Round about Piccadilly and Pall Mall: Or, A Ramble from Haymarket to Hyde Park

Smith, Elder & Company, 1870 - 405 sivua

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Sivu 257 - This royal infant—heaven still move about her !— Though in her cradle, yet now promises Upon this land a thousand thousand blessings, Which time shall bring to ripeness :—she shall be, But few now living can behold that goodness— A pattern to all princes living with her, And all that shall succeed.
Sivu 79 - Blest be the great, for those they take away And those they left me, for they left me Gay ; Left me to see neglected genius bloom, Neglected die, and tell it on his tomb : Of all thy blameless life the sole return My verse, and Queensberry weeping o'er
Sivu 331 - I walked with the King through St. James's Park to the garden, where I both saw and heard a very familiar discourse between Mrs. Nelly, as they call an impudent comedian, she looking out of her garden on a terrace at the top of the wall.
Sivu 121 - Say what revenge on Dennis can be had ? Too dull for laughter, for reply too mad. On one so poor you cannot take the law, On one so old your sword you scorn to draw. Uncaged, then, let the harmless monster rage, Secure in dulness, madness, want, and age.
Sivu 196 - Institution for diffusing the knowledge and facilitating the general introduction of useful mechanical inventions and improvements ; and for teaching, by courses of philosophical lectures and experiments, the application of science to the common purposes of life.
Sivu 410 - A. What ! that thing of silk, Sporus ! that mere white curd of ass's milk ? Satire or sense, alas ! can Sporus feel ? Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel
Sivu 322 - In town let me live, then, in town let me die ; For in truth I can't relish the country, not I. If one must have a villa in summer to dwell, Oh, give me the sweet shady side of Pall Mall.
Sivu 211 - keep or be concerned in keeping any racehorses or pack of hounds, or reside one night at Newmarket, that infamous seminary of iniquity and illmanners, during the course of the races there ; or shall resort to the said races ; or shall lose in any one day at any game or bet whatsoever, the sum of

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