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1. Form of certificate and pass under Swedish Treaty of 1661.


We N. N. governor (or chief magistrate, or the commissioners of the duties of customs] of the city (or province] of N. [the title of office of the respective government of that place being added] do make known and certify, that on day of the month of

in the year of N. N. N., citizens and inhabitants of N., and subjects of his sacred Royal Majesty of Sweden, personally appeared before us, in the city or town of N., in the dominions of his sacred Royal Majesty of Sweden, and declared to us upon the oath by which they are related and bound to our most gracious sovereign his sacred Royal Majesty of Sweden and to our city, that the ship or vessel, called N., of about

lasts or tons belongs to the port, city, or town of N., in the dominions of N., and that the said ship does rightly belong to him or other subjects of his sacred Royal Majesty of Sweden, that she is bound directly from the port of N. to the port of N., laden with the following merchandize, viz. [here shall be specified the goods, with their quantity and quality: for example, about so many chests or bales ; about so many hogsheads, &c., according to the quantity and condition of the goods], and affirmed on the oath aforesaid, that the said goods and merchandize belong only to the subjects of his sacred Royal Majesty of Sweden, and that N. N. N. declared upon their oath that the said goods above specified and no others are already put to board or are to be put on board the above-named ship for the said voyage, and that no part of those goods belongs to any other person

whatsoever, &c. [what follows relates only to the property of the goods, which is immaterial under the late order in council]. Therefore whereas after strict examination by us (the governor, or chief magistrate, or commissioners of the duties and customs) of the city aforesaid it fully appears that the ship or vessel and goods on board the same are free and do truly and really belong to the subjects of his sacred Royal Majesty of Sweden or to the inhabitants of other nations as aforesaid, we do most humbly and earnestly require of all and singular the powers by land and sea, kings, princes, republics, and free cities, also of the generals of armies, admirals, commanders, officers, and governors of ports, and all others to whom the custody of any harbour or sea is committed, which happen to meet this ship on her voyage, or if she chance to fall in among, or pass through their squadrons, or to stay in their harbours, that for the sake of the treaties and friendship which subsist respectively between them, or whoever are his superiors, and his sacred Royal Majesty our most gracious sovereign the king of Sweden, that they will not only permit the said captain with the ship N. and the men, goods and merchandize to her belonging, to prosecute her voyage freely without let or molestation, but also if he think fit to depart out of the said harbour elsewhere, that they will shew all kind offices to him and his ship as a subject of his sacred Royal Majesty of Sweden as they shall in like manner experience the same from his sacred Royal Majesty and from all his ministers and subjects in the like or any other case. witness whereof, we have taken care that these presents, signed by our own hands, be sealed with the seal of our city.

Given, &c.


2. The like under Danish treaty of 1670.

Be it known to all and singular to whom these our letters of safe conduct shall be shewn, that our subject and citizen of our city of hath humbly represented unto us, that the ship, called

of the burthen of tons doth belong unto them and others our subjects, and that they are sole owners and proprietors thereof, and is now laden with the goods which are contained in a schedule which she hath with her from our officers of customs, and do solely, truly, and really belong, &c., bound immediately from the port of to such other place or places where she may conveniently trade within, the said goods being not prohibited nor belonging, &c., which the day of

in the year


our subject having attested by a writing under his hand, and affirmed to be true by oath under penalty of confiscation of the said goods, we have thought fit to grant him these our letters of safe conduct, and therefore we do respectfully pray and desire all governors, &c., that by virtue of the league and amity, &c., they suffer the said master with the ship

persons, things, and all merchandize on board her not only freely and without molestation, detention, or impediment to any place whatsoever freely to



but also to afford him all offices of civility as to our subject if there shall be occasion ; which on the like or other occasion we or ours shall be ready to return. Given the

in the

year We the presidents, consul, senators of the city of do attest and certify, that on the day of

personally before us came and appeared citizen and inhabitant of the city or town of

and under the oath wherein he stands bound to our sovereign lord the king, did declare unto us that the ship or vessel

of the burthen of tons doth belong to the port, city, or town of in the province of and that the said ship doth justly belong to him and others, subjects of our said sovereign lord, now bound directly from the port of laden with goods mentioned in a schedule received from the officers of the customs; and he hath affirmed under the oath aforesaid, that the forementioned vessel with her goods and merchandize doth only belong to subjects of his Majesty, and doth carry no goods prohibited which belong, &c.

In testimony whereof we have caused this certificate to be subscribed by the Syndic of our city and sealed with our seal.

Given, &c.

3. Form of certificate in case of convoy under the maritime

convention between Great Britain, Denmark, and Sweden.

Be it known, that we have given leave and permission to N., of the town or place of N., master or commander of the vessel N., belonging to N., of the port of N., burthen

tons or thereabouts, lying at present in the port or baven of N., to sail to N., laden with N., on account of N., after that his vessel shall have been visited before sailing in the usual manner by the officers appointed for that purpose; and the said N. or any other person empowered to take his place shall be bound to produce in every port or haven when he shall enter with the said vessel his present leave and to carry the flag of N. during his present voyage.

In testimony whereof, &c.

4. Form of certificate under Dutch treaty of 1667.

city of

To the most serene, &c., emperors, kings, &c., who shall see these presents. We burgomasters and governors of the

do certify that shipmaster appearing before us hath declared by solemn oath, that the ship called containing about lasts, of which he is at present the master, belongeth to inhabitants of the United Provinces, so help him God; and as we would willingly see the said shipmaster assisted in his just affairs, we do request you and every of you, when the above said master shall arrive with his ship and goods, that you will please to receive him courteously and use him kindly, admitting him upon paying the usual dues, tolls, and other customs, to enter into, remain in, and pass from your ports, rivers, and territories; and there to trade, deal, and negociate in any port or place, in such sort and manner as he shall desire, which we shall most readily acknowledge on like occasion.

In witness whereof we have caused the seal of our city to be thereunto put.

5. The treaty of commerce between Great Britain and Mo

rocco, Article V., refers to a form of passport, but no form is given in the printed copy of the treaty.

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