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diverted as authorised by the "Aberdeen Harbour Act, 1868," the limitation shall extend and apply to that river when diverted. Rates. Inwards pilotage rates :

Sailing Vessels.

For vessels under 50 tons.... o 50 and under 75

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Outward pilotage rates-one-half the inward rate, but not in any case less than 57. For any vessel arriving in the lower basin or tidal harbour after the dock gates are shut :-For vessels under 150 tons 3; for vessels 150 tons and upwards 5/. For each tide's work in the harb. each man in boat 2/. For any vessel beyond a radius of 2 miles from the eastern extremity of the north pier making a signal for a pilot, such sum as the captain pilot may decide, over and above the ordinary rate of pilotage. For any vessel calling in the bay for orders, and not entering the harb., requiring the services of a pilot boat, 20/, which shall include taking off orders. If after the expiry of 12 hours any pilot is detained on board, he shall be paid 2/6 for each tide during which he is detained; and if, after the expiry of such time, the pilot boat is required, 1/ for each man in boat for each passage between the harb. and vessel.

Towage.-Ordinary Sea Towage (by one or more tugs). From the docks or tidal harb. to the bay, or from the bay or outside Abercrombie's jetty, or vice versa, with cargo, reg. ton 24d; with ballast 2d. Harb. Towage. Between Abercrombie's jetty and the docks, or from one part of the harb. or docks to anotherIf 200 tons or under 6; above 200 and not ex. 500 tons 10/; above 500 tons 15/. In the event of any vessel being towed into the tidal harb. after the dock gates are shut, the tugboat shall, if required, continue the towage of such vessel into the dock the following tide without any additional charge. Minimum towage outwards or inwards 5/.

Officials.-Sec., W. Gordon; Treas. and Coll. of Harb, and Shore dues, P. Riddel; Supt., J. Pirie; Dock and Harb. Master, Capt. W. A. Crombie; Engineer, W. Smith; Gen. Man. of G. N. (S.) Ry., W. Moffatt; Lloyd's Surv., L. G. D. L. Hindmarsh; Coll. of H.M. Cust., G. C. Coates.

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Hotels.-"Douglas," Palace,' ," "Waverley," "and Imperial." ABERDOUR, Fifeshire. N. side of Firth of Forth, about 8 miles NW. of Edinburgh. Lat. 56° 10' N ; long. 3° 20' W. Post-town, Burntisland. Pop. 1,900. Auth. Owner, the Earl of Morton. Agents, Messrs. Dalgleish & Bell, 22, Coates Crescent, Edinburgh. THW. f. and c. 2h 34m. Accn. Wooden pier 250ft long, with jetty carried out to 4ft LWST.; 16ft water at II WST.; dry, LW.; Neaps rise 10ft.

Charges. Id per ton reg. on vessels; Id per ton on cargo. Official.-J. Gourley, Acting Harb. Master. ABERDOVEY, Merionethshire. At the mouth of the Dovey, Bay of Cardigan. Lat. 52° 30' N; long. 4° 15' W. Pop. 1,500. Auth. Cam. Ry. Co., under lease from the Crown. THW. f. and c. 8h om. D. on bar 3ft 6in LWST., and 19ft HWST., but is subject to frequent alteration. Accn. Pier 367ft carried out to 12ft LWST., and a wharf 365ft long. W. prev. NE. to SW., and most dangerous S. to E. Tr. Live stock, slates, lead-ore, grain, cement, fish, &c. LV. Steamers from the Baltic with cargoes of timber up to 1,100 tons. There is a regular line of steamers carrying passengers and cargo to and from Waterford. Steam crane power. A lifeboat station.

Charges.-Moorage of vessels, ad per ton reg.; slates, coal, bricks, iron, 2d per ton; timber, grain, flour, cotton, wool, petroleum, and general merchandise, 3d per ton actual weight. Towage. As per arrangement.

Officials.-J. Conacher, Secretary Cam. Ry., Oswestry; G. Owen, C.E., Engineer; John Davies, Harb. Master; J. H. Thomas, Coll. of Customs.

Hotels. The "Dovey," the "Raven." ABERFFRAW, Anglesea. A creek of Beaumaris. A bay of refuge in E. or N. winds. D. 15fms. HWST. Wharfage free. W. Jones, Dep. Lloyd's Agent and Harb.


ABERLADY (PEFFER BURN), East Lothian. THW. at f. and c. same as Leith. Very small trade.

Officials.-H. Welch, Merchant; W. Wishart, Pilot.

ABERTHAW, Glamorganshire. In the Bristol Channel, between St. Donats and Porthkerry. Lat. 51° 22′ N; long. 3° 20′ W. No Harb. Auth. THW. 6h 48m. Tr. Aberthaw lime.


Cardiganshire, Wales. At the joint

outlets of the rivers Rheidol and Ystwith. Lat. 52° 24′ 30′′ N ; long. 4° 5′ 30′ W. Pop. 7,600. Auth. Corporation of Aberystwith (Act of Parliament, 1874). P. NC. THW. f. and c. 7h 31m; Sp. rise 12ft; N. rise 1oft. D. on bar uncertain, as bar shifts. W. Most dangerous are SW. to W. by N. Rys. Cam. and Manch. and Milford. Tr.-I. Timber, coal, limestone, bricks, culm, hemp; E. Lead and copper ore, bark, corn, timber. LV. 367 reg. ton. The area of the harb. is 20 acres, dry at LWST. Quayage space for about 670ft is accessible to vessels of 500 tons. East Quay about 250ft long, with 14ft water HWST.; West Quay about 8ooft long, with 12ft water HWST. There are two powerful capstans with ropes on each side of the harb. entrance, and a 3-ton crane. A lifeboat station.

Charges. -Harb. dues vary from 3d to 6d. Vessels exclusively employed in fishing are exempt from payment of harb. dues. Pilotage.-District not defined. Rates. As per agreement.

Towage.-As per agreement.

Officials.-Town Clerk, A. J. Hughes; Harb. Master, Capt. J. Thomas; Coll, of II.M. Cust., Hamilton; Lloyd's Agent, Capt. J. Thomas; Lloyd's Surv., H. John.

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Hotels." Belle Vue,' E. Hamer; Gogerddan Arms," J. Roberts; "Queen's "W H. Palmer.


ACARSAID, Island of Skye, Hebrides. Lat. 57° 10' N ; long. 6° 2' W. Bar dries at LW., 13ft at HWST., and Ioft at HWNT. THW. 6h. 28m.

ACKERGILL, Caithness, 2 miles N. of Wick. Lat. 58° 26' N ; long. 3° 8' W. Auth. Owner, G. Duff Dunbar, Esq., of Hempriggs. THW. 10h. 58m. Accn. A pier of masonry about 100ft long, used by fishing boats and by steamers loading into boats. D. Alongside 15ft HWOST., and 8ft at entrance of creek at LWST. There are no charges. W. prev. S., most dangerous NE. A lifeboat station. The harb. was destroyed by storms some years since. There is a good anchorage in the bay, with S. winds.

Official.-Harb. Master, Wm. Thain.
Hotel. The nearest is at Wick.

ALDEBOROUGH, Suffolk. Lat. 52° 6' N ; long. 1° 30' E. Pop. about 2,016. A small decayed port 12 miles from the mouth of the river Alde. There is no harb. authority. THW. 10h 45m. Sp. rise 8ft.; N. 6ft. D. 18ft HWST. and 14ft HWNT. A lifeboat station.

Official.-S. Mills, Principal Coast Officer.

ALDERNEY.-See Channel Islands.
ALDRINGTON.-See Shoreham.

ALLOA, Clackmannanshire. On N. bank of Firth of Forth, 30 miles above Queensferry. Lat. 57° 7' N; long. 3° 44′ W. Pop. 10,600. Auth. Harb. Trustees, under the Alloa Harbour Consolidation Act, 1872, and the Alloa Harbour Act, 1878. P. NC. THW. f. and c. 3h 18m; Sp. rise 17ft; N. rise 15ft; R. of N. 10ft. D. on bar, Sp. 22ft to 24ft; N. 16ft. W. prev. from NW., not dangerous to shipping in the harb. Rys. Cal. and N.B. Tr.-I. Grain, timber, iron, dyewood, &c.; E. Pig-iron, coal, timber, dyewood, &c. LV. as follows:

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No vessels can enter the harb. at LW. of ST. The harb, consists of a line of open quays and a wet dock. Dock 630ft x 195ít, has an area of 3 imperial acres, depth ST. 17ft and NT. 13ft, and quayage 1,600ft. There are 400 yds of quayage space in tidal harb., also dry dock 210ft long, 37ft wide, 11ft deep at OHW. Cranes for lifting 20 tons of grain per hour, and two steam cranes for coals.

Charges.-Harb. dues 2d reg. ton. Rates on entering into or using any wet dock 3d to 1/ reg. ton. Vessels entering in ballast and loading out 3d per ton. Vessels entering to load from another vessel, overside, half dues. Rates on goods vary from Id to I/ and 2/6 per ton for gunpowder. Anchorage rates id and 3d reg. ton.

Pilotage. District. From St. Abb's Head to Alloa, and vice versa. Rates. Same as Leith.

Towage. As per Leith tariff.

Officials. Clerk to Harb. Trust., N. MacWatt; Harb. Master, J. Roy; Graving Dock Mans., A. Thompson & Sons; Coll. of H.M Cust., Fred. G. Taylor.


Hotel. Royal Oak."

ALLONBY, Cumberland, 21 miles SW. from Carlisle. There are a few boats employed in the cod and herring

fisheries from this place.

ALNMOUTH, Northumberland. At the mouth of the Alne. Lat. 55° 22' N ; long. 1° 33 W. Auth. Owner, the Duke of Northumberland. THW. f. and c. 2h 40m. D. on bar HWST. about 13ft 6in. W. prev. NE. Used by fishing boats and by timber-laden vessels of under 200 tons. No harb. dues; 1/ per vessel, if requiring ballast 6d per vessel. A lifeboat station. Officials.-Agent, E. G. Wheler, Esq.; Harb. Master, M. H. Simpson; Pilot, G. Richardson.

Hotel."Ye Schooner," Messrs. Thorpe & French.
AMBLE.-See Warkworth.

AMLWCH, Anglesea. Lat. 53° 25′ N ; long. 4° 36′ W. Auth Harb. Trustees, constituted by Statute 31 Geo. III. c. 125. Rys. The Anglesea Central Ry. Accn. A tidal harb. excavated from solid rock, can contain 30 vessels of about 200 tons each. THW. f. and c. 10h 30m; 16ft HWST.; 9ft. HWNT. W. prev. N. to W. and SW. Used by coasters of about 200 tons. Berths for about 20 vessels.

Charges.-8d per ton reg. on all vessels loading and unloading, and 6d per ton on all loading or unloading; other vessels 4d per ton, with a rebate of Id per ton on all vessels leaving the harbour within 30 days after arrival, except in the case of vessels to or from foreign ports.

Official.-Harb. Master, James E. Williamson; Coll. of Port Dues, D. McLean.

ANCHMASTER, Caithness. A small fishery harb., near Clyth. ANNALONG, co. Down, Ireland. Lat. 54° 10' N ; long. 5° 50' W. Auth. The Grand Jury of co. Down, under 16 and 17 Vict., c. 136, s. 7. THW. 11h 28m. Accn. Area of harb. about i rood 16 perches. Dries at three-quarters ebb. Used by fishing boats of 9ft dft. and local vessels loading dressed granite. Quay frontage 609ft. LV. III tons.

Charges.-2d per ton reg., 2/6 each per annum on local vessels, and 6d each visit for vessels not belonging to the port.

ANNAN, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Lat. 54° 57' N; long. 3° 16' W. Seaport in Solway Firth, at mouth of Annan river. Pop. 4, coo. Rys. Carlisle & Glasgow. THW. f. and c. 11h 5m. Accn. A good harb., dry at LW., 15ft HWST. No harb. authority.

ANSTRUTHER UNION (Easter and Wester), Fifeshire. Lat. 56° 13′ 16′′ N; long. 2° 41′53′′W. Auth. Commissioners of Anstruther Union Harb., by special Act, 23 and 24 Vict., c. 39, s. 5, and Anstruther Harbour Order, 1880. W. prev. W., most dangerous SE. to NE. Ry. Leven & East Fife Ry. THW. 2h 28m. Accn. New harb. has an area of 7 acres. D. 12ft at HWST. Old harb. has an area of 6}} acres. E. pier (masonry), 1,200ft long; dry at LWST. W. pier is about 48oft long. Quayage about 1,720ft. Used by coasting steamers and sailing vessels, and by fishing boats. Cranes lift up to

IO tons.

Charges. Harb. dues from 1}d to 4d per reg. ton.

Pilotage. For vessels between 20 and 50 tons, 24d per ton. Official.-Clerk, H. B. Macintosh; Harb. Master, W. Lyall; Coll. of Dures, D. Pringle.

APPLEDORE, Devonshire. A small port within Barnstaple Bar. Lat. 51° 5' N ; long. 4° 4' W. THW. 6h 15m. There is a stone pier at Instow, with 13ft to 15ft at HW.; dry at LW. Also two small dry docks and a patent slipway. (See Barnstaple.)

ARBROATH, Forfarshire. Seaport.

Lat. 56° 33′ N; long. 2o 35' W. Pop. 22,000. Auth. Harb. Trust., under Acts 2 Vict., c. 16, and Acts of 1864, and Harb. Order, 1877. P. NC. THW. f. and c. 1h 35m; Sp. rise 14ft; N. rise 11ft; R. of N. 8ft. D. on bar LW. of OST. 3ft; NT. about 6ft. W. prev. W. are W. and SW.; most dangerous from SE. Rys. Cal. and N.B. Tr.-I. Flax, hemp, jute, coal, iron, bones, guano, linseedcake, bleaching-powders, salt, lime, timber, grain, slates, &c.; E. Sailcloth, yarns, linen, grain, potatoes, pit timber, stone, &c. LV. Steamers with flax of gross ton. of 1,000 to 1,100 tons. Outer harb.-W. of E. 100ft. Most vessels lie aground on a soft mud bank. Dock 420ft x 260ft; dock area 2 acres; W. of E. 4oft. Depth on sill at HW. of Av.ST. 16ft to 17ft; quayage space of dock 1,350ft, and of basin 1,48oft, in length, and patent slipway 450ft long by 44ft wide H. of T., ST. 15ft; N. 11ft. A lifeboat


Charges.-Harb. dues 1d to 1/6+25% to 50%. Harb. lights and police id reg, ton. Plankage 1 to 6/6 per vessel.

Pilotage.-District. Pilots are licensed for the harb. only. Rates per ton.-Coasting sailing vessels, 4d per ton; coasting steamers, 3d per ton; foreign trade sailing vessels, 44d per ton; foreign steamers, 3d per ton. In addition to these, rates are levied (for providing the pilot master's salary), viz. :—Under 80 tons I/; 80 and under 100 tons 1/6; 100 and under 120 tons 2/; 120 and under 150 tons 3/; 150 and under 180 tons 4/; 180 and under 200 tons 5/; 200 tons and upwards 7/6.

Towage Rates included in pilotage rates.

Officials.-Clerk to Trust., W. K. Macdonald; Harb. and Pilot Master, Capt. D. Patterson; Coll. of Shore dues, W. Cargill; H. M. Cust., James Cassie.

Hotels.White. Hart," "Imperial," and "Royal."
ARDBEAR, Galway.-See Clifden.

ARDGLASS, Co. Down, Ireland. Lat. 54° 15' 10" N; long. 5° 36' 50" W. Ry. Belfast & Co. Down. THW. f. and c. 11h om. A seaport, the centre of the fishing stations on the NE. coast of Ireland. Auth. Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland, under Acts 39 and 40 Vict., c. 236. Accn. Area about 60 acres at HW. and 17 acres at LW., with depth from 9ft to 15ft at LW. and 15ft additional at HWST. D. at entrance 15ft to 18ft at LW. W. prev. SSW., most dangerous ESE. to SE. Used by coasters of up to 150 tons, carrying coal and country produce, and by about 500 fishing vessels. LV. 200 tons. Quayage, north quay 500ft, south quay 1,000ft. There is a small dock adjoining the north quay, where vessels drawing 9ft can enter at HWSŤ.

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