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The Mystery of the Gospel to be published with


[Preached at the Ordination of the Rev. James Adams.] EPHESIANS vi. 19. And for me, that utterance

may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the Gospel.


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The nature and necessity of Repentance.
Job xlii. 6. Wherefore I abhor myself, and re-

pent in dust and ashes.



The acceptable Year of the Lord.

[Preached at the Ordination of the Rev. THOMAS H. PRICE.] Luke iv. 18, 19. The spirit of the Lord is upan

me, for that to which he hath annointed me; he hath sent me to preach good tidings to the poor; to heal the broken hearted; to proclaim deliverance to the captives, and the recovery of sight to the blind; to set at liberty those who are bruised; to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.


Promiscuous Remarks on the “ Age of Reason. Job xii. 2. No doubt but ye are the men, and wisdom will die with you.

No. I. 270 No. 2.

274 No. 3.


282 No. 4. No. 5.


289 No. 6. No. 7.

296 No. 8.

301 No. 9.

308 No. 10.

315 No. 11.

320 No. 12.

326 No. 13.

332 No. 14.

336 No. 15.

342 No. 16.

348 No. 17.

353 No. 18.

360 No. 19.

366 No. 20.

375 Remarks on Griesbach's Greek Testament, 386 An Essay on the Excellency and Advantages of the Gospel.



Where the State is not annexed to the following List, the Sub

scribers are residents of South-Carolina.

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Allston, Hon. Lemuel I. Member of the H. R.

of the United States, Greenville district,
Anderson, General Robert, Pendleton,
Anderson, Robert L.

Addison, Joseph, St. Thomas',
Arnold, Mrs. Kezia, Augusta, Georgia,
Arthur, Peter S. St. James, Santee,
Axson, John


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Basset, Hon. Burwell, Member of the H. R. of

the United States, Williamsburg, Virginia, Burwell, Hon. William A. member of the ditto

Franklin, Virginia,
Bibb, Hon. Wm. H. member of the ditto Georgia,
Butler, Hon. Major General, member of the ditto

Edgefield district,
Barksdale, Mrs. Mary, Christ-Church Parish,
Barksdale, Miss Mary

ditto Barksdale, Thomas

ditto Barksdale, George

ditto Bennet, John H.


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Bonneau, Capt. Arnoldus, Christ Church Parish,
Bonneau, Mrs. Elizabeth

ditto Bonneau, Mrs. Sabina

ditto Bonhoste, I. W.

ditto Bonhoste, Jonah

ditto Boone, Thomas, jun.

Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth C. ditto
Barkley, John, Winnsborough,
Barr George, Indian Town,
Brown Rev. Daniel, ditto
Burrows William, ditto
Bradley Arthur, Salem,
Bradley, James Williamsburgh,
Bennett Thomas, James? Island,
Bennett, Henry, Charleston,
Browulee, John, 2 setts, ditto
Brown, Rev. John, Professor of Divinity and Sci-

ences, S. C. College, Columbia,
Brownfield, Doctor Robert, Statesburgh,
Blakeley, James, Duck River, Tennessee,
Blythe, Rev. James, Lexington, Kentucky,
Bryan, Jonathan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
Brisborne, John, St. Janies.

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Cheves, Honorable Langdon, Attorney General,

Calhoun, Hon. Joseph, member of the H. R. of the

United States, Abbeville district,

Cain, Daniel, St. Stephens,
Coutrier, John,

Coutrier, John, jun. ditto
Campbell, R. B. Marlborough,
Chapman, Allen, Chesterfield,
Carr, John, Barnwell,
Clarke, Doctor L. B. Fort Johnson,
Cleland, William, St. James', Santee,
Couser, Rey. John, Salem,
Cooper, Capt. George, ditto
Crawford, William, Edisto Island,
Cleland, Thomas, Kentucky,
Crawford, Andrew,

ditto Cunningham, Robert M. ditto, Cross, George Warren,

Charleston, Cunningham, Capt. Richard, 2 setts,

Cunningham, Charles,
Congress, Library Committee, City of Washington,
Clark, William Charleston,
Calhoon Izabell

Capers, Miss Eliza, Christ-Church Parish,
Cotten, James W. St. James, Santee, :-
Cooper, Rev. Urban,
Carr, Thomas, Georgetown. "

Drayton, His Excelleney John, Governor of s. e.
Dawson, Hon. John, member of the H. R. of the

United States, Virginia,
Davidson, William, Charlotte, North Carolina,



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