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If some of the Questions should be thought too difficult for children going through the book for the first time, these may be omitted, and learned on a second perusal; by this means,

the young learner will proceed from the easier to the more difficult parts of the subject—a principle worthy of attention, both in the study of the Holy Scriptures and in the acquirement of all other knowledge.

To the authorities made use of, the compilers have to express their acknowledgment. They have not confined themselves exclusively to Jewish writers, but have often consulted other commentators with much advantage, thus fol

receive * קבל האמת ממי שאמרו lowing the precept

“ the truth wherever it is found."



QUESTION 149, for Josiah read Joash.
ANSWER 31, for eleven read fourteen.'

571, for Ex. ix. 3 read Gen. xlvii. 17.


1. What are the three principal divisions of the Old Testament?

2. How is this division comprehended in one word?

3. What does the Law contain ?
4. What are the writings of the Prophets?
5. Of what does the Hagiographa consist?

6. What is the oldest translation of any part of the Bible?

7. What element produced the fowl?

8. What analogy is there between the fowl of the air and the fish of the sea ?

9. Which of the prophets alludes to the great wisdom of Daniel ?

10. Of how many years does the book of Genesis give an account?

11. What is the first city mentioned in the Bible?

12. Where is the first classification of animals to be found?

13. What is to be understood by the word nona (behaima) “ cattle?"


14. What is the meaning of the word d'un (tanninim), translated “great whales,” Gen.i. 21.?

15. Why were Abraham and his descendants not permitted to possess the land of Canaan till after four hundred years?

16. Give some instances of God's readiness to hear prayer, as the Psalmist says, " The Lord is nigh unto all who call upon him.”

17. Mention some instances where events appeared to happen by chance, but were in reality the results of God's providence.

18. What was Jephthah's vow ?

19. Throughout what book in the Bible is the name of God not mentioned ?

20. Can you assign any reason for it?

21. What did Jeremiah foretell respecting Zedekiah?

22. What did Ezekiel foretell respecting Zedekiah?

23. How were both these prophecies fulfilled?

24. What is the literal translation of 713 (Nöd) Gen. iv. 16, rendered, “the land of Nod," in the English version?

25. How many sons had Gideon ?

26. How many of his brothers did Abimelech kill?

27. Does not the Scripture say seventy?

28. What is the derivation of Siaty (ngazazail) scapegoat?”

29. For what special purpose were the boundaries of Palestine marked out?

30. How many journeys did the children of Israel make in the desert?

31. How many had been made previously to the transgression of the spies?

32. What may be inferred from the small number of the journeys? 33. Should this


" Who can find a virtuous woman" (Prov. xxxi. 10), be interrogatory, as marked in the authorised version?

34. Why did Pharaoh name Joseph nayo DS (Zaphnath-paaneach) Gen. xli. 45?

את ראשו לא יפרע What is the meaning of


(et rosho lo yifrang) rendered, “ He (the highpriest] shall not uncover his head” (Lev. xxi. 10)?

36. What is meant by the expression, “and Moses saw that the people were naked” (Exod. xxxii. 25)?

37. Who, attended only by his armour-bearer, went over to the garrison of the Philistines and attacked them?

38. What was his remark the armour-bearer on the occasion?

39. Who founded Samaria?

40. Who prophesied the destruction of Samaria? 41. Who besieged it? 42. How long did the siege last? 43. Who was king of Israel at the time?

44. In what year of the reigns of Hoshea and Hezekiah did it take place?

45. What happened to the people of Babylon and other places, whom the king of Assyria placed in Samaria instead of the children of Israel?

46. In whose reigns did Jonah prophesy?

47. By whom was Gedaliah warned of his danger?

48. Did he regard the warning? 49. What did Johanan propose to Gedaliah? 50. Did Gedaliah agree to the proposal ?

51. What happened to Gedaliah through his not attending to the warning?

52. What was Saul's first transgression after he had been made king? 53. How do


understand the 3rd verse of the 50th chapter of Genesis, " and the Egyptians mourned for him [Jacob] threescore and ten days, and forty days were fulfilled for the embalming"?

54. How early is the distinction of clean and unclean animals mentioned?

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