Y Drysorfa. Llyfr 1, rhif 1-llyfr 16, rhif 192; cyfres newydd, llyfr.1 rhif 1-llfr 100, rhif 1197


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Sivu 278 - Prayer is the burden of a sigh ; The falling of a tear, The upward glancing of an eye, When none but God is near.
Sivu 278 - O thou by whom we come to God— The life, the truth, the way ; The path of prayer thyself hast trod ; Lord, teach us how to pray.
Sivu 217 - Time is the warp of life," he said : " oh tell The young, the fair, the gay, to weave it well !" I asked the ancient venerable dead', Sages who wrote', and warriors who bled' ; From the cold grave a hollow murmur flowed," " Time sowed the seed we reap in this abode!
Sivu 217 - Tis folly's blank and wisdom's highest prize." I asked a spirit lost — but, Oh, the shriek That pierced my soul ! I shudder while I speak : It cried, " A particle, a speck, a mite Of endless years, duration infinite. " Of things inanimate my dial I Consulted, and it made me this reply : " Time is the season fair of living well, The path of glory, or the path of hell." I asked my Bible, and methinks it said, " Thine is the present hour ; the past is fled : Live, live to-day ; to-morrow never yet...
Sivu 217 - I asked an aged man, a man of cares, Wrinkled and curved, and white with hoary hairs ; " Time is the warp of life," he said, " Oh tell The young, the fair, the gay, to weave it well...
Sivu 278 - Prayer is the contrite sinner's voice Returning from his ways ; While angels in their songs rejoice, And say,
Sivu 23 - ... what an absurd thing is it to pass over all the valuable parts of a man, and fix our attention on his infirmities? to observe his imperfections more than his virtues? and to make use of him for the sport of others, rather than for our own improvement?
Sivu 217 - And bade me for eternity prepare. I asked the Seasons, in their annual round, Which beautify or desolate the ground ; And they replied, (no oracle more wise,) " 'Tis Folly's blank, and Wisdom's highest prize...
Sivu 278 - Jesus on the eternal throne For sinners intercedes. O thou by whom we come to God, The life, the truth, the way; The path of prayer Thyself hast trod: Lord teach us how to pray
Sivu 207 - Gelyniaeth hefyd a osodaf rhyngot ti a'r wraig, a rhwng dy had di a'i Had hithau : Efe a ysiga dy ben di, a thithau a ysigi ei sawdl ef.

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