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List of Mr. Paine's Work*.

Prospects on the Rubicon, London, 1787, do.

Letter to the Author of the Republican, Paris, 179L

Rights of Man, part 1st, London, 1791. do.

Letter to Abbe Sieyes, 1791, do.

Rights of Man, part 2d London, 1792.

Letter to Henry Dundas, London, June 6, 1792, do.

Letter to Lord Onslow, London, June 17, 1792, do.

Letter to Onslow Cranley, commonly called Lord Onslow London, June 21, 1792.

Letter to the Sheriff of Sussex.

Letter to the Addressers, London, July, 1792, ditto.

Letter to Secretary Dundas, on his Detention at Dover, Calais, Sept. 15, 1792, ditto.

Letter to the People of France, (on his Election to the Convention) Paris, Sept, 25, 1792, ditto.

Letter to the Attorney General of England, on the Prosecution against him, Paris, Nov. 11, 1792, ditto.

Reasons for preserving the Life of Louis XVI, Paris, January, 1793.

Age of Reason, part 1, Paris 1794, ditto.

Dissertation on first Principles of Government, Paris, 1794, do.

Speech delivered in the Convention against the Constitution of 1795, do.

Agrarian Justice, Paris 1796i ditto.

Decline and Fall of the English System of Finance, Paris 1796, ditto.

Letter to George Washington, Paris, 1796, ditto.

Age of Reason, part 2, Paris 1796, ditto.

List of Mr. Paints Works.

Letter to the Hon. Thomas Erskine on the Prosecution ot

Williams, Paris 1797, ditto.
Letter to the People and Armies of France, on the events

of the 18th Fructidor, Paris 1797, ditto.
Letters to the Citizens of the United States, Washington,

1802, and London ditto.

Examinations of the Prophecies, Essay on Dreams, &c.

New York, 1807, making Srd part of the Age of

Reason, ditto.
He wrote in addition, from 1805 to 1808 Essays for the

American Newspapers.
On the Invasion of England, New York, 1804.
Essay on the Yellow Fever, London, 1807, &c. &c. &c.

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London, 1819-
In 1818, Mr. Carlile published the whole of Mr.
Paine's Works, Theological and Political, in Three regu-
lar Volumes, octavo, and which are now publicly sold.






1. Poetical Scraps, in 2 vols, with elegant Vignettes, 15s. in boards, and at higher Prices in elegant Bindings.

2. The Fallen Cottage, a Poem in quarto, with an elegant engraved Title Page. Price 2s. 6d.

3. The Evening Walk, a Sentimental Tale, interspersed with poetic Scraps. Written at Seventeen Years of Age. Price Ss. 6d.

4. A select Collection of Epigrams, many of them original. Price 2s. in Boards, or 4s. in elegant fancy Bindings.

5. Mr. Pitt's Democracy Manifested. Price Is. 6d.

6. Hints on Hats. Price 6d.

7. Man's Rights, a S«ng, the Music by Kenrick. Price Is.

8. An Ode on the Emancipation of the Blacks of St. Domingo. Price Is. 6d. fine copies—Is. common. Inscribed to Earl Stanhope, and prefaced by Capel Lofft, Esq.


9. Corruption, a Satire, with a full length Portrait of the Author. Price 3s.

10. The Atrocities of a Convent, in 3 vols. Price 13s. 6d.

11. Elegy to the Memory of Thomas Paine. Price Is.

By whom are also just Published,

12. A familiar Epistle to the Right Honourable William Pitt, on his Apostacy, &c. 8cc. Price Is.

13. Memoirs of the Year Two Thousand Five Hun* dred. Price 4s. Od. and 5s.

14. Emigration to America. Price Is. 6d.

15. Letters from Thomas Paine to the Citizens of America, after an Absence of fifteen Years in Europe. To which are subjoined some Letters between Him and the late General Washington, Mr. Samuel Adams, and the present President of the United States: also some Original Poetry of Mr. Paine's, and a Fac Simile of his Hand Writing in 1803. Price 3s. 6d.

16. An Address to the Society of Friends commonly called Quakers, on excommunicating such of their Members as marry those of other religious Professions. Price Is. 6d.

17- Rights of Discussion, or a vindication of Dissenters of every Denomination. Price 2s. 6d.

18. Sydney, a Monody, occasioned by the Loss of the Viceroy Packet. Price Is. 6d.



lg. Welcome to School, a Song with Music. Price is. 6d.

20. Naval Triumphs, a Song with Music. Price Is. 6d.

21. The Nightingale, ditto. Price Is.

22. To Arms! to Arms! ditto, price Is. Set also to a Military Band, by Davy.

23. A correct Portrait of George Fox, the Founder of the Sect of the People called Quakers. This Portrait is engraved from the original Painting of him, by Honthurst (in the year 1654, and in the 30th year of Fox's Age), now in the Possession of the Publisher. Prints' 7s. 6d.—Proofs 15s.

24. An exact and high finished Portrait of Thomas Clio Rickman, from a full-size painting by Hazlitt, size 10 Inches by 8. The Price 10s. 6d. Proofs 15s.

25. Also, a whole Length, by Dighton, Price 5s. and 7s. 6d.

2G. An incomparable fine Portrait of Thomas Paiue. Painted by Romney. Engraved by Sharp. Large Proofs £l. Is. Prints 10s. 6d. Small Proofs 3s. 6d. Prkit* 2s. 6d.

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