Sivut kuvina

At Cheltenham, the wife of Col. O`Neill. At Floore, 80, Mrs. M. Kerby... FreeAt Old Sodbury, Mr. J. White.

· man, gent. • At Tewkesbury; in her 58th year, Jane, At Great Houghton, Mrs. M. Atkinson, wife of Mr. J. Evans, drapër.

- daughter of the late Capt. R. A. of the 10th At Abergavenny, B. Gabb, sen. esq. an Dragoons. eminent solicitor.

At Bramston, 76, Mr. R. Radburn, carAt the Hythe, J. Hurd, esq.

penter. He had been more than 50 years OXFORDSHIRE.

in constant employment at Weltou-place, Married.]T. Dunbar, esq. M.A. Ashmo- ` under four successive masters, all of whom lean Custos of the University, to Clem. ' appreciated his value as a good and honest Symonds, only daughter of S. Trickey, esq. man. of Upper Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-square, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. George, of Great London.-Mr. J. Deane, of Bath, to Mrs. Houghton, near Northampton. Herbett, of New Inn-lane, Oxford.

Capt. Sparke, R.N. of Denford, youngest Died.] At Oxford, 36, Mr. W. Cope- son of the late H. Sparke, esq. of Knuston land.--Mr. W. Shepherd, 67, for the last Hall. 29 years porter of Christ Church.

At Blakesley, J. White, esq. M.D. of At Banbury, Mr. Cox, publican... Workingham, Berks. BUCKINGHAM AND BERKSHIRE.

In his 681h year, Mr. R. Fascutt, of POPULATION.Clewes-Males 406, Fe- Boughton. .. * males 436, Houses Inhabited 141, Unin- Aged 54, the Rev. T. Watts, late of

habited 2. Farrimgdon-Inhabitants 2271; Plumpton. . . * Increase 428. Newbury-5947; Increase CAMBRIDGE AND HUNTINGDON. 1072. '

• A noble bridge was opened, June 28, 10 Married.) At Radclive, near Bucking the public at the Eau Brink; the cut and ham, H: Smithson, esq. to Mrs. A. Tate. the whole of this extensive undertaking

Died.] At Aylesbury, Mr. Hickman, are expected to be finished July 31st. su rgeon.

. At Cambridge, lately, an act passed the At Reading, in her 76th year, Mrs. · senate to enable the Vice-Chancellor and Richards, widow.

Syndies to contract with the Master and At Wokingham, J. White, esq. M.D... Fellows of Peter House to alienate, for the At Milton Keynes, the Rev. L. Loraine. scite of the Fitzwilliam Museum, a space

In his 79th year, R. Dalzell, esq. late of of their property extending 400 feet northTidmarsh.

· ward, and 100 feet in depth from east to At Cuddington, Mr. W. Jeffcott, malt west. ster. "

POPULATION.--Wisbeach, St. Peters-At Aston Sandford, Mr. J. Dover. · Males 3017, Females 3498 ; Increase 1200. - HERTFORDSHIRE AND BEDFORDSHIRE.: Married.1 Mr. G. Shaw, of Billericay,

Population. Hitchin 4448, increase 848. Essex, to Miss Brown, only daughter of --Hemel Hempstead. Males 1931, females the late R. Brown, M. D. of Huntingdon.

2031, inhabited houses 735, uninhabited - The Rev. J. Cheap, rector of Wimpole, ·do. 32, increase of individuals 722..

to the youngest daughter of the late R. Married. J. Sargeant, esq. of Coleshill, Simpson, esq. of York.-S. G. Smith, esq. to Miss Steed, of Orchard-street, Portman - 2d son of J. S. esq. of Woodhall Park, « square. - At Totteridge, W. Hammond, Herts, to Eugenia, 3d daughter of the Rev.

esq. of Whetstone, to Anne, third daugh- Dr. Chatfield, i vicar of Chatteris -W. ter of G. Randell, esq. Lately, the Rev. Simpole, gent, to Miss Dickenson, both of Sir J. Filmer, bart. of Langleybury, to March. Esther, daughter of the late Mr. J. Stow, of Died.] At Cambridge, 63, Mr. W. Bland,

St. Albans. -At Cheshunt, T. A. Jessop, opposite St. Peter's college.--Mrs. Shedd, • esq. of Waltham Abbey, to Mrs. Pughe. wife of Mr. W. S. jun.

Died.) At Hertford, Mr. D. Cock, stone. At St. Ives, at a very advanced age, J. · mason.

Barnes, esq. · H. Round, esq. of Abney House, Wo: At March, 24, Mr. C. Cave, millwright. burn.

-Mr. W. Belsted, publican, 57. The Rev. W. Hawtayne, 34 years rector Lately, in his 65th year, Mr. D. Fryer, of Elstree.

an opulent grazier of Chatteris... NORTHAMPTONSHIRE.

Ai Upwell, 67, Mrs. Bacon. Married.] At Market Harboro', Mr. S, The Rev. H. G. Sperling, rector of Pap. C. Bosworth, to Miss M. E. Balaam, of worth St. Agnes, 28.-At Quy Hall, in bis · Northampton -At Peterboro', Mr. Crisp, 73d year, T. Martin, esq. · to Miss E. Colls, late of Stamford.--At Aged 76, R. Taylor, esq. of Harston. · Northampton, ibe Rev. H. S. Hopwood, of Af Huntingdon, in bis 54th year, Mr. - Bath, to Maria, daughter of J. Hall, esq. Ashby, coach and waggon proprietor. banker, of Northampton

NORFOLK • Died.] At Northampton, 66, Mr. J. Population. Lynn 12180, increase 921, Hall.

Houses Houses inhabited 2544, uninhabited 67, At Walsham, C. Willows. In her 87th building 18.

year, Mrs. France, widow, formerly of St. Clement's Parish, Norwich : Males Chelmsford.. 1076, females 1288. Total of the city, At Finborough, T. Smith. gent. late ad. males 2288, females 27,307, increase on the jutant of the Warwickshire militia. whole 12,960.

At London, in St. George's Hospital, 40, Married.) At Bluckling, the Rev. Dr. Mr. W. Croft, game-keeper to the Marquis Warren, of Greenwich, to Miss Churchill, Cornwallis. daughter of the Rev. J. D. C.-J. H. Stew. . At Halesworth, 79, Mr. E. Lightfoot, ard, esq. son of J. S. Esq. alderman of Nor.' many years surveyor of the Jpswich and wich, to Harriett, third daughter of the Yarmouth turnpikes. Rey. Mr. Wilkinson, of North Walsham...,

ESSEX At Lynn, Mr. S. Carr, copper-plate prin- Population.-Colchester-- Males, 6500. ter, to Miss Smith.-Mr. Cater, of Nor- --Females, 7516.--Families employed in wich, to Susan, second daughter of J. Ox- agriculture, 506. - In trades, 1650. ley, esq.of Gorleston.-At North Walsham, Other Families, 955. Mr. J. Stevens, Wesleyan minister, to Miss Married.) T. Wight, esq. of Woodford St. John, of Hockford -cum-Whitwell --At Bridge, in this county, to Louisa, youngest Eaton, T. S. Day, esq. of Norwich, to Miss daughter of J. Humphries, esq. of SerleColman.

street, Lincoln's lun.--At Colchester, Mr. Died.) At Norwich, Mrs. Hardy.---In · Knopp, to Miss Nichols. her 42d year, Mrs. E. Phillips.--In his 72d Died. At Colchester, Elizabeth, widow year, Mr. G. Howes.

of the late C. Mathews, esq.--Lieut.-Col. At Lynn, 20, Elizabeth, second daugh- Covell, late of the 24th dragoons. ter of Mr. J. Molbourne.

At Braintree, in her 28th year, Martba, At Yarmouth, Mr. J. Callow, wheel- wife of Mr. B. Dixon, jun. surgeon. wright.--Mrs. E. Fry, 31.-Mrs. M. Daw At Bythorn Hall, in her 91st year, Mrs. kins, 22.

E. Burleigh, relict of the late Mr. AlderAt Alboro', 74, Mr. W. Hewett, an in- · man B. of Cambridge. dustrious and useful school-master.

At the Parsonage, Langdon Hills, 78, At Wells, Mr. Elgar, grocer. . .the Rev. J. Moore, L.L. B. rector, and

The Rev. M. Carthew, M.A. vicar of one of the priests of the Chapel Royal, St. Mattishall, &c.

James's, &c. At Holt, 65, Mrs. Sales, widow.

At Nasing, in his 84th year, W. Palmer, At Swaff ham, 82, Mrs. Harwin.

Esq. At Aylesham, 48, Mrs. A. Durant, of. At Saffron Walden, the wife of Mr. Frye, the Bell Inn.

of the Academy. At Blakeney, 77, Mrs. Reb. Taylor.--At F. Unwin, esq. of Coggeshall, 83.Mrs. Oporto, 54, Capt. G. Holland, of Yar Hervey, widow, of East Bergholt. mouth.

At Halstead, the Rev. D. Ibbetson, M.A. SUFFOLK

rector A new street is contemplated at Ipswich

KENT. * to form a handsome avenue to the front of POPULATION.-Smarsden Parish ; males · the New Assembly Rooms, and extend in 555; females 483; total increase 160.

a direct line to the inn on the Woodbridge St. Lawrence, Thanet; males 790; females Road.

$11; increase 185.-Walmer; males 780; Population. Bury: St. Mary's parish, females 838; decrease 576, from the bamales, 2300, females, 2924, St. James's, racks being removed. . males, 2273, females, 2496. Total in- . Married. At Dover, Count Senni, from crease, 2061.

Switzerland, aged 82, to Miss Mignot, Married.] Mr. T. Leathers, to Miss H, aged 19, from the British Hotel at Calais. Harvey, both of Creeting.--Mr. Loveit, to C. T. Pattinson, esq. of Ibornden, to Miss H. Upcroft, both of Cuddenham. Miss Hodges, daughter of T. L. H. esq. of Mr. Chaston, of Mendham, to Marianne, Hempstead Place.-F. Payne, esq. of Dosecond daughter of Mr. Welham, of Den.. ver, to Miss R. Sandford, of Folkstone. pington Hall. . .

Died.) At Canterbury, 23, Mrs. Avan, Died.) At Bury, in his 21st year, the wife of Mr. A. fellmonger.--Mrs. * Beneyoungest son of the late Mr. Thomason, of field, 89.-Catherine, wife of Mr. Alderman Thaxted. Mrs. Coe, widow, 76.--Eliza, Jones. Of the small pox, Thomas, son of oply child of Mr. Allen.-Aged 19, Susan, Mr. Duly.-J.H. Gillman, youngest son of eldest daughter of Mr. W. Lambert. Mr. D. G. of the White Lion Inn.

At Ipswich, 26, Mr. J. B. Dannely-In At Folkstone, 45, Mrs. Crowley, wife of bis 78th year, Mr. G. Frost, of superior Mr. C. officer of Excise. talents as an artist. Mr. J. Sparrow.

At Sandwich, 81, Mr. W. Juddery.---The At Walpole, the Rev. R. Wearing, up- eldest son of Mr. W. Colland, builder, 20. wards of 40 years a dissenting minister in At Maidstone, 60, Mrs. Ling. · this county,

At Ramsgate, by suicide, 43, Dr. An

. • drews,

drewe, formerly of Greek-street, Soho, but esq. late coroner for the]. Fitz. of late, resident medical attendant in the water, egg. of Cranbourne, many years family of Mr. Coutts, the banker. Having confectioner to the late King. left Mr. C.'s house on a visit to General At Chawton, 76, W. Prowtivg, esq. a Meade, he found on his return, that another magistrate for the county. medical gentleman had been called in. At Herriod Honse, Elizabeth, wife of

This is supposed to have preyed over an.. G. P. Jervoyse, esq.M.P. xiously on his mind.--Alice, youngest

WILTSHIRE. daughter of the Rev. Dr. Lickorish, of Married.) Mr. J. Compton, of Brixton Wolston, Warwickshire.

Deverill, to E. Pradence, daughter of the At Biddingden, 23, Mrs. Boorman, wife late Mr. J. Sainsbury, of Corseley House. of Mr. W. B. yeoman. Mr. J. Woodgate, -Capt. W. Bourchier, R.N. to Emma, sewheel wright, 30.

cond daughter of J. M. Jackson, esq. of SUSSEX.

Downton.--Mr. J. Boor, solicitor, of War. POPULATION.-Subdeanery Parish in minster, to Mary, eldest daughter of G. Chichester, 3309; increase 1874. The Blackford, esq. late of Southampton. coinplete census of the city is not yet Died. At the Parsonage House, Clenmade up.-Eastbourne, males 1226; fe- stone, Mrs. Smith. males 1381.

SOMERSETSHIRE. Married.) In London, H. B. Curteis, POPULATION.The fourteen parishes esq. eldest son of E. J. C. esq. M.P. for of the hundred of Bathforum --Bathford, this county, to Sarah, second daughter and males 325, females 363_Bathwick, wales coheiress of the late R. Mascall, ésq. of 1574, females 2435.--Easton and Catherine Peasmarch Place. - At Horsham, F. B. males 70, females 57,--Freshford, males 278, Clough, esq. of Denbigh, to Miss E. B. females 309.-Kelstop, males 108, females Marsball.

144.--Langridge, males 51, females 52. Died.) At Lewes, G. Pike, esq.

Combe, males 425, females 430.NorthAt Chichester, almost suddenly, G. W. stoke, inales 68, females 68.-Southstoke, Thomas. eso. 72, and J. Williams, esq. males 119, females 139.-Swanswick, males The former was five times M.P. for the 179, females 202. Weston, males 893, fe. city, and the latter bis principal supporter males 1020-Widcombe, males 2571, feagainst the Richmond interest.-Miss Hol males 3309.Woolley, males 55, females lest.

46.-Walcot, males 9341, females 14,505. At Storrington, in his 58th year, G. Total, males 16,257, females 23,074. Dixon, esq.

Married,] Ai Bath, the Rev. Mr. BryHAMPSHIRE.

ther, to Miss Wilkinson.--R. Else, esq. Census of the Town and Parish of Port- solicitor, to E. Felicia, daughter of the late sea for the years

C. Street, esq.-R. Ford, esq. of Stowell, 1821 1811 1801 near London, to Mrs. Mackay, daughter Inhabited Houses 7527 5768 4393 of Mro. Bowditch, of Taunton.-Mr. w. Families - - 8676 7823 5524 Witby, of Yeovil, to Jane, youngest daughHouses building - 17 148

ter of the late B. Chaffey, esq. of Stoke Uninhabited - 532 95 25 under Ham.-W. R. Warry, esq. of Shap. Males . . 17544 15459 11696 wick, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of W, Females - - 20835 18005 13691 C. Wood, esq. of Martock.

Number of males above 100 years 1, fe. Died.] At Bath, Maria, wife of the Rev. males 2; males between 90 and 100 years J. Helyar. Hannah, wife of the Rev. C. 4, females 8.-The number of females in Sandiford, archdeacon of Wells.-W. Ed. 1821, exceeds the males by 3,291.

wards, esq. late of Kennington, Surrey.Married.) At Southampton, Mr. Foy, to D. Clutterbuck, esq.-Mr. Perry, druggist. Miss Goodman. Mr. W. Look, to Miss Lieut. H. B. Woodhouse, one of the Har. New, of Newport.-Mr. Ferris, of London, bour Masters of the Port of London.-The to Miss Clay, of Portsea.

Rev. C. H. Sampson, D.D. minister of Lay. Died.] At Winchester, 25, Mr. J. Wick, tonstone Chapel, Essex.-H. Cox, esq. 76. baker.

--Arabella, relict of T. Edwards, esq. of "At Southampton, 52, Capt. G. Smith, in Pontypool.-In his 91st year, the Rev. Sir the service of the East India Company C. Wheeler, bart. of Leamington Hastings, • At Portsmouth, Mrs. Quick, wife of Mr. Warwickshire.

Q. sen. painter. Lately, Lord F. Thynne, At Taunton, Mr. J. West, wine-mermidshipman, R.N.

chant. At Ringwood, s. Tunks, esq. banker and At Shepton Mallet, S. H. Jenkius, esq. a county magistrate.

-D. F. Scadding, gentleman, a coroner At Quarley, 76, Sir Thomas Champneys, for the county. bart. He was the descendant of a very At Preston, near Yeovil, Mr. E. Pester, ancient family in Somersetshire, and served formerly a dealer in cattle. the office of High Sheriff in it in 1775. At the Hot Welle, R. Goodwyn, third At Purbrook, near Portsmouth, J. Grigg, daughter of H. H. Harvey, esq. of King's


Down.--Mr. J. Usher, Mrs. Waleaton, At Sidmouth, from the rupture of a relict of the late Rev. J. W. minor canon blood vessel, in his 24th year, W. W. of Bristol Cathedral,

Bingham, esq. son of the late W. B. esq. At Chard, 66, Mr.J. White -At Clifton of Gameley, Somersetshire. Hill, near Bath, Mrs. F. Wilson, daughter At Kingston, Jamaica, 28, Mr. W. Lakeof the late Dr. W. Bishop of Bristol. man, jun. late of Standcombe, near TotDORSETSHIRE.

ness. Population. - Heytsbury, 1329. - In At St. Stephen's, near Plymouth, Capt. crease, 306.

T. G. Caulfield, R. N. of the Windsor Married.] Isaac Fry, esq. of Wimbome Castle..At Tamerton, the Rev. G. HawMinster, to the eldest daughter of T. ker, son of J. H. esq. of Plymouth. He Mouldeu, esq. of Statenboro'.

had just entered on his pastoral duties 'as Died. At Poole, the eldest daughter of vicar.-At Stonehouse, Captain Salt, R.N. J. Bristowe, esg.

W. Patterson, esq. of Picton, Nova The Rev. J.' Munden, LL.D. rector of Scotia.-Anna, wife of the Rev. G. Patch, Beer Hackett, and Corscombe.

rector of Puddington and St. Leonard's, At Weymouth, Caroline, wife of Mr. Exeter. Lately, at his seat in this county, Small, surgeon.

Abel Worth, esq. He has left £10,000 to At Woodsford, Dear Dorchester, of the different schools and charities in Exeter. small-pox, R. Antram, esq.

At Teignmouth, the eldest daughter of At Okeford Fitzpayne, Mr. S. Hallett. R. Jordan, esq. DEVONSHIRE.

CORNWALL Improvements in Exeter.The removal Married.] The Rev. Orlando Manley, of the last remaining house on the eastern minister of St. Petrox, to Jane, youngest side of the entrance to North-street; the daughter of the late P. G. Glubbe, esq. of apcient statue at the entrance to be re- Liskeard. The Rev. Mr. Jennings, of Meplaced; the green sward to be extended gavissey, tu Harriet, daughter of Dr. over the site of the Old Treasury House in Marshall, of Truro. the Cathedral yard; Sun-lane to be widen. Died.) At Launceston, 62, Mrs. Aued; the projecting houses outside of tridge. Southgate taken down, and that part of A Camelford, 77, Mr. C. Bate. the street widened ; Broadgate to be taken At Truro, Mr. A. Jennings. down.

At Penzance, Miss A. Colquhoun, eldest A new church has been lately opened at daughter of the late Lord Registrar of West Teignmouth.

Scotland. A silver coin of King Edward IV. was

WALES. lately found near Exeter, and purchased Population of Brecon 4321. lucrease by Mr. Shirley Woolmer, of that city. It 1000. Parish of Neath, males 1366; fe. is about the size of the new crown piece, males 1437; houses 640. Hundred of extremely thin, but in brilliant and high Llangafelach, in Glamorganshire, containpreservation. The obverse in part resem. ing 12 parishes; males 4995 ; females bles the gold rose noble of 1465; the re- 5180. verse differs a little. On one side, the Married.] The Rev. D. Davis, D.D. recPrince is represented in a ship, wearing tor of Holyhead, Anglesea, to Miss H. a three-forked crown, indented with four Holloway, of Emsworth, Hants.---.J. Deere, holes, and his sword drawn ; on the other esq. solicitor of Cowbridge, to Mrs. Rees, side is a sun in the centre, surmounted by widow of the late W. R. esq. of Court Col. a rose and encircled with four crowns and man.-F. Fredericks, jun. esq. of Portfour lions. As we have no account of any maur, Crickhowel, to Catherine, daughter larger silver coin at that period than groats, and coheiress of the late J. Williams, esq. it is considered a great curiosity

of Dynfyn, Glamorganshire. • Population.-Exeter, 23,479.-Increase, Died. At Trewellwell, Pembrokeshire, 4583. Tiverton, 8649.Increase, 1917. ; 24, Mr. B. Mortimer, surgeon.-Near Mil

Married.) R. Cornish, jun. esq. of Tot. ford, 92, P. Pavin, esq. At the Mount near ness, to Lucy, daughter of the lates. Rick Bangor, Elizabeth, wife of B. Hewitt, eaq: etts, esq. of Wraxhall, Somersetshire.At 40. Tavistock, N. Rundle, esq. banker, to the

SCOTLAND. only daughter of W. Harness, esq. sur Number of inhabitants in Edinburgh and geon.At Collumpton, H. Melhuish, esq. Leith, about 139,000. Increase 35,000. solicitor, to Miss E. Clarke.--Also Mr. P. Died.) At Edinburgh, J. Jackson, esq. Martin, of Upton Moore, to the second Commissioner of Excise for North Britain. daughter of P. Martin, esq.-At Lymp

IRELAND. stone, Mr. H. Martin, brother of the above, Moving Bog. According to letters from to Miss E. Baker, both of Taunton. Tullamore, King's county, tbis extraordi

Died.] At Exeter, Elizabeth, widow of nary occurrence first toak place June 26. G. Poole, enq. of Stogumber.Mr. J. After some convulsions, it burst forth from Berry, bootmaker, 66.-Miss E. Hake. its site, (Kilmalady) and in less than an

hour hour covered 100 acres of land, from 20 to of the Siamese unroofed ibeir bousas to admit 60 feet deep. It left no chasm behind, but vultures and other birds of prey to carry off the original bog is 15 feet under its usual the dead. The King bad convened a council level. It has since spread to a great es of nobles, priests, and astrologers to ascertent, and is still proceeding with a terrific tain the cause of this unprecedented morfront, 200 yards wide and 8 feet deep, at

tality ; when they were unanimously of opithe rate of 2 yards every hour. A. Fuller,

pion that it proceeded from an evil spirit in esq. of Woodfield House, has a thousand

the form of a fish, who being disturbed in its men embanking before bis house and en

usual abode in a far uninhabited country, deavouring to direct its course in the line of

had sought shelter there, and that the only Ballyboughlan. The upper country is com

methoil was to frighten him back with guis, pletely inundated, and fresh convulsions

muskets, drums, gongs, mic. Accordingly an have rolled the pasture lands before it, and

innumerable puniber of the inhabitants col.

lected along the sea-shore, to put into exech. apprehensions were . entertained that it

tion the imperial muudale; diuins and gongs would get into contact with the river of

beat in all directions, and thousands of the Ballyboughlan. Roads and bridges are co

Siainese plurged into the sea with spears, vered, cornmunications eut oft, &c.

sa ords, stoves, and other missiles, to frighten Married.) At Dublin, E. S. Lees, esq.

the fish ; but when the scene ended, about Secretary to the General Post Office, to

seven at night, upwards of 7,000 souls were Jane daughter of the late Captain Clarke,

left dead, with the cholera morbus on the of the 40th regt.

beach and in the water! what a triumph of Died At Coldblow, county of Dublin,

priestcraft. . D. George, esq. late one of the barons of

Died.) At Jebo, in Chinese Tartary, on the the Court of Exchequer.

21 ot Sep. last, the Emperor Kea-king. The The late Dr. Beaufort, whose death was expre-s from Peking mentions, that his Im. reported in our last, had rebuilt at his own perial Majesty on the 25th of the 7th moon, expense, his two parish churches, a few at Jeho, departed to ramble among the years previous to his decease.

immortals. The Emperor was of the Ta-tsing At Castle Lacken, county of Mayo, Jas., dynisty, aged 6l years, 25 of which be sat on Earl of Tyrawley. His lordabip was re the throne. He was the 14th son of Keen-lung. markable for the urbanity of his manners, Since be mounted the throne, the great body and a punctilious sense of honour.

of the people bave loved him, and praised him ABROAD.

as a beneticent prince. His government has The whole of the country of Siam was in been, upon the whole, better than that of the a deplorable state in consequence of the princes of the former dynasty (Ming.) He spread of the Cholera Morbus, from Hindoos- seems to have been capricious, under the inian, wbere it has carried off ball a million of fluence of his minions ; fond of drink; distrust. persons, In Siam its ravages were so dread- ful; harassed by superstitious fears; often ful, tbat at Bancuk a lone (the capital) up guilty of persecution; but upon the whole wards of 10,000 perished. The poorer classes not an oppressor,

TO OUR READERS. In our nert Number we shall give Pope's House at Binfield, and in the next follouing “ JOHN BUNYAN's House” near Bedford. We have already sixiy subjects prepured, and they will eridently form the most interesting series erer presented to the public. Some impressions will be taken on India paper at 18. od. each. Local anecdotes of the houses and persons will always be most acceptable. An extra-quantity of the last Magazine was printed to accommodate persons desirous of commencing with the series,

The unuroidable lengih of the article on Napoleon, has occasioned the postponement of some miscellaneous mutter. We should be glad to receire further information from the gentleman who knew Junius, and also relative to the Fair Quaker; the leiter relatire lo whom has excited so lirely an interest.

The USCAL SUPPLEMENT, replete with interesting matter, with Inderes, c. was published with the present Number, with which it ought to be delivered.

Ai the comine:acement of our FIFTY-SECOND VOLUME, we return thanks to our early and new friends, for their liberal and perserering patronage of this Miscellany, to an exient nerer before equalled in the history of periodical literature; and we feel it our duty to assure them, that allhougie periodical works have increased in our time from ten or tuelre to one hundred and twenty, yet this Miscellany still maintains an unrivalled circulation at home and abroad, and we beliere never stood higher in its literary reputation.

For the further gratification of our Readers we have annexed to this Number at a considerable expence, u general view, from an original drawing, of Tue CORONATION FESTIVAL IN WESTMINSTER Hall, taken at the moment of the approach of the Champion, accompanied by the Marquis of Anglesea and Duke of Wellington, followed by the Gentlemen Pensioners with the covers for the King's table. Impressions in coļours may be had separately at 28., and an ectra number of the Magazine is prepared to meet any extra demands.

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