Sivut kuvina

At South Shields, 69, Mr. D. Thompson. —Mrs. M.Thwaytes, 49.

At Alnwick, the wife of Mr. G. Finlay, wine-me(chant.

At Barnard Castle, 68, Mr. A. Steele, sen. currier.—Mrs. A. Winsha.ll, widow, £2.

At Tynemouth, 75, Mrs. A. Buleraig.

At Sunderlaud, Mrs. M. Smith, sister to Mr. A. S. painter, 59.

At Bishop Auckland, 87, Mr. M. Elgey, hair-dresser.

At Monkwearuiouth, 73, Mr. VV. Mitchell, stoue-mason.

At Bishopwearmotith, 71, Mr. A Simpson, ship-owner.

At Berwick, Mr. P. Robertson, 75.— Mr. D. Mack, 36.

At Hexham, 56, Mr. W. Roberts, mason.


The alterations on the road between Kendal and Penrith are cf such a magnitude and extent as will ren der the passage through that mountainous district easy and accommodating. The bridge on the road betwixt Penrith and Appleby, is undergoing alterations long wanted, to raise it Out of reach of the floods. Betwixt Kendal and Milnthorp,the steep hill at Sizergh Fell is now avoided. Various improvements in the roads are rapidy taking place in Westmoreland, as at or near the village of Gateside, the ascent and descent at Hollowgate, High Burrowbridge, &c. A new line of road is recommended through the vale of Petterill to Carlisle— also an improvement of Lowlher Bridge, near Brougham Hall.

The pedestal to support the equestrian statue cf George III. at Liverpool, was lately shipped in the Canal Basin at Kendal, for the place of destination. It is above fourteen feet high, and formed of Westmoreland granite; one block contained six hundred cnbic feet.

Married.'] At Carlisle, Mr. W. Hudson, to Miss A. Dornan,—Mr. R. Little, to Miss S. Nicholson.—At Whitehaven, Mr. W. Fisher, to Miss J. Dawson.—At Kendal, Mr. J. Farrer, to Miss E. Sawyer.—R. Hodgson, esq. of Alston, to the daughter of the Rev. W. Fletcher, vicar of Dalston, &c.—At Gilcrux, Mr. C Fearon, to-Miss Hall, niece to the late H. H. esq. of the Madras establishment.—At Penrith, Mr. R. Cowen, to Mrs. M. Burthwayte.—At Workington, Mr. .1. Marshall, to Miss Whitehead.—Mr. J. Casson, to Miss J. Heron.—Mr. J. Waugh, to Miss H. Sawyer.

Died.'] At Carlisle, 86, Mrs. C. Kirk.'— Mr. W. Ashbridge, 70.—Mrs. A. Wilson, 85,—Mrs. A. Sewell, 52.—Lieut. G. Robinson, of the corps of Sappers and Miners, 44.—Mr. J. Rennison, 65.—In his 22d year, John, eldest son of J. Foster, esq. He was a virtuous and sensible youth, of in

creasing abilities, and honourable character—Margaret, daughter of Mrs. M.Davidson, 18.

At Kendal, 54, Mrs. E. Harling In the

prime of life, Miss E. Dixon.—-Miss J. Garuelt, 51.

At Whitehaven, in his 91st year, M. ■ Piper, esq. of the Society of Friends. He had amassed a considerable fortuue, but indulged in the enjoyment of a very middling portiou of it. In his late protracted illness, he scarcely allowed himself the necessaries of life. Mr. P. lias endowed three schools in Whitehaven, Kendal and Lancaster, each with 20001.five per cents, navy annuities. He has also left 10001. to support a Soup Kitchen in Whitehaven.

At Workington, 85, Mr. T. Little.

At Maryport, 89, Mr.T. Wedgewood.

At Penrith, 54, Ml.J. Wane, grocer.— Mary, wife of Mr. J. Robinson, jun.36.

At Brampton, 83, Mr. W. Sopping, hairdresser.

At Harrington, 7°, Mr. W. Lonsdale.

At Keswick, 80, Mr. J. Fisher.—Mr. J. Grave, superintendent of the firm of Mayson, Grave, and Cc. woollen-manufacturers, and managing t'.>e concern with singular regularity.


The Society of Natives of Scotland recently formeu in Sheffield, for celebrating the memory of Burns, have presented Mrs. Burns with a pair of silver candlesticks, tray and 8nuft>:-s, of the newest patterns, and best workmanship. The tray is remarkably elegant, and is enhanced in value, by being -domed with an inscription from the pen cf the poet Montgomery, a native of Ayrshire.

Married.] Ihe Rev. G. Briggs, eldest son of W. B. esq. of Clifton, near York, to the youngest daughter of the Rev. A. Ewbank, re<tor of Londesbrough.—At Halifax. C. Ilawr^on, esq. of Underbank, to Charlotte, 2d daughter of R. Briggs, esq. banker —Mr. T. M. Gravely, of Halton, near I ceds, to the only daughter of the late J. Cowlnm, of Crowle, Lincolnshire.—Mr. T. E.lwards, woolstapler, of Wakefield, to Mis' M. Raistrick, niece of T. Wilkin on, esq banker, of London.— Mr.T. B. Clarkso , of Wakefield, to Penelope, daughter i f the late H. Bedford, esq. banker, ofHu'l.—Edward, 2d son of the Rev.J.Smith, v:car of KirbyMoorside, to Harriett, daughter of the late J. Millar, esq. of Ct leutta.—Mr. J. King, surgeon, of, to the 2d daughter of Mr. J. Piekhar.l, of Nesfield.—Mr. G. H. Seymour, ■ olicitor, of Fromc, Somerset, to Miss K' vington, of York.—Mr.C. Routh, of Gayle, to the eldest daughter and coheiress of J. Grime, esq. of Swalesale.

Dieu.] At Ytrk, J. Rawdon, esq. 62. He hail returned home from a journey, and after i eceiving the congratulations of his


friends, fell back in his chair and expired in a moment.—In his 67th year, £. Prest, esq.—Elizabeth, widow of the late W. D; vis, esq. Her integrity and charity reudered her character truly praiseworthy. At Leeds, at an advanced age, Mr. J.

Brotherhood, nurseryman Mr. T. T. Til.

ney, of Scholes, near Berwfck, in Elmet, 75.—Mrs. Constantine, 88.

At Hull, in bis 83d year, Mr. E. Horner, •ne of the Society of Friends.—Mrs. Rushworth, 87, mother of Mr. R. solicitor.—S. Hall, esq. 85.

At Halifax, Mr. W. Whitacre, clothdresser.

At Scarboro', 24, the wife of Mr. G. Nesfield, brewer.

At Beverley, 77, Mr. J. Kirk, formerly a brewer, at Market Weighton, where for years, he had rendered himself serviceable by holding responsible parochial offices.

At Huddersfield, the Rev. W. Smith, of Almondbury, 56.

At Howdeu, 43, Elizabeth, wife of the / Rev: Mr. R. Spoffonh, vicar. She bore a long affliction with that resignation which true religion alone can inspire.

At Richmond, 65, T. Wycliffe, esq. the last male descendant of an ancient family, from which issued the Reformer Wyclifte, and settled in the neighbourhood, since the time of Edward I.—Mrs. Fawcett, wife of Mr. T. F. watchmaker, 39.

At Wakefield, Mr. W. Wright, of Harewood—Mr. R. Drake, 88.

At Bridlington, Mr. Jones, formerly of Stoneferry.


Actions for assault have been commenced against Major Birley, Capt. Wittlington, Mr. Alexander Oliver, and Meager, the trumpeter, for their conduct at Manchester, on the degraded 16th of August. Mr. Johnson is the plaintiff—not the individual who was tried with Mr. Hunt, and Mr. Hayward of London, is the attorney.

A number of inhabitants of Bolton and its neighbourhood have agreed to present Mr. Hunt with a white counterpane, highly worked, and bearing an apposite inscription and devices. Others intend to present him with a richly worked Marseilles quilt, and other articles.

The bridge at Warrington, completed about three years ago, at an expence of 11,0001. to the counties of Lancashire and Cheshire, has given way in the centre, and it will be found necessary to take down the whole of the arch.

Married.\ At Manchester, the Rev. T. Ainswortb, M.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, to Eliza, youngest daughter of the lata M. Bentley, esq.—J. Buckley, jun. esq. to Mary, 2d daughter of R. Ent whistle, esq. of Rusholme House.—At Manchester, the Rev. J. Johnson, assistant master of the Grammar School, and curate of Tri

Monthly Mao. No. 361,

nity Chapel, to Miss E. Jeukinson, of Salford.—At Ashton-under-Lyne, R. P. Ousey, 2d son ofT.O. esq. of Ridge Hill, to Mary, only daughter of John Kershaw, esq.—At Everton, G. Meyer, esq. of London, to Miss H. Jones, of Stonehill, Walton Breck—Mr. Stocks, surgeon, of Blackburn, to Miss E. Woodward, of Salford.— Died.-] At Laucaster, 77, D. Preston, esq, late of Stratford, Essex.

At Liverpool, Mr. T. Barber, of the Grove Coffee House.—Mr. W. Stack, 29.— Capt. L. Roberts, 61—Mr. W. Gregson,. 52—Mrs. Abram, 75.—Mrs. M. Rimmer. —In her 29th year, Ellen, wife of Mr. T.

Barton, liquor merchant Mrs. Hughes,

wife of Mr. J. H. druggist, 38. At his

house in Lodge-lane, 45, J. Davies, esq. British consul at theCapede Verd Islands, —Mrs. Bruce, widow of the late'Mr. B. merchant, 34.—Mr. J. Atkinson.—Mr. MW illiaais,grocer, 44 —Mr.T. Worrall^—In his52d year, Mr.S. Knowles.

At Manchester, 40, Mary, wife of Mr.

J. Macclare—Mr.R. Jackson, 30 In her

68th year, Mrs. Tomlinson, wife of Mr. T. surgeon. — Mr. R. Fowler. — Mr. J. Beard, deputy clerk of the collegiate church.—Mrs. Woodhouse, widow, of the Griffin Inn.—In her 21st year, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. E. Duckworth, distiller—Mrs. Mart initio, 54 Mr. R Jackson, 30.—Mr. A. Mainwaring.—Mr. W. Harrop, 29.

In Salford, suddenly, Mr. T. Whitehead. —Mrs. A.Smith,aged 101.—Mrs. Ingham.

At Rochdale, 58, the wife of Mr. Arundel, master of the English Free School.

At Preston, Mr. J. Mackey, 70.—Mrs. A. Mackan, 54 Mr. J. Bushby, 41.

At Ardwick, 65, Hannah, wife of Mr. J.Boden, of the King's Head tavern.

AtWigan, 73, Mr. J. Lyon.

C. Grimshaw, esq. solicitor, of Burnley.

At Buile Hill, near Manchester, Miss Williams, lamented as an affectionate friend and pious Christian.—In the Island of Tobago, Mr. G. Reay, aged 22, late of Preston.—In Monmouthshire, Mr. S. Reid, late teacher of Liverpool. In piety, philanthropy, and self-controul, he seems to have approached the Christian model. He was as neighbour to the poor and fatherless, and merciful to the brute creation. Well versed in a variety of useful knowledge, and gifted with conciliating manners, he acquired a wonderful influence over his pupils.


The object of the plan for opening the corporation of Chester has been defeated, owing to several individuals chosen refusing to act. The old, close, self-chosen corporation seem to be confirmed in their pristine authority. The matter will, no doubt, produce an appeal to law in the Courts of 3 0 Westminster, Westminster. The following is the view taken by the Chester Courant:—The new corporation should have been fully created —in all respects finished, by the formal acceptation of the individuals elected. But many individuals were elected who would not willingly accept their appointments, and who could not be compelled. As they refused, the new corporation has never been in legal existence, and the old has never been superseded. The corporation cannot die, and that by usage has a legal existence, till ousted by one with a stronger title.

Married.] At Eastham, J. Chatterton, esq. son and heir to W. C. esq. to Rebecca, 4th daughter of W. Scarisbreck, esq. of Sutton Hall.—The Rev. G. Hemming, of Hampton, to the 2d daughter of W. Yates, esq. of Chester.—At Waverton, Mr. W. Bevin, of Chester, to Sarah, only daughter of T. Salmon, esq.—At Mold, Mr. Williams, surgeon, of Holywell, to Sarah,'2d daughter of the late Mr. T. Whitley, of Broncoed.—At Stockport, Mr. R. Cheetham, to Miss F. Massey, daughter of W. M. esq.—B. Gee, esq. to Miss A. Woodhalt, of Romiley.—At Knutsford, T. Dumbleton, esq. to Augusta, daughter of Egerton Leigh, esq. of Twemlow.—At Davenham, after a courtship of three days, Valentine Hallam, coachman to the Liverpool and London post coach, to Miss Booth, of Northwich, aged 19.—At Chester, Mr. Alderman Williamson, to MissDavies.—The Rtv. E. Gregory, of Lower Hardies, near Canterbury, to Mary, eldest daughter of

N. Pattison, esq. of Congleton At

Hambury, Joseph Bednall, aged 18, to Elizabeth Coltman, widow, aged 60. The enamoured pair set off immediately for Tutbury Statutes, where they kept their wedding, and the evening was spent with the greatest conviviality.

Vied.'] At Chester, in her 88th year, Mrs. Ping.—Elizabeth, wife of Capt. Taylor, and daughter of Mr. Jackson, of Bangor Ferry, 45.—Mr. Mellor, plumber, 52. —In her 73d year, Mrs. J. Withington, of Manchester, an extensive manufacturer of small wares, with which she constantly attended Chester fairs, in her standing at Manchester Hall.—lemima, 2d daughter of Col. Frederick, of the 55th regt. 21.—Mrs. Eaton, mother of the Rev. J. E. of this city.—Mr. E. Simmonds, taylor.—Mrs. A. Toyce.—Mr. J. Booth, of the Golden Lion inn.—Mrs. Williams, wife of Mr. W. cooper.

At Macclesfield, Mr. P. Barrow, master of the Bull's Head inn.—73, Mrs. S. Pownall

At Nantwich, Mary, wife of P. Baron, esq. Her removal will be severely felt by her poor neighbours.—Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. Withenshaw, currier. She was a worthy member of the Methodist Society,

and her funeral was preceded by an immense band of choristers, chanting hymns, in a solemn manner, from the house to the grave.

At Stockport, Mr. Oaks, pnblican.

At Lymm, in his 75th year, Mr. E. Stelfox.

At Holywell, Mr. Edwards, formerly manager of a company of comedians, itinerant in the principality.

At Narquies, Flintshire. Mr. R. Humphries, fifty years parish clerk.

Near Northwich, 121, Mr. J. Maddock. He retained his faculties to the last.

At Denbigh, R. Griffiths, esq. solicitor, of Powelheli.

At Neston, in his 61st year, Mr. Lloyd, draper; a generous benefactor to the poor,

and a sincere Christian At Hawarden,

the wife of W. Rigby, esq.—At Amlewich,

74, S. Rose, esq. agent in the Marquis of Anglesea's copper mines.—Mr. J. Sinallwood, of Sutton, near Macclesfield.


Married.] At Chaddesden, the Rev. S. Rickhards, fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, to Maria, eldest daughter of Sir R. Wilmot, bart.—C. Fletcher, esq. of Stanton House, to Miss Perks, of Sinai Park, Staffordshire. —Mr. W. Taylor, of Liverpool, to the only daughter of R. Fidler, esq. of Rowland, near Bakewell.—At Hastings, J. Hoi worthy, esq. of York-buildings, Baker-street, London, to Anne, youngest daughter of the late R. Wright, M.D. of Derby.—Mr. G. Radford, of Belper, to Mary, youugest daughter of the late M. Russell, esq. of Doynton, Gloucestershire.—After a tedious courtship, Mr. J.Sykes, of Pickuas, aged

75, to MissS.Siddall, of Spire Hollin, both near Glossop.—At Spondou, Mr. J. Oshourne, to Miss Antill.—At Derby, Mr. F. Abbott, to Miss M. Woolley.

Died.] At Derby, 76, Mrs. A. Gothard, of the Grey Hound inn.—In his 48th year, Mr. G. Bakewell.

At Chesterfield, in his 79th year, Mr. J. Booth, tanner.—Mrs. Wrag, wife of Mr. J. W. flax-dresser.—Mr. B.TomIinson,jun. He was an ingeuious, sober, steady young man, and endured aseries of bodily suffering with meekness and fortitude.

At Stretton, near Chesterfield, 20, Miss P. Booth.

In his 92d year, Mr. C. Williams, of Heages, formerly of Belper.

At Duffield, Anne, relict of the late T.P. Bonnel, esq.—At or near Alfreton, 70, Mr. W. Reason, farmer.

At Hollington, 76, Mr. S. Rushton, farmer.

Sept. 27, on his passage from Java to England, in his 27th year, Lieut. J. Pearson, R N. second son of the late Rev. J. B. Pearson, L.L.B. ofCroxha!l,in this county. —Mrs. Jones, of Draycott.—Miss Ellen Dunn, of Darley Dale.


Married.} At Southwell, W. Bury, esq. to Harriet, daughter of the Rev. C. Fowler, vicar choral.—At Mansfield, Mr. E. Douglas, merchant, of Ealing, Middlesex, to Maria, eldest daughter of Mrs. Carter.— At Newark, Mr. M. Rippon, limner, to Miss S. Dowend.—At Nottingham. Mr. T. •Pepper, grocer, to Miss M. Tomlinson.— Mr. J. Wombell, of Wellow, to Miss E. Johnson.—Mr. J. Butler, of Sackville St. Dublin, eldest son of R. B. esq. of Cheltenham, to Eleanor, eldest daughter of Mr. J. Robinson, of North Muskham, near Newark.

Died.] At Nottingham, MissNewham. —Mr. J. Dring, cordwainer, 54.—Mrs. M. Moulds, widow.—Mr. Crampton, 71. He had been many years chairman of a social company, and was a warm and consistent advocate for the liberties of mankind.—

Mr. R. Kirk, taylor, 62 Mr. W. Hemm,

90.—Mr. G. Oldham, 73.—Mr. J. Gimson, 62.—In her 101st year, Mrs. S. Peet. She had lived in Beck-lane Hospital, 50 years. —Mrs. E. Broughton, 81.—Suddenly, Mr. S. Webster, 39.—Mr. J. Horsepool.

At Newark, 79, Mrs. A. Enderby—Mr. J. Cottam, 66.—Mrs. S. Bettinson, 34.

At> Mansfield, Mr. G. Richards, 43, frame work knitter. His remains were attended to the grave, by the Lodge of Odd Fellows.—Mr. H. Frost, shoe maker, 48. He had been conversing with a neighbour, and was retiring to the door, when he dropped down and instantly expired.

At Southwell, in her 80th year, Mrs. C. Collinson, widow, late of Blidworth.

At Arnold, 63, the Rev. T. Bigsby, A.M. vicar of Beeston, &c.

At Radford, 59, Mr.G. Holmes, formerly one of the Nottingham waits.

At Radcliff-upon-Trent, Mr. J. Mawbey. —At Wallingwells, Carr, game-keeper to Sir Thos. W. White, bart. He was deliberately shot by a notorious poacher in the woods, whom he was going to seize, and only survived a few hours. He had lived several years in the family, and was a valuable servant.


Married.'] W. E. Carter, esq. of Lincoln, to Sarah, 4th daughter of the late W. Greenwood, esq. banker, of Leeds.—Mr. Bellingham, surgeon, of Bourne, to the only daughter of the Rev. W. Cooper, late vicar of Chertsey, Surrey.—At Barton, Mr. W. Porter, of London, to the fourth daughter of the late Mr. J. Bygott, farmer.

Died.] At Lincoln, 80, J. Hare, esq. formerly of the Inniskilleu Dragoons.

At Stamford, R. Hirst, esq. 55, formerly a solicitor at Buckden.

At Gainsboro', 42, of apoplexy, Mr. Ritgard.

Mr. Jenny South, carrier to Waltham. He fell down suddenly, and expired immediately, in a fit of apoplexy.

At Crowle, Mrs. E. Bellamy, 73.

At Kettlethorpe, at the rectory hous», in her 21st year, Sophia, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Fulshaw, of Kirkby Mallory, Leicestershire.


Married.] At Prestwood, C. W. son of J. Pack, esq. to Catherine, daughter of the late T. Hort, esq—At Leicester, Mr. J. Giles, eldest son of Mr. G. Grazier, of Tetbury, Gloucestershire, to Maria, eldest daughter of Mr. T. Cooper, worsted spinner.—At BUlesden, the eldest son of Mr. J. Humphreys, grazier, to Miss Wagstaff. —At Hinckley, Mr. T. Parsons, hosier, to Miss Hickingbottom.—Mr. Dewell, to Elizabeth, 3d daughter of Mr. T. Blakesley, inn-keeper.

At Market Harboro', Mr. H. Harris, to Miss Coulson.

Died.] At Leicester, in her 28th year, Mary, wife of Mr. J. Wright, hosier— Henry Wood, esq. 67.

At Melton Mowbray, 20, Thomas, son of Mr. Boyfield. This is the third death in the family, within a few months.

At Burbage, at an advanced age, Mr. Ashmore, farmer. On his return from Sharnford, he fell down suddeuly in the street and expired.

At Bottesford, in the Vale of Belvoir, of apoplexy, Mr. Scrimshaw, miller.


Five great ironworks, situated in the heart of the trade, Bradley, Level Mill, Tipton, Great Bridge, and Coseley, are totally standing for want of work. Many other works are only kept going at a very serious loss.

Married.] At Brewood, J. Mytten, esq. of Halston, Salop, to Caroline, 6th daughter of T. Gifford, esq. of Chillington-hall. —At Wolverhampton, Mr. R. Bayley, to Mrs. F. Law.

Died.] In Birmingham, 81, Mr.C.Heard, late of Wolverhampton, and upwards of 40 years an officer of Excise.

At Betley-court, in her 70th year, Dame Ann Fletcher, relict of the late Sir T. F. bart. and mother of Sir F. Boughey, bart. MP. for this county.


Two dreadful accidents have lately happened in the coal-pits. The first at Ebenezer Colliery, near Westbromwich, where several were at work, when a great quantity of coal and ironstone, about thirty tons weight, gave way, and the rockstone fell upon six of the men, five of whom were instantaneously killed, and another survived a few minutes only, during which time he was heard to call out for help. The other catastrophe, though similar in its nature, was not so destructive, at Grove Land Colliery, in the parish of Rowley Regis, when upwards of ten tons weight of coal fell upon the body of

Joseph Joseph Sheldon, and killed him almost Immediately. Verdicts—Accidental Death.

Married.'] J. Chetwood, esq. eldest son of Sir John C. to Juliana, eldest daughter of J. N. Sudford, esq. of Ansley Hill.— At Birmingham, Mr. J. Jennings, to Miss H. Deane.—Lieut. Guilder, late of the 6th foot, to the eldest daughter of Mr. M. Linwood.—At Harbourne, the Rev. D. Edwards, rector of Warwick and Paget, in the BermudaIslands,toSarah, eldest daughter of Mr. F. Deakin, of the Ravenhnrst.

Died.] At Birmingham, Mrs. Heacock, relict of the late Rev. J. H. formerly of Coventry.—In his 52d year, S. Dickinson, esq. surgeon of the general hospital.—In his 74th year, Mr.T. Read—In his 49th year, Mr. J. Smith, of the White Swan Inn.

At Atherstone, 68, Mr. W. Musiou, woolstapler.

At Edgbastoo, in his 28th year, Joseph, eldest son of Mr. Fisher, of Birmingham.

At Waring's Green, Tan worth, 69, Mr. G. Yardley, manufacturer of wick yarn.

At Yardley, Mrs. M. Salt, relict of the late T. 8. esq.


Among other public works, a circus is now building in Shrewsbury, at Bridge Place, 90 feet by 40. A new wharf from fcelow the council house, up Water-lane, to Pride Hill, is in contemplation.

Married.] R. Burton, jun. esq. of Atcham, nearShrewsbury, to the 2d daughter of the late W. Walcott, esq. of the Moor.—At Wem, E. Gwynn, jun. esq. to Miss Austin.—Mr. J. Skidmore, of Tipton, to Miss M. Harris, of Coseley.—The Rev. G. Biggs, vicar of Hales Owen, to the eldest daughter of J. Bree. M.D. of Stratford.—Richard, eldest son of J. Menlove, esq. of Fern-hill, to Emma, 3d daughter of T. Price, esq. of Alderton.—In Shrewsbury, Mr. Churtou, solicitor, of London, to Letitia, daughter of Mr. Hughes, of or near Wrexham.

Died.] At Bridguorth, 85, Mr. Hammond.

At Shawbury, in her 86th year, Ann Stringer.

At Newport, T. Thompson, esq. formerly collector of Excise for Salop and Staffordshire.

At Wem, 58, Mr. J. Pidgeon.

Mr. Johns, and Mr. Phillips, ship captains. They were drowned, by the upsetting of a boat in the River Towy, Carmarthenshire.—Miss Tudor, of the Oaken Gates. She fell inadvertently into a cooler of wort, and only survived the accident 11 hours At Wilton, near Bridgnorth, in the prime of li»fe, Mrs. Shipley, wife of Lieut. Shipley, R.N.—Mrs. Bay ley, widow, of Preston, Brockhurst, 76.

lu her 9Ut year, Mrs. Fox, of the citadel, Hawkstone.—At Tooting, Surrey, in the prime: of life, after only 2 hours illness,

Mr. 8. Dixon, surgeon, youngest son of the late Mr. D. of the Marsh, in this county. —lu his 40th year, Mr. W. P. Wilson, of Lightwood Green—Mr. S. Poole, of the Loggerheads, near Drayton.


Married.] At Ripple, A. Rosenhagen, esq. to Frances, daughter of the late F. Parkhursl, esq.—Mr. J. Rawlins, solicitor, of Birmingham, to Louisa, only daughter of the late T. S. Winnall, esq. of Ai-tley, in this county.—Mr. W. firoadfield, of Birmingham, to Marianne, youngest daughter of J. Broadfield, esq. of Worcester.—J. G. Halstead, esq. of Walberton, to Esther, daughter of the late J. Kirkman, esq. of Westergate Cottage, Sussex.—Mr. Samuel George, of Pebworth, to Miss Susanuah Bushell, of Moor.

Died.] Near Worcester, in his 85th year, J. Paglar, esq. a gentleman of undqviating probity and integrity.

At Kidderminster, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. E. Wright.

At Pershore, T. Holland, esq, late of Tewkesbury, and inspector of Taxes for Gloucestershire.

In his 97th year, Mr. T. Johnson, of Rednall,near Bromsgrove. His surviving progeny consist of 6 children, 39 grandchidren, 87 great grandchildren, and two great great grandchildren.


Married.] James, 2d son of the late E. Cheese, esq. of Ridgbourn, in this county, to Anne, only daughter of the late J. Cowper, esq. of Bristol.—At Hereford, Mr. H. Probert, jun. of Worcester, to Lucia, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Thomas.

Died.] At Hereford, in his 87th year, T. Cam, esq. surgeon. He was eminent in his profession, and for his cheerful disposition, polite manners, &c. was respected by all rauks of society.

At Leominster, Mr. W. Price, glover. He lived the life of the righteous, and his death was in accordance.

At the Cottage, near Monmouth, 84, Mrs. Hill, relict of the late Mr. Rowland, formerly of Treago, in this county.


The eastern end of the road which has been so long forming to connect the Moumouthshire and Glamorganshire central roads, will now be speedily completed. A new line is hereby opened across the hills of the former county. The new roads from Monmouthshire to Ragland and Usk, are completed to the junction of Usk road with the Pontypool division.

Married.] At Cheltenham, the Rev. C. Whately, of Banwell, to the eldest daughter of the Rev. S. Jenkins, of Locking, Somerset.—The Rev. Mr. Cousins, to Mrs. Webster: both of King's Stanley.—At Gloucester, Mr. J, Jaquus, son of Mr. C. ,, J. builder.

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