Sivut kuvina

his own opportunities of observation, that recent case of menacing phthisis, he found the medical professor who shall indolently its soothing and quieting properties conor ignorantly reject the proffered benefits spicuously evident. Two instances of vioof the above-named agencies, will deprive lent, and before invincible tooth-ache, himself of valuable auxiliaries in the war- have immediately yielded to the topical fare he is waging against disease and application, or rather touch, of this acid. death.

Of the Colchicum seeds, it were suffiThe reporter is too old, he thinks, to be cient to say, that so respectable an authodeceived by empirical, or taken captive rity as that of Dr. Williams, of Ipswich, by enthusiastic represeutations respecting continues to report highly in their favour; the virtues of drugs; and when he hears and the present writer, although sometimes the laudatory accounts which some pour unsuccessful with them, has, at other out, of the hydrocyanic acid, he thinks of times, found their efficacy in old rheumatic the consumption curers, and Digitalis ad- cases, proved in a most convincing and ministrators, ot some twenty years since; complete manner.

;. a granum salis admission, however, of T incture of Lytta was lately adminis. alleged powers, is very different from an tered under the reporter's direction, to a unreserved acquiescence in all the dicta of child, apparently dying of hydrocephalus ; ardent experimentalists; and fox-glove, the kidnies were violently excited, the though destitute of the antiphthisical symptoms indicating effusion upon the brain properties formerly ascribed to it, is ne- soon gave way, and the child has, unex vertheless a potent and valuable medici. pectedly to all, recovered. nal.

It must be scepticism indeed, that would But to the present subject. Four in- refuse to subscribe to the vermifuge virstances have occurred within the last fort. tues of Turpentine-oil ; it is not, however, night, in which the Croton-oil has proved to the expulsion of worms, that the virtues of essential service. The first was the of this drug are limited. The writer is ac. case of a boy who had taken poison, in customed to prescribe it in many nervous whom it became necessary speedily to act affections, wbich, either in their commenceupon the bowels, and half a drop of this went or course, implicate especially the singular medicine almost immediately ef- first passages ; and he has very recently fected the purpose, after other cathartics seen its efficacy manifested in a case of had been administered in vain. The se- child-bed fever. cond case was one of spasm of the kidnies, As the virtues of Colchicum seeds might which soon yielded to the same dose of the be safely received upon the testimony alone drug in question. An old lady was, thirdly, of Dr. Williams, so might it be sufficient to cheated by a drop of this oil put into some say of Galvanism, that, in habitual asthma, bread, who obstinately refused every thing it is recommended by Dr. Wilson Philip. in the shape of medicine; and, lastly, a The reporter has lately had an opportunity little subject, almost suffocated under the of witnessing those important experiments deadly grasp of croup, has been restored which shew the restoration of suspended to life by merely rubbing the tongue with nervous power by the galvanic influence, the cork of a Croton-oil vial.

and from which Dr. Philip first inferred With respect to Prussic acid, the very the utility of that influence in some disorfew trials which he has instituted, do not dered conditions of the respiratory organs authorise quite so favourable a report: män inference which has been fully veri. from the accounts of others upon which he fied by the result of practical investigaought to rely, the reporter, however, is tion.

D. Uwins. M.D. still inclined to think, that it is possessed Bedford Row, July 20, 1821. of considerable efficacy; and in one very


THERE is little of novelty to present to ble augmentation of the national stock of

1 the public, at this time, as an agricul. corn, pulse, and roots collectively. The tural report. The different crops upon stock of roois was great, and the late rains the ground have improved sicce our last, will draw up a large aftermark. The hops from a favourable change in the weather, are much mended, and will probably be a whilst yet there has been a considerable far greater crop than was expected. The want of solar heat. Late high winds also, growth of seeds this year has not been so may have had some degree of ill effect on successful. Tares will be a good crop. the wheats under the flowering process. Fruit is in far greater abundance than the Nevertheless, all the crops appear in a early season promised, apples being the prosperous and thriving state, and very chief exception. The late rains have probable at harvest, to afford a considera. drawn up the turnip plants to a size and


substance to defy the fly. Live stock, both 58.0d.- Veal 3s. 6d. to 48.8d.-Pork 2s.6d. fat and lean, has declined in price still to 5s. 4d.-Bacon 3s. 2d. to 3s. 4d.-Raw farther since our last, with a chance to en- Fat 28. 19d. Wheat 36s. to 64s.counter the usual autumnal fall. Wool has Barley 22s. to 20s.-Oats 18s. to30s.- The experienced a trifling amendment in price. quartern loaf in London 9:0.-Hay 70s. to The crops generally, in Ireland and upon 90s. Od.--Clover do. 70s. to 1055.-Straw the Continent, are reported to be of good 28s. to 42s.-Coals in the Pool 30s. Od. to promise. .

43s. Od. Smithfield :- Beef 3s. 10d. to 4s. 8d. Middlesex, July 25, 1821. Mutton 3s. Od. to 3s. 100.-Lamb 3s. 60. to


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July 28. Cocoa, W. 1. common £3 15 0 10 4 10 0 3 15 0 to 400 per cwt Coffee, Jamaica, ordinary 5 10 0 .. 5 12 0 5 10 0 .. 5 15 0 ditto. -, fine . 5

0 2 0 6 11 0 760 ditto.' .., Mocha . . 9 9 0 0 910 Op 13 00 17 0 0 per cwt Cotton, W. I. common. O 0 0 9 0 0 91 0 0

0 0 10 per lb. , Demerara . : 0 0 0 11 0 1 13 0 0 10 ..

ditto. : Currants . .

.5 12 0 5 10 0° .. 5 12 0 per cw. Figs, Turkey .

2 4 0 .. 300 ditto.. Flax, Riga. . .

50 0

0 . 51 0 O per ton. Hemp, Riga Rhine.


41 0 0 . 0 0 0 ditto. Hops, new, Pockets . 3 0 0

.. 3

2 8 0 i. 3 15 0 per cwt. - ---, Sussex, do. . 2 10 0


... 4 100 ditto. Iron, British, Bars. .

0 0 0 0 0 0 per ton. - Pigs . . 6 10 0

0 0 0 0 0 0 ditto. Oil, Lucca . . 10 00

900 ..1000 per jar -, Galipoli . . 66 0 0

66 0 0 68 0 0 per ton. Rags : 1 18 0 .

1 18

18 6 ver cwt. Raisins, bloom or jar, new 4

0 0 0 ditto, Rice, Patna kind . : 0

000 ditto. ---, East India . . 0 0 10 0

0 12 0 09

0 12 0 ditto. Silk, China, raw . : 0 0 19 10

0 18 4 104 per lb - , Bengal, skein : 0

0 14 a 0 15 1 ditio. Spices, Cinnamou . 0 7

0 8 6 0110 per lb. - -, Cloves . . 0 3

0 5 10 0 0 0 ditto. . , Nutmegs. 0 4

0 0 0 0 6

0 0 0 ditto. - Pepper, black , 0 0

0 0 7 0 0

0 0 7 ditto. --- -----, white . 0 ]

0 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 i ditto. Spirits, Brandy, Cogniac . 0 3 0 3 6 0 0 0 ... 000 per gal. -.-, Geneva Hollands 0 1

0 0 0 0 1 8 ... 0 1 9 ditto. * -, Rum, Jamaica, 0 2

0 3 6 0 1 8 .. 0 3 3 ditto. Sugar, brown . . 2 18

2 14 0 .. 2 16 0 per cwt. - ., Jamaica, fine . 3 17 0


3 15 0 ... 3 18 0 per cwt, - East India, brown 0 18 0 1 5 0 0 17 0 .. I 3 0 ditto. -, lump, fine . . 4 14 0

5 0

4 14 0 .. 500 per cwt. Tallów, town-melted .


0 0 0 . 0 0 0 per cwt. -- --, Russia, yellow , 2 9 0


2 6 0 .. 2 6 6 ditto. Tea, Bohea . . 0 2 3

0 2 41.. 0 2 4 per lb. --- Hyson, best . . 0 3 8 .. 0 4 8 0 3 9 . 0 4 6 ditio. Wine, Maileira, old . 30 0 0 .. 35 0 0 25 0 0 .. 35 0 0 per pipe --, Port, old . . 30 0 0 .. 48 0 0 45 0 0 i. 52 0 0 ditto. ---- . Sherry . . 25 0 0 .. 65 0 0 30 0 0 .. 60 0 0 per but.

Prémiums of Insurance...Guernsey or Jersey, 10s. 6d.-Cork or Dublin, 10s. 60.-Belfist, 10s. 60.-Hambro', 10s. Od. - Madeira, 15s. Od.—Jamaica, 30s. — Greenland, out and home, bys. to 10gs.

Course of Exchange, July 25.- Amsterdam, 12 18.--Hamburg), 38 8.--Paris, 25 70. - Leghorn, 47.- Lisbon, 501.-Dublin, 9 per cent.

Premiums on Shares and Canals, and Joint Stock Companies.-Birmingham, 5601. -Coventry, 9701.—Derby, 1351.-Ellesmere,661.-Grand Surrey 601.-Grand Union, 231. Os.

-Grand Junction, 2151. - Grand Western, 31.--Leeds and Liverpool, 3151.-Leicester, 2901. -Loughbro', 26001.-Oxford, 6401.-Trent and Mersey, 18101.- Worcester, 241.-East India Docks, 1681.-London, 1021.--West Iudia, 1761.--Southwark BRIDGE, 171.--Strand, 51. 55. · Royal Exchange Assurance, 2301.--Albion, 421. Os. -Globe, 1221. Os.-Gas Ligh'r COMPANY, 581. 10s. City Ditto, 1011. At the Office of Wolfe and Edmonds'.


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The 3 per cent. Reduced, on the 27th was 768; 3 per cent. consols, 75; 5 per cento 83 vy 1095.

Gold in bars 31. 17s. 9d. per oz.-New doubloons, 31. 14s. 3d. --Silver in bars 4s. fd.

ALPHABETICAL LIST OF BANKRUPTCIES announced between the 20th of June

and the 20th of July, 1821: extracted from the London Gazette.

BANKRUPTCIES. [this Month 90.)

Solicitors' Names are in Parentheses. A CASTER, T. Beale, Yorkshire, publican. (Ed. A inunds, L. Adeane, H. 'Hertford, shoemaker. (Allport, L.

rth. T. H. Halliwell, Lancaster, calico-printer, (Cross and Co. Astley, G. Wem, Salop, farmer. (Griffiths, L. Banks, w. and Co. Birmingham, dealers. (Clark

and Co. L. Bardsley J. jun. Manchester, cotton spinner.

(Wood. Barnet, T. Birmingham, merchant. (Egerton,

L. and Spurrier, Birmingham. Barwell, J. Leamington Priors, carpenter.

(Platt, L. Barton, H. Paul's Cray, Kent (Bayley, L... Bennett, J. Marsham, Norfolk, miller: '(Ewbank, Betts, J. T. Aldgate, teadealer. (Lang, . Cann, W. Oakhampton, ironmonger. (Poole and

Co. L. Cardwell, C.H. and Smith, J. Wath upon Dearne,

York, flax spruners. (Alexander, L. and Pigot,

Bolton upon Dearne. Cazzer, J. Maker, Cornwall, innkeeper. (Leach,

Plymouth Dock, and Makinson L. Clengh, J. and R. late of Leadenhall-street, linen.

dra pers. (Dawes and Co. L. Coates, H. Bradfield, Essex, farmer. (Cocker, L. Consitt, R. and Co.' Hull, inerchants.' (England

Hull, and Roper, L. Coombes, J. Lower Shadwell, cooper. (Gatty and

Co. L. Cooper, W. Beeston, Leeds, victualler. (Battye,

L. and Hargreaves, Leeds. Cotterell, J. Worcester, timber-merchant. (Car.

dale and Co. L. Cox, R. A. jun. and Co. Little Britain, bankers.

(Swayne and Co. L. Dalton, J. Bury, Suffolk, surgeon. (Leech and

Co. L. Draper, W. Maldon, Essex, watchmaker. (Law

rence. Dyson, E. Well-street, Jermyn-street, dealer.

(Russen, L. Edwards, J.'Gough Square, (Macduff, L. Essex, W. Paddington, wharfinger. "(Hartley, L. Farley, T. Ratcliffe Highway, linendraper. (Hut

chinson, L. Fea, J. Hull, broker. (Shaw, L. Figes, T. and Co. Romsey, Hants, brewers.

(Slade, L. Forsdick, J. Euston Square, Pancras, builder.

(Stratton and Co. L. Goodluck, W. R. Burton Crescent, Middlesex,

broker. (Taylor, L. Golding, H. Lower Thaines-street, wine merchant.

(Lewis, L. Gray, J. Bishopgate-street-within, silversmith.

(Loddington and Co. L. Griffiths, G.Grantham, tiinber merchant. (Stocker, Hardwick, S. Birmingham, builder. (Male. Hawley, G. High-street, Shadwell, cheesemonger.

(Templer, L. Hepworth, J. Leeds, cloth dresser. (Heming Higgs, W. Strand, hatter. (Brumell, L. Hill, J. Dover, saddler. (Loddington, L. Hilton, J. St. Martin's Le Grand, sadler, (Mills, L. Humphreys, E. Swansea, victualler. (Scott, L. Jordan, P. Whitechapel, druggist. (Dickinson

and Co. L. Knight, W. G. 'Batcoin be, Somerset, money

scrivener. (Miller.

Lammin, T. East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire

maltster. (Few and Co. L. Lee, W. Old City Chainbers, wine mercbant.

(Bolton, L. Longbottom, T. Keighley, York, machine maker.

(Milne and Co. L. Macmullen, W. G. and Co. Hertford, grocers.

(Fitzgerald, L. Macneil, W. Charles-street, Middlesex Hospital,

coachmaker. (Pinero, L. Malton and Wilson, Greville-street, Hatton Gar

den. (Swayne, L. Marr, R. C. Rathbone Place, linendraper. (Bour

dillon, L. Mather, E. Oxford, grocer. (Edis, L. Metcalf, C. Bedale, fiax-dresser. (Watkins and

Co. L. Medd, T. Staple Inn Buildings, Holborn, draper.

(Parton. L. Mitchell, F. New Malton, corn merchant. (Allen. Mitchel, J. Milk-street, warehouse man. (Elis, L. Moseley, H. New Road, St. George's in the East,

glass warebouse keeper. (Hurd and Co. L. Nibblett, C. Guildford, money scrivener. (Dyne, L. Offer, J. Bathwick, near Bath, slater.''(Sher

wood, L. Peacock, 'J. Bawtry, York, victualler. (Stocker

and Co. L. Peake, W. Sloane Square, linendraper. (Jones, L. Penvold, W. Leadenhall-street, horsedealer. (Shep

herd, L. Perfect, Ġ. jun. West Malling, surgeon. (Brace, L. Phelps, W. Camomile-street, Bishopsgate-street,

carpenter. (Williams, L. Pilkington, R. Mile End Road, baker. (Toms, L. Playfair, T. New Bond street, trunk maker.

(Burt, L. Purchas, R. W. and Tredwen, R. Chepstow, ship

builders. (Richards and Co. Rainey, R. Spilsby, tanner. (Brackenbury and

Co. Rist, C. Cornhill, auctioneer. (Lang, L. Sadler, T. Aston near Birmingham, dealer.

(Walker, L. Salmon, R. 'H. Alfred Place, Bedford Square,

horse dealer. (Martindale, L. Sed low, W. Manchester, flour dealer. (Milne and

Co. L. Spence, J. Yarm, grocer. (Pell and Co. L. siray, M. Rotherham, linendraper (King and Co. Sullivan, P. Stewartstreet, Old Artillery Ground,

silk mannfacturer. (Webster and Co. L. Thompson, T. Langbourne Buildings, Fenchurch

street, timber merchant. (Hutchinson, L. Tyerman, J. Bristol, haberdasber. (Gates, L. Walsh, J. Barbican, victualler. (Evans and

Co. L. Webb, H. Rochdale, woolstapler. (Taylor, L. Webster, R. and W. Bishop Wearinouth, mer

chants. (Blakiston, L. and Thompson, Bishop

Wearmouth. Walling, G. B. Basinghall-street, woollen-draper.

(Stephen. L. Whitehouse, T. West Bromwich, miner. (Hicks. Whitesn.ith, W. Old Fish-street, grocer. (Dimnes,

L. Wilson, H. Crispin-street, Spital Fields, victual

ler. (Annesley, L. Yarnold, P. City Garden Row, St. Luke's, taylor.

(Reynolds, L. Yarrow, U. Chiswell-street, shopkeeper. (Ste

phens, L. Youden, J. Dover, spirit merchant. (Noakes,

Sandwich, and Loddington, L.
Young, J. Ware, Herts, taylor. (Sheffield, L.





Axley, Stamford, Lincola.
Ball, J. Watling-street.
Balmer, J. City Chambers,

Barfoot,J. Arundel-tieet, Strand.
Bayley, c. R. H. Swallow field,

Der Wiltshire.

Bidwell, J. G. Exeter.
Bird, T. St. Martin's Co

Leicester Fiel 8.
Bilbrough, J. Batley, York,
Bowring, S. and Tiist. S. Cheap-

Boyd, W. and Co. London.
Bragge, J. Whitehaven.
Browne, J. R. New Road,

Brown J. Glamford, Briggs.
Brown, W.A. College Hill.
Brown, T. Longdon, Stafford

Bryan. W. White Lion Court,

Canney, J. Bishop Wearmouth.
Cater, 3. Watling-street.
Collins, R. Maidstone.
Cope, M. Derby.
Colyor, R. Cheltenbam.
Crossley, J. King-street.
Crossley, J. Halifax.
Cummings, J. Osborne-street,

Curtis, J. Fordingbridge, Hants.
Cuthbert and Co. Colcbester-st.

Savage Gardens.
De Roche and Co. Lime-street.
Dowley, T and J. Willow-street,

Bank side.
Downes, S. Cranbourne-street,

Downs, J. J. Whitechapel Road.
Dumont, J. L. Austin Friars,
Ellis and Co. Aldersgate-street.
Einmott. W. Lawrence Pounte.

Fildes, J. Lamb's Conduit-street.
Finch, J. East Grinstead.
Foot, B. Half Moon Tavern,

Foster, J. H. and Co. Norwich.
Foster, T. and E. S. Yalding,

Frodsham, S. Frodsham, Che-

Garrad, A. Downham Market. .
Grabam, R. and Co. Leicester.

square. Green, J. Stockwith.

Grose, P. Commercial Road, vic

Hack, T. Bear Garden, St. Sa-

Hall, C. B. and Aldridge, T. Bar.

Hamblin, J. C. Wotton-under.

Hardman, J. Manchester.
Hendry, M. Hull.
Henzeil, J.Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Herbert, T. Dow gate Hill.
Hitchcock, H. Deal..
Holland, S. and Co. Liverpool.
Homfray, S. T. Kinfare, Stafford.
Humphreys, S. Charlotte-street,

Portland Place.
Hyde, w. Howford Buildings,

Iles, J. New City Chambers,

Jones P. B. Birmingham,
King. R. Mincing-lane.
Kirkman, J. High-street, St.

Kirkman, J. Liverpool.
Lainbilen, H. Bristol.
Lax and Co. Liverpool.
Lear, F. Strand.
Le Mesorier, H. and Co. London.
Lesley. A. Stow Market.
Lodge, R. Kirby, Lonsdale.
Low, J, and W. Mincing-lane.
Lynch, M. W bite Friars,
Lynn, T. Jerusalem Coffee House,

Mackenzie, C. Caroline-street,

Mann, J. Leeds
Mantle, T. Dover.
Milligand, Wolverbampton.
Montgoinery and Co. Liverpool.
Morton, A. Lower Thames-st.
Newington, J. Tunbridge.
Newton, J. Lainb's Conduit.

Paine, T. Banbury.
Palyart, J. London-street, Fen-

Peacopp, T. Liverpool and Wil

kinson, M.Whalley.
Pocklington, R. Winthorp, Not-

ting bam, and Dickinson, W.

Newark-u pon-Trent.
Pritchard, J.Church-lane, White.

Preece, ‘J. Peterborough-court,


Prentico, W. High-street, South

Raistrick, s. Idle, Yorkshire.
Rodberd, A. Salford.
Robinson, T.H. Manchester.
Robinson, W. and T. Chelsea.
Rootsey, G. Tooley-street.
Savedge, J. Earl Stoke, Notting.

Sheath, A. avd Co. Boston.
Shoobridge, C. Kensington.
Sidwell, R. Bath.
Simpson, R. Crown Court,

Skrine, C. Bath.
Smith, J. London Ro

George's Fields.
Siniih, J. jun. Karnsgate.
Solomon, G. Leman-street, Good-

man's Fields,
Spangen, N. v. Wells-street,

Goodman's Fields.
Spitta, c. L. and Co. Lawrence

Stabler and Co. York.
Sieel, J. Fisherton, Lincolnshire,
Stephenson, J. Broad-street,

Strictland, S. Budley Salterton,

Strictland, T. and Brickwood, T.

N. Liverpool.
Suffield, w. Birminghaip.
Taylor, T. Preston.
Thornton, W. Devonsbire-street.
Tonge, G. W. B. East India

Cbambers, Leaden hall-street.
Town, r. Yalding, Kent.
Tupinan, J. Great Russel-street,

Turner, T. W. Brentford,
Turner, R. Liverpool.
Tweed,' T. and 'R. Chingford

Mills, Essex.
Wadham, R. Poole.
Walter, A. and Stokes, J. B.

Bishops Wood, Gloucester.

Webster, T. Chedgrave, Norfolk.
White, H. Warminster.
Williams, W. G. Throgmorton-

Willett, G. Owen's Row, I'ling.

Wood, W. Butley, Cheshire.
Woodgate, W.F. Tunbridge.
Wright, W. and J. Alderinag-


Rangel tion in

Resulting from daily observations made on the southern terge of the Metropolis, from
June 24, to July 25, 1821.


jays. Wind

Wind. | Days.




24 hours Barometer 31:16 3 July NE. 129.60 30 June sw. 30.06 1.56 0.60 189Juna LLL

Day Night | Thermom. 73o |30 June sw. 340 4 July) NE. 60:30 42.7.1 390 330 (13Juno

Prevailing Winds. Number of days , N. NE. E. SE. s. sw. w. NW. occupied by each > 5 6 0 2 6 4 3 5

The total quantity of rain 2.87 inch

Character of the Clouds. Number of days on which each 2 Cirrus. Cirro-stratus. Cirro-cumulus. Cumulus, Cumulo-stratur. Nimbus description has occurred. S 12

6 12


6 . The hopes entertained of genial weather quickly dispelled; within a week, rain and towards the close of the last month, were cold winds set in with an unusual severity

of of effect. On the 1st instant, the Metro-, in this unusually low temperature of the polis was suddenly overspread with tre season. After this, the wind shifting to mendous darkness, accompanied with the the W. and NW. the cold was moderated, heaviest rain, during an hour, we ever wit but still remained uncomfortably chilly, nessed. Lightving and thunder also oc It is worthy of remark, that to the northcurred during the tempest. After this the ward and eastward of the metropolis, at wind returned to the N. and NE., and in- distances from 200 to 300 miles, the temtermitting rains of chilling cold, continued perature of the days has been unusually during two days. The ensuing week a bigh, although that of the nights has been degree of cold, unusual and alarming, even even more severe than our own.



duity with which you have prosecuted. THE fall in the money-value of all the laborious and important enquiries in

I property and commodities, and which you have been engaged. He has the simultaneous attempt to collect the observed, with particular pleasure, the full interest of the public debt with a

facility with which the restoration of metal. reduced circulation, being an impossi.

lic currency has been effected, by the aubility, the utmost distress pervades

thority given to the Bank of England to

commence its payments in cash at an earlier every branch of industry particularly

period than had been determined by the agriculture; and it has become almost

last parliament. His Majesty has comas impracticable to pay the mterest of manded us to acquaint you, that he conmortgages from reduced rentals, as

tinues to receive from foreign powers the to meet any old money engagements strongest assurances of their friendly disat its reduced value by present pay-. position towards this country. ments at its increased value.

;“ Gentlemen of the House of Commons, The returns of the taxes for the We are commanded by his Majesty to quarter ending the 5th of July, were return you his thanks for the provision you 212,872,380, being £407,893 less than have made for the public service. Although the corresponding quarter of last year. the public expenditure has already underIn trnth the sinking fund is absorbed, gone considerable reduction within the the revenue is still diminishing, and no present year, his Majesty trusts he shall prospect exists now, as heretofore, that

be enabled, by the continuance of peace the debt can be reduced; on the con

and internal tranquillity, to make such trary, the necessity for annual loans

further reductions as may satisfy the just to pay the interest, adds every year to

expectations expressed by parliament. His its amount, while the public means are

Majesty has commanded us to assure you

of the gratification which he has derived diminished by a reduced circulation.

from the provision which you have made · By the finance report before us, we

for his Royal Highness the Duke of Claobserve that the total net REVENUE rence. of the United Kingdom for 1820,

« My Lords, and Gentlemen, It is with was £57,304,651. and the LOANS £17,292,545. to meet an EXPENDITURE

the greatest satisfaction that his Majesty

has observed the quiet and good order of £70,850,741. of which £30,077,175. is

which continue to prevail in those parts of for interest of unredeemed war debts, the country which were not long sinee in which now amount to £801,563,311. a state of agitation. His Majesty deeply The EXPORTS of the same year were laments the distress to which the agricul£48,951,468. being five millions less tural interests, in many parts of the kingthan 1819, and five millions more than dom, are still subject. It will be bis Ma1820, and the IMPORTS £32,442,413. jesty's most anxious desire, by a strict at, The unfunded debt is £37,012,431. tention to public economy, to do alļ that

The following was his Majesty's depends upon him for the relief of the speech, delivered by commission, at the country from its present difficulties; but close of Parliament.

you cannot fail to be sensible that the suc“ My Lords and Gentlemen, We have cess of all efforts for this purpose will it in command from his Majesty to inform mainly depend upon the continuance of you, that the state of public business hav- domestic tranquillity; and his Majesty coning enabled him to dispense with your at. fidently relies on your utmost exertions in tendance in parliament, he has determined your several counties, in enforcing obedito put an end to this session. His Majesty, ence to the laws, and in promoting harmony however, cannot close it without expres- and concord amongst all descriptions of his sing his satisfaction at the zeal and assi. Majesty's subjects.” MONTHLY MAG. No. 357.


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