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400. Did the laws of Moses encourage the intercourse of the Israelites with the surrounding nations?

401. What weapon of offence is first mentioned in the Bible?

402. Where were causes heard among the ancient Israelites?

403. What advantage was secured by this?

404. What festival was observed by the Israelites at the wheat harvest?

405. What great event took place at this season?

406. How many kinds of offerings were appointed by the Mosaic law?

407. Does the Mosaic law mention any thing respecting persons becoming sureties for others?

408. How long did prophecy continue in the time of the Second Temple?

409. What was a necessary quality in animals offered to the Lord ?

410. What transgression is never imputed to the Jews after the Babylonian captivity?

411. In what was the Second Temple inferior to the First?

412. When the high-priest consulted the Lord by Urim and Thummim, did he enter the Holy of Holies?

413. Is the name 6. Pharaoh” the individual name of an Egyptian monarch, or is it a general appellation ?

414. What is the probable reason that Moses recapitulated the Law to the Israelites before his death?

415. What kind of vows was altogether void?

416. What was the sacrifice offered by the Israelites at the time of the new moon ?

417. On which new moon is servile work forbidden ?

418. How is it that the new year is observed by the Jews in the seventh month?

419. From whom were the Midianites descended ?

420. Why was the word nbau (Shibboleth) selected by the Gileadites to discover an Ephraimite (Judg. xii. 6)?

421. With what two righteous men does Ezekiel mention Noah ?

422. Who prophesied falsely that the Lord would bring back within two years all the vessels of the Lord's house, which Nebuchadnezzar had carried away to Babylon ?

423. Which of Jacob's sons attacked Shechem? 424. How old were they at the time?

425. How many of Israel fell through the setting up of the golden calf ?

426. What were the names of Eli's sons ?

427. How many sons of the prophets made a fruitless search for Elijah ?

428. Are the expressions "eye for eye,” “tooth for tooth," etc. in Exod. xxi. 24. to be taken in their literal sense ?

429. What trees were allowed to be cut down during a siege ? 430. How


of the children of Israel fell in the first day's battle against the Benjamites (Judg. xx)?

431. How many on the second day?

432. Who is supposed to have killed the pro. phet Isaiah?

433. How often is it mentioned that the children of Israel were numbered ?

434. Why is the fifteenth day of the month Ab kept as a minor festival by the Jews ?

435. How many years were the children of Israel in Palestine before the erection of the Temple ?

436. What is the meaning of the word 66 Genesis” ?

437. What is the meaning of the word "Exodus"?

438. Why is the third book of Moses called Leviticus ?

439. What is the meaning of the word Deuteronomy?

440. What were the principal divisions of Palestine ?

441. On what day of the week was a double portion of manna found by the people ?

442. Is the situation of Ophir known? 443. By what other name was Jericho called ?

444. In Gen. xxxiii. 18, is it rightly translated, " and Jacob came to Shalem, a city of Shechem"?

445. Which of Joseph's brothers requested to be left in bondage in Egypt, instead of Benjamin ?

446. What country is first mentioned in the Bible as possessing an organised military force?

447. Is the word 73397 na (Bat hayanganah) correctly rendered “owl” in Levit. xi. 16 ?

448. What was the situation of the land of Goshen ?

419. Which of the tribes gave the first king to Israel?

450. In what king's reign was Judæa invaded by the Ethiopians ?

451. What king of Judah was buried in the chief of the sepulchres of the sons of David ?

452. At what age did Josiah begin to destroy the idolatrous worship that was practised in Judah ?

453. How many vessels of gold and silver, taken away from Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, did Cyrus restore to Sheshbazzar, prince of Judah, to be taken back with the captives ?

454. What sin-offering did the people offer at the dedication of the Second Temple ? 455. What

year is meant by the words “ in the twentieth year” in Neh. i. 1 ?

456. What office did Nehemiah hold at the court of the king of Persia ?

457. What miracle took place at the dedication of Solomon's Temple ?

458. Does it appear that Moses foresaw the evil that would result from the kings of Israel possessing many wives 2

459. In Deut. xxviii. 22, should the word NOMV (shachephet), rendered “consumption,” be understood to designate the disease commonly so called ?

460. Where did Jeroboam take refuge for fear of Solomon ?

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