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123. What persons of note were led captive into Babylon?

124. Who began his prophecies in the reign of Zedekiah ?

125. What sign was given to Hezekiah that he would recover from his sickness?

126. Who was Elimelech ? 127. Who was Ahimelech? 128. Who was Abimelech?

129. What books have we of Solomon's composition?

130. What distinguished the high-priest from his brethren?

131. What was engraven on his breastplate?

132. What was engraven on the golden plate worn on the forehead of the high-priest?

133. What were the Urim and Thummim?
134. Why were they so called ?
135. Who was the last high-priest?
136. Who slew eighty-five priests ?
137. At whose instigation was this done?

138. How many years did Ezra preside over Judah ?

139. How many years did Moses rule Israel?

140. Which of the kings of Israel reigned the longest ?


141. Which of the kings of Judah reigned the longest ?

142. Who prophesied in his reign?
143. What became of Manasseh?
144. Who succeeded Manasseh ?
145. What was his end?
146. Had Amon a son to succeed him?
147. How long did Josiah reign?

148. Who was declared king of Judah at seven years of age?

149. Whom did Josiah order to be stoned to death?

150. How many generations were there from Adam to Noah ?

151. What spot of ground did David buy to dedicate to the Lord ?

152. Did the threshing-floor remain consecrated ?

153. What law did David make regarding those who went to battle, and those who remained by the stuff ?

154. What prophets were contemporary with David?

155. What took place soon after David had been declared king in Hebron?

156. Who espoused the cause of Ish-bosheth, the son of Saul?

157. How old was Ish-bosheth at the time? 158. How long did he reign?

159. How many men did Gideon select to go with him to battle against the Midianites?

160. From what number were they selected? 161. How were these selected ? 162. How many then remained?

163. In what manner were the three hundred selected from these?

164. Gideon had another name: what was it? 165. How long did Gideon govern Israel? 166. What people did he defeat? 167. How many sons had Gideon ?

168. Who assumed regal authority after the death of Gideon ?

169. When Joab fought against Rabbah, and had taken the royal city, what message did he send to David ?

170. Did David follow the counsel of Joab?

171. What is particularly mentioned amongst the spoil?

172. How could any king wear a weighing a talent of gold, being more than a hundredweight?

173. What tribes possessed the Eastern side of the Jordan?



174. What Gentile king aroused his subjects to repentance, and thereby averted the destruction of the city ?

175. When did the daily sacrifice cease?

176. Do you know of any other misfortunes happening on this day?

177. Can you offer any consolation for all this?

178. What people deceived Joshua ?

179. How old was Jacob when Abraham died ?

180. How old was Shem when Noah died ?

181. At what port did Jonah embark in order to evade God's mission ?

182. To what two kings was it foretold that they would die in battle?

183. Who attempted to destroy the seed royal of David ?

184. What courageous acts are recorded of David in the early part of his life?

185. Where was the battle fought between David and Absalom?

186. Did the wood belong to the tribe of Ephraim? Had they not their possession on the other side of the Jordan ?

187. What was the age of Solomon at his death?

188. What new gate is referred to in the words, “at the entry of the new gate” (Jer. xxvi. 10)?

189. To whom was it foretold that he would die within the year?

190. By whom was it foretold?

191. Who were the Cherethites and Pelethites?

192. What relations were Joab and Abishai to David ?

193. How many sisters had David ? 194. Who were the sons of Zeruiah? 195. How many sons had Abigail?

196. On what occasion did David's men swear that he should no more go out to battle ?

197. Who rescued David from the hands of the giant ?

198. How many Jewish generals did Joab kill?

199. How many men were desired by Moses to go to battle against the Midianites?

200. What remarkable circumstance is recorded of this battle?

201. How did Jehu abolish the worship of Baal ?

202. What king was desirous of having Israel cursed ?

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