Archaeology of the Russian Far East: Essays in Stone Age Prehistory, Nide 1540

Sarah M. Nelson
Archaeopress, 2006 - 191 sivua
The archaeology of the Russian Far East is rich in new and sometimes surprising discoveries. Very early pottery dates, in several locations, are perhaps the most important and interesting of these finds. Connections with other parts of the Far East are also established in these new studies. The chapters that follow in this regional synthesis elaborate these themes. Arranged in chronological order and by region, each is written by a specialist who has participated in some or all of the archaeological expeditions reported here. The chapters are replete with archaeological details, allowing the reader to judge the interpretations independently. Illustrations and maps add to the information provided. They show not just the unanticipated richness of the archaeology of the Russian Far East but, more important, the contributions these sites can make to the archaeology of the region and of the world. 1) Introduction (Sarah M. Nelson); 2) Palaeoenvironment and Chronology (Yaroslav V. Kuzmin); 3) Palaeolithic of the Primorye (Maritime) Province (Anatoly P. Derevianko and Andrei V. Tabarev); 4) Palaeolithic of the Priamurye (Amur River Basin) (Anatoly P. Derevianko, Vasily N. Zenin, and Igor Y. Shewkomud); 5) The Upper Palaeolithic of Sakhalin Island (Aleksander A. Vasilevsky); 6) Neolithic of the Primorye (Irina S. Zhushchikhovskaya); 7) Neolithic of the Nizhnee Priamurye (Lower Amur River Basin) (Anatoly P. Derevianko and Vitaly E. Medvedev); 8) Neolithic of the Sakhalin and Southern Kurile Islands (Aleksander A. Vasilevsky and Olga A. Shubina); 9) Palaeoeconomy of the Russian Far East (Stone Age Complexes) (Yaroslav V. Kuzmin); 10) Conclusion (Richard L. Bland).

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Palaeoenvironment and Chronology
Palaeolithic of the Primorye Maritime Province
Palaeolithic of the Priamurye Amur River Basin

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Sarah Milledge Nelson is John Evans Professor of Archaeology at the University of Denver. She is a specialist in cultural development, the origins of agriculture, and gender in the ancient world. Recent books include The Archaeology of Korea (1993), The Archaeology of Northeast China (ed.)(1995), Handbook of Gender and Archaeology (2005), and two editions of the textbook Gender in Archaeology (1997/2004) which won the Choice Outstanding Academic Book Award.

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