Great Lakes Pilot ... 1921: St. Lawrence river above Montreal, lake Ontario and lake Erie, including the Detroit river to Detroit

Pub. and sold by the Hydrographic office under the authority of the secretary of the navy. Washington, 1921
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Sivu 38 - A man on shore beckoning by day, or two torches burning near together by night, will signify, " This is the best place to land." Any of these signals may be answered from the vessel as follows: In the daytime, by waving a flag, a handkerchief, a hat, or even the hand ; at night, by firing a rocket, a blue light, or a gun, or by showing a light over the ship's gunwale for a short time and then concealing it.
Sivu 235 - ... short whistle blasts; and the vessel shall then be stopped until the bridge is ready to be lifted, when the bridge operator shall give the whistle signal for passage and the vessel may proceed.
Sivu 236 - ... a statement of passengers, freight, and registered tonnage, and such other statistical information as may be required by the blank forms provided for the purpose.
Sivu 38 - Two flags, a white and a red, waved at the same time on shore by day, or two lights, a white and a red, slowly swung at the same time, or a blue pyrotechnic light burned by night will signify: "Do not attempt to land in your own boats; it is impossible." 5. A man on shore beckoning by day, or two torches burning near together by night, will signify: "This is the best place to land.
Sivu 15 - Use of Oil for Modifying the Effect of Breaking Waves. — Many experiences of late years have shown that the utility of oil for this purpose is undoubted, and the application simple. The following may serve for the guidance of seamen, whose attention is called to the fact that a very small quantity of oil...
Sivu 15 - On free waves, ie, waves in deep water, the effect is greatest. 2. In a surf, or waves breaking on a bar, where a mass of liquid is in actual motion in shallow water, the effect of the oil is uncertain, as nothing can prevent the larger waves from breaking under such circumstances, but even here it is of some service.
Sivu 22 - Island and any other or others of them, or (iii) employed in voyages between any port or ports in the said provinces or any of them and the port of New York or any port of the United States of America on the Atlantic, north of New York...
Sivu 15 - On a bar, with the ebb tide running, it would seem to be useless to try oil for the purpose of entering. 10. For boarding a wreck, it is recommended to pour oil overboard to windward of her before going alongside.
Sivu 15 - For boarding a wreck it is recommended to pour oil overboard to windward of her before going alongside. The...
Sivu 6 - Piloting is the most important part of navigation and the part requiring the most experience and best judgment. An error in position on the high seas may be rectified by later observations, but an error in position while piloting often results in disaster. Therefore, the navigator should make every effort to be proficient in this important branch, bearing in mind that a modern vessel is usually safe on the high seas and in danger when approaching the land and making the harbor.

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