Sivut kuvina

of the Tlieatre Royal, to Miss Cushing, of Norwich.—Mr. YV. Bartlett, of Redditch, to Eliza, daughter of R. Smith, esq. of Edgbastoti Grove.—Mr. T. Lane, japan rier, of Birmingham, to the eldest daughter of Mr. P. Getliffc, of Hockley.—Mr. G. C. Lingham, of Birmingham, to Miss J. Tookey, of Hockley.—Mr. W. Jenkins, of Minworth Mill, to the eldest daughter of Mr. W. Cater, of Minworth.

Vied.] At Birmingham, 53, Sarah, wife of Mr. J. Vyzc.—Mr. S. Anstey, 79.—Mr. .1. Clark, of the Green Man, (>2.—Mr. J. Churtou, varnish-maker.—Mr. Todd, wife of Mr. W. T. butcher.—In her 37th year, Mary, wife of Mr. J. Williams, supervisor. —Mr. W. Harrison, 74.—Mr. T. Taylor.

At Wrst Breiuwich, Mr. S. Holloway, of the Swan Inn.—At Dud; on, at S. Galton's, esq., 53, Mrs.L. A.Patterson.

J. Dickenson, esq. of Summer Hill Terrace. He had retired from trade, but found materials for activity in selling the testamentary affairs of the dead, and in the disputes of the living, in prosecuting parochial concerns, in administering to the wants of the sick, and in superintending the affairs of the Christian Society, of which he was a member.

At Hastings, Mr. W. Cling.—At Knowie, Thomas Knight, second son of the Rev. Thos. Blytb, of Knowle Lodge, Warwickshire, and member of Worcester College, Oxford.


In the late circuits, the judges noticed » prevailing practice of committing prisoners to jail till the quarter sessions, though the assizes may intervene. At Shrewsbury, Lord Chief Justice Abbott liberated, with his wife and daughter, who had been committed for want of bail.

Workmen are now employed in forming a new road between Chirk Bridge and the village. This improvement has been long called for, as it will avoid the dangerous hill on the north side of the Ceriog.

Married^] At Ludlow, H. Smith, esq. of the 39th regiment to Anne, 3d daughter of E> Welling, esq. banker.—In London, the Rev.T. .Tonkin, ofWem, to Esther, daughter of E. Roberts, esq.—Mr. J.C. Williamson, of Macclesfield, to Eliza, eldest daughter of T. Birch, esq. of Eccles, near Manchester.—At Bath. A. Male, fsq. of Lincoln's Inn, barrister, to Charlotte, sister to R. B. More, esq. of Linley Hall.

Died J At Norton, near Stockton, in the prime of life, Mr. R. Pearce, of the Hundred House.—At Baweott, near Munslow, Mr. Downes, an industrious farmer, of an estimable character. He died from a violent attack by his own Lull, while taking him to water.—At Heath, near Diddlebury, Mr. J Bebb, farmer.—At .Smallbeaeh, Minsterley, aged 102, Elizabeth Philpot. -Mrs. Mittou, of- Earl's Hilj, 70—At Eoxhall, near Oswestry, 93, Mr. J. Danieley.

In his numerous progeny, several great great grandchildren are enumerated.—In his 38th year, the Rev. G. Hancox, rector of Knuekiu, &c.—Aged 77, T. Hill, gent. ofNeen Savage. Strict integrity, attention to religious duties, and a ready disposition to give advice and assistance, are held forth as the real traits of his character.


Total amount of three days' collections at Worcester Cathedral Music Meeting, (for the purposes of a charity) 8251. being 1111. less than the sum collected at the preceding meeting.

A silver coin of Edward VI. value 12d. in excellent preservation, was lately dng up in a field at Grimley.

Married.] G. Farley, esq. barrister of Henwick, to Hannah," eldest daughter of W. C. Trenow, esq. of Painswick—At Kidderminster, C. M. Adams, esq. of Coventry, to C. Mary, youngest daughter of the late J. Turner,"esq. of Park Hall.—Mr. R. Green, of Dudley, to Miss A. Downing, of Woodcott.—A Dixon, esq. of Kidderminster, to Mary, eldest daughter of J. Bowyer, esq. of Caldwell Hall.

Died.] At Worcester, 84, Mr. W. Maule, formerly of the Crown Inn.—Mrs. Nichols, of the Unicorn Inn.

Ar Rainboro' Parade, near Worcester, 58, Mr. Osbaldcston, apothecary.

At Eardistoun, the residence of Sir Wm. Smith, bait. Mrs. Court, 79.

At Great Malvern, Capt. S. Mansfield, of the Invalids, and late of the 59th reg.

Near Worcester, aged 65, EdmundWigley, esq. a barrister and county magistrate. This person beganhis career in life, with good introductions and prospects, was M.P. for Worcester, Recorder of Leicester, and had acquired some practice at the bar. But compliance without talents not proving sufficient to recommend him to promotion under the Pitt administration, of which he was a devoted instrument, he attempted to join the Opposition, and during two or three sessions, astonished his personal friends by his anti-ministerial votes and speeches. Of course his own party then ejected him from Worcester and Leicester, and his practice at the bar falling off, he retired in disgust from the world to his paternal estate, where he is said to have acquired the good will of his tenantry and dependants.


Married.] At Ross, T. Rudgc, esq. solicitor, to the youngest daughter of the late S. Rieketts, esq. of Gloucester.

Died.] At Hereford, in his 18th year, .John, only child of J. Griffiths, esq. surgeon.—Anne, 2d daughter of the late Kev. M. Cove, vicar of Pipe, 92.

At Ross, Sarah, wife of Mr. J. Harris, attorney.

At Leominster, 37, Mr. J. Stanway, sur

Seon' m


The Rev. J. Morris, upwards of 40 years curate of Lugwardine, (in our last, by mistake, Leintwardine.)—Mr. T. Perkins, of Aston Ingham.—Mrs. Mayo, of Liutou.


A new district church has been lately consecrated at Kingswood, calculated to accommodate 2000 persons.

A vessel devoted to the purpose of religious worship, has been lately opened at Bristol, under the auspices of the Seaman's Friend Society.

Married.] At Gloucester, Mr.T. Rudge, attorney, to Letitia, the youngest daughter of the late S. Rickett esq.—At Cheltenham, Mr. G. L. Whatley, solicitor, to Charlotte, 2d daughter of thq late Capt. Brazell.—Mr. A. Eves, surgeon, of Coleford, to Miss E. Bird.—At Cirencester, Mr. J. Harward, to the only daughter of VV. Scott, esq.—At keyiishain, T. Drewe, esq. solicitor, to Susan, eldest{daughter of the late Col.Swinburu.—At Clifton, J. Middleton, esq. late of Bengal, to Harriet, youngest daughter of the late .1. Vcnour, esq. of WcUbourn, Warwickshire.

Died.] At Gloucester, 26, Eliza, wife of Mr. S. Millard, draper.

At Bristol,Capt. Outerbridge Matilda,

3d daughter of Mr. J. Green.—Mrs. A. Clark, of the Hotwells, hut a native of the island of Barbadocs.—Mr. J. P. Rich.—In his 31st year, Mr. \\. Phipper.

At Tewkesbury, Miss K. Audrews.

At Monmouth, Mrs. Webb.

At Cheltenham, Mr. W. Hendy, of the Wellington Hotel.—Of an apoplectic seizure, Mr. Moaely.—D. Mail laud, esq. formerly of London, 68.—In her 81st year, Mrs. Whatley, relict of the late Rev. Dr. W. of Nonsuch Park. Surrey.

At Berkeley, in her 17th year, Caroline, 2d daughter of Mr. J. Hant, schoolmaster. —Of apoplexy, Mr*. S. Irish.

At Frampton-upon-Scvern, Catherine, youngest daughter of Mr. Baylis.


Married.] The Rev. W. Robinson, B.A. of Magdalen Hall, to Susannah, daughter of Mr. Robinson, of Milton Cottage.—At Oxford, Mr. R. Preston, of the corn market, to Elizabeth, 3d daughter of Mr. Smith.—Mr. H. Baldwin, of Aldersgatestreet London, to Johanna, fourth daughter of the late Mr. W. Carpenter, of Over Norton, in this county.

Vied.] At Oxford, J. Harper, esq. D.C.L and for some lime deputy professor of civil law. He was the author of a profound treatise, entitled, The Principles of Philosophical Criticism, as applied to Poetry, published in 1810.—Aged 26, Richard, 2d son of Mr. Andrews.—Mr. W. Simnionds, carpenter, 39.—Mr. .1. Bos well,

carpenter, 30 Mrs. E. Steel, 60, many

years fruiteress to Worcester College, and •widow of the late Mr. S. porter and hairdresser to that society.—Mr*. Lyne, 36,—

W. King, esq. of Queen's College, 22. His horse had thrown him, and he was found suffocated in a ditch, covered with mud and water.

At Woodstock, in hie 30th year, Mr. J. Bellinger.

At Whitchurch, Julia, wife of H. P. Powys, esq.


A well is now sinking in Windsor Great Park, wherein many curious minerals have been discovered. At the depth of 160 feet, among other fossils, a perfect specimen of an oyster shell was dug out, also a very large tooth, in beautiful preservation. Its double fangs, which arc about two inches long, have been broken off. The face of the an inch and a half long, by one wide. It is a grinder of a dark brown colour, and bears a fine polish, also a horny substance, like the beak of a small bird.

A new bridge over the Thames from Windsor to Eton, which has been for some time in contemplation, is now contracted for, to be finished by November 30th, 1822.

Married.] At Milton, Berks, H.W. Sober, esq. of White Staouton, Somerset, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Sir J. P. King, hart—Mr. Gottlieb Schneider, of London, to Sylvia, second daughter of T. I .anili- M.D. of Newbury.

Died.] At Windsor, 81, Mrs. Goddard.

At Maidenhead, N. Halfe,esq. of Brighton.

At Wargrave, in her 77th year, Mrs. M. Dickman.

At Faruham, Miss Bartholomew.

At Abingdon, in his 75th year, Mr. J. Fletcher.

At Thatcham, in his 17th year, Stephen, eldest son of S. Priest, esq. of Bristol.

W. Y. Mills, esq. of Wadley House, justice of the peace for the counties of Gloucester and Berks.

At Notting Hill, 68, H. Robins, esq. of the Great Piazza, Covent Garden.—J. E. Lichcnrood, esq. of Prospect Hill, near Reading, magistrate and deputy-lient. of Berkshire.


Married] At Bengeo, near Hertford, Mr. C. Macwilson, of York-street, Portmau-square, to F. Maria, 2d daughter of Mr. Ellistou, Manager of Drurv-huic Theatre At St. Albans, Mr. T. Mamt, officer

ofexci-c, aged 30, to Mrs. A. Lovett, aged 60, of the Swan Inn,Watford Mr.N. Parker, of Token House Yard, London, to Eliza, daughter of the late Rev. T. English, of Woburn.

OiVrf.J At Cheshuut, Ann, wife of T. Aldridgc, esq.

At Wobiirtr Park, 60, Mr. R. S.ilmoii, upwards of thirty years resident surveyor to the late and present Duke of Bedford.

At Chalfont, SI. Giles's, 54, Mr. A.

late of St. Julian's, St. Stephen's,


At Woburn Purk farm, on Satnrday, the 6th of October, after an illness of 10 days, Robert Salmon, aged 58, au artist and most ingenious mechanic, to whose memory we shall endeavour to do justice in our next.


Married.] In London, Mr. It. Devereux, to Susannah, 2d daughter of Mr. W. Checkley, both of Northampton.—At Hardingstone, Mr. E. Phipp, brewer, of Northampton, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. W.Shaw, of Cotton End.

Died.] At Northampton, 63, Mr. J. Merry.

At Wellingborough, 72, Mr. B,GosIey, of the Swan Inn—Mrs. Wool ley, wife of Mr. J. W. surveyor of taxes.

At Towcester, 67, Mrs. M. Gurney.

At Oundle, 80, Mr. S. Anthony. His benevolence and integrity were conspicuous; he was indeed " a father to the poor," according to the ability with which Providence had favoured him. For nearly half a century, he conducted an extensive concern with credit.

At Walgrave, Mr. J. Woolstou, only brother of the late Mr.T. W. of Adderbury, Oxon.

At Lower Boddington, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Payne, farmer and grazier.


Married.) At Eling Cottage, Hunts. W. Stewart, esq. of the Royal Artillery, to Mary, only daughter of R. Bendysh, esq. of Barrington Hall, in this county —At March, Mr. C. Merton, of Long Acre, London, to Miss H. Johnson, 4th daughter of H.J. esq.—In London, Mr. H. Harman, son of the late Mr. C. H. solicitor, of Wine Office-court, to Miss SI. Wright, daughter of the late Mr. W. W. of Cambridge.

Died.] At Cambridge, at an advanced age, Mrs. Wilson, relict of the late Mr. W. saddler.—Mr. E. Mitchell, son of the late Mr. M. butler to St. Peter's College.

At Wisbeach, Mrs. Veal!.

At Chatteris, in her 71st year, Mi's. A. Smith, widow.

At Baldock, aged 52, Mrs. A. Cotton, of Huntingdon, relict of the late Mr. J. C. apothecary, of Cambridge.

In her 34th year, Mrs. Weight, wife of Mr. C. W. master' of the Free School, at Parson Drove, near Wisbeach—At Milton, 85, Mr. B. Godfrey, formerly of Little Eversden.—.Mr. W. Littlechild, wheelwright, ofDuxford.


Married.] At Lynn, T. Sanctuary, esq. to Elizabeth, 3d daughter of the late A. Bowker, esq.—At Luddain, Lieut.F.White, R.N. to Miss Routh.—The Rev. J. Elborough, of Thetford, to Ann, eldest daughter of W. Box, esq. of Ramsgate.—W. Cliase, esq. of Eton, to Susan, daughter

of P. Utton, esq. of Aldeby.—J-. S. Parkinson, esq. solicitor, of Norwich, to the only daughter of W. Watson, esq. of Hardcastle, Yorkshire.

Died.] At Norwich, Miss Mingav.— Mrs. E. Ringer, wife of Mr. G. R. cabinetmaker. - Mr. S. Gurney, many years master of the Red Lion public house, 78.

Aged 18, Horatio Nelson, 2d son of G. N. esq and nephew of Earl Nelson.

At Yarmouth, Mrs. M. Chapman.—Isabella, wife of Mr. R. Fleming, porter-merchant, 33.—Mrs. Batley, wife of Mr. J. B.

grocer, 70—Mrs. A. Mack. 67 Mrs.M.

Greenwood, 39—Mr. J. Parsons, coalinaster, 86.

At Wells, in hi* 82d year, Mr. E. Oxenborough, merchant.

At"Walsingham, in his73d year, the Rev. P. Peach.

At West Dereham, Mr. C. Woods, dra per, of Woolwich, Kent.

At Hart est on, Mr. G. Leader, 20. Mrs.

Burch, wife of Mr. J. B. gardener.

At Attlcburgh, in her 76lh year, Mrs. Lindo, wife of Mr. J. L. carpenter.

At Wessenhain, in his 65th year, Mr. T. Dewing.


Married.] At Thurlow, Dr. F. Thackwray, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Rev. T. Crick, rector.—At Dovercourt, W. Knocker, esq. of the Princess Charlotte, Post-office packet, to Augusta, eldest daughter of T. Bridge, esq. of the Prince ot Orange packet.—At Bungay, the Rev. S. Newton, of Witlvam, to Miss Sophia Del!'.—Mr. Hare, of Harwich, commander of the King's packet Jane, to Frances, eldest daughter of J. Harrington, esq. of Hartest.—G. Bailee, esq. 2d son of the Rev. W. B. of Wrenthain, to Charlotte. youngest daughter of the Rev. N. Leman of Brampton Hall.

Died.] At Bury, Mr. T. Howlett, formerly a baker.-i-Mr. S. Hogg, 44.—In his 75th year, Mr. Jackson, formerly a coachmaster.—Mr. Levett, tallow-chandler.

At Lowestoft, 47, Mr. J. Edmunds, fishnierchant.

At Ipswich, Mr. C. Pollard, publican

Mr. Artis, taylor.

In her 26th year, Louisa, wife of Mr. J. Hunt, draper,ofWoolpit.-Aged 17, Louisa, only daughter of the Rev. J. R. Deare, vicar of Bures, and chaplain to the King.

At Saffron Waldeu, in his 79th year, Mr. J. Parke, parish clerk.

At Sible Hediughain, in her 74th .year, Mrs. S. Finch, relict of the late J. F. esq. Her lo»s will be severely felt by the poor of her village, and many charitable institutions.


The height of the tower and spire of the new church at Harwich, is upwards of 130 feet; Ipswich and Woodridgecan be distinctly seen from the top.


Married.) J. Bishop, esq. of Woburnplace, Russel-square, to Emily, youngest daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Berkeley, of VVrittle.—C. Lean, esq. merchant, of Fenchurch-street, to E. C. Proctor, of Walthamstow, eldest daughter of T. P. esq. of .Stamford Hill.—At Chelmsford, at the Friends' Meeting House, Mr. J. Gibsou, of Saffron Walden, to Ann, eldest daughter of the late Mr. R. Marriage.

Vied.] At New Sampford Parsonage, 68, the Rev. W. Lee, D.D.

At Chelmsford, 73, Lady Camilla Robinson, sister to the Earl of Tankerville.— Mrs. Cbipperfield, wife of Mr.J. C.watchmaker.—Mr. R. Kemball,formerly of Langham Mill, nearDedham.

At Colchester, J. Maria, wife of Mr. Seaman, master of an academy.—Miss A. Lodge, daughter of the late H. L. esq. formerly chief magistrate of the borough.— Mrs. Stuart.


Above 00001. has been recovered in chancery, by the officers of St. Nicholas Parish, in Rochester, for the poor, and they expect to realize near 16,000 more, from Sir John Hayward's charity.

Sept. 8. A handsome new church was consecrated at Chatham, by the bishop of Oxford.

Married] At Preston, next Wingham, Lieut. Sankey, R.N. to F. Elizabeth, niece of W. Harrison, esq.—Mr. T. Kent, surgeon, of Sheerness, to Miss Green, of the Navy Arms public-house, also of Sheerness.

Died.] At Canterbury, 38, Mr. E. Austen.—Suddenly, Mr. Hayman, (iO.—Mr. G. D. Tritton, 21, only son of the late H.T. esq. He was a youth of blameless life aud manners, and had been successful in his studies for the profession of surgery.—Mr. T. Hart, wine merchant, 59.—The eldest daughter of Mr. H. Christian, chemist, 17.

At Maidstone, suddenly, 82, Mr. J. Sothern, late of Charing—In her 88th year, .Mrs. Holmes.

At Tenterden, 31, Miss M. Goble.— Mrs Leigh, wife of Mr. H. L. saddler, snissx.

Married.] At Broadwater, Sir T. I). Hesketh, bart. of Rufford Hall, Lancashire, to Miss AUauiand.—A. Roberts, esq. of Lewes, to Mrs. Woolley, relict of the late J. C. VV. esq. of Canterbury—AtSteyning, Mr. Grant, surgeon, of Arundel, to Miss Young.

Died.] At Lewes, of a decline, 19, the eldest son of Mr. Baxter, printer.

At Chichester, in theprime of life,!'. Guy, esq.

At Brighton, Mr. M. Gibson, formerly card-maker to the late king. He had been in possession of considerable property, but latterly was much reduced. He was discovered drowned on the beach, and as he

had been subject to fits of despondency, a verdict was returned accordingly.

At Arundel, Mrs. Laue, wife of Mr. L. surgeou.

At Hastings, VV. Clay, esq.

At Storrington, 70, Col. H. Bishop, youngest son of Sir Cecil B. bart. of Barham Park.

At Felpham, in his 05th year, Mr. E. Peachep, officer of excise.


The pillar for the gas burner to be erected at Southampton is to be 28 feet in height, aud will not only command the entrance to the town, but be visible Iroui the Isle of Wight, and serve as a mark for vessels in the river.

Married.] Lieut. Gen. Orman, late of the Royal York Rangers, to Miss E. Howard, youugest daughter of R. H. esq late of Southampton.—Air. J. Lee, merchant, of Portsmoath, to Miss Hiscock.—Mr. G. Bishop, of the dock-yard, Portsmouth, to MissA.Cumliu, of the Halfway-houses.—

Died.] At Wiuchcster, Mrs. Holdsway, of the Nelson's Arms.

At Southampton, Mr. .'. Sweetinghaui, master aud owner of an Irish trader.

90, at Portsmouth, Capt. S. Mansfield, paymaster of detachments.

In Guernsey, 58, J. Condamine, esq. late advocate general of the royal court.

At Titchfield, suddenly, Mr. R. Tapper, of the Eagle Inn.

At Ryde, in his 22d year, VV. L. Woollaston, esq.


Married.) At Donhead, St. Mary, the Rev. T. Walsh, eldest sou of the Rev. Dr. Walsh, of Bath, to Arabella, 2d daughter of the late Rev. G. Jackson, D.D.rector.— At Mere, the Rev. R. Howell, to the youngest daughter of F. Faugoin, esq. of Wolverton.—Mr. Penny, of Glastonbury, to Harriett, eldest daughter of J. Seale, esq. of Milboume-house, in this county.

Died.]At Minal, uearMarlborough, at the Rectory House, the Rev. C. Francis, rector, a prebendary of Sarum, and actingmagistrate for the county.

Mrs. Roivden, of Herdcott, near Salisbury.


Married.] F. Drake, esq. to Miss ('. Bacon, both of Wells.—At Ilolcombe, Mr. \V. Parsons, of Melksham, to Lyilia, 3d daughter of E. Greeu, esq.—The Rev. It. 1,'urcli, vicar of Snelverton, &c. to Miss Isabella Elphtustoii, of Beluir, near Plymouth.

Died.) At Bath, 71, Signer Cherubim, a native of Rome, and many years professor of the Italian language Ann, wife

of Capt C.Jones, R.N.—In his 80th year, VV. Galway, esq. of Mallow Mrs. Ferrers, widow, late of Badesley-house,

Warwickshire Mr. K. Carpenter, coal

merchant. merchant.—In his 01st year, Mr. J. Clark,

grocer 19, ihc only daughter of P.

Neale, esq. of Tallerton-hall, Nottingham. DORSETSHIRE.

Married.] G.C. l/rftus, esq. son ol'Gen. L. to Catharine, widow of the late F. W. Schuyler, esq. of Woodland-house.—Mr. Broadmead, solicitor of Langport, to Miss Hutchings, of Sherborne.

Died.] At Dorchester, 21, the only daughter of I!. Helming, esq.

At Sherborne, 70, the Rev. C. Toogood. — 11. S'one, esq. 3d son of the late Rev. W. S. of Lowbourne-house, Melksham.

The Rev. i. C. Place, eldest and last surviving sou of the Rev. H. P. rector of Marnhall.

DEVONSHIRE. Married.] At Plymouth, T. Bass, esq. parser, R.N. of Woodside, aged 77, to Miss J. Snell, aged 21.—Capt. Devinzer, of the 11th Sarah,eldest daughter of Lieut. Gen. Nelson, of Plymouth Dock.—Mr. R. Loosemore, solicitor, to Miss Rendal, both of Tiverton.

Died.] At Plymouth, 2d sou of T. Hoiliugworth, esq. store-keeper of the dockyard.-Mrs.G.Lisle,39.—Mr.VV.Lee,45.-J. Saunders, esq. 60. He was a man of probity and integrity, charitable and beuevolent, ever ready to promote plans for the promotion of religion and virtue.

At Moreton Hampstead, 75, Mr. F. Tremlelt; parish clerk near 50, and town crier upwards of 30 years. CORNWALL.

Married] J. Dainlrv, esq. eldest son of .1. Smith, esq. of Coden Bank, near Macclesfield, to the eldest daughter of J. Hent, esq. of Kestonnell Park, in thiscounly.— R. Taun. ton, M.D. of Truro, to Anna, youngestduughter of the late Rev. J. Whitacre, rector of Rtiau Lnuyherne.

Died.] At Launceslon, 22, Miss E.Tylhe, of Truro; aybung ladyof engaginginanuersand undissembled piety.

At Falmouth, &.'), J Bull, esq. formerly commander of n packet Oji the station.

At Truro, in his 22d year, Thomas, youngest son of .1. Vivian, esq; distinguished alike by his, proficiency as a scholar and his intelligence and assiduity as a man of business.—

By the bursting of a blood-vessel, Mr. W. Cocker, saddler.


Died.] Af Haverfordwest, 92, Mr. R. Rees. This veteran had served in tbe fleet under Admiral Hawke: was at the taking of Bell isle, Martinico, St. Lucia, <fec. and was on board the DragoD, at the taking of the Havannab, where he lost an arm.

P. Lewis, esq. of Downton Hall, Radnorshire, many years an active magistrate of th>it county.


Married.] At Edinburgh, H.M.Warter, esq. of Sibberscript, Salop, to Elizabeth, the only daughter of the late Mr. Mungo Park.

D.'"e</.1 At Luwrence Kirk, 68. Mr. Charles Slivers; of first-rate mechanical ingenuity. The late Lonl Gardenstom*, founder of the village of Lawrence Kirk, brought him to that place and introduced him to notice asu maker of snuff-boxes. Originally he was a joiner to the late Sir J. Nicholson, of Glenbervie. His boxes were so well executed, that all imitations fell short of their neatness, polish and accuracy.

At Edinburgh, J. Hervey, esq. of Hawthorn, Berks; a president of the Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh, and assistant to Dr. Hamilton, physician of the Royal Infirmary. His death was occasioned by a puncture which he received while inspecting the morbid appearances of a dead hotly. IRELAND.

A new bridge is to be erected across the Lifley, from the new road bailing to the Royal Hospital, to the opposite side, nearly fronting the entrance into Phumix Park.

The county of Limerick has been the seat of resistance of oppression within the month, and several persons, not the most hlameable, have fallen victims to popular feeling; among others R. Going, esq.

Married.] Lord Edward Chichester, 2d son of the Marquis of Doanegnl, to Amelia daughter of H. Grady, esq. of Merjon Square, Dublin

Died.] At Somerville House, county of Meath, 13, Marianne, Wife of Sir Marcus Somerville, bart. and M.P.—At Pnlroeston near Limerick, Mrs. Bucknor, widow, at the age of 112.


Il'c skull still feel obliged to our Greenock Correspondent if he will favour us v:ith tie promised sjtecimens of the trottel plant.

We sin: 11 also be glad to hear further from the gentleman wh i called at our office in June, and promised important information relatire to Junius.

Some subscribers request information relatire lo the disposal of the mo«ey collected for a monument to Locke, and ainony the directors of which appeared a Mr. Mortimer .

We hope our poetical readers rill accept this month of the Neva from Parnassus, and some other articles which hare left no room for our usual poetical columns.

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