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656. In the reign of what king of Judah did Isaiah begin to prophesy?

657. Who are generally supposed to have written the two Books of Samuel ?

658. In whose reign did Zephaniah prophesy?

659. What king of Israel set fire to his palace and perished in the flames ?

660. How had he obtained the kingdom?

661. Of the nineteen kings of the ten tribes of Israel, how many met with a violent death?

662. What was the capital of the kingdom of Israel, until Omri built Samaria?

663. How were those who enticed others to idolatry to be punished by the Mosaic law ?

664. What place did Saul make the seat of his government ?

665. Where did Saul slay himself after his army had been defeated by the Philistines ?

666. Where is this mountain situated ?

667. Whence did Solomon obtain horses for the service of his cavalry ?

668. Does it appear that Arabia was famous for its horses in these early times ?

669. What is meant by the words, “the river of Kishon swept them away” (Judg. v. 21)?

670. How old was Isaac when Joseph was sold by his brethren ?


671. What kind of officer is probably intended by the words, “ the captain of the guard” (Jer.

xliii. 6)?

672. Which of the kings of Israel had the shortest reign?

673. To what do these words allude, in Gen. x. 25, “ Unto Eber were born two sons; the name of the one was Peleg, for in his days the earth was divided”?

674. What was the situation of the land of Shinar, mentioned in Gen. x. 10?

675. What is the meaning of the word Judah? 676. Where is Mount Lebanon situated ?

677. What sin was probably brought upon the Israelites by Jeroboam's residence in Egypt ?

678. With what two kings did Solomon form an alliance ?

679. What formed the western boundary of Palestine ?

680. What was the eastern boundary ?

681. How old was Joseph when he was sold by his brethren ?

682. What was the first possession of the children of Israel in the Promised Land ?

683. How old was Jacob when Joseph was sold ?

684. What is the correct translation of Deut. xxxiii. 22, and to what does it refer?

685. How long was the Second Temple in building ?

686. Why was Assyria so called ?

687. Were the Gentiles allowed to pray in the Temple ?

688. What is meant by “ the river of Egypt,” (Num. xxxiv. 5)?

689. In Isa. Ixii. 4, the prophet says, “thou shalt be called Hephzi-bah, and thy land Beulah;" what is the meaning of these words ?

690. How many cities did the children of Israel give to the Levites ?

691. Why was the first woman called Eve? 692. How long did Hezekiah rule over Judah?

693. In whose reign were a hundred and twenty thousand of the children of Judah slain by the children of Israel? 694. How many persons were carried

away captive?

695. How did the children of Israel treat the captives?

696. Over how many years does the book of Joshua extend ?

697. Where is the Dead Sea situated ? 698. By what other names was it known ?

on any

699. Why is it called the Dead Sea ?

700. By whom was Josiah king of Judah slain?

701. Where is Megiddo situated?

702. What punishment was commanded by the Mosaic law to be inflicted

Israelite that should practise idolatry?

703. Why was the first man called Adam ?

704. How was the world divided among the sons of Noah?

705. What do the eleventh and twelfth verses of the forty-ninth chapter of Genesis seem to indicate?

706. What place is supposed to be meant by Parvaim in 2 Chr. iii. 6?

707. Who was the mother of Adonijah? 708. Who was the mother of Absalom?

709. How is it then that in 1 Kings i. 6, speaking of Adonijah it is said, “ His mother bare him after Absalom"?

710. Where in the Bible do we find the custom mentioned of laying aside ornaments in time of trouble?

711. Who were appointed by Moses to divide the land of Canaan among the tribes of Israel?

712. Where does God promise a blessing to those who protect the Israelites?

713. What punishment has God denounced against those who persecute Israel ?

714. How long did Saul reign over Israel?

715. What would be a more probable rendering of the word d'S'do (pesilim) translated “quarries” in Judg. j. 19?

716. What is the probable meaning of the word nib'o (netiphot) rendered “collars” in Judg. viii. 26?

717. Where did the children of Israel set up the Tabernacle on their taking possession of the Promised Land ?

718. Why was the name of the place called Abel-Mizraim, where Joseph with his brethren and the Egyptians mourned for Jacob (Gen.l.11)?

719. Of how many years does the first book of Chronicles give an account?

720. Over how many years does the second book of Chronicles extend ?

721. Why are the Jews called Hebrews?

722. In whose reign did Jeremiah begin to prophesy?

723. In the first chapter of Ruth it is related that when Naomi returned to Bethlehem with Ruth her daughter-in-law, all the city was moved about them, and they said, Is this Naomi? And she said unto them, Call me not Naomi, call

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