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the second death, for it shall have no power over them.

6. Their characters shall then be cleared of all reproach and contempt; all the slanders that were cast upon them while on earth, shall then be eternally wiped away.

7. They shall be honored by being with Christ in the judgment : They shall judge the world, and they shall judge angels : and this will be a great and glorious honor.

8. They shall be made kings and priests to God, and shall reign on the earth : Shall have power over the nations to rule them with a rod of iron, even as Christ received of the Father.

9. They shall receive a crown of glory, that fadeth not away : X crown of life, which the Lord hath promise'l to those that love him: For he hath said, “ Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.”

A crown of righteousness will the Lord the righteous Judge give, to all those, in that day, that love his appeariug.

10. He hath said, " To him that overcometh, will I gránt to sit with me in my throne ; eveni as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father upon his throne.”

We seem to have ascended to the top of celestial honors, beyond which there is no advancing: and, what can be conceived higher than these? If we would constantly have these before us we should despise all the vain, delusive, honors of the world.

But I hasten just to mention some of the pleasures of Eternal Life ; for, “ in the presence

of God there is fulness of joy, and at his righthand there are pleasures forevermore."

Among the thousands of heavenly pleasures, I shall mention the following

1. We shall be perfectly free from sin, and all its attendants and consequences. No selfishness, envy, pride, or wrath ; no unbelief, guilt, shame, or fear, no pain, sickness, sorrow, nor death; shall we ever feel, in chat state, to eternity.

We shall be delivered from all things hurtful, or vexing, or that would tend to: disturb our felicity.

2. We shall have the sublime pleasure of seeing our Lord as he is, and of being like him. And this is one of the highest pleasures. To be with Christ to see him as he is—and to be like him-Oh what a fulness of pleasure is contained in these expressions !

3. We shall be entirely among true, sincere friends, who will pour all possible lappmess upon us : not one secret enemy will ever gain admittance into the regions of bliss : so that we shall know the pleasures of friendship, in perfection.

4. Three things give pleasure to the mind of man ; viz. 1. Novelty : 2. Variety : 3. Gran. deur. These will be in the fullest perfection in that heavenly state : there will be new scenes continually opening, full of endless variety, and inexpressible grandeur:

5. Our knowledge here is small; but there, we shall gain such knowledge of God, and of his works of creation, providence, and redemp


tion, as shall give us pleasure, beyond what we are able to conceive.

6. We shall have the enjoyment of every thing, that can charm and delight our heavenly minds and senses :. The very air shall be love, and our breath praise. Our minds shall be filled with truth and goodness-Our eyes shall see the King in his beauty--and we shall behold the land that is very far off. Our ears shall be opened to the melody of Heaven-we shall hear the voice of uncreated Harmony, speaking peace and consolation to our souls-we shall drink, at the Fountain-head of Pleasure, the water of life ; and shall feed upon those fruits which are always in season-we shall smell the sweet odours of eternal bliss; and feel ourselves replenished with eternal life.

7. All our exercises will be highly delight. ful to us : there will no weariness of body, or mind, attend us, in that happy state.

0, how superior will our intellectual pleasures then be, to what they now are !

Here, grace enters into us--there, we shall enter into glory: Here, love enters into us-but there, we shall enter into love. Here, a drop comes to us--but there, we shall go to the ocean. Here, the stream comes to usbut there we shall go to the fountain. Here, peace enters into us--but there, we shall enter nto peace. Here, joy comes to us--but there we shall enter into the joy of our Lord. Here, Heaven enters into us--but there, we shall erter into Heaven.

And what shall I more say?- the pleasures of that life are more than heart can conceive, tongue declare, or pen describe ! Such riches, such bonors, such pleasures, hath God prepared for those that love him : And these are the blessings of the life to come, for which we seek. And may God grant that we may obtain eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord.' Amen.




[A FEW OUT OF many.]

HEAR the great Master of Assemblies ! What blessed words has he set to the view of a perishing world !-" And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." Such are the attractive charms, and forcible in. fluences of a crucified Saviour, that thongh, at first, they prove repulsive, by reason of a reject. ing spirit in man; and, with some, even beyond the grave; yet they triumph, in the end, over every fallen creature ; and the stoutest of all rebels will feel and fall under the force of

them. Not like Julian, the Apostate, finding Christ only stronger than he, and so yielding, because he must; but from the force of his dying love, his rising and ascending power, and because they WILL'; being sweetly overcome, by his kindness.--At the 47th verse of this chapter, we hear him saying I came not to judge the world, but to save the world ; and will he be disappointed of his design ? Will not the world be saved by him? At first and at once, it will not :: a lasting and severe judgment will precede. But, in the enil, we have reason to

believe it ; because, the Father sent the Son to • be the Saviour of the world.

In the 6th chapter of this Gospel, by St. John, we hear Christ calling himself--- The Bread of God, which cometh down from Heaven, and giveth light unto the world: And again, ver 51,

_ The Bread that I will give is my flesh; which I will give for the life of the world.The elect are never called the world, in Scripture ; but those chosen out of the world. Shall this life, then, be given for the world, and the world never live by him ? - John the Baptist came to bear witness of the light; that all men, thro' him, might believe : not SOME, Only:

As Christ, then, was sent not to condemn, but to save the world; Johin, iii. 17:-as he came to give life to it; John, vi. 33, 51.-and also prayed, that the world might know and believe in him, as the Sent Of God; John, xvii. 21, 23.-why should it be thought a thing incredible, that God should perform this ; and the

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