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T is a fact often observed, and readily acknowledged

by Christian parents and teachers, that no "stories"

are more attractive for intelligent young children than those of Scripture. The histories of Joseph, of Daniel, of David—who has not felt or witnessed their charm for the little group gathered round a parent's knee ? The Book of God was written for all mankind; it speaks to the heart, the imagination, the conscience-in childhood as truly as in advanced age.

But when our children begin to read for themselves, the small type of most Bibles, and the interruption of chapters and verses, are often serious hinderances to enjoyment.

It has been thought that to print the beautiful narratives of the Old Testament in large type and in a connected form would be to confer a boon alike on parents and children. If the "fiue gold” of Scripture, drawn from the mine in the shape of collected "promises,” *&c., has been often found a blessing by advanced believers, why should not the golden “stories " be equally attractive and useful for the young ?

This has been accordingly done in the volume now offered to the public.

A few details have in some cases been omitted; but the words of Scripture alone are rigidly adhered to throughout.

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