The Hind and the Panther

Macmillan, 1900 - 134 sivua

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Sivu 91 - The body and blood of Christ which are verily and indeed taken and received by the faithful in the Lord's Supper.
Sivu 11 - Follow'd false lights; and when their glimpse was gone, My pride struck out new sparkles of her own. Such was I, such by nature still I am; Be thine the glory, and be mine the shame. Good life be now my task; my doubts are done: What more could fright my faith, than Three in One?
Sivu 78 - Prompt to assail, and careless of defence, Invulnerable in his impudence, He dares the world and, eager of a name, He thrusts about and justles into fame. Frontless and satire-proof, he scours the streets, And runs an Indian muck at all he meets.
Sivu 18 - Oh, could her in-born stains be washed away, She were too good to be a beast of prey ! How can I praise, or blame, and not offend, Or how divide the frailty from the friend? Her faults and virtues lie so mixed, that she Nor wholly stands condemned, nor wholly free.
Sivu 10 - Tis true she bounded by and tripped so light, They had not time to take a steady sight; For truth has such a face and such a mien As to be loved needs only to be seen.
Sivu 53 - Tis nothing thou hast given, then add thy tears For a long race of unrepenting years: 'Tis nothing yet, yet all thou hast to give: Then add those may-be years thou hast to live: Yet nothing still; then poor, and naked come: Thy father will receive his unthrift home, And thy blest Saviour's blood discharge the mighty sum.
Sivu 24 - She made a mannerly excuse to stay, Proffering the Hind to wait her half the way: That, since the sky was clear, an hour of talk Might help her to beguile the tedious walk. With much good-will the motion was...
Sivu 18 - As only buzz to heaven with evening wings ; Strike in the dark, offending but by chance, Such are the blindfold blows of ignorance. They know not beings, and but hate a name ; To them the Hind and Panther are the same.
Sivu 18 - If, as our dreaming Platonists report, There could be spirits of a middle sort, Too black for heaven, and yet too white for hell, Who just dropp'd half-way down, nor lower fell; So poised, so gently she descends from high, It seems a soft dismission from the sky.
Sivu xvii - His works abound with knowledge, and sparkle with illustrations. There is scarcely any science or faculty that does not supply him with occasional images and lucky similitudes; every page discovers a mind very widely acquainted both with art and nature, and in full possession of great stores of intellectual wealth.

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