The Fireside Encyclopædia of Poetry: Comprising the Best Poems of the Most Famous Writers, English and American

Henry Troth Coates
Porter & Coates, 1878 - 997 sivua

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Sivu 544 - y nonny nonny! THOMAS DEKKI:E.
Sivu 698 - ery kind, Sound the trump, the cornet wind, Strike the viol, touch the lute, Let not tongue nor string be mute; Nor a creature dumb be found That hath eithe^r voice or sound. Let those things which do not live
Sivu 615 - e that Edwin did, And so for him will I." " Forbid it, Heaven !" the hermit cried, And clasp'd her to his breast ; The wondering fair one turn'd to chide,— 'Twas
Sivu 552 - es (tell comfort died) To bake ye to a puddin'. The wa'nut loga shot sparkles out Towards the pootiest, bless herí
Sivu 558 - ck, he has regain'd his place, Then threw the glove, but not with love, right in the lady's face. "By heaven," said Francis, "rightly done !
Sivu 635 - infancy ! Shades of the prison-house begin to close Upon the growing Boy, But he beholds the light, and whence it flow», He sees it in his joy ; The Youth, who daily farther from the east Must travel, still is Nature's Priest, And by the vision splendid Is on his way attended ; At length
Sivu 733 - some lone bird, at day's departing hour, Sings in the
Sivu 78 - n the cloud of war, The harbingers

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