Sivut kuvina

Hull be offered, befpre the meeting of the Synod in April next.

15. The report of the Committee on the Ocitney grievance was read. The General Assembly unanimously approve ed of the report of the Committee, with this addition, That if the grievances in the parish of Evi- and Rendal, as the Haute has been led by the information of a Member to hope, be redressed without a process before the Court of Stffion, the Procurator be instructed to commence and carry on a process, according to his discretion, in either of the other t..o casts selected by the Synod of Orkney. And upon motion, appointed 2 Committee to prepare a distinct statewent of the grievances complained of in the Synod of Orkney, and to report on SaturJay.

The General Assembly proceeded, to consider the report of the Committee on Chapels of Ease appointed by the list General Assembly, which was agreed to. Some difference of opinion arolie about the concluding clause of the report,which, after a vote, was agieed to. From this judgment Dr Erftine dissented, as unnecessary, as it deprived Presbyteries and Synods of their radical power of judgr ihg in an important matter.

Yesterday the Assembly ordered an act to be printed, and to be transmitted to all the Pre&yteries of the Church, about the mode ot fettling Chapels of Ease, together with the regulations made by last General Assembly. About this business" there were many song speeches, and inuch keen debate, The General Ak sembly, after this matter was finiflied, took an overture from the Synod of Perth and Stirling, requesting the Assembly to enact a law that no Clergyman who was a Professor in an University, should be a'lowed to have a paristl, unless he could reside in it. After a short* Rebate, this overture was dismissed as unnecessary,

17. The Assembly proceeded to con* Cder the overtures from the Synods of Fife and Moray relative to the diffusion r-f the GospeK After reasoning, a motion was made and seconded, «' That the Assembly are of opinion, that the object proposed in the overtures is of the highest importance j .hut, in respect the ii£is and circumstances which are necessary for the General Assembly to come to ar;7 resolution on this subject at present, are not sufficiently explained and instructed—therefore, the Assembly appoint a Committee to take the- subject of

£d. M*g. June 1796. P

them into consideration, and report the result of their inquiries to the next G • neral Assembly."

Another motion was made and seconds.!, «' That the General Assembly considered the overtures, and judging it highly inexpedient at this time to appoint a collection over Scotland by the; authority of the General Assembly, an4 not considering the circumstances of the times as favourable for the General Ati'emhly's adopting any particular measure in relation to the object of the overtures, Dismiss the fame. At the iame time recommend to all the Members of the C'urch of Scotland, in their different stations, to Uke every competent method of promoting, within the sphere of their influence, the knowledge of the Gospel, a just sense of the inestimable 'benefits which it conveys (0 ail who em, brace it, and the practice of these virtues, by which Christians make their light to ihine before others; and while they offer their fervent prayers to Almighty God for the fulfilment of his promise, in giving his Son the Heathen; for an inheritance, they resolve that they will embrace with zeal and with thankfulness any favourable opportunity of contributing by their exeitions, to the propagation of the Gospel of Christ, which Divine Providence may hereafter open."

The Assembly agreed to state the vote, appoint a Committee in tcrnn of the first motion; or, Dismiss the overtures, with the recommendation in the second motion,—And the roll being called, and votes marked, it carried, Demist, 58,— Appoint, 44.—The Assembly, therefore, Difl-missed the overtures, with the above recommendation.

Saturday the report of the Committee appointed 10 draw up a distinct state of Orkney grievances (they consist of a want of churches, public schools, &c.) being read and considered by the Assembly, they did approve thereof, and au» thori?ed the Moderator to transmit copies of the said statement to the principal heritor* of the different parishes concerned, accompanied with a respectful letter; and appoint him to report to next Assembly any answers which he may have received. And the Assembly enjoin the presbyteries within the bounds ot the synod of Orkney to lay before next Asstmi lily a state of the churches and parochial schools within their bounds, that the Assembly may take such steps as to them in their wisdom' may seem h<!\ caivulated


for redressing the grievances which may then exist.

May 31. This day, the following important cause was determined in the Court of Sr (Son:

In the Burgh of Hiddington, the Magistrate! have hitherto been in use to issue the following orders to their billetroasters:

"1. You are to quarter upon all persona, who ar? either bakers, butchers, brewers, distillers, ale-fellers, or maltsters.

"1. In cafe the houses of those persons, at the rate of two men to each house, cannot contain the number of soldiers allocated to ihis town by the Commander in Chief, you are next to quarter two men on each person who lhall let out lodgings or rooms to military officers, and grocers.

"3. After which, if there shall be more billets wanted, you are to quarter upon the persons whole names are, or shall be contained in the list of dry quarters, taking care to remove the men billeted upon persons in this class every two or three weeks, as'occasion sliall require.

•■ 4. It is recqmmended to you, not to give billets to any /married soldiers, when you know them to be such, as they are entitled to dry billets.

"Lastly, with regard to the list of transient quarters, it is our opinion that the poorest fort of people whose names are mentioned therein, should rot be , quartered'on except in cases of extreme n<c ssity, and that none of the Magistrates or Treasurer should he quartered on for a year after thev are out of office."

And by a late regulation in 1780, persons letting out stables to dragoon horses, who are always anxious to get them for the fake of the dung, are to tie quartered on in the fame manner as those who let lodgings or rooms to military officers.

'John Aitchison, James Nicolson, and several others, bakers, brewers, v'itunrrs, ale-fellers, grocers, spirit dealers, and butchers, conceiving themselves oppressed thew by, and that such mode of billeting was contrary tp law, because a very numerous class of inhabitants were entirely'exempted, presented a Bid of Suspension'for hauinp thi qutfliori fairly tiierl, and a general ruic established. The cause came before Lord Justice Clcik, as Ordinary, who pruficuuted the

following interlocutor—" Finds that the "quartering of soldiers in the town ot" "Hadington should be equally upon the "whole of the inhabitants without dil"tinction."

Upon a representation, the Lord Ordinary adhered to his former interloc.117 tor, with this variation, " That schoolmasters, unmarried women, and paupers, lhould not be quartered upon."

These interlocutors trie Magistrates brought under the review of the whole


Many ingenious arguments were stated on both sides ot the question. The Court pronounced judgment, by Affirming the Lord Ordinary's interlocutor* above recited.

Glasgow, June 8.

"This morning arrived , in Clyde, the Dutch frigate the Jason, of 36 guns, and icl men, Captain G. Donckum, commander. This vessel, which sailed from the T<xel on the 23d of February last, was, as appears from the deposition of the Captain now before us, one of a fleet of 17 fail, four or five of which were of the line, and twelve of which were bound to the East Indies, under the command of Rear Admiral Lucas; the remainder to Surirjam, under the command of Admiral Bra;k. On the 8th of March, between the islands of Shetland and Terro, Captain Donckum met with a gale of wind, which thilted his ballast, separated him from the lest of the fleet, and obliged him to bear away for Dror.theim, where he arrived about the 2cm of the fame.month. After refitting at Diontheim, Captain Donckum, on the ioth May, prosecuted his voyage toward* Surinam, without any remarkable occurrence, till the 31st of that month, when, 50 leagues to the westward of Broadhaven in Ireland, he tell in with the Mary Ann of this poit Itom Nevis, which he captured aud iunk, after taking out other some rum and stores. Capt.Donckum then beat about by contrary winds in the fame latitude, till the 4th instant, when his crew, dissatisfied, perhaps, with the new older of things in their own coinfry; or displeased at the sinking cf the Mary Ann, which deprived them ot their prize-money, or it may be, incr"ilsed ac their officeia for &ppropriating to their own tile the rum ami stores taken from the Mary Arii.c, mutinied, routined Captain Donckum and his principal officer?, Luithc in^U u,riei ti.e conduct cl C»r>

tajn tain Crawford of the Mary Anne, and Ordered him to pilot her into the first British port, with an intention, it is laid, of delivering tip the vessel to Government, and entcing themselves *olunteers 'on Board the British navy. On her arrival in the Road, the mutineers hoisted the British over the Dutch fi.ig, and fired a Royal salute; they then broughr their officers on shore, and have since assisted in removing their ammunition and warlike stores on board of one.of his M Jessy's cutters.

"Jimc 16. This morning, a duel was fought in the neighbourhood of Edinbuigb, betwixt Major Crichton and Mr Bennet surgeon in Edinburgh; wlieh the Major was unfortunately shot through the body, the ball having penetrated near; his breast, and come out at his back. It is with pleasure we add, that great hopes are entertained of his recovery.


May 6. Tr.e lady of Alexand-r AlIaN dyee, Esq. of Dunnottar, M. P. for Aberdeen, a daughter at Aberdeen.

9. Mrs Grant of Congalton, a son.

16. The Right Hon. Lady Balgonie, a daughter, at Balgdny, Fifefhire.

ao. At Bradford-hail, Worcestet-fhire, the lady of Lieut.-Go'.onel M'Donell of Lochgary, a daughter.

al. Mrs Richardson of Keithock, a foil,

».;. Mrs Wemyss of Werayss, a son.

June 7. Mrs M'Ker.zie, younger of Applecrofs, a son.

8. Mrs Stothart of Cargen, a daughter.

9. Mrs Glasscil of Long Niddry, a daughter.

it. Mrs Smith, spouse of the Rev. Mr Smith, a daughter at Muffelburgh.

1.6. The lady of Sir John Sinclair of Uibfter, Bart, a daughter.

—. Mrs Lockhart, wife of Mr Walter Lockhart, writer in Edinburgh, a daughter.

—. Mrs Brown, North-Castle Street, a son.


At Lambeth Palace, George Wrijrbr, Esq. only son of Sir James Wright, Bart, to Miss M'Lane, only daughter and sole heiress to the late Charles M'Lane, Esq. of Oikhampton in Berks, with a tortune of 5c,o»ol.

At London, NathanH Bishop, Esq. of Gloucester- Place, to .Miss Mary Elizabeth Douglas, daughter of the late Sir James Douglas.


"At Dublin, Daniel'Corneille, Esq. to Miss Stewait, daughter of Charles Ross Sti-wart, Esq. of the East India Company'} lervicr.

At London, John M'Kenzie, Esq. of King's-Arms-Yard, Coleman-street, to Mil's Va.ndam.of Guildsord-strest. .

At Dumbarton Castle, Mr Jo-in Turnbull, jun. of Cordale, to Miss Robertson, daughter to Captain Robertson ofthat place.

Sir Hrct<>r M'Kenre of Gairloch, Bart, to Miss Christian Henderson.

At Aberdeen, Mr Ronrrt Gordon, Craighead, to Mil's Janet Wright, r.iccc to the late Dr Garrqw.

May 17. At Iavernettir,!Wil!iam Forrester, Eiq. of Culmo're, Captain in the ad battalion of1 the 4th Fencihle regt. to Mil's Gordon, daughter of-Alex. Gordon, Esq. of snvernettie.

ao. At Edinburgh, Jas. Pierson, Esq. eldest son of James Piersoni Esq. of Abingfon, Cambridgeshire, to Miss Margaret Ouchterlony, second daughter of the deceased John Ouchterlony, Esq. of Guvnd.

June 1. At Borrowstounness, Mr Jjj. Taylor, jun. Sheriff-Clerk of Liitlithgo*,to Miss Janet Hart, youngest daughter to Mr Robert Hart, merchant in Bsrrovvstounness.

6. At Rosemount, Ayrshire, Robert Caldwell, Esq. to Miss iluiiter of Hunterstonc.

—. At Paisley, Mr Ebenezer. Richardson, manufacturer in Glasgow, to Miss Aynes Carswell, daughter of Mr Robert Carswell, manufacturer in Paisley.

ji At Perth, Daniel M'Farlane, saddler, Perth, to Miss Margaret Renney, daughter of the late Captain Renney, of Forebanlt, by Dundee.

9. Mr Peter Jamieson, of Kingston, in Jamaica, to Miss Barbara French, daughter of the late Mr John French, advocate in Aberdeen.

13. At London, Lie'ut.-Colone! Al x. Graham, of Duchray, to MisiMoncridt" of Sauchope.

—. At Glasgow, Mr Wm. Citthell; merchf. to Miss Christian Earir, daughter of Mr Robert Faric, bookseller.

: Mr John Lamb, merchant in Glasgow, to Miss Janet M Cormick, daughter of the deceased Mr Wm. M'Cormick, merchant.

14. Ar Lrthen House. Lewis Dunbar, Esq. of Grange, to Miss Sophia Brodie, second daughter of the deceaied Aleauntitr Brodie, Esq. of Lrthen.

17. Henry VVilliam Hardy, Erq. to P* Miss

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jMise Eleanor Douglas youngest daughter of the late Dr Erskine Douglas, aad niece of the late Sir John Douglas of •Kclhead, Bart.


At Hyderabad, 14th Oct. last, Lieut. "tViliiamSteuart, of the Royal Establishment, youngest son of Mr James Steuart writer in Edinburgh; a gentleman whose excellent taUnts were exerted during a Ions course of official duty, to the benefit of his employers, and whose private virtues, and endearing qualities, have rendered his loss a subject of regret .to the public; and of sincere sorrow to his friends. Lieutenant Steuart was for some years attached to the Residency with Madsjee Sindia, and, since the middle of the year 1790, has served as assistant to the Resident at the court of the Nizam; .in which stations his abilities, natural and acquired; and his knowledge of the politics and languages of Hindosian, enabled him to fulfil his duty with credit to himself and advantage to the public interests. As a surveyor, his merit was conspicuous, and in particular, his sur.Vey of the rout from Agra to Hyderabad thtough paths till then nn xplored, his proved a valuable acquisition to the Geography of India. His conduct in every .situation^ whether referred to a public or private life, obtained h'm the approbation of hii superiors, the respect and affection of his acquaintances; an uncommon liberality ot mind, joined to manners the most amiable; and an ardent attachment to the friends of his choice, will ever endear to them his memory, and keep alive in their minds the fineerest sorrow for his loss.——Calcutta Monthly Journal.

OH. 1795. At Charlestown, S. Carolina, Mr Edw. Jassray, manufacturer in Clal

tow, third son—in Dec. ai Charlestown, outh Carolina, Mr James Jassray, second son-*-and in Jan. 1700, at London, Mr John Jassray, eldest Ion, ot Provost Jassray, Stirling.

1 ■ '. At Fort Monghir, Mr James Clidsdale, assistant surgeon in the East India Company's service in Bengal.

Nov, At the Physician General'* House, after a short but .severe illness, Dr Andrew Ponton, surgeon in the Hon. Company's service. A young man much and sincerely lamented; whose humanity and attention, in the line of his profession, warmth of heart, and strict principles of honour and probity, had gained him the esteem of all' who knew

him.—*—Dr Ponton w:t son of MY Alexander Ponton, architect. Madras Can. Feb. 10. 1796. At Martinico, Lieut. Rols Gillelpie, of General White's ngiment, sixth Ion to Dr Tnomas Gillespie, physician in Edinburgh.

March 6 At Martinique, Mr Francis Hart, surgeon.

18. On his passage from Cork to the' West Indies, Jas. Smith Bailiie, younger of Duchfour, Lieut.-Cu}. of the 99th rtgiment'of foot.

Lately at Pondicherry, where he com m.inded,Lieut.'Col. Stirling of the 74th regiment.

On his passage to Barbados*. Mr Jas. Smollet, Mate of the Phœnix East Indiaman, fourth son of Alexander Smollet, Esq. of Bonhiif.

April 14. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elliot, widow of Mr William Elliot of WocHee, writer in Edinburgh.

—. At his house in Chapel-street, Ms Alexander Palmer, aged 8.?.

Ij. At Fenwick, Mrs Uewtr, wife «f the Rev. Mr James Dewtr, minister in that place.

— At Perth, Mrs Jean Richardson, wife to Mr John Ross, merchant.

-*-. At Muirbouse, near Hamilton, in the 94th year of her age, Mis Ann Hamilton, daughter of the deceased Jarnc* Hamilton, Eq. of Dalzell.

16. At Aberdeen, Mr David Ogilvie of the Royal Navy.

—. At Perth, Mr James Marshall, junior, manufacturer.

—». After a short illness, aged no years, Mrs Mary Turner of Church-Linch, Worcestershire.

—. At hi« house in L»ndon, the Right Hon. James Lord SomerviMe. His Lordship was one of the Sixteen Representatives of the Scots Peerage in Scotland, and a Bachelor. He succeeded his father in 1766, and is succeeded by his nephew, who will be the fifteenth Lr-rd SomerviMe. Their ancestor came over with the Conqueror, and at one prriod enjoyed very large estates both in Scotland and England. Their progenitor was the famous Sir Philip de SomerviHe, proprietor of the lordship of Whitchnour, wh» bequeathed a flitch of bacon to every husband and wife in the manor who Could say they had no difference for 3 year and a day after marriage; and at this day the claim is often made at Whitchnour House.

—. At Mansfield, the Rev. Mr Robert- Buchanan,-one of the ministers of Lesmahago, of a short iUacsa> in the 7id ?W 6?hn age, and aist of his ministry n that parish.

April 18. At Stromness, Mr Jeremiah Sinclair, shipmaster.

20. At Edinburgh, Geo. Douglas, Esq. »z. At Cullen, Mrs Margaret Hay, widow of Mr John Foibes, late minister at Dter.

—. At London, after a short illness, Mr "David Walker, lite of Mont rb fe.

23. At the Manse of Kippen, Mr* Christian Innes, wife of Hie Rev.-John Campbell, minister of Kippen.

—. AtEdinburgh, Mr John Johnstone, wine-merchant.

24. Miss Sarah Hamilton, daughter of the late Rev. William Hamilton, minister of Douglas*

*6. At Craigcroc*', Mr David Allan, farmer.

27. At Tain, Bailie George Miller, merchant there. . ,

30. AtEdinburgh, Mrs Gray, widovr •f Alexander Gray, Esq. of Overikibo.

May 7. At Mount Pleasant, near Edinburgh, John Hrpburn Lockhart, eldest son-of Walter Lockhart, ■ writer in Edinburgh, in his eleventh year. His disconsolate parents have had occasion to lament the death of other three promising fonji, and a daughter, within the last 13 months. '

.—1 At Bath,KennetsiMurchison,Es«. of Tarradalc ■•• ■ •

9. At Newton, Ensign Philip Thomson, second son of Colonel Thomson of Charleton. '•

■—-. At the Cottage of I.inclouden, Mist Margaret Maitiand of Eccles. < _ —. At Cbrstorphine, • Mils Atin'Austin, daughter of the late Hugh Austin, Esq. of Bjrdwan, Bengal. ■

—-. Mrs Jean Rossi wife of the* Rev. Mr Joseph Taylor, minister of the gospel at Watten.

It. At Glasgow, Mr Alex. Grindlay, merchant.

1$. At hi« house at Drumsheughj agtd

—. Alexander Fergusson, Esq. adv6- seventy-three years, the Hon. Jas. Erf

cite, unfortunately killed on the'road from Dumfries to Craigdarroch, by the Overturning of the carriage.

—. At the House of. Cartfljurrf, Mi's Christian Crawfurd, of Crawfurdiburn, in the 91st year of her age.

—. At his House, London, .Ge'o. Anderson, Esq. accountant to the East In.dia Board of Control! L

May 1. At Edinburgh, Mrs Agnes 'Banclay, widow of the late Wm. Grainger, Elq. of Warristcn,

—. At his house at Limpston, David Carnegie, Esq. .late in the service of the Hon. East India Company. "'

2. At Huntly in the 19th year of her age, Miss Forfyth, eldest daughter of Al. Forsyth, Esq. late merchant in Unntly

kineof Aiva.oneefthe SenatorsoftheCrllege of Justice. In the year 1748, he was appointed Sheriff-depute of Perthshire, upon the abolition 01sthe heritable-jurisdictions; in 1754 he was made a Baron of Exchcquer, 1761 a Lord of Session.

14. At Edenside, Mrs Agnes Martins, daughter of the deceased James Martine, of Clermont, Esq. • . - _ . ,

—..At Edinburgh,the Hon. Mist Marianne Sernpiil, daughter of rhe deceased Hugh Lord'Sempill. - • •

—. At Waterton of Stony wood, Mr Alfxander Smith paper-manufacturer.

—. At Edinburgh, Mr Wtliiam Ainflic, saddler, ...

16. At Geisr, in the coiinty of-Caith

—. At Hope-Park, after a short illness, ness, George Sinclair; Esq. aged 76.

James Ogilvy, Esq. deputy receivers neral of the Customs.

3. At Edinburgh,- John RuiTel, Esq. clerk to the signet.

—. At Letham, near Hadington, Mrs Dawkins. _ ,

-. Alexander Pott, Esq. of Borih

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of Auchindoir.

—. Mr William Watson, sen. manufacturer at Glasgow.

j. At Blackadder, Miss MaryB .swell.

—. At Tooting, near London, Mrjas. Veitch of Elliock.' *

6. At Edinburgh, Samuel Charters, £s%. late selititor to the Customs.

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