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they shall be forever as jewels, in the crown of King JESUS, to adorn even Heaven itself !*

That you may be adorned with grace here, and glory hereafter, is the affectionate wish of

Your sincere friend, .'!



* Isaiah lxij. 3. Mal. iii. 17.





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i DID our IMMANUEL die for us,

To save such poor rebellious men?
Did he display his pity thus,

That we might come to God again? 2 All human language wants a name,

For such unfathom’d boundless love ;
This pure, immortal, fervent flame,

Sprang only from the God above.
3 What can we add ? our speech is faint ;

We sink beneath the pond'rous load!
This love no eloquence can paint;

Tis grand ; 'tis worthy of a God.
4 O’erwhelm'd with this abyss of love,

We stand astonish'd at the grace




That brought salvation from above,
To die for all the fallen race.
Did our IMMANUEL die for us?
What more can be by words exprest?
For sinners Christ was made a curse;
Eternity must tell the rest.

HYMN TO THE MORNING. DAUGHTER of Heav'n, Aurora, rise,

Thy cheerful course to run.
With lustre crimson o'er the skies,

And usher in the sun.
Thy balmy breath's refreshing pow'r

Shall soon revive the plain,
Awake the sweets of ev'ry flow'r,

And gladden ev'ry strain.
The virgin yet untauglit to sigh,

Shall lightly tread the vale,
And raise, with joy, the tearless eye

To bid thy presence hail.
Come, modest mail, withi blushes speak,

In all thy roses drest,
Diffusing health on ev'ry cheek,

And peace to ev'ry breast:
Come, Morning,come, which Heav'n design'd

Its choicest gifts to bear,
And kindly teach the human mind,

To worship and revere

The last Composition of the Rev. Cr. WestLEY

IN age and feebleness extreme,
Who shall a helpless worm redeem ?
JESUS! my only hope thou art,
Strength of my failing flesh and heart :
Oh ! could I catch a smile from thee,
And drop into eternity !


By the late Rev. Mr. ELLIOT.
As all believers Christ embrace,
And all are justified by grace ;
So should their hearts and aims be one,
Knit in the bands of love alone.
The strong should yield unto the weak,
Nor his own will and pleasure seek ;
The weak believer, he again,
Should fear his brother to condemn.
We dare not boast, and stir up wrath,
Despising one another's faith :
Rather to God ourselves approve,
And dwell in peace, and live in love.


WRITTEN BY A LADY, AT EARLY DAWN. WELCOME to me this soft,this silent dawn, To pure devotion may'st thou sacred be :

My waking heart, with the returning morn,
In grateful praise, my God, I'd raise to thee.

In wonder lost-Ah, where shall I begin,
Or how recount the myst'ries of thy love?
That love which pardons all-atrocious sin,
The love of Christ which I so sweetly prove!'

While thus my days with smiling peace are

And I am shelter'd in thy love's embrace ;
O may my heart with joyful praise resound,
At every sacred season, time and place.

Jesus, thy love shall be my darling theme,
At early dawn, or solemn midnight hour ;
Or when the sun first darts his genial beam,
Or when he shines in full meridian pow'r.

In blooming spring, I'd celebrate thy praise ;
The varied seasons, as they roll along,
Shall all bear witness to my artless lays,
Till I shall join the heav'n-enraptur'd thronge

VI. Then shall I praise thee in sublimer strains, And learn the notes yon brighter seraphs sing ; Shall share the glories of those blissful plains, And thee adore through one eternal spring.

From a FATHER to his CHILDREN. To you, my children, I these lines address,

That ye may follow in the heav'nly road. Happy the youth(more than can tongue express) Who give the morning of their lives to God :


And walk in wisdom's ways --O fear His name; His word believe -- His faithful promise claim. That Grace which taught my early youth to flee Those paths which souls to súre destruction

bring : " Who loved me---and gave himself for me ;'

His loving-kindness I essay to sing. My God-my children's God-forever near, Our souls to bless,your pray’rs, & mine, to hear. The Royal Prophet, by experience prov'd; No happiness, in things of time and sense Could e'er be found, while o'er the earth he rov'd

And felt of false delights the vain pretence : But sums up all in one decisive rule, • The fear of God'--first step in Wisdom's school. Oinay this fear be on your hearts imprest, By His Almighty Spiritmas on mine. In youth and riper years, supremely blest

And happy-you in life and death shall shine ; Like him, t of old, who" gave with Christ to

reign, “ His golden years in prison, and in pain.”, Blest man of God! whose plain and artless lays,

In strains pathetic, on his children call, To imitate their sire in pray’r and praise,

And live to Him, who freely died for all. His lines evince the pow'r of heav'nly grace ; The same-howe'er remote the age or place. From earliest infancy, I fix the date The Blessed Spirit wrought within

+ ROBERT SMITH-who was burnt in the reign of Queen Ma. ry; and while in prison, write an Exhortation to his Children.--See 3d Vol. of Fox's Martyrology:

my breast

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