Theory in Archaeology: A World Perspective

Peter J. Ucko
Routledge, 1995 - 393 sivua
Theory in Archaeology: a world perspective examines important questions about the diversity in theory and practice in archaeology which are facing the discipline in the 1990s. For example, what is the relationship between theory and practice? How does 'World' archaeological theory differ from 'European' archaeological theory? Is it possible to be a good archaeological practitioner without theory? This unique book includes contributions from many different parts of the world - Africa, Indonesia, India, Australia, Canada, South America, Japan, and many other countries - to give the first truly global perspective on archaeological theory. It examines the nature of material culture studies and looks at the problems of ethnicity, regionalism and nationality. It also considers one of the fundamental questions in archaeology: whether empirical facts can be found and recorded through 'objective' research, or whether the past is in fact only the relativistic creation of a particular age or society. The diverse range of authors brings together very different perceptions of the past and also sheds new light on the dynamics of nationalism, providing a framework for considering such immediate questions as the disintegration of the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. The book's scope and interest should guarantee an international readership amongst students and academics alike.

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