History of Remarkable Conspiracies Connected with European History, During the Fifteenth, Sixteenth, and Seventeenth Centuries, Nide 1

Constable and Company, 1829

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Sivu 26 - There is a history in all men's lives, Figuring the nature of the times deceas'd ; The which observ'd, a man may prophesy, With a near aim, of the main chance of things As yet not come to life, which in their seeds And weak beginnings lie intreasured.
Sivu 15 - Heaven from all creatures hides the book of Fate, All but the page prescribed, their present state: From brutes what men, from men what spirits know: Or who could suffer being here below? The lamb thy riot dooms to bleed to-day, Had he thy reason, would he skip and play? Pleased to the last, he crops the flowery food, And licks the hand just raised to shed his blood.
Sivu 99 - ... black bends thereon, that they might be known for Cochran the Earl of Mar's men. Himself was clad in a riding-pie of black velvet, with a great chain of gold about his neck, to the value of five...
Sivu 33 - I cannot tell how the truth may be : I say the tale as 'twas said to me.
Sivu 227 - Sixth, having found great fault with Knox for approving of the assassination of Riccio, one of the ministers said, that the slaughter of David, as far as it was the work of God, was allowed by Mr Knox, and not otherwise.
Sivu 267 - Having extricated himself from these theological toils, the archbishop laid his head on the block; and it was severed from his body at one blowq. Those religious opinions, for which he suffered, contributed, no doubt, to the courage and constancy of his end. Sincere he undoubtedly was, and, however misguided, actuated by pious motives in all his pursuits ; and it is to be regretted that a man of such spirit, who conducted his enterprises...
Sivu 141 - This was translated in 1678, in A Collection of Select Discourses out of the most eminent Wits of France and Italy.
Sivu 44 - Queen stood half undressed, shrieking aloud ; and one of the brutal assassins attacked, wounded, and would have slain her, had it not been for a son of Sir Robert Graham, who said to him, " What would you do to the Queen ? She is but a woman — Let us seek the King.
Sivu 227 - M'Crie relates the feelings of the Reformer. In his first edition he says, that " there is no reason to think that he was privy to the conspiracy that proved fatal to Rizzio ; but it is probable that he had expressed his satisfaction at an event which contributed to the safety of religion and of the commonwealth, if not also his approbation of the conduct of the conspirators.

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