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Acts, CHAP. I.
3 To whom also he Thewed
himself alive after his passion,
by many infallible proofs, being
feen of them forty days, and
speaking of the things pertain-
ing to the kingdom of God:

4 And being afíembled toge-
ther with them, commanded
them that they should not de-
rart from Jerusalem, but wait
for the promise of the Father,
which, faith he, ye have heard of

5 For John truly baptized with water ; but ye shall be baptized with the holy Ghost, not many days hence.

6 when they therefore were come together, they asked of him, saying, Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Ifrael?

7 And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own

power. appear'd to the Apostles during the forty days he continued on Earth after his Refurre&tion, and inculcated the Commands he had given them concerning their preaching of the Gospel.

A few days before Pentecost, the Apostles, as Jesus had commanded them, return'd to Jerusalem, where he appear'd to them on the fortieth day after his Resurrection, being the fifth of May, and reiterated his command to them not to depart from Jerusalem before they had received the Holy Ghost, whom he had promis’d to send them from the Father. For whereas John only baptiz'd the Penitent with Water, they themselves should after a few days be as it were baptiz'd with the Holy Ghost from Heaven.

The Apostles being all together, and perceiving now that Jesus had receiv'd Authority from his Father of doing whatsoever he pleas'd both in Heaven and on Earth, they inquir'd of him whether the time was not now come in which he had resolv'd to free the Jews from the foren Tyranný they were under. Which inquiry, thì it plainly fewed they did not yet understand the nature of the Meffiah's Kingdom, yet was not reprov'd by Jefus, as deeming it sufficient to let them know it did not belong to them to be acquainted with the times when such things should be accomplished, the knowledg of which God would not reveal to Men; but that they might






Acts, CHA P. I.
8 But ye shall receive power
after that the holy Ghost is
come upon you : and ye shall
be witnesses unto me both in
Jerusalem, and in all Judea,
and in Samaria, and unto the
uttermost parts of the earth.
Gospel, CHA P. XXIV.

50 And he led them out
as far as to Bethany: and he
lift up his hands, and blessed

19 So then after the Lord 51 And it came to pass,
had spoken unto them, he was while he blessed them, he was
received up into heaven, parred from them, and carried

up into heaven.

Acts, CHA P. I.
9 And when he had spoken.
these things, while they be-
held, he was taken up, and a
cloud received him out of

their fight.
and sat on the right
kand of God.

10 And while they looked
ftedfastly toward heaven, as he
went up, behold, two men
stood by them in whice ap-

parel ;
rest assured they should receive from the Holy Ghost all qualifications necessary to
discharge rightly the Trust reposed in them, who were to be Witnesses of what
they had seen and heard during his conversation with them, and to preach his Gospel
not only in Judea and Samaria, but all the World over.

After he had thus faid, he commanded them to follow him towards Bethany unto
Mount Olivet, where when they were come, he lift up his hands, and blessed them;
and immediatly after was carried up in a Cloud before them all, to that part of the
Universe where God in a more special manner manifests himself, and where he now .
lics at the right hand of that inacceslible Light, which is the evident token of the
Almighty's Presence.

While the Apostles, with Eyes fix'd towards Heaven, gaz'd on the Aying Cloud till it dilappear'd, two Angels clad in white Raiment appear'd to them, and thus


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Gospel, CHAP. XXIV.

53 And were continually in
the temple, praising and

blessing God. Amen.
20 And they went forth,
and preached every where, the
Lord working with them, and
confirming the word with

Signs following. Amen. accosted them ; Ye men of Galilee! why tarry you here? that fame Jesus whom you have now beheld ascending to the Seats of eternal Bliss, ye shall hereafter fee descending in like manner upon Earth.

Which when the Apostles heard, having ador'd Jesus, they returned to Jerusalem with exceeding joy for having bin made Spectators of his Ascension to the Father, as he had before promis'd them they should.

They then return'd from Mount Olivet to Jerusalem, which is about a mile's distance, and there spent the greatest part of the day in giving thanks and praise to God for the wonderful Benefits he had confer'd upon them by the means of Jesus; and having a few days after receiv'd the Holy Ghost, they departed from Jerusalem, and preach'd the Gospel in Judat first, and afterwards in other parts of the World, not a few being converted by them, God in a special manner accompanying them in the faithful discharge of their must Holy Office by many remarkable Miracles which he wrought in their behalf.





CHAP XX. 30 And many othersigns truly did Jesus in the presence of his disciples, which are not written in this book.

31 But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God, and that believing ye might have life through his name.

CH A P. XXI. 25 And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world it self could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.

The End of the fourth Year of Christ's Ministry,

and of the Harmony of the Gospels.

Such was the Life of Jesus of Nazareth, such his Doctrin, and the Miracles he wrought before his Disciples and others, which by his Apostles and others of his Difciples have bin transmitted in writing to Posterity, besides many other Passages which are not recorded : But these things have bin written, that the sincere Lovers of Truth may be convinc'd that Jesus is the Mefiah, or the Son of God; and that by firmly believing his Gospel, and constantly conforming their Lives to the Precepts of it, they may attain everlasting Happiness: and should any undertake to give a full and exact account of every particular of his Life, he would find very many and large Volumes insufficient for his purpose.

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FIRST DISSERTATION, In which an Account is given of the CHRONOLOGY

I have followed.

The design of these Dissertations. I. In what year, and at what time of the

year Herod was proclaimed King, and likewise at what time be died. II. That Jesus was born the last year but one of Herod’s Reign. III. That the beginning of Tiberius's Reign was twofold, to the former of which is to be referred that designation of Time which is extant, Luke 3. 1. IV. That there were four Feasts of the Passover during the Ministry of Christ, is evident from St. John's Gospel. V. That the last happened in the twenty ninth year, according to the Vulgar account, in which year the most antient Christian Writers tell us that Christ died.


LTHO I intend not to give an exact King over all Judet, no one can doubt who particular account of the preceding gives credit to St. Matthew's Gospel. Those Paraplirale, nor yet to enter upon therefore that have writ of these matters have

an uninterrupted Interpretation of thought these two things only necessary to be the words of the Aj ostles, whose meaning I enquired into, viz. in what year, and at what have endeavoured to expresó in it; yet I think time of the year Hurod died, and also by how it neceffary briefly to thew after what manner many months the Nativity of Christ preceded I have prosecuted my design in this Under- the Death of Herod. Those that have a mind taking : and first of all in what method and to acquaint themselves with the different 0. order I have dispos’d the Years of Christ pinions of Learned Men concerning these whilft he was on Earth, and the Reasons for points of sacred Chronology, may satisfy it. Secordly, I shall give some account of themselves from the several Tracts that have my Harmony of the Gospels; and lastly, I shall been written expresly on this subject : for my treat of the Antiquity and Authority of these part I Thall only lay down that which to me Writings, and with what intent they were seems the most probable. first publish'd. This is the subject of the fol And first of all, I think those are most in lowing Dissertations, in the two first of which the right who are of opinion that Herod died in I shall harely offer my own Sentiments without the 37th year of his Reign, if we reckon from confulting any man's Opinion ; but in the last I the day that he was declar'd King of fudes shall endeavour to show the weakness of some by the Senate at Rome ; but the 34th, if trom modern Conjectures, yet without any In- the taking of Jerusalem : which last account I vectives against the Authors.

have followed (for a reason I shall lay down

hereafter) as you may fee in the top of the 1. That Jesus Christ was born not long be- Page in which we have related the Transactifore the Death of Herod the Great, who was ons of the first year of Christ. This Year of


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