Saudi Arabia: An Environmental Overview

CRC Press, 17.1.2008 - 332 sivua
A comprehensive overview of Saudi Arabia‘s environment, this volume is a unique and authoritative text on the geological and environmental aspects of Saudi Arabia, a country about which little is known by the outside world. Saudi Arabia is a fascinating country with a long tradition of environmental awareness and sensitivity, pitted again

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List of Figures
Acknowledgments xxi
The Kingdom 17
Geological framework 45
Climate and environmental change 67
Hydrogeology and hydrology 95
Geomorphology 117
Biogeography 163
Soils and soil erosion 189
Environmental impacts and hazards 215
Environmental protection regulation and policy 247
References 281
Index 299

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Dr Peter Vincent has spent the last thirty years teaching Physical Geography at Lancaster University, UK. Since 1983 he has visited Saudi Arabia more or less on an annual basis and, in close collaboration with the Saudi Geological Survey, has visited all parts of the Kingdom. He has a particular interest in arid zone geomorphology.

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