Kazakhstan: Coming of Age

Stacey International, 2003 - 256 sivua
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This is the latest in our series of illustrated geo-political surveys. It shines a spotlight on Kazakhstan, the world's ninth-largest country, which stretches from the fringes of Europe to the borders of Mongolia and China. Written by a team of specialists and scholars, this book presents an authoritative analysis of Kazakhstan's history and culture, its geography and geology, its people and their patterns of life, its governmental structures and contemporary society. It also takes an in-depth look at the country's economy, and its significance as a global provider of oil and gas. With over 400 photographs and 16 maps, this new book has already become the standard work on Kazakhstan.

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The Land and the Skies
Chapter 3
The Social Scene
Heritage and History to

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Michael Fergus - Michael lives and works in Norway, and helped establish one of Scandinavia's largest consulting organizations. He has worked as a consultant in over 60 countries, including many years in Kazakhstan, working there for numerous clients.

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