Cool Cars

Dorling Kindersley Limited, 2014 - 480 sivua
Over 100 of the world's best cars in a comprehensive guideIf you're fascinated by Ferraris and mad about Mercedes, Cool Carsis perfect for you, showing you all your favourite cars. Cool Carsis a visual car guide showcasing a selection of the best cars, handpicked by car expert Quentin Willson. Stunning multi-angle photography shows you the true craftsmanship and beauty of classic cars, including interiors and engine close-ups, so you can see exactly how your favourite fast car gets its speed. With all the latest super cars also shown in fascinating detail, Quentin Willson pays tribute to each vehicle, explaining why it's considered a classic and covering each car's historical, technical and performance details. Cool Cars (previous ISBN 9780751312812) is a must-have gift for motor enthusiasts everywhere.

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Tietoja kirjoittajasta (2014)

Quentin Willson is a celebrated television presenter, author, journalist and an acclaimed car expert. He is known and respected worldwide as a TV commentator on programmes such as Fifth Gear and Britain's Worst Driver.

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