh 60 grains, and measure iu circumference, two inches and a half.

Married.] T. Fryer, esq. of Chatteris, to Miss C. Green,of Hammersmith.—V/otton, son of the late W.Isaacson, esq. of Landwade Hall, near Newmarket, to Miss Frost, of Wickham Brook.—Mr. Fellows, head cook to Caius College, to Miss Susan Knowles.

Vied.] At Cambridge, Anne, wife of Mr. R. Browu, merchant.

At Coluey Parsonage, 76, the Rev. W. Gilson, prebendary of Lincoln, &c.

From the rupture of a bloodvessel, M. Dayrcll, esq. of Shady Camps, juBtice of peace for this county.

At Walsoken, near Wisbeach, in his 71st year, Mr. Catling, farmer and grazier.

At Stonely, near Kimboltou, D. Welsted, esq.—At Ramsey, 96, Mrs. Cowling, relict of the late P. C. esq. of Feustantun.—At Parson Drove, near Wisbeach, Mr. J. Holmes, juu. farmer.


Married.] Mr. S. Ah.-ock, of Manchester, to Susan, youngest daughter of Mr. i. Robberda, of St. yeurge's Norwich—

Mr. Mr. R. Rallison, of Mattishall, to Mrs. M. Pottle of Wisbeach.

Died.'] At Norwich, 62, Mr. J. Beare, shoemaker.

At Lynn, 28, Mr. Masson, shoemaker.

At South Lynn, in his 70th year. Mr. B. Batter bee.

At Yarmouth, 77, Mrs. M. Coleman.— Miss M. Martin, 17.

At East Dereham, in his 65th year, Mr. Dade.

At Aylsham, Mrs. Jex.

In her 56th year,Mrs. L. Fulcher, widow, of Old Buckenham.—Mrs. S. Bidewell, of

Weston, 57 Mrs. Utten, of Surlingham,

96.—Elizabeth, wife.of the ReT. A. Edwards, rector of Great Cressingham.

On the 20th of March, on his 5th voyage to China, 26, Mr. J. Colman, of Ashwelthorpe; also, lately, Miss H. Colman, sister of Mr. C.


At Suffolk summer assizes, Aug. 9. at Bury, William Farthing, William Gibbins, and Henry Flack, for various acts of felony and burglary, were capitally convicted, but afterwards reprieved.

Married.] The Rev. P. W. Hamilton, A.M. vicar of Winston, to the eldest daughter of J. Panton, esq The Rev. H. Hodg

kinson, rector of Saddingfield, &c. to the youngest daughter of Claudius, late Bishop of Sodor and Man.—Mr. R. Footman, linendraper, to Miss C. Groves; also Mr. Howes, to Miss Bacon, all of Ipswich.—At Dalham, Sir Digby Mackworth, bart., to Miss P. Affleck sister to Sir James A. The church on this occasion, was transformed into a garden, the chancel being inlaid ■with flowers forming the names of the pair; other devices also in variously blended colours.—At Stoke, near Nay land, E. Liveing, esq. to the only daughter of the late G. Downing, esq. barrister.—At Cavenham, Mr. W. Watts, to the eldest daughter of E. Cooper, esq.—At Sudbury, T. Musgrave, esq. to Miss Hodge.—At Trandeston, the Rev. E. Rust, to the only daughter of the Rev. N. D'Eye.

Died.] At Bury. 72, G. Hubbard, esq. surgeon, and a burgess ef the corporation.

At Ipswich, in her 21st year, Miss J. Alger.—At an advanced age, Mrs. Hill, relict of the late Capt. J. H.

At West Wycombe, Bucks, in her 38th year, Mrs. Coyte, widow of Mr. Coyte, M.D. late of Ipswich.

At Boyton, Mr. R. Bennington.—at Salt River, Jamaica, 23, Robert, eldest son of Mr. R. Alexander, farmer, of Helmingham. Mrs. A. Peacock, wife of A. P. esq. of Blakenham Lodge.—At Hartest, Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr. King. ESSEX.

At Chelmsford assizes, 18 prisoners received sentence of death.

Married.] At Dedham, J. G. Slevcng,

esq. 2d master of the Norwich Royal Grammar School, to Mary, daughter of G. Withest, esq.—In London, W. T. Hibbert, esq. to Mary, youngest daughter of the lateC. Cure, esq. of Blake Hall, in this county. In London, the Rev. A. B. Henniker, rector of Great and Little Thornham in Suffolk, to Amelia, daughler of J. H. Stewart, esq. of South Ockendon, in this county.— O. Gee, jnn. esq. of Earl's Coin, to the 2ddaughter of Sir W. B.Hughes, of Plascock, Anglesea.

Died.] At Colchester, Mr. S. ChamberIain, pipe maker.

In his 26th year, Mr. J. Coverdale, of Ingatestone Hall, eldest son of Mr- C. land steward to Lord Petre.

In his 70th year, Mr.J. Vine,of Ardeigh. —Aged 18, George, youngest son of }. Know les, esq. of Wanstead.


It is intended to widen the entrance to Canterbury, from the Sandwich and Deal road, by taking down the remaining tower of Burgate, with the adjacent buildings. This tower was rebuilt of brick, with stonequoins, in 1475; the names of some of the benefactors being still legible on the side. Among these, is John Franyngam, mayor, in 1462, &c. It was an unsightly structure, as the central part had been taken down in 1781, and the southern tower afterwards.

At the East Kent Association for the Relief, &c. of Agriculture, (held at Ashford, July 18,) among other resolutions (unanimous) was the following s that the meeting having taken into consideration the Report of the Select Committee, &c. find that it resembles a beautiful crop of •traw, &c. without affording one grain of comfort or relief.

Population. — Broughton Blean, Males 621.—Females 616.—Total Increase 235.

Married.] In London, D. Howell, esq. to Frances, youngest daughter of T. Russel, esq. of Dover.—At Heme, H. Worrel, esq. to Eliza, 2d daughter of Mr. J. Ashbee, of Sea-street.—At Charlton, Mr. Rutland, of the Mill at River, to Miss Hart.—At Borden, Mr. South, of Milton, to Miss Cooper.

Died.] At Canterbury, 57, Mrs. J. Tran. ter.—Mr. T. Smith, adjutant's clerk to the East Kent Regiment.—Mrs. M. Austin, of the Old Palace Inn.

At Rochester, Mr. J. Baldock.

AtFolkstone, 25, Mr. Henry Peake.— Mr. R. Finley, 53.

At St. Lawrence, Thanet, 86, the Rev. R. Harvey, M.A. 49 years resident minister of the parish of Ramsgate.

At Stanford, 76, Mr. J. Jones.

Mrs.M. Patterson, of Adisham.

The Rev. J. Williams, A.M. curate of Plaxtol, 47.—At Heme HiM, in his 65th year, Mr. Gardner.—At Nicells-Wrothani, 43, Mr. Edmeades.



The works of the road for joining' the ■west and east cliffs are rapidly proceeding and expected to be finished by the 3d of November.

The paving' of Hastings, with lighting and other improvements, have recently been completed.

Married.] At Chichester, the Rev. R. G. Curtois, chaplain to the forces, to the eldest daughter of Major Gen. T. Widdrington. —At Brighton, Mr. D. Sampson, silk manufacturer, to Miss Taylor.

Died.] At Lewes, R. Barry, esq. 49.

At Brighton, J. Whaley, esq. formerly of Colchester.

Suddenly, from being seized with apoplexy, while walking about his grounds, Mr. Luck, farmer, of Eastbourne.

At Yapton Place, 51, Capt. J. Whyte.

At Ditchling, universally esteemed and regretted, 68, Robert Chatfield, esq. a firm, consistent, and steady friend to the cause of civil and religious liberty. In bim the neighbouring poor have lost a kind benefactor, and the schools on the Lancastrian system (the girls school of which, he erected at his owu individual expence) a benevolent and zealous supporter.


At the assizes for this county, 12 received sentence of death, iwo were transported for life, six for 14 years, and three for 7 years.

The Hampshire papers complain of progressive inroads on the charters of Guernsey and Jersey, by which the inhabitants generally have been alarmed, and that they are calculated to shake their affections from the mother country.

Married.] Mr. T. Jackson, draper, to Miss Besant, both of Portsea.

Died.] At Portsmouth, Mr. White, builder.

AtGosport, in her 44th year, Mrs. Tracey, wife of Capt. Tracey, R.N. ■ At Portsea, in her 80th year, Mrs. M. Holse.'

At Cowes, Bertrand, only son of R. Davis, esq.

After an illness of 24 hours, C. F. Horton, daughter of C. Day, esq. of Bovis Hill, near Southampton.

At Romsey, 57, Mrs. Young, wife of Mr. Y. auctioneer.

AtFratton, Miss Smith, sisler of Capt. Smith, R.N.

At Ringwood, Mr. J. Tilley, many years confidential clerk to Mr. Baldwyn.

At Haslar Hospital, Mr. D. C. Poingdestre, midshipman, U.S.

At Avon Cottage, near Ringwood, Mrs. Osbourn, relict of the late Admiral O.

Mr. R. Hitchins, of St. Cross, near Winchester.


Married.] A. Protheroe, esq. of Leigh,

Somerset, to the youngest daughter of the Rev. J. Selwyn, rector of Ludgershall.—C* Spackman, esq. of Bradford, to Sophia, sister of T. Timbrell, esq. of Trowbridge. —G. D. Fisher, jun. esq. of Langley Stoke, to Julia, daughter of Mr. T. Hart, of Bradford.—At Newton Toney, Mr. G. Flower, to Miss E. Beaumont.—J. Cholmondley, M.D. of Hatton Garden, London, to Miss. Smith, of Milford Hall, near Salisbury.

Died.] George, son of Mrs. Croome, of Bishops Cannings. This unfortunate youth had been confined to his bed for the last ten years.


The Committee of Magistrates in the investigation of Ilchester Jail, have terminated their proceedings, by adjudging the keeper, W. Bridle, unfit to be longer in his appointment. The salary is 4001. per annum, exclusive of the house and fees, on the removal and discharge of prisoners. Mr. Hunt, in his letter to the Bath Journal, observes: "Mr. Dickinson, who so strenuously defended the gaoler, and vouched for his humanity in the Honourable House, was in the chair, and reluctantly obliged to admit that he had been one of Mr. Gaoler's greatest dupes."

Married.] J. C. Yeatman, esq. of Frome, surgeon extraordinary to the Duke of Gloucester, to the only daughter of the Rev. T.

Tanner, vicar of Bradninch, Devon G.

Speake, esq. 2d son of W. S. esq. of Jordans, to the only daughter of B. B. Dickinson, esq. of Tiverton.

At Bishop's Hull, the Rev. L. A. Cliff, of

Wilton Cottage, to Miss S. Capon In

London, L. Earle, esq. son of the late Col. E. of Tweed-house, Northumberland, to Sophia, only daughter of the late H. Parry, esq. of Bath Mr. W. P. Penny, bookseller, of Frome, to Miss M. Carpenter, of Rodden.—At Coombe St. Nicholas, Matthew Wilmot, aged 87, to Mary Hutchings, aged 63. This mirthful alliance was celebrated with a variety of burlesque accompaniments. Six children, 30 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren, attended the old simpleton, who was, with difficulty supported by his bride to the church.

Died.] At Bath, Capt. Mainwaring, deputy assistant quarter master general at Malta.

At Shepton Mallett, in his 78th year, Mr. G. Beale.

At Long Sutton, 26, Mr. S. Longman, lamented on account of his exemplary piety.

At Bruton, Mrs. Sweeting, relict of the late Mr. S. solicitor, formerly of Taunton.

At Pidwell, near Ascott, 75, J. Lilly, esq. late a banker, of Glastonbury. The cottages of the surrounding villages abounded with his charity.

Aged 22, the only surviving daughter of Mr. S. Gilford of Blackford.


Mr. W.James, a gentleman of considerable property, of Fordtou-house, near Chard. He fell from his horse, and received so serious an injury that he only lingered a few hours.


Married.] W. Thompson, esq. of Poole, to Sarah,-only daughter of J. Kyuaston, esq. of Ilford, Essex.

Vied.] At Dorchester, 32, Mrs. Elliott.

At Charminster, aged 92, Mr. Andrew Holtett.

At Tarrant Hinton, 60, the Rev. T. Diggle, 36 years rector.

Deservedly and sincerely lamented, Catharine Francis, wife of Mr. Small, surgeon, Weymouth, andyouugest daughter of the Rev.C. Coxwell, of Ablington-house, in the county of Gloucester.


Married.] At Budleigh, J. M. Cave, 2d son of J. C. esq. of Brentry, Gloucestershire, to the youngest daughter of W. Havelock, esq.—In London, Mr. J. Saunders, wharfinger, of Plymouth, to the eldest daughter of J. C. Kitching, esq. surveyor of Works, of Budge-yard, Surrey.

At Plymouth, Lieut. R. Williams, R.N. to Miss Edge, only daughter of Mr. E. of the Dock-yard.—At Alphington, C.Compton, esq. purser, R.N. to Ann, eldest daughter of B. Meanley, esq. late of Topsham.—Major Gen. G. P. Adams, of Ashprington House, tothe youngest daughter of Sir W. Elford, of Bickham.

Died.] At Exeter, by afall from aladder, Mr. J. Chanter.

At Plymouth, Mrs. Smith, widow of the late Mr. G. S., block-maker.—Mrs. A. Southcombe, 68, Mrs. M. Heard, wife of Mr. H. ship-wright, 44.—Mr. G. Harvey, 66.—Mr. W. Rosevear, 77.—Mr. J. Langdon, 48.—M. H. Parkin, 43.

Aged 72, Mr. W. HolmaD, of Whitstone.

At Tiverton, Mr. Rouse, many years a local preacher in the Wesleyan methodist connection,—At Stone-house, 68, Mr. Grant. —Mr. Edward Lake, late foreman of ropemakers, in the Royal Dock-yard.

AtChumleigh, 61, Mr.J.Howel, of the post office.


Married.] AtPenry n, the Rev. E. Clarke, baptist minister of Truro, to the youngest daughter of Mr. J. Hornblower.—Mr. R. Gill, of Gluvias, to Miss A. Mitchell, youngest daughter of Capt. E. M. of Gwennap.—At Camelford, Mr. E. West; to Miss H.Elliott. .

Died.] At Mevagissey, Mrs. Richards, wife of the Rev. P. E.Richards, independent minister.

Of a decline, aged 17, Mr. R. Pascoe, son of the late Rev. Mr. P.


A new bridge is building over the river Ogmore, at Brigend, Glamorgan, to

communicate with a new road that will join the main road to Pyle. The stupendous hill through Newcastle wilt be thusavoided, and other advantages derived from it.

Population Hundred of Swansea; total of the diderent parishes: males S913, females 10,573, increase 3833.

A new line of road has been opened along the Afon Yale valley, by which several stupendous hilts in the way to Aherystwith are avoided.

Married.] J. Williams, esq. of Yasystowiu, to the eldest daughter of D. Williams, esq. of Brouheglag, both in Caernarvonshire. —J. Bowen, M.D. of Carmarthen, to Miss E. WilBams, of Trefach, Pembrokeshire.

Died.] The Rev. J. Jones, vicar of Cardiff.

At Temple Druid, county of Pembroke, H. Bulkley, esq.

M. Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. J. P. Cuuy, of St. Bride's Parsonage, in the same county.


An act of grace has extended to 51 persons against whom bills for high treason were found, but who had absconded.

Married.] At Milton, the seat of Sir David H. Blair, bart. Lord Viscount Kelburne, to Miss Hay Mackenzie, youngest daughter of the late E. H. M. of Cromarty. At Glasgow, M. S. Pinkerton, esq. to Jane, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Patrick Grant, of Cromdale, Strathgspey.

Died.] At Edinburgh, Andrew Macwhynnie, esq.

At Glasgow, David Stirling, esq. accountant of the Royal Bank.

At St. Marlins, near Montrose, Susannah, wife of G. Farquharson, esq.

At Dalhousie Farm, Mark John, 2d son of Lord Robert Kerr, and grandson to tha Duke of Roxburgh.

Mr. John Ballantyne, 45, an ingenious and eminent printer, of Edinburgh.—Hs was the medium between the unavowed author of the Scotch novels and the pub-^ lie, and from his office, those novels, as well as many other modern works of distinguished merit, have proceeded. His premature death is deeply lamented by a large circle of friends, by whom, as a man of considerable merit, he was deservedly beloved.

At Springwood Park, Roxburghshire, Sir George Douglas, bart. He was the son of Sir James Douglas, a very distinguished naval officer, who was created a baronet for his services in 1786, and died the next year, succeeded by his son, Sir George. Sir George married Lady Betty Boyle, -daughter of the Earl of Glasgow, by whom, who died before him, he left a son and daughter.' Sir George had such an interest in the county of Roxburgh, that he yas returned for it seven times, after which he quitted the representation, from a wish for retirement. He generally voted with Mr. Pitt, and sat many years in the House of Commons before he made his maiden speech on the second reading of the bill to prevent women who were divorced from marrying with the offending parties. He observed, " that women who had the misfortune of falling, and married their seducers, generally lived lives of contrition and virtue; while others, who had not that resource, led lives of prostitution, abandoned to lasting infamy."


In the general import trade of Ireland the reduction has been considerable. Of port wine the quantity imported in 1800, was 5791 tons; in 1S20, 1297.

A society for the encouragement of arts, manufactures, and commerce, li;is been established for the counties of Derry, Donegal, and Tyrone.

An official return makes the total number of persons convicted of uttering forged bank notes, 17, none of whom were executed.

Died.'] At Cove, in the prime of life, the 2d daughter of S Perry, esq. of Woodrooff, and niece to the Earl of Charleville.

At his seat in Ireland, Charles, Marquis of Drogheda. The family was ennobled in the year, 1616, by the title of baron Melifont, by that of Viscount Moore, in 1621, and Earl of Drogheda in 1661. His lordship, who was the sixth earl, was born in 1730, and succeeded his father in 1758. In 1760, he married lady Ann Conway, daughter of Francis, earl of Hertford, by whom, who died in 1784, he had nine children. He was bred in the army, and at the time of his death was the senior general, but he was never particularly distinguished as a military maa. He had been colonel of the 19th regiment of light dragoons from the time it was raised in 1758, a period of forty-three years. In 1791, he was created a Marquis, and in 1801, a baron of Great Britain, by the style of Baron Moor. He was constable of Maryborough fort, one of the governors of Queen's and Meath's county, and custos rotulorum of King's county; he was also a knight of St. Patrick. His lordship has left eight children, the eldest of whom, Charles Viscount Moor, succeeded him. Henry, the second son, is joint postmaster general in Ireland.


Died.] At Lisbon, July 11, E. Sealey, esq. 70.

Suddenly, at Geneva, whilst walking on the parade, Lieut.-Col. Dale, R.M.

At Montreal, in Canada, the Rev. G. Jenkins, chaplain to the forces.

At Havre de Grace, 49, Rear Admiral the Hon. F. Gardner.

At Frankfort, Prince Charles, of Hesse Rothenburg, known better by the name of Charles Hesse.

At the town of Jague, on the frontiers of France, Charles Plowden, descended from the celebrated lawyer of that name in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, and whose reports are still held as high authority. He was born at Plowden Hall, in Shropshire, and educated at the school of St. Ignatius, at St.Omer's, at which place he completed his studies, took his degrees and entered into orders in the catholic church. On his return to England he became a tutor in the Jesuits College, at Stonyhurst, in Lancashire, and then removed to take charge of the catholic chapel at Bostock. On being elected president of the Jesuits' College, at Stonyhurst, he returned. He had been to Rome on some business of his college, and had got as far on his return as the frontiers of France, where he was taken ill and died. He has written

Remarks on the Writings of Joseph Berrington, addressed to the Catholic Clergy, 8vo.

Letters to Charles Butler, esq, W. Cruise, H. Clifford, arid VV. Throckmorton, 8vo. 1796.

Considerations on the Modern Opinion of tbe> fallabitily of the Pope, Hvo.: and some Letters in the Bristol Journal, on the subject of catholic emancipation.

Dr. Plowden appears to have been one of the most assiduous men in his profession, and at the same time one of the greatest bigots of the age. On his return from college he was taken as a tutor into the distinguished family of the Welds of Lulworth Castle, in Dorsetshire, and induced three sons and as many daughters of that family to devote themselves to retirement, mortification, and devotion. In 1790, a violent contest arose between Charles Butler and other lay catholics, respecting the oath to be taken on condition of obtaining the privileges then offered by a recent act of parliament. Mr. Butler, and we believe Mr. Francis Plowden, brother of Charles, like men of good sense and good subjects to the king, accepted the offered boon.but Charles Plowden, Drs. Gibson and Douglas opposed it, and it was on this occasion he wrote the letter to Chas. Butler, esq. and others above mentioned. He also procured a synod to be held in which what was called the errors of Dr. Geddes, Dr. Berrington, and others, were severely censured.

In Paris, Count Peter Riel de Beurnonville, Marshal of France. He was born on the 10th of May, 1752, at Champignolle, in Burgundy; was destined for the church, and followed the study of belles lettres in the capital; but he devoted himself to the mathematics, and got enrolled as a supernumerary in the queen of France's gend'armes. The death of an elder brother removed the obstacles which opposed his


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