The Canadian Annual Digest, 1904-1935: With Tables of Cases Digested and Cases Affirmed, Reversed, Or Specially Considered

Canada Law Book Company, 1907

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Sivu 331 - The action is founded on any breach or alleged breach within the jurisdiction of any contract wherever made, which, according to the terms thereof, ought to be performed within the jurisdiction...
Sivu 189 - December, 1833, no action or suit or other proceeding shall be brought, to recover any sum of money secured by any mortgage, judgment or lien, or otherwise charged upon or payable out of any land or rent, at law or in equity...
Sivu 341 - In narrow channels every steam vessel shall, .when it is safe and practicable, keep to that side of the fairway or mid-channel which lies on the starboard side of such vessel.
Sivu 335 - Cuba, or of the Republic of Mexico, who shall come by steam, sail, or other vessel from any foreign port to any port within the United States, or by any railway or any other mode of transportation, from foreign contiguous territory to the United States.
Sivu 205 - Provincial purposes in relation to the matters enumerated in sect. 92, it conferred powers not in any sense to be exercised by delegation from or as agents of the Imperial Parliament, but authority as plenary and as ample within the limits prescribed by sect. 92 as the Imperial Parliament in the plenitude of its power possessed and could bestow.
Sivu 325 - ... county or district court of the county or district...
Sivu 269 - And in like manner the| civil liability arising out of a wrong derives its birth from the law of the place, and its character is determined by that law.
Sivu 63 - C.. granting leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada from a judgment of the...
Sivu 215 - That s. 11 was designed, where there is a real controversy within the meaning of s. 37 of the Mineral Act, to get rid of the rule theretofore acted upon that the plaintiff must succeed on the strength of his own title, and that the defendant might rely on the weakness of his adversary's title: and to substitute as a new rule for determining the title to mining claims that each party is to bring forward the evidence of his own title, thereby putting both partres on an equality as regards the onus...
Sivu 383 - The real and personal property of a deceased person comprised in any residuary devise or bequest shall (except so far as a contrary intention shall appear from his will or any codicil thereto) be applicable ratably, according to their respective values, to the payment of his debts.

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