Sivut kuvina
[blocks in formation]

XII, 332

Asbestos yarn, American brass wire twisted with foreign asbestos, not free as..
Compliance with regulations..

I, 220, 320; II, 537; III, 394; VI, 86; VII, 439; X, 85; XI, 515

[blocks in formation]

Selling price appraisement, Presidential proclamation of difference in cost of production
no bearing in case of coal-tar products...

XII, 299

Selling price appraisement provisions of act of 1922 constitutional..

XII, 299

Selling price appraisement raises presumption of domestic competition (coal-tar products) XII, 299
Spelter, soft and hard..

VII, 399

Tin-plate disks....

Tungsten scrap and tungstic acid....

Manufactures, bags made in United States from foreign material.
Shooks; boxes and barrels made of, are free............


Goods imported in.

Material for construction of..

Outfit and equipment for..

Registered and enrolled.

Rapairs for..

Views, post cards showing.

Ammunition intended for export destroyed by fire..

Angora goat hair and all its products provided for in pp. 305–309 (1913).

Angora goat hair coat linings..

Angora goat hair is wool...

Angora rabbit hair is not wool..


VIII, 82

IX, 153

V, 366

IV, 91

VI, 291

VII, 223; X, 83, 85, 125, 268, 273

VIII, 128, 231, 342; X, 125; XI, 401

XI, 69

VII, 166, 442; XI, 69

III, 501

XI, 19

VII, 213; XI, 475

VII, 213

American, dutiable on return.

Live, snails not dutiable as..

VI, 137
VIII, 105

II, 22, 288

V, 134

[blocks in formation]

Affidavit of consignee deemed that of owner..

Affidavits filed with entry do not make prima facie case for free entry.

Carving on, of modern origin, not free..

Evidence held insufficient..

[blocks in formation]


Jurisdiction of board and Secretary.

Regulations as to, can not be waived.

Spurious, marble temple found to be.

Apparatus, scientific, tank containing acid free as..

And writs of error distinguished...

Appellant's right in...

Appraisement appeals judicial under act of 1922..

Board may reverse collector without taking evidence.

Creature of statute..

Denial of rehearing should be assigned as error..

Dismissed because of laches, irrespective of merits.
Error must be assigned..

From General Appraisers-

Amendment of record on...

Assignments of error held insufficient...

Customs Court will not take further evidence..

Repppraisements not appealable--------

Reappraisement appeals under 1922 act not applicable to cases arising under prior acts..

Government has right to prescribe conditions of..

Liquidation pending, void....

No lower rate can be adjudged in absence of...

Petitions for review, form and matter of..

Practice on, California circuit.

Questions not appealed will not be decided...

Questions not considered on, unless assigned as error..
Reappraisement records, when part of record..

To Customs Court from Circuit Court...

To Customs Court, mailing not filing.

To Customs Court, time limit for...

To Customs Court, time limit for, Sunday included.

To Customs Court, time runs from date of action on motion for rehearing.

To reappraisement by collector, how perfected..

When record on, may not be questioned.

Apple juice, boiled down, in cider, not fruit juice or sirup..

Apples, definition of a bushel.

Apples, canned.


Beads sewed on netting are not..

Binding or edging is not..

Collarettes defined....


and page

III, 309

IV, 60
VI, 545

II, 440

IV, 422; XII, 9
VIII, 11
XII, 299
I, 323
VII, 380
VI, 21

IV, 231

VII, 400

III, 174

III, 251; IV, 291

I, 208
VII, 380

134, 137, 138, 139, 306

I, 181; III, 24

V, 351; VII, 399

IV, 284

IV, 422

III, 119

III, 112

IV, 420

I, 203


XII, 28

I, 8; XII, 462

XII, 28

II, 434; XII, 462
V, 510

I, 213

XI, 157

III, 19

XII, 90

VI, 209

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

Appeal, board's decision must be written. (See Board of General Appraisers.)

[blocks in formation]

Based on American selling price, Presidential proclamation of difference in cost of production
no bearing in case of coal-tar products..

XII, 299

Based on American selling price raises presumption of domestic competition (coal-tar prod-

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Liquidation of packing charges..........

Must be of goods in condition as imported.....

of goods in bond at passage of act of 1921 made under act of 1921, not 1913.

Of goods sold at retail only...

Of specific duty goods is legal.

Pro forma invoices....

Freight and shipping charges not a matter of..

Packing charges not a matter of..

Presumption of regularity..

Related to time and place of entry into customs district..

Review of. (See Courts.)

Samples, necessity of..

Statutes held mandatory.

Vacuum bottles....

Waiver of, by importer....

Written notice of mandatory..

See also Value.


And collectors; functions distinguished...
Duties of, legislation and litigation reviewed.

Duty is to appraise, not classify, merchandise.

Duty is to ascertain value per unit of quantity.

I, 36, 478; VI, 168

XI, 38

I, 115
XII, 266
XI, 94

VI, 516
II, 239, 249
VII, 497
V, 2

II, 239; IX, 140, 258; XII, 26, 222

XI, 481; XII, 396

XI, 459; XII, 402

I, 385, 462; II, 355

XII, 48

III, 256

XII, 354

V, 2, 435; VII, 290; XII, 126, 198, 376

Must make red ink notation on invoice to show advancement to market value.

No jurisdiction over costs or charges...

No power to change appraisement.

"Observation of”.

V, 2

V, 435; VII, 290

V, 127

X, 120

V, 2

II, 249

XI, 466

XII, 26

Reports, if seasonable, are evidence.

Reports on protests made more than 30 days after filing of protests..

V, 435; VI, 21, 267

[blocks in formation]

437, 494, 518; II, 92, 212, 361; VI, 15; VII, 1, 56, 86, 114, 142, 223, 445, 451, 460, 493; VIII, 17, 365;
IX, 27, 68, 93, 99; X, 22, 83, 85, 124, 161, 183, 268, 273; XI, 1, 155, 314.

Automobile springs are "finished parts".

Clock and scales glass...

XI, 1
XI, 314

Cue tips are..

VII, 1


Fabrics are...

Glazing stones are articles of mineral substance..

Goods in the piece are..

Hemstitched fabrics are duitable as..

Made wholly or in part of tucking not a specific provision..

Mass of metal shavings as..

Mass of modeling clay not..

Meaning and use of term in tariff; cases reviewed..

Meaning of "made up into".

Must have definite form and dimensions.

Narrower term than "manufactures of”.

Of personal adornment, par. 448, 1909.

Of religious devotion...

Sign, "exit," as aritcle, not material.

To be worn on apparel means complete articles..

To be carried on the person (wrist watch bracelets not).

To be carried on the person (folding pocket scissors not).

To be carried on the person (sleeve holders).

To be carried on the person (toilet articles).

Wind shield as article, not material..
(See also Manufactured; manufactures of.)
(See also Marking.)


Abrasives, crude; meaning of term..

Feathers, aigrettes as, and when....

Feathers (dried grass) are millinery ornaments.
Feathers, grass aigrettes...


As manufactures of material.

Cellulose and visca......

Celluloid boutonniéres are..

Ivory manufactures are not..

Not limited to military goods.

Of beads.

Straw and chip.....

Wreaths made of, not dutiable as..


And ornamental...

Diminutive imitations in wax are not..

Electric-light bulbs are not..

Must be same size as real fruit.

Pincushions of silk, crude imitation, are not..



Articles; cases reviewed...

Braids, as cotton braids by similitude..

Braids not similar to pyroxylin....

Coated cotton yarn as (1909)..

Hats as cotton wearing apparel by similitude.


Artificial shamrocks as.

Paper leaves as..

Straw and chip..

Musk not a coal-tar product.

Refining not necessary to constitute article refined.

Shamrocks as artificial leaves.


and page

V, 320

II, 425

V, 246

VI, 115

VI, 120

II, 311

III, 220

V, 246

IV, 304, 414

II, 92; III, 220, 363; V, 100

III, 220, 363

III, 273, 276, 282, 286, 288; IV, 378
VII, 132; XII, 347, 470

VII, 445

V, 382

XI, 363

XI, 396

XI, 502

XII, 181

.VII, 451

VI, 72

VI, 112

XII, 550



XI, 321

II, 234

X, 62; XI, 81
X, 57

V, 124
IX, 193

X, 74

I, 337; II, 427

VIII, 111; X, 62; XI, 391, 412

IV, 384

V, 418

IV, 384

XII, 34

X, 62

V. 229

III, 229

V, 229

III, 75

III, 57

II, 325

V, 124

X, 62, 74

I, 166

IV, 134

II, 325

[blocks in formation]

Arts, progress of, judicial notice of dictionaries and treatises.
Asbestos fabrics, completed articles dutiable as........
Asbestos shingles are manufactures of asbestos, not shingles.

Asphalt combined with other substances as asphalt advanced.
Astrakhans as pile fabrics....


and page

I, 34
V, 320
XII, 490

I, 400

VI, 128

Athletic club as an educational institution.

Attack, collateral and direct, distinction....

Attack, collateral, Board's decision on classification or rote not open to

Attorney. (See Counsel.)

Automatic lighters, when and when not smokers' articles.

Automobile body frames-"in the white"-"in process”.

Automobile frames..

Automobile goggles, glass shapes for..

Automobile goggles neither optical instruments not spectacles..

Automobile springs are "finished parts'

Automobile tire treads of leather....

Automobilist's tool outfit not a traveling set..

V, 251
IV, 293

IV, 293; V, 144, 315

II, 439; IV, 36
XI, 345

V, 175

II, 9

VI, 507

Axminster rugs......

Bag of bamboo not a basket..

Baggage. (See Personal effects; Forfeiture.)

Bagging for cotton, jute patches..

Bagging for cotton made in chief value of jute.

Bagging, waste....

Bags (old) as rags, waste, paper stock, bags, or fabrics.

Bags (waste, twilled, sugar) as waste.

Balata belting as india-rubber belting.
Ball bearing, unfinished parts of...



or other equipment" covers polo caps and helmets..

or other equipment" does not cover tape for golf club grips.
or other equipment" provision not limited to games of adults.

Bamboo baskets as manufactures of chip....

Bamboo pipe stems are smokers' articles rather than bamboo..
Bamboo split and cut in lengths, not manufacture of wood...

Bamboo sprouts, cooked and canned (“takenoko") are vegetables.

Bands and bandings, surgical bandages as.
"Banko ware


Barium binoxide a chemical compound.

Bar-le-duc not classifiable as jelly.

Barettes, base metal, set with imitation jet, not jewelry.

Barrel hoops, rough..

Barrels, unfinished heads and staves are not..

Baryta, precipitated carbonate of...

Basket bags are not baskets...


Bamboo and chip, not toys.

Bamboo bag not a basket.

Bamboo Japanese trays are...

Bamboo strip, as manufactures of chip.

Cane and raffia, silk lined..

Chip, as baskets of wood..

Glass lined, are still baskets..

Of wood may include baskets in chief value of silk.

Silk bags with bamboo bottom not..

Tin lined are still baskets....

Willow, are baskets of wood...

Wistaria and rattan, as manufacture of wood..

Wood, silk lined...

Bassine fiber as dressed or manufactured.

Bast, definition and derivation of..

Bayonets as sidearms, not parts of rifles.

Beaded and spangled silk netting..

Beaded articles held not appliquéd....

Beaded artificial silk goods; duty on (1909) -

XI, 1

III, 442; V, 91

II, 393

X, 254

IV, 517

VII, 328

VI, 45

IX, 84

XI, 64

XI, 255

I, 252

VI, 13

XII, 516

XII, 546

XII, 523, 543

I, 535

X, 161

VI, 275

XII, 548

VII, 195

III, 112

IX, 291

I, 213

V, 371

I, 457

V, 79

XI, 107

I, 90

IV, 516

VIII, 156

IV, 517
XI, 68

I, 535

VIII, 404

II, 37
VIII, 211

II, 411
IV, 516

VIII, 211
II, 15, 17, 37
I, 535

II, 419; IX, 62
VI, 263

V, 396

II, 312

VII, 292

VI, 209

III, 333, 339

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