Sivut kuvina

The Rev. H. Bishop, M.A. of St. John'* College, Cambridge, to the vicarage of Cretinghan, in Suffolk.

The Rev. J. Case, A.M. of Jesus College, Cambridge, to the rectory of Quarrington in Lincolnshire.

The Rev. W. Gee, D.D. fellow and tutor 6f Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, to the rectory of Week St. Mary, Cornwall.

The Rev. J. C. White, M.A. fellow of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, to the rectory of Rawretb, Essex.

The Hon. H. Townsend, A.M. to the consolidated rectories of Brome and Oakley, Suffolk.

The Rev. Mr. Dent, to the living of Cockerham, in Lancashire.

The Rev. C. B. Smith, to the perpetual curacy of Wingfield, Suffolk.

The Rev. E. Heawood, A. M. to be master of the grammar school, at Dartford.

The Rev. R. Forest, senior vicar choral, to be sub-chanter of York cathedral.

The Rev. J. Richardson, one of the vicars choral, to be lecturer at York castle.

The Rev. J. Hallewell, fellow ofChrist'» College, to be lecturer of Great St. Andrew's parish, Cambridge.

The Rev. G. Chard, of Winchester, to the vicarage of Blandford, Dorset.


Jftth all the Marriages and Deaths.


POPULATION.—Durham. Males, 4374. Females, 5250. Increase, 2861—Stockton. Males, 2304. Females, 2702 Increase, 777.— Hexham. Males, 1801. Females, 2314. Houses, 528— Morpeth. Males, 1576. Females, 1839. Decrease, 14.

St. Andrew's Parish, Newcastle—the returns for which were not completed in our last—Total, 7231.

The iron bar bridge lately erected over the Tweed, near Paxton Ford, six miles above Berwick, proves so advantageous to the country, that the trustees have voted 1000 guineas to the builder, Captain Brown, above his estimate. The Captain is far advanced in the erection of a suspension-pier, on a similar principle, west of Newhaven, near Edinburgh. This is to extend 700 feet into the sea, and will admit of steam-vessels and other craft coming along-side at low water.

Married.] J. Grey, Esq. of Berrington, to Miss E. Ormond, of Berwick.—Mr. C. Spence, solicitor, of Edinburgh, to Isabella, daughter of the late Mr. Mordue, of Wallsend.—At Alnwick, Mr. A. Hutton, merchant, to Miss E. Duke, of Gateshead.—At Sunderland, Mr. H. Winder, shipwright, to Miss D. Howe.—At Newcastle, Mr. P. Glenton, surgeon, to Miss Metcalf, of French Hall.

Died.] At Newcastle, aged 28, Mrs. H. Miller. —Mr. G. Humble, 82.—Mr. W. Wallace, 66, agent for Mr.Nichol, Dowgate Wharf, London.

At Stockton, 76, Mr. R. Ware, shipowner. .

At Sunderland, 29, Mrs. Alice Stubbs

Marianne, daughter of the late Mr.T. Reed, shipowner, 24.

At Berwick, 21, Mr. T. Landles. ■

At Tynemoutb, Mrs. S. M artineau, wife •fCapt.J. M. ■ • - -'

At North Shields, 32, Mr. R. Scott, master mariner.


Population Kendal, including Kirkland, 10,366—Increase, 1607.

Annan.—In the parish,4486.—Increase, 1145. Within the Royalty, 3229 Increase of Males, within the Royalty, 1548; of Females, 1681.

Whitehaven— Males-, 7847.—Females, 8813.—Increase, 3293.

Longtown—Total,1663 Increase, 249.

Arthuret, 2953.—Increase, 260.

Kirk Andrews, 516.—Increase, 108.

Married."] W. Lawson, Esq. of Baayton House to Caroline, third daughter of Sir J. Graham, bart. of Netherby.—At Brampton, N. Burnett, esq. of Black Hedley, Nor.

thumberland, to Miss Isabella Bell. At

Carlisle, Mr. G. Brown, to Miss C. Threlkeld.—At Annan, Mr. J. Pool, jun. to Miss Hope.

Died.] At Carlisle, 30, Mr. J. Strong, grocer. -Mrs. M. Hind, 56.—Mrs. Gibson, innkeeper, 53.

At Kendal, Mrs. E. Philipson, 42.

At Whitehaven, 44, Mr. J. Gowan, blockmaker.

At Maryport, advanced in years, Mr. W. Donaldson. — Mrs. M. Bell, widow, 33—Mrs. M. Bank, 68.

At Workington, in his 96th year, W. Watts, Esq.—Mr.T. Nicholson, innkeeper.

AtUnderbank, near Alston, 34, B. Hodgson, esq.

At Annan, 29, Mr. A. N. Forest, late of the Asia. R.N.

At Houghton, near Carlisle, 24, Judith, third daughter of Mr. J. Bowes.


Population Town of Hull. Males,

17498. Females, 21358. Increase, 5912., —Northallerton. Males, 1295. Females 1328. Increase, 389.






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T. Hall, esq. merchant. -The Rev. Dr. Hartley, of "Bingley, to Miss Hudson, daughter of tbe Rey. R. H. of Hipperholme, near Halifax.

Died.] At York, Mrs. G. Lloyd, wife of G. L. esq. of Clifton, and daughter of Col. Maclean, of the Isle of Col.- Mrs. A. Cattley, wife of Mr. T.C. ruff-merchant.

At tull, 30, Mr. B. Barnard, silversmith and navy agent.- Mrs. Locking, 69.Aged about 50, Mr. Is. Webster, comedian. - Mrs. A. Stickney, 71.

At Leeds, in her 38th year, of apoplexy, Mary, wife of Mr. R. Hick, wine-merchant. --At Sheffield, 26, Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr. H. Froggat.- Mr. W. Longden.--- Mr. J. Stacey, cutler, 56.

At Doncaster, 81, Mrs. Gibson, relict of the late Rey. Josh. G. 20 years curate of Epworth, in the isle of Axholme.

At Burlington, 79, Mr. J. Cook, grocer.

At Great Driffield, 63, Mr. T. Atkinson. · At Wakefield, at his brother's house, E. Hitchon, esq. of London.

At Pontefract, 17, William, youngest son of Mr. Higgins. .

At Burlington Quay, in her 51st year, Population of Leeds in 1811, 35951– Mrs. R. Spink, widow.' of the out-townships, 26583. Present po- At Easingwold, at an advanced age, W. pulation of the town, 48603—of the out. Lockwood, esq. formerly an eminent soli. townships, 35251. Increase, 22059 upon citor. upon the whole borough

At Swanland, Mrs. Westerdale. Sheffield. - Total, 65000. Increase, At Rotterdam, Adriana, wife of J. C. 12000.

Jung, esq. and only sister of J.C.Cankrien, Attercliffe-cum-Darnell, in Sheffield Pa- esq. of Hull. risto, 3161. Increase, 488.

Suddenly, in her 42d year, after giving Coals brought to the Port of Hull, from birth to her 11th child, Mrs. Mann, of June 24, 1820, to June 24, 1821, in vessels, Spen, second daughter of the late Mr. 1351, containing chaldrons, 40882; wag- Longden, of Sheffield. gons, 24607; coal porters employed, 336.. Aged 65, the Rev. J.Preston, of Flasby

Plans are agreed upon for the erection Hall.-- At Thornton House, near Northof three new churches in Leeds; estimated allerton, the wife of T. expence of each, £10,000

C. Gould, Esq. brother of T. G. esq. of Married.] At Whitby, J. Cooke, Esq. of Poppleton, near York. Hart Hall, Glazedale, to Mrs. Merry,

"LANCASHIRE. widow.–At York, Capt. J. Leatham, of Manchester.—The population for the the Helmsley London trader, to the eldest Township alone, in our last number-In. daughter of Mr. Bromley, coal merchant.- habited Houses, 18653. Uninbabited do. The Rev. W. 'O. Pym, of Guernsey, to 604. Building, 116. Alice, only daughter of W. Robson, esq. Salford, 25500.-Chorlton Row, 12000. of Skenton House.--At Pickering, Mr.J. -Ardwick, 3500.-Hulme, 4324. These, Flower, of Malton, to Miss E. Harrison, added to the townsbip, make the aggregate daughter of the late Mr.J.H. surgeon. population upwards of 153,000. At Hollymin, Holderness, R. Lacy, esq. iSpotland, Rochdale. — Males, 6771. to Miss E. Barker.- Mr. W. Wilby, mer. Females, 6682. chant, of Oporto, to Miss Wilby, of Dews.Wardleworth, Rochdale.--Males, 3173. bury Moor - Mr. J. Smith, 4th son of J. S. Females, 3278. esq. of Wildon Grange, to the only daugh- West Derby, 6304. Increase, 2586. ter of R. Dickinson, esq. of Marton-cum Preston, 24627. Increase since 1811, Grafton.—At Sheffield, A.J. Knight, M.D. 7562.-Great and Little Bolton, .31295. to the third daughter of the late T. Smith. Increase, 7175. - Wigan--Males, 8581. Esq. of Dunston Hall, Derbyshire.-Mr, Females, 9135. Total, 17716. Increase, Creswick, silver-plater, to Marianne, 3656.-Warrinton. Males, 9391. Females, daughter of the late N. Asley, esg. of Bot: 7178. Total, 13570. Increase, 1832. lington, Cheshire.At Hull, the Rev. J. Oldham. Males, 10730. Females, 10932. Thompson, to Jane, daughter of the late Total, 21662. Increase, 4972. Black


born—Male*, 10426. Females, 11514. Total, 21940. Increase, 6857.—Levland, Males,1559. Females, 1614. Total,3173. Increase, 527.—Lancaster—Males, 4737. Females, 5407. Total, 10144. Increase, 897.— Houghton, near Preston — Males, 1048. Females, 1063! Total, 2111. Inci-ease,413.—Walton-le-dale—Males, 2703. Females, 2977/ Total, 5740. Increase 779. Clitheroe, 3213. Increase, 15131 —Shevington—Males, 419. Females, 417 Total, &36. Increase, 110.-Adlinglon, 1043. Increase, 403. Anderton, Males, 216. Feinalps, 216. Total, 432. Increase, 24.—Heath Charnock— Males, 423. Females, 400. Total, 823. Increase, 267. Hesketh-with-Beceonsal — Males, 240. Females, 228. Total, 4G8. Increase, 121. —Heauy—Males, 271. Females, 259. Total, 530. Increase, 102 —Welsh Whittle—Males, 76. Females, 75. Total, 151. lucrease, 7. — Tarloton, Males, 161G. Females, 1281. Total, 2897. Increase, 1666. In the last township there are 2 females above 90.

Township of Bury—Males, 5191. Females, 5392. Total Increase, 10583. Houses, 1934.

The Dock Accounts report, that 534 ships, or 34815 tons more entered the port of Liverpool last year, than in the previous one.

A charitable institution was established, June 20, at Preston, the object of which is, the reception aud reform of persons liberated from penal confinement in the gaols within the county.

Married.} At Hasliugden, Mr. Stansfield, surgeon, to Miss Sale.—At Liverpool, Mr. W. Alliusou, to Miss Barnes, daughter of Mr. B. surgeon.—Master C. Scott, of Darwin, aged 18, to Mrs. E.Clift, of Blakely, aged 45-Colonel H. Bailey, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late T. Smith, esq. of Castleton Hall.

Hied] At Liverpool, Virginia, daughter of Lieut.-Col. Gabriel, of 3d Dragoon Guards.—Mrs. A. Latimer, 36, of Brownlow Hill—In his 40th year, \V. Murray, esq.—Mr. W. Wain, merchant, 60.—Ann, wife of Mr. J. I landlord, music master.— O. Ellis, esq. late of Holywell.

At Manchester, 55, Mrs.Taylor,relict of the late Mr.T. T. draper.—Mr. G. Taylor, 38.-Mrs. Fuzakerley-—Mrs. M. Shawcross Mr.T. Hough, letter-press printer.

—Mr. Worthingtou, of the firm of Gilbert and Worthmgtou, carriers, of Stourport, Worcestershire.—T. Touchett, esq. -The eldest daughter of Mr. J. Law, solicitor, 18.

At Preston, by apoplexy, 52, Mrs. S. Harrison, of the Society of Friends.—Mrs. Rigg,61.

At Bury, in his 47th year, Mr. Jaidine, woollen-manufacturer. Monthly Mao. No. 357.

At Heversham, 72, G. Backhouse, esq. formerly of Liverpool.

At Ashton-uuder-Lyne, 67, Mrs. S. Lees, relict of the late Mr. .1. L. surgeon.

In his 74th year, E. Thornton, Esq. of Whittington Hall.

In her 80th year, Mrs. G. Winter, of Stocks. -At Knot Mill, 32, of a decline, Mr. J. Fryer.—In London, Esther, wife of T. French, esq. and daughter of the late Mr. W. Newby, of Toxteth Park.

In cousequeuce of a fall from his horse the preceding night, Mr. R. Bond, hat manufacturer, of Denton.

On the 23d of April, on board the Orient, on his passage to join the East India Company's artillery at Madras, Mr. J. T. Hardouau, eldest son of Mr. H. of Windsor, near Manchester.


The very ancient structure of the Lamb Row, in Chester, has yielded to the hand of time. The roof and timbers fell into the street, but no person was hurt.

Population.—Altrincham—Males, 1120. —Females, 1182.—Increase, 270.

Mottram— Males,962.—Females, 982— Increase, 498.

Duckiuglield—Total, 5000. —Increase, 1947.

Township of Hyde, in Stockport Parish. —Males, 1646.—Females, 1707.—Increase, 1547.

Some very rich veins of excellent lead ore have been lately discovered at Oakland.

Married.] J. Hulley, Esq. of the Oiie House, near Macclesfield, to Ellen, only child of the late A. Bostock-, esq. of Stockport.—At Knutsford, Mr. Lake, of Stockport, to Ami, third daughter of T. Hope, esq.—At Muckleslone, Mr. G. Downes, merchant, of Liverpool, to Miss A. RobinSon. , .

Died.] At Chester, in his 58th year, Mr. Alderman Bradford. Posthumous compliment* are often of little value, but in giving testimony to the excellent character of this gentleman, we can hardly overrate his merits.

At Macclesfield, iu his 41st year, Mr. G. Garnett, surgeon.

At Malpas, 87, Miss S. Rowe.

At Holyhead, Mrs. Hughes.

In London, aged 70, M. Taylor, esq. of Chester.—In his 84th year, J.Owen, esq. of Ruthin, or its vicinity.—At Mold, 85, Captain J. Martin, who had. served In the army 69 years and upwards. . . , DERBYSHIRE. Derby. Population 17,423; Increase 4,380;viz. Males 2,293; Females 2,087— lncreaseofFamilles799. Increase of House? 907. .:

Married*] Rev. C. Williams, rector of

Cubley, to Charlotte 2d daughter of the

M Rev, Rev. Wm. Robsrts, of Eton college. —Mr. N. HolmeB, of London, to Harriet, only daughter of the late N. Edwards, esq. of Derby.—J. Dixon, esq. nephew of the late J. D. esq. of Whiftiugton, to Miso Haywood, of Birmingham


Died] 4' Derby, Frances, widow of the late A- Parkyn, esq. and only sister of Sir J. Borlase Warren, Bart.—In the prime of life, in consequence of a fall from his horse, Mr. VV. Harrison.

At Bflper, 24, Mr. G. Webster.

At Brailsford, 34, Mr. E. Salt, late of Risley Park.

At Chesterfield, in her 21st year, Mrs Elan), wife of J. E. esq. a lady much esteemed for her many benevolent qualities; her fortitude in extreme suffering- was exemplary.

At Walton-upon-Treut, Mrs. Newbold.

Mr. J.Tunnicliff,jun. 46.


Population—Southwell. Inhab. Houses 573, Families 610, HouBes building 2, Uninhabited 16, Agricultural Families 176, Manufacturing Families 279, oiher Fa. milies 155, Males 1481, Females 1570.- Arnold—Males 1744, Females 1828; in lgll, M^'es 1460, Females 1582; Increase 530. Calverton—Increase 136.

Married.] At Newark,Mr. W. Walkington, principal clerk in the bankiug-house of Messrs. Hardy and Co. Grantham, to Miss A- Pepper, only daughter of T. P. gent.—At Beeston, .1. Lomas, gent, to Mrs. Woodward, widow.—At Mansfield, Mr. J. Beard, to Miss Woolley.—At Edwinstone, Mr J .Amos, to Miss M. Amo*, of Clipstone.

Pitd.] At Nottingham, 35, Mr. J. Major, cheesemonger.

At Newark, 69, Mr. E. Brammer.

At Mansfield, 45, Miss Curtis.

At Ollerton, suddenly, Mr. C. Rhodes, cornfactor, 72.

At Baldeiton, near Newark, J Cousins,


At Wilford, 27, James, eldest son of J.

Cox, esq.

At hU seat, Stamford Hall, in his 76th year, C. V. B. Dashwood, esq. an acting magistrate of the county, and high sheriff in 1780. Hia warm and generous feelings endeared him to his domestics aud tenants.

Caroline, youngest daughter of J. N. Martin, esq. of Woollaton.—W. Boultbee, esq. of Ruddingtou, .60.


A jetty has been lately built on the west side of Barton Harbour, five feet in height, and projecting into the Humber 200 yards from the shore.

Married.) The Rev. W. A. Hammond, KGtor ofKerby cum Asgarby, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Sir T. Rich, bart. of Sunning, B«rks.—At Market Raisin, Mr.).

Cuinstone, surgeon, to Mies Eli? Clarke— The Rev. J. Brewster, vicar of Laughton, Ac. to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of G. F. Lockley, esq. of Half Moon-street, London—The Rev.T Skipworth, of Bel ton, to Ann H daughter of G. Capes, esq. of Epworth.—At Spilaby, Lieut. J. L. Harrison, of the 3d West York Militia, to Anne, daughter of Mr. T. Stanley, merchant, formerly of Hull.

Died.] At Brigg, Mrs. Spring, wife of Mr. J.S. publican.

At H "11,' Mrs. Wood, daughter of the Rev.Mr.Greenwood, of lmmingham.—Mr J. Dudding, late of Bartou-upon-Humber.

At Laceby, near Grimsby, the Rev. G. Gray, vicar of Aylsby and Martin.

At North Somercotes, near Louth, 78, the Rev. W. Meyers.—At Great Limber, near Caistor, 78, Mrs. Cortis, mother of Capt. C. Hamburgh trader, of Hull.

The Rev". J Colebauk, of Sutterton, formerly curate of Algakirk and Fossdyke.— The Rev. W. Beecher, prebendary of Southwell, and rector of Waltham, in this county.—The Rev. T. H. Wayett, D. D. vicar of Pinchbeck, near Spalding.


Population.—St. Mary's Parish, Leicester—Males 2539, Females 2861; Total Increase 1321. Total of the different Parishes 30,254. Increase 7135. Ashby de la Zouch—Total 3993; Increase 836.

Married.] J. B.Humphrey, Esq. ofKib-/ worth Horcourt, to Charlotte, 3d daughter of the Rev. J. Costobadie, rector of Wensley, Yorkshire.—At Harboro', the Rev. J. Cook, to Miss Gee.—The Rev. G Gordon, M. A. rector of Hambletou, Rutland, to Catharine, eldest daughter of the Rev. Dr. Stiiuutou, of Staunton Hall, Nottingham.— Mr. W. Atkins, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. T. Tibbald, both of Earl Shiiton. —At Loughhoro', Mr. G- Fowler, of the King's Head Inn, to Dorothy, daughter of the late Mr. M. llopkiiison.

Died.] At Leicester, suddenly, 82, Mr. J. Healey.—Mrs. Joyce, relict of the late Mr. J surgeon. — Mr. Valentine, publican.— Mrs. Ford, 74.—Mrs. I.akin, widow, 59. —Mr. Spencer, maltster, 70.—In her 84th year, Mrs. N. Needham.—At Oakham, 67, Mary, relict of the late Rev. Edv,. Healey, rector of Palriugton, in Holderness.

At Market Harboro', Mts. Clipsham, widow, 57.—Mr. J. Fox. 50.

At Medbourne, 82, R. Stanley, esq.

At Hinckley, 32, Mrs. J. Simpson.—Mrs. Reeve, t88.

At Uppingham, advanced in years, Mr. R. Hill.

W, Burton, gent, of Great Glen.—At South Croxtou, in her 95th year, Mrs. A. Mowbray.

In his 73d year, Mr. Shepherd, ofRyall, Rutland—-At Markfield, Mr. 1. Bacon.


At Loughboro', rather suddenly, 64, Mr. Tans well.

At Ashby-de-la-Zoucb, Mr. J. B. Kirklaud, surgeon.—Suddenly, Mr. J. Sherwin, 40.

At Melton Mowbray, 34, MrJ Digby, clerk to Messrs. Deacon and Co.

Wtr. Clark, of Houghton on the Hill.


Married.} E. J. Birch, esq. of Fradswell Hall, to Mary, youngest daughter of J. Spode, esq. of the Mount.—At Burslem, Mr. Abraham, chemist, &c. to Miss A. Brownsword, a preacher among the Primitive Methodists.—At Mucklestone, Mr. J. Downes, merchant, of Liverpool, to Miss A. Robinson.

Died.} At Lichfield, 81, Mrs. Falconer, relict of the late Rev. J. Falconer, t)D and canon residentiary of the cathedral

At Huntington, Mrs. H. Harding.


Married.] At Coventry, W. Freeman, esq. of Brandon Mill*, to Misa Carter— The Rev. S. G. Seagrave, vicar of Tysoe, iu this county, to Miss H. Tooke, of St.

John's, near Wakefield A« Birmingham,

Mr- J- Caswell, to Misa M. Howell—Mr. VV. Bolus, of Rentish Town, London, to Miss Anne Flint, of Digbeth—Mr. J. Mushen, to Miss Martha Owen, both of Birmingham.

Died.} At Warwick, in hia 47th year, Air. W. Perkins.

At Birmingham, without any previous illness, Mr. B. .1. Hughes-Aged 41, Capt J. Wood., late of the 22d Light Dragoons. —Mrs. E. Wood, of St. George's Tavern. &7.—.JMr. J. Mears, 40.—Mrs- ACrompton, 68.

At Nuneaton, 64, Mr. T. Ashbourne, formerly of Croxton, Leicestershire.

it Norwich, Mr. J. Rawson, late an eminent gun-maker, in Birmingham.

Mr. E. Fisher, coal-merchant, of the Sand Pitts. v


Married] Sir J. T. Jones, bart. of Stanley Hall, to E. Walwyn, daughter of the late J. of St. Christopher's. —At Shifluall, J. E- .Goodhavt, esq. to Alice, daughter of L. Pingo, esq—The Rev. C. Leicester, rector of Westbury, to the eldest daughter of R. Topp, esq. of Whitton Hall.

Died] At Shrewsbury, Mrs. E. Scoltock.—Mrs. Parry.

At Bridgnorth, Capt. J. Smith, of the Bombay 11th regiment of Native Infantry. —R. Baker, esq. alderman and magistrate for the county.

AtCaynton, Mr. W.Yale.

Miss Griffiths, of Castle-terrace, formerly of Preston, near Shrewsbury.

The Rev. D. Evans, vicar of Ruyton, and of the eleven towns.


Married.) i. Brown, esq of Hall-court, Bishops Frome, to Miss Morris, of Broom Yard.—At Evesham, Mr. J- Worthlngton, of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, to C. E Cheek, third daughter of .1. M C. esq.— Mr. W. Clapp, of Exeter, to Miss M Cooke, of Oakfield House, Moseley, in this county.

Died.] At Brootnsgrove, in her 4lat year, Mrs. S. Holyoake.

At the house of his daughter, Mrs Palmer, near Feckenham, Mr. J. Read, Tl, farmer, late of Upper Arley

J. Worthington, esq. of Moornill House.

The Rev. T. Blackball, vicar ofTardebig.


Married-] At Hereford,— Spring, of pugilistic celebrity, to Miss E Griffith*.— At Morton Lugg, near Hereford, Mr R Sheldon, of Grove House Acarirmy, Jo Marianne, daughter of the late S lv Goolden, gent.

Died.] At Hereford, 51, Mr t. Raveahill. He was on the eve ef marriage, when suddenly seized with the disease which hurried him to bis grave.

At Little Thinghill, Mrs. Pugh. At Eyewood, H. Greene, esq. On the 24th of November, at Arcot, East Indies, aged 30, E. Woodhoiisc, esq. lieut. and Adjutant in the 5th Native infantry on the Madras Establishment, and eldest son of E. W. esq. of Leominster. GLOUCESTER AND 9IOHHOVTR Population. .— Gloucester, 9771. — Increase, 1590—Houses, 1713.

Cirencester — Males, 2286. Female*, 2701.—Increase, 447. -HouteB, 1006.

Chipping Sodbury — Males, 516. Females, 543.

Married.] At Cheltenham, the Rev. R. Whateley, Fellow of Oriel College, Oxon, to Elizabeth, second daughter of the late W. Pope, esq. of Hillingdon, Middlesex. At Evenlode, Mr. Archer,surgeon,of Stowon-the-Wold, to Sophia, only daughter of the Rev. W. Jones.—S. T. Scroope, jun. esq. ofOanby Hall, Yorshire, to Mary, eldest daughter of J. Jones, esq. of Llanarth Court, Monmouthshire.—The Rev. Ed. Probyn, second son of the Rev, J. P. of Long Hope, to Juliana, second daughter of the late P. S. Webb, esq. of Milfbrd House, Surrey.

Died.] At Gloucester, Louisa, wife of T. Turner, esq. and second daughter of D. Walters, esq. of Barnwood House.

At Bristol, Mrs. Watts, wife of Mr. W. Hosier.—John, eldest son of the Rev. J. HoUoway, minister of Countership Chapel, 23—.The widow of Capt. T. Withe, ridge, 65.—Mr. D- Mitchell.

At Monmouth, J. D. Parson*, esq. adjutant of the county militia.


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