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winds and the sea 0- that even the wind is this? for he com.
bey him?
and sea obey him? mandech even che

winds and water, and
they obey him.


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28 And when he I AN

ND they came And they arrived at
was come to the ocher over unto the the country of the
fide, into the country other side of the sea, Gadarenes,
of the Gergesens,

into the country of
the Gadarenes.

which is over against

Galilee. 2 And when he was

27 And when he come out of the ship, went forth to land, there met immediately there there met him out of him

two possessed met him out of the the city, a certain man with devils, coming tombs, a man with an which had devils out of the tombs, unclean fpirit,

long time, and ware no clothes,

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3 Who had his

neither abode dwelling among the in any house, but in tombs,

the tombs.

and no man could bind him, no not with chains :

exceeding fierce, so that no man might pass by that way.

thority over the Winds and Waves, the like to which they had never before : heard of.

Not long after they landed on the eastern side of the Lake, not far from Gadara, a Town inhabited by Heathens, and situated (as we have related) on the side oppo fite to Galilee. Felus had no sooner landed, but there met him two men possessed with evil Spirits, naked, and who dwelt among the Sepulchres hard by. They had been often bound with Chains and Fetters, and as often broke them; and being impatient of all Restraint, they made their abode among the Sepulchres, from whence they were wont to set upon those that passed by, which had made that


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4. Because that he had been often bound with fetters and chains. and the chains had been plucked afunder by him, and the ferters broken in pieces : neither could any man tame him.

5 And always night and day he was in the mountains, and in the tombs, crying and cutting himself with ftones.

6 But when he saw 28 When he saw Jefus afar off, he Jesus, he fell down

ran and worshipped before him,
29 And behold, 7 And cried with a and cried out, and
they cried out saying, loud voice, and said, with a loud voice said,
What have we to do what have I to do what have I to do
with thee, Jesus chou with thee, Jesus, thou with thee, Jesus, thou
Son of God?

Son of the most high Son of God most high?
God? I adjure thee I beseech thee torment
by God, that chou tor- me not.

him ;

ment me not.

Art thou come hither to torment us before the time?

8 (For he said unto 29 (For he had him, Come out of the commanded the 'unman,

thou unclean clean spirit to come spirit.)

out of the man. Roid unfrequented. In these places they liv'd night and day raging mad, and making dreadful Outcries, not only molefting Passengers, but tearing and cutting themselves with Stones in a most cruel manner. These perceiving Jesus at a distance, being acted by the evil Spirits, run towards him, and falling down at his Feet, cried out, What have we to do with thee, O Fesus, thou Son of the most high God? We adjure thee by thy heavenly Father not to torment us, since the time in which he has decreed we shall be punish'd, is not yet come : Do not trouble us till that time come. These words were pronounc'd by the evil Spirits, who made use of the Organs of those miserable Persons that had been a long time poffeffed by them, because Jesus had commanded them to go out, taking pity on the calamitous Condition of those poor Wretches : For, as we have ob







For ofrencimes
ir had caught him :
and he was kept bound
with chains, and in
ferrers; and he brake
the bands, and was
driven of the devil

into the wilderness)
9 And he asked 30 And Jefus ask-
him, what is thy ed him, saying, What
name? And he an- is thy name? And he
swered, saying, My faid, Legion: because
name is Legion: for many devils were en-
we are many:

tred into him.
10 And

he be 31 And they be-
fought him much, fought him that he
that he would not would not command
send them away out them
of the country.

to go out

into the deep. 30 And there was II Now there was 32 And there was a good way off from there

there them

1 nigh to the mountains * on the mountain
an herd of
a great herd

an herd of
many swine feeding
of swine feeding.

many swine feeding :* 31 So the devils 12 And all the de

and they befought him, saying, vils befought him, befought him that he If thou cast us out, saying, Send us inçó would suffer them to suffer us

to go inco the swine, that we enter into them. the herd of swine. may enter into them.

ferv'd, they had been possessed of a long time, and could not be bound with any Chains or Fetters; but the Demons breaking thro, all Obstacles, hurried them away into these Deserts.' Fesius (that his Disciples might have some notion of the great Misery of those men, and withal of the greatness of the Benefit he was determind to confer upon them) ask'd the evil Spirits by. what name they were call’d. They told him their name was Legion, because that many evil Spirits had entred into them at the same time ; and they vehemently besought *Jesus not to banish’em from those Parts, nor to send them to the place of Torment. It happen'd that there was a Herd of Swine feeding not far off at the foot of the Mountains: The Demons therefore intreated Fesus, that if he compelled them to depart out of the Bodies of the Men, he would permit them to enter into those of the Swine, designing in all likelihood by the destruction of the Swine to alienate the minds of the Gadarenes (to whom they belong d) from him, left the miraculous Recovery of those two men should persuade many to believe his Gospel. Now



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32 And he said un 13 And forthwich

And hc
to them, Go. Jesus gave them leave. fuffered them.
And when

And the 33 Then went the
they were come out, unclean spirits went devils out of the man,
they went into the out, and entred into and entred into the
herd of swine : and the swine, and the swine: and the herd

the whole herd ran violently ran violently down a
herd of swine ran down a steep place steep place into the
violently down

into the sea, and lake, and were chok-
fteep place into the were choked in the ed.
sea, and perished in sea.
the waters.

(they were

about two thousand) *
33 And they that 14 And they that 34 When they that
kept them fled, and fed the swine fled, fed them saw what

their ways and told it in the was done, they Aled,
into the city, and city, and in the coun, and went and cold it
told every thing, and try.

in the city and in the
what was befallen to

che possessed of the

And they

35 Then they went
went out to see what out to see what was
it was that was done. done ;
15 And they come

and came to
to Jesus, and see him Jesus, and found the
that was poffefsed man out of whom che
with the devils, and devils were departed,
had the legion,

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Fesus, to make trial of the Virtue of the Inhabitants of Gadara, and to see whe ther they would be more affected with the loss of their Swine than the Recovery of the Men and the hearing of his Doctrine, granted this Request of the Demons who making use of this Permission, enter'd into the Swine, who precipitated themselves from the tops of the Rocks into the Lake, where they were all drowned, being in number about two thousand, the Loss of which no doubt the Gadarenes would greatly resent. The Swineherds who had seen the Accident, ran to the Town in a great fright, every where divulging this Loss, and also the Miracle wrought upon the men that had been poffelsd. This news fill'd all the Inhabitants with Aftonilhment, and a desire of being satisfied of the truth of what these men had related to them. Thereupon they came out in a body towards Jesus, and near him faw with amazement the two men that had been possess’d by the Deo





34 And


fitting, and clothed, fitting at the feet of
and in his right Jefus, clothed, and
mind, and they were in his right mind :

and they were afraid.
16 And they that 36 They also which
saw it, told them how faw it, cold them by
it befel to him that what means he chat
was possessed with was possessed of the
the devils, and also devils, was healed.

concerning the livine.

behold, the whole cicy came out to meet Jesus ;

37. Then the whole and when they saw 17 And they began multitude of che him, they berought to pray him to depart country of the Gadahim that he would de- out of their coasts. renes round about bepart out of their

sought him to depart coasts.

from them ;

for they
were taken with great
fear : and he went up
inco the ship, and re-

turned back again.
18 And when he
was come into the

he thac 38 Now che man
had been possessed out of whom the
with the devils,prayed devils were departed,
him that he might be befought him that he
with him.

might be with him:
19 Howbeit, Jesus but Jesus sent him a-
suffered him not, but way, saying,
laich unto him,

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mons quietly reposing themselves, clothed, and in a sound mind; and all that were present confirm'd to 'em the Story of the Swineherds, how the Demons had been cast out by the Command of Jesus, and of the Herd of Swines being drown'd in the Lake. The thing being thus made manifest, the whole City came out to Jesus, and in a body intreated him to depart out of their Coasts, greatly apprehending such another Misfortune. Jesus perceiving their Apprehensions, and how much they prefer'd their Wealth before the hearing of his Doctrine, took shipping in order to return to Capernaum; and being ready to put off, the two men whom he had rescued from the Power of the evil spirits, came to him, and besought him to give them leave to go along with him.' Bat Fesus sent them home, bidding Сс 2


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