Sivut kuvina

Asham'd of Jesus ! that dear Friend,
On whom my hopes of heav'n depend !
No! when I blush, be this my shame,
That I no more revere his name.

Asham'd of Jesus! Yes, I may,
When I've no crimes to wash away ;
No tears to wipe, no joys to crave,
And no immortal soul to save!

Till then (nor is the boasting vain)
Till then, I boast a Saviour slain :
And O, may this my portion be,
That Jesu's not asham'd of me !


Verses occasioned by hearing a Pass Bell. HARK! my gay friend! that solemn toll Speaks the departure of a soul. 'Tis gone! that's all, we know not where, Or how th'un bodied soul does fare. In that mysterious world, none knows, But God alone-to whom it goes ; To whom departed souls return, To take their doom---to smile or mourn. Oh! by what glimmering light we view The unknown world we're hastening to ! God has lock'd up the mystic page, And curtain'd darkness round the stage. We talk of Heaver, we talk of Hell; But what they mean--no tongue can tell ! Heaven is the realm where angels are ;

And Hell,—the chaos of despair But what these awful words imply, - None of us know before we die !

This hour, perhaps, our friend is well, Death-struck the next, he cries-farewell! I die ! And then; for ought we see, Ceases at once to breathe and be !

Thus, launch'd from life's ambiguous shore,
Ingulph'd in death-appears no more!
Then undirected to repair,
To distant worlds we know not where.
Swift flies the soul-perhaps it's gone
A thousand leagires beyond san;
Or thrice ten thousand more, thrice told,
Ere the forsaken clay is cold!
And yet who knows, if friends we lov'd,
Though dead, may be so far remov'd;
Only this veil of flesh between,

Perhaps they watch us tho' unseen.
But yet, no notices they give,
Nor tell us where nor how they live ;
Though conscious whilst with us below,
How much themselves desir'd to know;
As if bound up by solemn fate,
To keep this secret of their state ;
To tell their joys or pains to none,
That man might live by Faiib alone.
Well, let my Sovereign, if he please,


his marvellous decrees;
Why should I wish him to reveal,
What he thinks proper to conceal ?
It is enough that I believe,
Heaven's brighter than I can conceive ;
And he that makes it all his care

To serve God here, shall see him there :
But Oh! what worlds shall I survey,
The moment that I leave this clay ?
How sudden the surprise! how new!
-Let it, my God, be happy too !

The DYING CHRISTIAN to bis Soul.

VITAL spark of heav'nly fame !
Quit, Oh quit this mortal frame :

Trembling, hoping, ling‘ring, flying;

Oh the pain, the bliss of dying !
Cease, fond Nature, cease thy strife,
And let me languish into life.

Hark, they whisper ; Angels say,
Sister Spirit; come away.
What is this absorbs me quite ?

Steals my senses shuts my sight,
Drowns my spirits, draws my breath ?

Tell me, my soul, can this be death?
The world recedes ; it disappears !
Heav'n opens on my eyes ! my ears

With sounds seraphic ring :
Lend, lead your wings ! I mount ! Ifly!
O Grave! wwere is thy victory?

O Death! where is thy sting?

The PhilosOPHER's Relicion described.


I WORSHIP the great Göd of might,
Whose wondrous strength is infinite !

Always resisting, at all times,
Whatever leads to vicious crimes.
By no means taking worldly pelf:
Loving my neighbor as myself:
Helping the poor that are in need ;
To strangers very kind indeed.
I strive as much as e'er I can,

To get to be a perfect man ;.
By imitating of the blest,
In doing things that's for the best.
My principles are such as these ;
And you may call me what you please 1
A Turk, a Christian, or a Jew,
Or one of the Paganic crew.

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COME join to use the sacred form
Christ taught to keep devotion warnt.

“Our Father, God, in heav'n above,
Perfect in wisdom, pow'r and love;
Be thy great name by all rever'd:
Thy precepts lov'd, thy judgments feared.
0 may thy kingdom quickly come ;
Make every heart thy constant home.
Lord, as in lieav'n, on earth thy will
Let all the human race fulfil.
Give us this day our daily bread ;
Be spirit, soul, and body fed.
Pardon of sins may we receive,
As we all trespasses forgive.
Lead us not in temptation's way :


Nor let our souls in error stray.
From sin and ill (forever join'd)
Deliver us, and all mankind.
For thine's the kingdom, glory, pow'r,
From age to age, forevermore.”

THE GREAT JUBILEE, Of which the Jubilee under the Law was a Figure. AIL, glorious DAY ! from ancient times foretold ! Thou day of Heav'n's eternal Jubilee, Ordaind of God to set poor captives free ! Great day, for which all other days were made ! Which God well pleas'd foresaw, when he survey'd Man by rebellion, ruin'd, lost, undone, Redeem'd, restor'd by Jesus Chirst, his Son. Thou day of God, prefigur'd by the law; And which the prophets at a distance saw: The grandeur of thy scenes I would proclaim, If God would touch my lips with heay’nly fiame: To me, O God, the leained's tongue impart ; Direct my fancy, and inspire my heart. Fix'd by the Great Eternal's firm decree, Thy date is wrapt in awful mystery : So far remote that day, conceal'd from view Its hidden periods, and its wonders too, That men impiously traduce, blaspheme, And count th' Important Day a fictious dreana: Assist me, Faith, Hope, Charity, divine, I prize your aid, let all your virtue shine. Teach me that hidden period to explore, When sin, and pain, and death shall be no more, When Christ shall over all his foes prevail, Ard spoil the powers of darkness, death and hell. Then shail Creation own his sovereiga sway, And ev'ry creature willingly obey. Ezch knee shall bow, and ev'ry tongue shall swear, While beav'n and earth his right to reign declare. To all mankind it shall be testified, In that due time the Saviour for them died, All things in him shall then reheaded be, All own him Lord, and bow the suppliant knee. All reconcild to God, his love shall know, Wheiher in heav'n above, or earth below. The YEAR OF JUBILEE shall then become. And all the Saviour purchas'd shall come hone


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