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C H A P. X.

C H A P. VI. CH A P. IX. + H A P. VI.

and he received them,
and was moved with and was moved with
compassion toward compassion

because they were as
Sheep not having a
Shepherd :
and he

and spake
began to reach them unto them of the

many things. kingdom of God, and he healed

and healed their fick.

chem that had need
of healing.

3 And Jesus went: up into a mountain, and there he fac with his disciples.

4 And the paflover, a feast of the Jews,

was nigh.
15 And when it.was 35 And when the 12 And when they
evening, his disciples day was now far spent, day began to wear a-
came to him, saying, his disciples came unco way, then came the
This is a desert place, him, and said, This is twelve, and said un-
and the cime is now a desert place, and to him,

now the time is far * for we are here in

a desert place.
send the multi 36 Send them a-

Send the tude away, that they way, that they may multitude away, that


desir'd to have been only with his Apostles, yet according to his custom received? them kindly: and considering that a great many of them were sincerely dispos'd to receive Instructions, tho they had none among them whose business

, it was to instruct them in the Principles of Religion, he took compassion on them, esteeming them as Sheep destitute of a Shepherd. According to his custom therefore he acquainted them with several things relating to the heavenly Kingdom of the Mefiah, and cur’d such fick persons as were presented to him. After which he went up into a Mountain, together with his Disciples. Now at that time the Passover, the most celebrated Festival among the Feros, was at hand, which happens about the Spring time: of the Year.

Toward the Evening the Multitude continuing still attentive to the Doctrine of Jesus, the Apostles put him in mind that the place in which they were was uninhabitéd, and the time of the day well nigh spent ; that therefore he Mould dismiss .


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CHA P. XIV. CHA P. VL. CHAP, IX, CH A P. VI may go into the villa- go into the country they may go into the ges, and buy chem- round about, and into towns and country, Telves victuals. the villages, and buy round about, and

themselves bread : lodg, and get victu-
for they have nothing als:

to eat.

5 When Jesus cher lift up his eyes, and faw a great company come unto him, he faith unto Philip whence shall we buy bread that these may ear?

6 (And this he said to prove him: for he himself knew what he would do

7 Philip answered him, Two hundred penny-worth of bread is not sufficient for chem, that every one of them may take a little.

16 But Jesus said 37 He answered 13 Bur he said ununto them. They and said unto them, co them, Give ye them need not depart, give Give ye them to to eat. ye them to eat.


the Multitude, that they might procure Viduals and Lodging in the neighbouring Towns and Villages. Jesus looking round upon the People, and perceiving a great number of them, ask'd Philip if he knew where to get Bread that Evening fufficient for so great a Múltitude. This Jesus fpake, not as deliberating with himself about buying such a quantity of Bread, for he had determin'd to feed them after the manner we shall presently relate, but to see what answer Philip would return bim, who immediatly replied, that two hundred Pennyworth was not enough for them, that every one might receive a small portion to refresh himself

. Jesus then turning himself about to his Apostles, bid 'em give them wherewith to eat.


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8 One of his dif ciples, Andrew, Simon Feters brother,

faith unto him, 17 And they say


* We have . There is a lad unto him, we have when they know, they no more but five here, which hath five here but five loaves, fay, Five, and two loaves and cwo fishes ; barly-loaves, and two and two fiMes. fishes.

Imall fishes :

but what are they

among so many ? 18 He faid, Bring them hither to me.

19 And he com 39 And he com 14 And he said 10 And Jefus said, manded the multitude manded them to co his disciples, Make Make the men fic to fit down make all fit down them sit down

down. by companies

in a company

by fifties. on the grais, upon the green grafs.


Now there was much grass in the place.

What, said they, Mall we go and buy two hundred Pennyworth of Bread to be distributed among them ? supposing they had not enough to purchase so mucha Jesus hereupon ask'd them what quantity might be procur'd in that place ? Andrew, Peter's Brother, made answer, that there was a Youth in the compatiy that had live Barley Loaves and two small Fishes, but that this was next to nothing in respect of the number of the People.

Jefus then commanded them to bring the five Loaves and the two Fishes to him, and to make the People fit down upon the Grass by fifty in a Company.


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I5 And they did
so, and inade them all

fir down.
40 And they fac
down in ranks by hun-

dreds, and by fifties.
and cook
41 And when he

16 Then he took 11 And Jesus took the five loaves, and had taken the five the five loaves and the the loaves, and when the two fishes and loaves, and the two cwo fishes ; 'and lookhe had given thanks, looking up to heaven, fishes, he looked up ing up to heaven, he he distributed to the he blessed, and brake, to heaven, and bles- blessed them, and disciples, and the and gave the loaves sed, and brake the brake, and gave to the disciples to them that to his disciples, and loaves, and gave them disciples to set before were set down; the disciples to the to his disciples to set the multitude, multitude.

before them :
on and the two fishes di-

and likewise of the vided he among them

fishes, as much as they all.

would. 20 And they did 42 And they did

17 And they did ear, 12 When they were all eat,and were filled : all eat,and were filled. and were all filled : filled,

he said unto his disciples, Gather up the fragments char remain, that noching be lost.

13 Therefore they

gathered them togeand they took up

43 And they took and there were taken ther, and filled twelve of the fragments that up twelve baskets full up of fragments that baskets with the fragremained, twelve baf- of the fragments,

remained to them, ments of the five kets full.

twelve baskets . barley-loaves, which

remained over and above unto them that

had eaten. and of the fishes.

The People accordingly feated themselves by hundreds and fiftys in a Company.

Jesus then taking the Loaves and the Fishes into his hands, gave thanks to God, according to his custom, and then by the hands of his Apostles, distributed them among the Multitude, who all had enough and to spare , and 'Jesus having commanded his Apostles to gather up the Fragments, that nothing of this miraculous Food might be wasted, they took up of the broken pieces of the Fish and Bread as much as fill'd twelve Baskets. Now they were five thousand Men, besides





JOHN. CHA P. XIV. C A P. VÌ. CHA P. IX. CH A P. VI. 21 And they thac 44 And they that

For they were IO

So che mea had caren were about did ear of the loaves, about five thouland sat down, in number

about five thousand. five thousand men, were about five thou- men.

fand men. besides women and children

14 Then those men when they had seen the miracle that Jesus did, faid, This is of a truch that prophet chat should come into

che world. 22 And fttraight 45 And straight. way Jesus constrained way he constrained his disciples to get ed his disciples to get into a ship, and to go into the ship, and to before him unto che go to the other side other side, while he before unto Bethsaisent the multitudes da, tvhile he sent away away.

che people. 23 And when he 46 And when he had sent the mulci- had sent them away,

tudes away,

13 when Jesus therefore perceived that they would come and take him by force, to make him a king,

he went up into he departed into a mountain apart to a mountain to pray. pray :

- he departed again into a mountain himself alone.

Women and Children, whom Jesus thus entertain'd, and who perceiving this wonderful Miracle, concluded he was that extraordinary Prophet whom God had promis'd to send unto 'em, namely, the Meffab.

Jesus immediately order'd his Disciples (who obey'd him with some reluctancy at parting with him) to go on board, and fail over before him to the other side of the Lake over against Bethsaida, where he then was, while he himself staid to dismiss the Multitude. After which, understanding that several of those whom he had thus miraculously treated were resolv'd to take him by force, and proclaim him King over them, he withdrew into a Mountain alone to frustrate their design, and that he might be uninterrupted in his Devotion. The Apostles in the mean time,



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