Sivut kuvina

At Bingham, 33, Mr. W. Stubbs, an ingenious mechanic, sincerely respected.— 09, Mr. W. Hickman.


The corporation of Lincoln have res«lved to apply the pruning knife to theirexpences by diminishing the annual sums granted to the officers of that body, and dispensing with certain costly festivals, which have so long tended to impoverish the city funds.

At the Lincoln assizes an indictment was preferred against Wm. Williams^for a riot at Stamford. Thejudge, in summing up, said, that no man could upon his oath say it was not a riot; after which the Jury withdrew, and were absent about two hours, when the foreman came into Court, and said he was desired to ask whether, if 11 were agreed in the verdict, and only one held out, those 11 might be discharged? The Judge said it was impossible. At the expiration of five hours, the inflexible juryman came into Court, and said that the other 11 had agreed to find the defendant guilty, but he could not reconcile it to his conscience; the juryman, therefore, wished to know whether his Lordship would withdraw him, and appoint another in his place. The judge said he could not. At half-past 8 o'clock, when the jury sworn on this indictment had been for ten hours locked up, they gave in at the Judge's lodgings a verdict for the defendant.

Married.] Rev. B. Byron, minister of the Independent Congregation, to Miss Edkins, of Reading.

Died.] At Lincoln, 16, Master R. M. Robinson, son of the late W. H. R. esq.

At Sutton St. Edmonds, 80, Mr. C. Kingston.

At Stamford, 25, after a long illness, Mr. T. Wells.


A meeting of the corporation of Leicester has been held, for considering the propriety of an application to Parliament, for an act to light, pave, and otherwise improve their town.

Married.] The Rev. C. Musgrave, M.A. Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Vicar of Whitkirk, Yorkshire, to Selina, youngest daughter of the late T. Buxton, esq. of Leicester.

Died.] At I^icester, 51, Mrs. Jane Stevenson.

At Loughborough, of a decline, aged 14, Miss Sophia Jane Boott, youngest daughter of James Boott, esq. of that town. —19, Mr. Samuel Gamble.—86, Mr. Kirk, supposed to be the oldest man of the town,

although it has7000 inhabitants 13,John,

eldest son of Mr. George Jarratt 65, Mr.


At Melton Mowbray, 59 Miss Johnson

39, Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. A. Johnson.

Mr. T. Lee, a man of strict integrity.

Edward, youngest son of Mr. S Jimeeton, «fSibbentoft,near Welford.

At Hinckley, 31, after a lingering illness, Mrs. Wale, only daughter of the late Mr. Orton, of Granville Lodge.

18, John, sou of Mr. T. Coleman, of Stockerston.


The gentlemen connected with the coal and iron trade in the west of Staffordshire, dined together at Wolverhampton, on presenting a costly piece of plate to E. J. Littleton, esq. MP. for his parliamentary exertions in preventing a duty being put upon Staffordshire coal.

Married.] Mr. Wills, solicitor, to Sarah, eldest dadghter of Jer. Ridout, esq.—The Rev. E. Whitehead, to Maria, 2d daughter of the late E. Tongue, esq. of Aldridge.— Mr. E. Battley, of Stafford, to Miss Copley, of Sheffield.—Mr. John Miller, of Trescott Grange, to Miss Ann Norton, of Wolverhampton.—R. Anderson, esq. of Hanley, to Elizabeth Anne, 3d daughter of the Rev. Mr. Heath.—Mr. Sparrow, iron-master of Wolverhampton, to Sarah, daughter of J. Crowley, esq. of Norwood, Surry.

Died.] At Lichfield, Mr. Wilcox, plumber and glazier.—Mr.Thaynes.

At Newcastle, Mr. T. Chambley, watchmaker.

At Stafford, 50, Mr. Humphrey Perry.

At Wolverhampton, 82, Mrs. Jones.—52, Mr. W. Smith, of Snowhill.


Married.] 3. Ashby Gillet, banker, of Shipston-on-Stour, to Martha, daughter of the late J. Gibbins, esq. of Birmingham.— Mr. H.Baly, of Warwick, to Maria, eldest daughter of Mr. John Nickson, of Coventry. Mr. W. Galey, to Mrs. Webb, of Birmingham.—At Astley, R. B. Waldron, esq. of Fakenham, to Lucy, youngest daughter of T. Sprawley Vernon, esq.—The Rev. E. Whitehead, rector of Eastham, to Miss Tongue, 2d daughter of the late E.Tongue, esq. of Aldridge, Staffordshire.— Mr. G. Silvester, of West Bromwich, to Sarah, daughter of Mr. Bartlett, of Great Charlesstreet.—Hatton Hamer Stansfield, esq. of Cannonbury, to Elizabeth Ann, eldest daughter of the late Woodhouse Crompton, esq. of Warwick.

Died.] At Birmingham^ 69, Sarah, relict of the late Mr. W. Spilsbury—Mrs. M. Budd.—6 yrs.4 mo. Richard, 2d son of Mr. E. Cope, wine-merchaut.—Mrs. J. Waterhouse 71, Mr. W Darke.—32, Elizabeth

M. Marsh, daughter of Mrs. Marsh, of Queen-street.—Mr. C. Glover, of Springhill, formerly an eminent builder in this town. —Mr. Denning, late of the Theatre Royal

in this town 17, Frances S. Cottrell,

youngest daughter of Mrs. H. Cottrell.— After a long illness, 36, Mrs. Joseph Morris, 25, Mr. Robert Court.—47, Mrs. M. Cadby. — 29, Anne, wife of Mr. Westley Richards. —71, Mr. Brettell.—62, Mrs. Susannah Lefevre.—In Newhall-street, Mary, wife of Mr. J. Smith.—48, Mr. Richard Marigold.


At Henley in Arden, Mrs. Parker of the Bear Inn.

At Handsworth, 100, Mrs. Elizabeth Leach.

At Atherstone, Sarah JWurton Beech, youngest daughter of Mr. J. Beech.

At Wootton Wawen, 86, Rev. Jer. Ellis, D.D. rector of Leadenham.

At Fazeley, 40, after a long and painful illness, Mr. J. Webster.

At Edgbaston, 55, Sarah, widow of the late Mr. Guy Clarke.


The Directors of the House of Industry at Shrewsbury, have discontinued the outpay to paupers, except in cases of very urgent distress.

Married.] Mr. R. Thomas, watchmaker, to Miss A. Cheshire.—T. Salt, esq. of Shrewsbury to Harriet, eldest daughter of the Rev. E. Moultrie, vicar of Cleobury Mortimer, Salop.—Rev. E. R. Downward, B.A. of Worthenbury, Flintshire, to Mary, eldest daughter of Peter Beck, esq. of Kings'and, near Shrewsbury.

Died.] At Shrewsbury, Mr. Launcelot Dowbiggin.

Mrs. Bolton, wife of Mr. J. B. of Humpherston Hall.

At Woodcote, John Cotes, esq. M.P. for this county. The integrity and independence of his public character are well known. In the immediate circle of his friends and relatives, his loss will be deeply deplored: while his benevolence and munificent hospitality towards the poor will tend to endear his memory to all classes of the commnnity. Mr. C. was first elected knight of the shire in 1806, and has represented this county in five successive parliaments.

At Hawkstone, much lamented, Edward Hill, esq. youngest son of Sir John H. bart.

62, Mr. Gray, of Hodcet, much respected


Two witnesses were examined in causes at the late Worcester Assizes, whose respective ages were no less than 105 and 101.

In the nursery of Mr. Broughton, near Worcester, is abeauliful and rare specimen of the Yucca Gloriosu, or Superb A dam's Needle, in full flower, the stem of which has lately been nearly nine feet from the earth, and has now between six and seven hundred blossoms.

Married.] The Rev. J. Irviug,of Worcester College, Oxford, to Margaretta, daughter of the late Rev. W. Davies, Langorse, Breconshire.

Died.] T. Wheeler, esq. of Hartlebury.

At Dudley, 79, Mr. S. Taylor, deeply lamented.—73, Mr. E. Bridgwater, malster —59, after a lingering illness, Elizabeth, wife of J. Brown, esq.—.Mrs. Hawkes, relict of A. Hawkes, esq.

At Broadway, Mr. G. Taylor, of the White Hart Inn.


Married.] Rev. E. Howclee, minor canon of Hereford Cathedral, to E. M. eldest daughter of the Rev. E. Morgan.—At Leominster, Capt. J. Harris, R.N. to the only daughter of the late Rev. H. Beevan.

Died.] After a few hours illness, 58. Mrs. Sherborne, wife of John S. esq, —70, Mrs. Greenly, relict of Mr. W. G.

At Kingston, 68, Bridgwater Meredith, esq.

At Leominster, Mr. Nicholls, attorney at law, and clerk of the general meeting of lieutenancy for this county.

Mr. T. Perkins, of Aston Ingham. ■ Mr. J.Newman, ofCourt-a-park, Parkhold.

At Ledbury, 66, the Rev. G. Cope, D.D. canon residentiary of the cathedral of Hereford.—Mrs. Slade.

At Lcintwardine the Rev. J. Morris,upwards of forty years curate of that place. GLOUCESTER AND MONMOUTH.

An elegant steam yacht, for navigating the Severn between Stourport and Gloucester, has lately been launched.

Married] At Tetbury, Mr. J.Brown to Miss Sisum. — At Wootton-under-edge, Carey Henry, youngest son of the late J. C. Metivier, esq. of Guernsey, to Mary Anne, second daughter of J. Cooper, esq

of the former place At Cheltenham, Capt.

J. G. Cowell, of the Royals, to Mary Letitia, daughter of the late H. M. Ormsby, esq. of Rocksavage, county of Roscommon, Ireland.

Died.] At Gloucester, Mrs. Kitsell, of

Bell-lane At an advanced age, the wife of

Mr. J. S. Taylor, of Twyning, near Tewkesbury.—Miss North, of Eastgate-street. —Mr. T. Martin.—Mr. W. Townsend, of the Vittoria Hotel.—Miss A. Jones.

At Bristol, after the most painful and protracted suffering, John Duncan Gerard, esq.; a coroner's inquest was taken on the body, when a verdict of accidental death, occasioned by taking oxalic acid by mistake for Epsom salts, was returned.—91, Mr. T. Merrick ^-72, Mr. E. Burbidge. —Mr. J. Sloper.—15, Jane, 2d daughter of Mr. W. Jaques.—Mr. Brooking, Nicholas street.—Mrs. Furlong.—77, after an illness of only a few hours, Miss E. A. Day.—C. Harford, esq. of Queen-square.— Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the late Mr. T. Carver.—33, Mr. W. R. Gould,

Mrs. Thompson, of Cirencester.

70, Ann, wife of Mr. T. Dix, of Duutisbcurn.

Mr. J. Conway, near Pont-y-pool.

At Badminton, 86, Mrs. Hatherell, of Hawksbury Upton.

Mrs.Goulter, of Acton Turville.


The foundation stone of the Oxford Lunatic Asylum was laid on Monday i In 27th of Aug. £500 has been granted be vote of convocation, out of the university

chest i chest, and £300 has been presented by the city.

Married.} At St. Giles's Church, Mr. E. Thurland, to Miss L. Harris.—Mr. Rlxon, hatter, to Miss J. Blowfield, both of Bicester.—Capt. G. Newman, of the Royal Bucks Militia, to Miss Ellis, of Heuley-on-Thames.—At Woodstock, John Scott Vandeleur,of Ralahine, in the county of Clare, esq. to Emily Ann, eldest daughter of the late A. Malony, esq. of Woodstock.—J. Godfrey, esq. to E. Williamson Saunder, daughter of S. S. esq.

Died.] At Oxford, 77, Mrs. Cale, of St. Peter le Bailey—60, Mrs. Stevens, of this city.—75, Mr. T. Couldry, carpenter, of St. Ebbes, in this city.

At Thame, deeply lamented, 15, Charles, the only child of C. Dorrington, esq. solicitor.

At Banbury, 70, Mr. P. Lambert, grazier.—Mrs. M.Viggers.

65, W. Wilson, esq. of Woston House, one of his Majesty's justices of the peace for this county.


Plans for a new iron bridge at Windsor have been exhibited for tenders at the Town Hall.

On the 6th Sept. a violent thunder storm visited the town of Reading, when some lightning fell on a barn, which with its contents were soon in a blaze.

Married.} Mr. F. Layt, of Aylesbury, to Mrs. E. Smith, widow of the late Mr. J. S.of St. Albans—T. Smith, esq. of London, to Mrs. M. Dolby, of Windsor.—H. W. Stephens, esq. to the Rt. Hon. Lady F. Bentinck.—Capt. G. Digby, R.N. to Elizabeth, only daughter of Sir J. Walsh, Bath.

Died.] At Windsor, 51, Mr. E. Harding.—Mr. F. Binfield, one of the lay clerks of St. George's Chapel

Elizabeth, infant daughter of M. de Secroix, aged 12 months^—Mr. H. Jennings, of Play Hatch.

At Newbury, 70, the Rev. J. Compton. —After a short illness, Mr. Goodman, of Greonhahi.

At Langley, 76, the Rev. G. Wale, rector of Pitt Portion, Tiverton, Devon.—70, Mr. R. Gwillim.


A well dressed female was lately found murdered in Blackgrove Wood, near Tilesworth.

Married.] At Ware, Mr. C. Bett, of Attimore Hall, to Frances, ouly daughter of Mr. J. Green, solicitor, of Ware.—At Woburn, M. A. Watts, esq. to Priscilla M.Wiffen.

Died.] At Hertford, 60, Mrs. E. Hagger.

J. Casamajor, esq. eldest son of the late J. C. esq. of Potterells,

45, Mrs. Robinson, wife ofW. R. esq. of Organ Hall.

M Gubbins Park, 62, T. Kemble, esq. j

At Hitchin, deeply lamented, 41, Mr. J. Moore, hosier, hatter, &c.

At Cheshunt, Ann, wife of T. Aldridge, esq.

At Odel Castle, 85, Isabella, Countess of Egmonf.


Total Population, 10973—increase 2366.

Married.] The Rev. D. Wauchope, rector of Warkton, to Ann, fourth daughter of A. Wauchope, of Niddiia, esq.—^C. B. Luard, esq. to Henrietta, eldest daugh-' terof J. Armitage, esq. of Northampton.— At Orlingbury, Mr. J. F. Linnell, to Miss Watts.

Died.] At Northampton, H. Lefaun, esq. barrack-master, and late captain in the 56th regt.—After a severe illness, borne with exemplary patience and resignation, 63, Mr. J. Merry, whose loss will be long and severely felt by his relatives and friends—19, Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. G. Osborn.

At Geddingtou, 74, Mrs. M. Edmonds, relict of H.E. esq. of the Hon. East India company's service.

After a lingering illness, Emma, eldest daughter of Mr. J. Markham, of Walgrave, in this county.

At Chippen-Warden, Mrs. Knowler, second daughter of the late W. K. D-D.

20, J. M. Hawkins, eldest daughter of Mr. H. of Wellingborough.


A mill upon an extensive scale is about to be erected at Cambridge county, gaol, for the purpose of prison discipline.

An additional square is to be erected in Trinity College, Cambridge, for the accommodation of the students.

Married.] Rev. Walter Gee, B.D. to Sarah, only daughter of R. Gee, esq. solicitor.—Rev. D. Guilt, M.A. of Cambridge, to Mary Ann, only daughter of the late Rev. R. Birch, M.A. rector of Widdrington.—Mr. Marshall, to Harriet, daughter of Mr. Kinder, North-place, London Mr. A. Paul, Jenkins, to Miss S.

Jarman, of Melbourne.—At West Wratting, R. G. Townley, jun. esq. to Cecil, second daughter of Sir C. Watson, bart.

Died.] Near Huntingdon, Capt. St. Aubin, in consequence of swallowing a dose of sugar of lead instead of salts.

At Stevenage, on his road to Huntingdon, the Rev. G. Perkins.

AtWittingham, 74, Mr. T. Whyman.

At the advanced age of 80, J. Hunt, gent, of St. Ives.

At Chesterton, 28, Mr. L. Wonfor.

Eliza Ann, daughter of Mr. T. Sharpe.

At Waltons, Miss Ashmall, daughter of the late C. A. esq.


The first stone of the new Bridge, to be erected across the river, near the Duke's Palace, has been laid by Thos. Darting Day, Esq.


Several of the freemen of Norwich have lately presented a costly silver vase to Aid. Marsh, in token of his zeal in the cause of civil and religious liberty.

Married.] At Gorleston, Capt. S.Bishop, of the Lima, to Mary, only daughter of Capt. F. Maryson.—At Bayfield, .Mr. Biggs, of London, to Miss Emma Goldworth, of

Morniugthorpe Mr. J. Watson, to Miss

M. Hovell.—Capt. J. Barker, to Miss S. Stone.—Mr. T. Orfear, to Miss A. Aris.— W. Mackley, of Norwich, toMissM. Nooth, of Heigham.—At Walsoken, Mr. G. Stone, of Bristol, to Mary, only daughter of R. S. Cooke, esq.

Hied.] At Norwich, 47, Mrs Baker, relict of the late Mr. H. B.—77, Mr. Aggas Browne.—72, greatly respected, Mrs. M. Mountain.—70, Mr. it. Speck.

At Yarmouth, 78, the Rev. B. Wyberly Salmon, nearly 40 years rector of Ca'cster.

—94, Mrs. M .Stone 69, Mrs. M. Garrow.

—30, Mr. E. Harrison 89, Mr. W. Layton 46, Mrs. M. Haywood.—27, Mr. R.

Gibson.—Mr. W. Ayres, 62.

At Fakenham, 57, Mrs. Leversage.

At Lakenham, 77, Mr. J. Stannard.

27, Rebecca, wife of Mr. F. H. Ribbans, of the Lavenham boarding-school.

At Acle, 57, Mrs. H. E. Titter.

At Preston, Mr. F. Morris, an amiable young man, intended for the Catholi* ministry.—Mrs. Berry, wife of Mr. J. B.


In consequence of a requisition sent to the Bailiffs of Ipswich, a public meeting of the inhabitants was lately held at the Town Hall " for the purpose of arranging means to express a feeling of loyal sorrow for the death of the Queen."

A most unexpected and extraordinary election contest for the magistracy, &c. of Ipswich took place on the 8th of September, in which the independents proved victorious, as on a recent occasion.

Married.] Mr. Batley, silk-dyer, of Ipswich, to Miss A- Scopes, of Creeling.—Mr. Clements, of Ipswich, to Miss C. M. Keymer, of Henley.- At Ipswich, Mr, J. S. Sweeting, ofRayleigh, Essex, to Maria, 5th daughter of Mr. Millar. -AtPakefield,Capt. W. Harris, of London, to Miss S. Aggett, of Gorleston.—At Barton Mills, E. Hall, esq. of Ely, to Miss H. Archer, daughter of T.

A. esq. of Barton-place, Mildenhall—Mr. S. Clegg, to Maria, youngest danghter of J. Wrigley, esq.—F. T. Seekamp, esq. of Ipswich, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mrs. Howerdale.

Died.] At Ipswich, Mrs. Dobinson, at an advanced age.—Mrs. Borton, wife of J.

B. esq.—After a long affliction, Mr. James Burgess.—83, J. Addison, esq. late banker ofSudbury, universally respected by a numerous acquaintance, for his amiable qualities, social disposition, and general benevolence.—Mr. Potter, of the Oak inn.

At Beccles, 84, Mrs. Kemp.

At t he house of Lady Blake, in Bury, Mrs. A. Fergus,a maiden lady, sister to the late Dowager Lady Gage.

Deeply lamented, Mary, wife of Mr. R. Stevens, of Botesdale; she was in her 64th year, and had 23 children born and christened.

The Rev. E. Jacques, vicar of Batisford. - 81, Mr.Stukely,ofCockfieH.

Rev. C.Cole, rector of Stutton.


The late Geo. Martin, of Leeds Castle, has bequeathed £100,000 to purchase landed property to annex to the present estate, and £30,000 for repairing the Castle, &c.

At Maidstone assizes, J. Bushel and six Others, were indicted for a riot and an assnutt on the mayor of Canterbury, on the night of a recent illumination. A regular a tack was made upon the mayor's windows, the number of 80 panes broken, the mayor himself pelted with mud, and struck on the back of the neck with a brick-bat. The main question in the case was the identity of the defendants, and the jury, after 80 * minutes consideration, returned a verdict of acquittal.

It is determined in future to convey the mails to the Continent by steam-boats. Two vessels, with engines of 80-horse power, are building for the Dover station.

Married.] The Baron Stanislaus Chaudoir, of Russia, to Lucy, third daughter of Sir A. Crichton.—Mr. Gibbs, of Westbury, to Miss A- Pilcher, of Sittingbourne.—At Ashwest, Capt.C.White, of the Coldstream Guards, to Maria Adele, eldest daughter of G. Blackshaw, esq.

Died.] At Dover, 27, Mrs. M. Trant.— 34, Mr. Theobald.

At Deal, 41, Mrs. Vile In Middlestreet, 47, Mr. George Fearn.

At Canterbury, Mr. T. Parnell.—At St. Alphage, 71, S. Kingsford, esq. sincerely regretted.—22, MissManning,—Mr. Hembrooke.—Mrs. Clarke, widow.—67, Mrs. M.Arnold.—Mrs. Roberts.—61, Elizabeth, wife of Rev. N. Simons.

At Tunbridge Wells, 45, Mrs. Robinson.

At Rochester, Mr. J. Lambley, of St. Margaret's Bank.—Mrs. Young.—John Pierce, youngest son of Mr. Rye, surgeon.

At Margate, Capt. Clough, Master of the ceremonies—J. Naylor, esq. of Ealing, Middlesex,owing to the rupture of a bloodvessel, occasioned by sea-sickness 36,

Mr. R. Humphrey.—Mrs. Kerby, wife of

Mr. K. coach proprietor Mr. E. Lloyd, of

the Custom-house.—Mrs. G. Mummery

72, Mrs. Norwood—In Union Crescent, Miss Reynolds, and a few days afterwards, Mr. R.

At Chatham, €6, Mr. J. Gardiner.—57,

Mrs. E. Fudge.—69, Mr. A. Sanders 75,

Mrs. R. Noakes.—Of a fever, taught by plunging into a river while in a vfotait perspiration, to rescue a child, Mr. J. Duckett, aged 36.


At Charlton-house, near Blackheath, Caroline, 2d daughter of the late Sir T. M. Wilson.—At Bexley, 78, Mr. J. Mace.


A 6re of a very singular but alarming description has been lately occasioned at Canewdon, from the following circumstance: A persou who held in his hand a burning-glass, ignorantly directed a child to put a piece of paper against a barn, when that part of the barn bring much covered with moss, the blaze was communicated to the thatch ; the barn and a stable adjoining were totally consumed.

Married.] At Walthauistow, T. P. Lupscombe, esq. dep. Com. Gen. to the Forces, to Catherine, eldest daughter of W. T. Robinson, esq.—Mr. J. A. Kemp, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of J. E. Tabor, esq. of Bricking.—At Walthamstow, J. Collyn, esq. to Anne, youngest daughter of R. Bourchall,esq— Mr. T.S.Sweeting of Rayleigh, to Maria, daughter of Mr. J. Miller, of

Ipswich, Suffolk At Epping, Mr. W.

Nicholls, of Park Hall, to Miss S. Mattingly, of Brentford.—Mr. Charles to Miss llucks.—Mr. VV. Green, to Miss Brazier; all of Harwich.

Died.] At Colchester, 71, George Cooke, esq. of West Bergholt.—64, Mr. Joseph Simpson.

At Belchamp Otten, 24, Charlotte, 2nd daughter of J. Cozens, esq.

At Harwich, after a long and painful illness, 29, Elizabeth, wife of W. G. Gray, esq. hop-merchant of Carmarthen.

At White Roothing, 38, Jane, wife of the Rev. H. Budd.

At Mistley, the infant son of the Rev. R. M. Miller, vicar of Dedham.

Mrs. Breddell, of Salter's Buildings, Walthamstow.—Mrs. Woodcroft, of the

coach and horses, Queendon Street At

Manningtrce, 14, Elizabeth, 2nd daughter of Acton Cbapliu, esq. of Aylesbury.


Sept. 3d. The harvest which is now in its zenith, is abundant. The hills never produced such a crop. Beans and peas are so plenteous, that they are expected to be as low as 3s. per bushel. Five loads of new wheat were lately sold in Chichester market, by one farmer, at £14 per load. The continued rains, however, through the month, having caused a great speculation in corn, the prices have since risen from 30 to 50 per cent.

Married.] Mr. J. W. Squire, of East Grinstead, to Rebecca, 3rd daughter of M. Flower, esq. of Brookhurst.—C. Watson, esq. to Elizabeth Susannah, 4th daughter of C. Walshaw, esq. of Pock ham.

At Worth, H. Leggatt, esq., of London, to Anna Maria, 2d. daughter of the Rev. George Maximilian Uethuue, 1, L.D. of Worth Rectory.

Died.] At Brighton, 70, C. H. Cazenove, esq—35, Mr». Dick, of the East Cliff.

At Oakwood, near Chichester, 23, Leetitia, 3d daughter of Sir G. H. Barlow, barti

At Hownam, 72, Mr. P. Caffyn, long known in this couuty as a strenuous promoter of all its benevolent institutions.

At Lewes, 38, Lieut Commissary John Dicken, Royal Artillery.

At Worthing, 47, Mr. J. Upjohn, after a long and painful illness, universally respected, and deeply regretted by a numerous circle of friends and relations.

W. Gratwick, esq. formerly High Sheriff of Sussex.


A building has been lately erected in the High Street, of Newport, Isle of Wight, to be used for the purposes of the Isle of Wight Institution. It contains a room for newspapers and periodical publications, a library, a room containing the museum belonging to the Philosophical Society, and a billiard room. The estimated expence was £3000, and it does great credit to tho accuracy of the architect, Mr. Mortimer, of this town, that it has not exceeded that sum. The amount was raised in tranferable shares of £25 each, the proprietor of one share has free admission for himself and the liberty of introducing a friend. Those who possess more than one, receive 25s. per annum for each additional share, which is the sum fixed on as the annual subscription of persons who are not proprietors. The sum paid on the admission of each member, is 11. lis. 6d.; low as the charges appear they have yet been found sufficient to enable the committee to furnish the rooms in a handsome manner, and to purchase a considerable number of books, which will soon become a respectable library.

Married.] The Rev. James Joliffe of Barton Stacey, to Frances, daughter of the late Capt. H. Geary, of Royal Artillery.— Lieut. Morgan, RN. to Miss Francis, daughter of Mr. F. F. of Portsea.—At Jersey, the Rev. F. Ricord, rector of St. Owen's, to Miss Breton, of St. Helice's parish.

Died.] At Portsea, afer a short illness, aged 73, Mr. James Hay, statuary and Mason. Having from an early period of his life been engaged in the pursuits of natural history, his knowledge of mineralogy, botany, and zoology, was very considerable: on the subject of fossils, the croptogamia class of the vegetable kingdom and conchology, he was particularly conversant.

At Winchester, 74, Mrs. Dollar, wife of Mr. D. Saddler of this city,

At Portsmouth, Mrs. Redward.—66, J. Bigg, esq.—84, Mr. Marshall.—55, Mr. W. Whittington.-Mr. Smith, father of Capt. Smith, R.N.

At Plymouth Dock, after a lingering illness, J. Stanning, esq. many years a master in the R.N.


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