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461. Why do the Jews keep the festival of Purim ?

462. Why was Gideon named Jerubbaal ?

463. Who presented his brother with five changes of raiment ?

464. What two opposite characters were buried in the same grave ?

465. Could a man (by the Mosaic law), be put to death on circumstantial evidence ?

466. Is it commanded in the Law of Moses to make proselytes ?

467. What was the character of Aaron ? 468. When did water take the


of blood ?

469. With what king was God angry for having placed too much confidence in physicians?

470. When was the army of Israel without sword or spear

? 471. What was the intention of Moses, when he held up his hands while Joshua fought with the Amalekites ?

472. What servants were unconsciously instrumental to their master's death ?

473. Did all the facts mentioned in the Bible occur in the order in which they are related ?

474. How can you prove this? 475. What place was used instead of a city of

refuge during the wanderings of the children of Israel in the desert ?

476. Why was the Jubilee called Sar: (Yobel)? 477. When did Moses recapitulate the Law?

478. When was fruit produced without the aid of culture ?

479. Who prayed that another might see what he himself saw ?

480. Who saw abundance of provisions, and was prevented eating any ?

481. How old was Caleb when he drove out the Anakim ?

482. How was blasphemy against the name of the Lord commanded to be punished by the Mosaic law ?

483. Who in despair sacrificed his eldest son?

484. Who left the plough in order to follow a prophet?

485. How many days were spent in consecrating the first temple ?

486. What was necessary to be done before tne Israelites engaged in battle?

487. Were hostile measures to be resorted to by the Israelites without giving any previous warning?

488. When is it supposed that Rebecca died?

489. Whom did Moses depute to attend to the affairs of the Israelites during his stay on Mount Sinai ?

490. When did Moses erect twelve pillars of stone ?

491. Why, before the battle with the Moabites, did Elisha request a minstrel to be brought to him ?

492. Who was the king of Assyria mentioned 2 Chr. xxiii. 11?

493. What was the reason that Jeroboam rebelled against Solomon (1 Kings, xi. 27)?

494. What men were exempt from military duty ?

495. How many children had Jacob? 496. Which were the sons of Rachel ? 497. Which were the sons of Leah ? 498. Which were the sons of Zilpah ? 499. Which were the sons of Billah ?

500. What is the supposed value of a talent of gold and of a talent of silver ?

501. Where is Tarshish (mentioned in Jonah, i. 3) supposed to have been situated ?

502. Where does the Lord say that he will not make an end of Israel?

503. How many sons had Ahab?

501. What was the character of Rehoboam the son of Solomon ?

505. What celebrated prophets were contemporary with Ahab ?

506. What prophet, in denouncing vice, comprehends all vices under thieving and falseswearing ?

507. In what style is the book of Isaiah written ?

508. What profane historians were contemporary

with Ezra and Nehemiah ? 509. What woman attempted to utterly destroy the prophets of the Lord ?

510. How long after the time of Moses did David write ?

511. How long after the time of David did Isaiah write ?

512. Where did Moses die ? 513. Was he buried there?

514. Where is it shown that man in prosperity is likely to forget God ?

515. What prophet produced the pitcher with manna, to prove to Israel God's providence to their forefathers in the wilderness ?

516. What prophet takes a retrospective view of the conduct of the Israelites from the time of their residence in Egypt?


517. How was the fourfold retribution accomplished which David unconsciously denounced against himself (2 Sam. xii. 6)?

518. What are the four fasts of the fourth, fifth, seventh, and tenth months, mentioned by Zechariah (viii. 19), and which are promised to be to the house of Judah joy and gladness, and cheerful feasts?

519. How old is the Pentateuch?

520. What trouble did David experience from his son Adonijah ?

521. What relations were Mordecai and Esther?

522. What was the conduct of Jehoram king of Judah on his coming to the throne ?

523. What was the fate of Joash king of Judah ?

524. Of what tribe was Daniel ?
525. When was he carried away captive ?

526. Who was the successor of Joash king of Judah ?

527. How did he die?

528. What was the conduct of Asa in his old age?

529. Who took a rash oath which he was afterwards obliged to retract?

התפאר עלי למתי אעתיר לך How should


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