Donum Grammaticum: Studies in Latin and Celtic Linguistics in Honour of Hannah Rosén

Peeters, 2002 - 411 sivua
The articles in this volume treat issues in Hannah Rosen's many fields of scholarly interest. Most of the articles deal with subjects in Latin linguistics and philology; others treat Celtic linguistics and philology, while some combine the two. A number of the papers take Hannah Rosen's own work as their point of departure: especially, research on nominalization and periphrasis; on tense use and narrative structure; on translation technique. The authors adopt a variety of perspectives and approaches. This volume includes many contributions that are descriptive, comparative, or historical in nature, as well as some reflecting a literary orientation. A few authors use the text and its structure as their framework. A wide range of approaches to syntactical analysis on various levels of expression is prominently represented in the work of many of the contributors.

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Philip BALDI Some Observations on Inalienable Possession
Machtelt BOLKESTEIN Anaphoric Absolute Ablatives in Caesar 5163
Gualtiero CALBOLI On Horaces Ars Poetica 139 parturient

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