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Sivu 68 - The Passport purports to be a requisition on the part of a Sovereign Power or State to suffer the vessel to pass freely with her company, passengers, goods and merchandise without any hindrance, seizure, or molestation, as being owned by citizens or subjects of such State. It usually contains the name and residence of the master
Sivu 138 - by a steam vessel for a part only of the distance for which any such rate may be payable, the reduction of one-fourth shall be made on such part only of the said rate as shall be proportionate to the distance so propelled or
Sivu 68 - Every merchant vessel should carry on board some official voucher of her nationality, issued by the authorities of the country to which she belongs. The official voucher of a vessel which belongs to a country possessing a register of its mercantile marine, is a certificate of her Registry : in other cases its form varies, and is called
Sivu 69 - of each parcel of goods, with the amount of the freight, duties, and other charges thereon, and specify the name and address of the shippers and consignees. The Manifest is a list of the vessel's cargo, containing the mark
Sivu 89 - from the fore side of the stem to the aft side of the stern post in sailing vessels, and to the aft side of the after post in steamers. 2.
Sivu 518 - iron in slabs, blooms, loops or other forms, less finished than iron in bars and more advanced than pig iron (except castings)
Sivu 24 - Variation of the Compass is the angle between the True North and the Magnetic North. This difference or error arises from the Magnetic Poles not coinciding with the Terrestrial ones, and is due entirely to the influence of the earth on Magnetic Needles, which is the same at few parts of the world.
Sivu 5 - drawn in, but payable out of the United Kingdom. If drawn singly, or otherwise than in a set of three or more, the same duty as
Sivu 28 - Wet dew. . Dot under any letter, an extraordinary degree. By the combination of these letters all the ordinary phenomena of the weather may be recorded with certainty and brevity. BCM—Blue sky, with detached opening clouds,
Sivu 471 - All fabrics composed wholly or in part of wool worsted, the hair of the Alpaca goat or other animal, costing

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