The Land, the Seed and the Blessing: A Chronological Biblical Compendium

Morgan James Publishing, 2006 - 400 sivua
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Have you searched for a description and an explanation as to where and when events of the Bible are placed in the history of our earth? Have you looked often for a book which teaches you of the story, the narrative, of the Bible, as it truly flows, as does a historical novel? You have probably heard many interpretations and read many footnotes in Bibles with commentaries and dictionaries but still have a void or a feeling of inadequacy in your complete understanding. Perhaps you long to draw closer to the Bible, and to God. ""The Land, the Seed and the Blessing"" will lead you into a comfortable understanding of the Bible. It will lead you into a deeper reading of the Bible itself. This is the book for which you have been searching. The Land, the Seed and the Blessing is perfect for: The average pew sitter who cannot put it all together. Young parent-inquirer who is somewhat intimidated about church and Bible. Students in a college level semester thru-the-Bible course, chapters are classes. Instructors and scholars who find minimal disagreement and recommend it. Preachers who want to do the Bible in 48 sermons of 20 to 50 minutes each.

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Tietoja kirjailijasta (2006)

The author, William T. Kump, was born February 11, 1937, in Elkins, W.Va., into a family with a history of strong church-attending lawyers, teachers, politicians and business men. Graduated from Virginia Military Institute, West Virginia University law school, J.D., and Union Seminary, Richmond, Va., M.Div. Married to Agnes from June 1961 to present. Two grown progeny, one an orthopeadic surgeon and one an ex-pharmaceutical sales housewife. Admitted to W.Va., Va., D.C. and Calif. law bars. Have practiced law since 1961. Have pastored a church since 1994. Forty years of law practice, coupled with ten years of weekly sermons, have both focused on taking stories filled with precise details and condensing them into easily understood short stories. Judges and congregations both like to understand readily and completely the matter at hand. This book was increasingly considered for ten years then written over a five year period. The chapters were written, twice, as thirty-minute sermons with the thought of going to print. Author has translated much of the Old Testament from the Hebrew and most of the New Testament from the Greek.

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