Tariff Hearings Before the Committee on Ways and Means of the House of Representatives, Sixtieth Congress, 1908-1909: Schedule C, Metals and Manufacturers, Nide 2


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Sivu 2756 - Manufactures, articles or wares, not specially enumerated or provided for in this act, composed wholly or in part of iron, steel, lead, copper, nickel, pewter, zinc, gold, silver, platinum, aluminum, or any other metal, and whether partly or wholly manufactured, forty-five per centum ad valorem.
Sivu 2700 - ... the actual market value or wholesale price of such merchandise to be appraised; and If the appraised value of any article of Imported merchandise subject to an ad valorem duty or to a duty based upon or regulated in any manner by the value thereof...
Sivu 2308 - ... tinsel wire, lame or lahn. five cents per pound and thirty-five per centum ad valorem; laces, embroideries, braids, galloons, trimmings, or other articles, made wholly or in chief value of tinsel wire, lame or lahn, bullions, or metal threads, sixty per centum ad valorem.
Sivu 2700 - That whenever imported merchandise is subject to an ad valorem rate of duty, or to a duty based upon or regulated in any manner by the value thereof...
Sivu 2460 - Cotton thread and carded yarn, warps or warp yarn, in singles, whether on beams or in bundles, skeins, or cops, or in any other form, except spool thread of cotton, crochet, darning, and embroidery cottons, hereinafter provided for...
Sivu 2615 - That on all importations of lead-bearing ores the duties shall be estimated at the port of entry, and a bond given in double the amount of such estimated duties for the transportation of the ores by common carriers bonded for the transportation of appraised or unappraised merchandise to properly equipped sampling or smelting establishments, whether designated as bonded warehouses or otherwise.
Sivu 2615 - Government assayer, designated by the Secretary of the Treasury, who shall make a proper assay of the sample, and report the result to the proper customs officers, and the import entries shall be liquidated thereon, except in case of ores that shall be removed to a bonded warehouse to be refined for exportation as provided by law. And the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to make all necessary regulations to enforce the provisions of this paragraph.
Sivu 2813 - In all tariff legislation the true principle of protection is best maintained by the imposition of such duties as will equal the difference between the cost of production at home and abroad, together with a reasonable profit to American industries.
Sivu 2499 - Act, twenty per centum ad valorem ; monazite sand and thorite, six cents per pound. 184. Mica, unmanufactured, or rough trimmed only, six cents per pound and twenty per centum ad valorem ; mica, cut or trimmed, twelve cents per pound and twenty per centum ad valorem.
Sivu 2615 - On the arrival of the ores at such establishments they shall be sampled according to commercial methods under the supervision of Government officers, who shall be stationed at such establishments...

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