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JEDDAH, Red Sea. Lat. 21° 28' N ; long. 39° 13' E. Pop.

22,000. Tr.-I. Corn, rice, butter, tobacco, musk, gold, civet, incense, Manchester piece goods, and from Egypt and Abyssinia, manufactures from India, and slaves from the Malay Archipelago; E. Coffee, coral, Egyptian cotton goods, sword blades, matchlocks, cutlery, hardwares, mirrors, leather, dates and balsam. Accn. The portion of the harb. occupied by vessels is two miles in length, half a mile in its greatest breadth, narrowing in certain places to 300yds. The harb. has a depth of from 3 to 17 {ms. Jeddah is the port of Mecca. JORDAN RIVER, N.S. Lat. 43° 40' N; long. 65° 12' W.

Tr.-E. Deals. Accn. Considered a safe place in the summer for vessels of 16ft dft. A breakwater has been built ; it has 15ft at LT., bottom soft mud. Pilotage. No regular pilots. KARREBEK, Denmark. Lat. 55o II' N; long. 11° 39' E.

Accn, about 12st inside the piers. Charges. Expenses of a vessel of 45 reg. tons, cargo in and out, including pilotage 63 5s. Tonnage dues 37. Harb. dues about 8d. Pilotage. Inwards, about 9}d ton. KERTCH, Russia, Lat. 45° 15' N ; long. 36° 24' E. Pop.

About 41,000. Tr.-I. Sugar, coffee, olive oil, preserved fruits, wines, tobacco, cotton and silk goods; E. Wheat, barley, linseed, fish, caviare, wool, hides, and salt. Accn. On the bar of Yenikale there is 16 to 18st of water. Pilotage. 61 6s for the voyage up and down over the Yenikale bars. KIEL, Germany. Lat. 54° 19' N ; long. 10° 8' E. Pop.

About 56,000. Tr.-I. Coals, Indian corn, timber ; E. Grain, flour, timber. Accn. Two foating docks ; two iron shipbuilding yards. Charges. On a ship of 270 tons, including ballast, about £16. The eastern entrance of the canal between the Baltic and North Sea will be in Kiel Bay. Pilotage. During summer 1/5, winter 1/10 per foot. KINGSTON, Jamaica. Lat. 18° 01' N ; long. 76° 48' W. Pop.

40,000. Tr.-I. Manufactured goods, wheat, flour, salted provisions, manufactured and leal tobacco; E. Rum, sugar, coffee, dyewoods, hides, cigars, Pimento fruit (chiefly pineapples, bananas, oranges, and mangoes.) Accn. Vessels of large dft, lie alongside of wharves of town, above which water deepens to 9 fms; the harb. is a large and spacious inlet running east and west, and is capable of containing any number of vessels of large size. It is an important coal depôt for steamers. Charges. Light dues 5d ton for sailing vessels, steamers, d. Vessels trading between the tropics, under roft dst. 7/6, beyond tropics 15), soft and under 12st 10/ and £1, 12ft and under 15st 15/ and £1 ios, 15ft and under 2ost 17/6 and 41 155, 2oft and upwards £r and £2 respectively. Pilotage. 150 tons £4; 200, 25; 250, 46; 350, 27; 500, 48; 800, £9; over 800 tons £10. KONIGSBERG, Germany. Lat. 54° 42' N ; long. 20° 29' E.

Pop. 150,000. Tr.-1. Colonial produce, tea, herrings, iron, steel, tin, and tin plates, wines, coal, salt ; E. Wheat, rye, barley, peas, oats, tares, hemp, linseed, rapeseed, fax, timber, linens, oilcake, oil, bristles, refined sugar, bones, mats, feathers, wax, hides, skins. Accn. Vessels of 2,coo reg. ions come here. Charges. Harb. dues with cargo inward or outward, about fd ton; with ballast inward or outward, about 40 ton. Vessels of less than 60 tons pay half. Pilotage. From and to Pillau, Königsberg, or vice versa, from 10/ vessel upwards according to size. Vessels under gft dft. are not bound to take a pilot. Masters of regular steam traders may act as pilot of their own vessels, after passing an examination at Pillau. No charge for pilotage from sea to Pillau.

KUCHING.-See Sarawak.
KURRACHEE, India. Lighthouse on Manora Point is in lat.

24° 47' 50- N ; long. 66° 58' 15" E. Pop. 35,000. Tr.-I. Metals, hardware, wines, spices, cottons and silks, twist and yarn, and recently much railway plant and European goods; E. Saltpetre, salt, rice, and other grains, glue, hides, tallow, oil, oil seed, salt fish, bark for tanning, raw silk, wool, madder and alkalis and indigo, cottons, also horses from Cabul and the adjoining countries. Accn. In entrance channels HWST. 29ft, NT. 24 to 25ft. Vessels drawing not more than 22}ft can enter port during all seasons ; during fair season, Oct. to May 15, vessels drawing not more than 24ft can enter and leave harbour. Charges. On vessel of 1,000 tons for 14 days, loading and discharging £183 25. Port dues 3d reg. ton per month. Pilotage. In and out of port of Kurrachee sailing vessels and steamers. (The monsoon season commences May 15 and ends Sept. 30.) From 100 to 300 tons fair season k4 ; monsoon season £6, and 10/ for every additional 100 tons above 300. Removing from one part of the port to another £2 ios; removing from one mooring to another at the request of the agent or master £5; detention of pilot for ship being unprepared to proceed on the day named, £2. Towage. About 1) ton. KUSTENDJIE (CONSTANTA), Turkey. Lat. 44° 12' N;

long. 28° 21' E. Pop. 5,500. Tr.-I. Manufactures and all kinds of colonial produce and dried provisions, iron in bars and sheets, farm implements, prints and manufactured soft goods, timber and coal ; E. Wheat, barley, millet, linseed, wool, maize, and rape, cheese, fish, leather, hides, sheep, and oxen. Accn. Good harb., with every facility for loading and discharging, having a depth of water of 22ft when dredger is kept working Vessels over 18st cannot cross the bar. Charges. Port charges for steamers about £10. Pilotage. No pilot fees. LA CIOTAT, France. 14 miles SE. from Marseilles. Pop.

About 9,000. Tr.-1. Timber, sulphur, iron, salt; E. Anchovies, sardines, dry fruits, wine, and olive oil. Accn. Harb. formed by two moles ; vessels drawing 19st can enter. Shipbuilding is carried on. A graving dock 479st long. Charges. On a vessel of 600 reg. tons, drawing 19ft loaded £23. Pilotage. On vessel of 600 reg. tons, cargo in and ballast out, drawing 19ft loaded, in £275 6d. LA ROCHELLE, France. (Bay of Biscay.) Lat. 46° 9' 30' N;

long. 1° 30' 55" W. Pop. 21,000. Tr.I. Coal, iron, petroleum, &c.; E. Wines, brandy, &c. Accn, An inner harb., an interior dock, and a still larger exterior dock, outside of which is an outer port. Width of gate of exterior dock 55ft. A gridiron 256st long, and ship yards. At NT. ships drawing 16}ft and at S.T. those drawing 21ft to 22ft can enter the exterior dock. This port is of very easy access, and is well situated, with a safe roadstead. Charges. Quayage 25 cents per ton. Brokerage 64 per steamer, Labour 2/4 to 3/2 day. Tonnage 4 d. reg. ton. Expenses on a sailing vessel of 241 tons reg, about 226. Pilotage. Varies from £i ios to £5 nos rod, according to dst. On vessel of 241 reg. tons, coals in and ballast out, in, 149ft, sailing £4 4s 8d, steamer £2 28 3d ; out, Sift, sailing ti ios; steamer 15/1. Eng. Brokers. Bouyé, A. Duhosc, E. Mayer, L. R. Mayer. LA SEYNE, France. Pop. 12,000. Tr.-I. Wood and

iron ; E. Little or nothing. Vessels not drawing more than 16 or 18st can ascend the channel and anchor in the harb. close to the town. La Seyne is situated in the roadstead of Toulon at the end of a channel having a mean depth of 21st. Charges. Same as at Toulon. Pilotage. See Toulon. Towage. See Toulon. LAGOS, Africa. Lat. 6° 26' 15" N ; long. 3° 26' 45" E. Pop.

40,000. Tr.-I. Salt, crockery ware, bread, rice, powder, rum; E. Palm oil, palm nut oil, palm kernels, cotton, ivory, shea butter. Accn. Ships drawing git can at most times enter the river. Average depth on the bar 12ft. Charges. Wharfage according to agreement. Pilotage. A pilot must be taken, who charges 10/ foot. Towage. Inwards £25, and same out for all sizes of vessels able to cross the bar, or by agreement. LAGUNA TERMINOS, Isla del Carmen, Mexico. Lat.

18° 38' 44" N ; long. 91° 51' 22" W. Pop. 3,200. Tr. (Isla del Carmen). -I. Cotton goods, crockery wares, wine, wheat, flour, &c. ; E. Logwood, skins, &c. Accn. Wharves are run out from town to depth of from 13ft to 18ft, and vessels load alongside them to 13ft. Charges. On a vessel of 230 tons £44 ios 3d. Pilotage. 7/3) foot. LAMMOO, Zanzibar. Lat. 2° 43' S; long. 40° 56' 21" E.

Tr.-I. Cotton goods, gum, powder, iron; E. Elephants' teeth, rhinoceros horns, gum, wax, skins, maize. Accn. Has a secure port, with anchorage deep enough for any vessel when inside. Vessels of 18ft dit. can enter the harb. at LW. ; Sp. rise uft. LANDERNEAU, France. Pop. About 7,000. Tr.-I. Salt,

coal, iron, and steel; E. Grain, wheat, barley, oats, cheese, butter, eggs. Accn. The harb. is formed by the mouth of the river Elorn. There is 71st at HWNT., and 13ft at ST. The harb, can be entered by vessels of about 300 tons. Charges. Dues on a vessel of 66 tons, drawing roft, about 46. Pilotage. On vessel of 66 reg. tons, 114 tons burthen, drawing roft, Brest to Landerneau 11/1, and vice versa. If a pilot be detained after the first day he is employed, his pay is 3/2 per day. Eng. Broker. C. Caill. LANDSKRONA, Sweden. Pop. About 9,000. Tr.-). Coals,

coke, soda, raw sugar, machinery, cattle food, &c.; E. Oats, barley, wheat, oxen, pigs, sheep, butter, deals, boards, timber, refined sugar, &c. Accn. Has an excellent harb. with depth up to 35ft. Pilotage. On a vessel of 200 reg. tons, ballast in, cargo out, in, fost dft. 10/102; out, 14st dst. 17/0). LARNACA, Cyprus. Lat. 34° 55' N ; long. 33° 28' E. Pop.

8,000. Tr.-E. Barley, wheat, cotton, wine ; 1. Manufactured goods, sugar, &c. Accn. Iron pier for discharging ; depth 7 to 8ft. Anchorage from 8 to 12 fms in summer, and from 10 to 16 fms in winter. Charges. Port, health, and light dues 2ğd per ton.

LATAKIAH, Turkey. Lat. 35° 31' 9" N ; long. 35° 45' 35" E.

Pop. About 14,000. Tr.-E. Wool," sesame, barley, tobacco, cotton. Accn. Harb, formed by jetties, close to which vessels of uift dít, can anchor. Charges. Light dues id ton. LAUNCESTON, Tasmania. Lat. 41° 3' 25" ; long. 146° 48'

15" E. Pop. 11,000. Tr.-I. Manufactured goods, tea, sugar, beer, wine, &c.; E. Wool, oats, wheat, flour, timber, potatoes, horses, fruits, sperm oil, bark. Accn. There is a bar with generally about 14ft at HW., which prevents large vessels approaching close to the town. Vessels drawing 17ft or 18ft can go within half a mile of the bar below the town. Floating dock. Charges. Light dues, 6d. per ton. Harb. dues id ton. Pilotage. Sailing vessels, 1/ ton, steamers 8d, maximum £30, minimum 25. Vessels anchoring below Georgetown charged one-third, at or above Georgetown, and below Whirlpool Reach, one-half. Towage. Vessels up to 250 tons 2) ton, for every additional ton up to 500, 1/; for every ton beyond 500, 6d. These rates are payable to and from Launceston and the Heads. LAURVIG, Norway. Lat. 59° 4' N ; long. 10° 3' E. Pop.

10,000. Tr.-I. Coals, grain, ships' stores, &c. ; E. Timber, deals, fish, &c. Accn. The harb. is capable of receiving vessels of any size, steamers of 2,000 tons frequently discharging cargoes of grain here. At the quay there is 18 to 24ft of water. Charges. Light and harb. dues, itd. per reg. ton on all vessels with cargo, in or out; quay dues, steamers, 1*d, sailing vessels Ad per reg. ton (net) per day. Discharging and loading cheap. Pilotage. On a vessel of 300 tons, drawing 13 to 14ft, £3 125 gd in, £2 45 3d out. Towage. There are two small tugboats, which tow vessels at very reasonable rates. LEER, Germany. Accn. A dock. Has an extensive ship. ·

ping trade. Vessels drawing 15ft of water may come up to this port at HT. Pilotage. From Emden Roads to Leer river from April i to Sept. 30, from 13/6 for vessels of gst dft., to 36/ for vessels 14ft dst. From Oct. to Mar. one-half additional. Towage. For vessel of 340 tons, about £9. LEGHORN, Italy. Lat. 43° 35' 5" N ; long. 10° 16' E. Pop.

94,000. Tr.-I. Colonial produce, raw and manufactured cotton, wool, cutlery, hardware, earthenware, salted fish, and wheat ; E. Raw and manufactured silks, straw hats and straw plaiting, oil, fruits, borax, cheese, anchovies, marble, sulphur, coral, shumac, valonia, wines, rags, manure, &c. Accn, Leghorn is one of the chief seaports in the Mediterranean ; the harb. has from 3 to 5 fms inside breakwater, and close to town 10 to 16ft. Charges. Disbursements of a vessel of 132 tons, 12ft dst., for 40 days about £25 45 3 d. Pilotage. Optional for vessels of every nation, either inwards or outwards. Rate to be received by qualified pilots is fixed at ad reg. ton ; tonnage taken as certified by ship's papers. Pilots are bound to render assistance within the zone comprised between the Meloria Banks and the Medicean or inner harb. From outside the Meloria an additional fixed rate of 15/109 is due for every vessel of whatever tonnage. If qualified pilots are required from the new harb. to the inner harb., the charge is-from 10 to 300 tons 7/11 ; 301 to 500, 11/10); 501 tons and upwards 15/10). From the new harb. to the dock-from 10 to 300 tons 11/10) ; 301 to 500,

15/10} ; 501 tons and upwards £r. Vessels requiring pilots outwards pay half these rates. LIBAU, Russia. Lat. 56° 32' N ; long. 20° 57' E. Pop.

About 11,000. Tr,-1. Salt, herrings, wine, fruits, and colonial produce; E. Rye, cattle, hides, barley, oats, flax, leather, linseed, and deals. Accn. There are 17ft on bar, and the same inside harb. Pilotage. On a vessel of about 210 tons £1 6s 8d. Towage. From harb. to sea or vice versa, from 50 to 63 tons £3 55; 63 to 75 £3 iis 60; 75 tons and upwards £4 is 3d. Vessels employing the steamtug inwards have only to pay half these rates outwards. Under extraordinary circumstances an agreement must be made. LINGAH, Persia. Lat. 26° 33' 5" N; long. 54° 53' 47" E.

Pop. About 20,000. Tr.-I. Coffee, candles and oil, rope, cutlery, crockery, indigo, metals, piece goods, rice, sugar, timber, and tea; E. Carpets, drugs, cotton, tobacco from the interior, canvas or sail cloth, local manusactures, salt fish, also pearls, pearl shells, turtle or tortoise shells, and shark fins from the coast of Arabia. Accn. The anchorage is in 5 fms half a mile off shore. LISBON, Portugal. Lat. 38° 42' 24" N ; long. 9° 5' 50" W.

Pop. 280,000. Tr.-I. Hemp, flax and linen cloths from Russia, iron, steel, salt fish, timber, pitch and tar from Baltic, linen cloth, &c., from Holland and Germany, codfish from Newfoundland, corn from the U.S., silks from France, cotton and woollen goods, hardware, ale, porter, linen, coals, &c., from England ; this trade is almost entirely carried on in foreign ships ; E. Wines, fruits, salt, oil, wool, leather, cattle, and cork: Accn. The largest vessels can anchor in the river close to the city. Great extension of harb. works in course of construction by French contractors, MM. Hersent and Couvreaux, of Paris. Pilotage. For foreign or national vessels, in or out, up to 240 tons burthen ild ton, and on each ton in excess of 240 tons Ad ton.

These rates do not include the river pilotage, which is the same for all vessels, viz. :-From Belem to the anchorage off the Custom House, and vice versa 5/4; and 3/6 for each succeeding day the pilot is detained on board. For change of moorings in the river the charge is 5/4 for the first day's work, and 3/6 for each succeeding day, if any. LJUSNE, Sweden. Tr.-E. Timber, deals, battens, and iron.

Accn. Harb. has sufficient depth of water for vessels of 700 tons. Charges. Port dues on a brig of 150 tons £22 18s 4d. Pilotage. On a brig 150 reg. tons, ballast in, cargo of 70 standard deals out, in, 9jft dft. 15/03 ; out, 13ft dft. 21/. Towage. On a brig of 150 reg. tons ballast in, cargo of 70 standard deals out, to loading berth 10/7} ; to sea 1511. L'ORIENT, France. Lat. 47° 04' N ; long. 3° 31' W. Pop.

About 40,055. Tr.--1. Grain, petroleum, shipbuilding materials, coal, iron, and provisions ; E. Wheat, wine, brandy, liqueurs, sardines, cloth, iron, lead, silks, wax, &c. Accn. Floating dock for vessels up to 600 tons burthen and 15ft dst, at ST. The largest vessels can discharge in the harbour. Shipbuilding is carried on. There are two graving docks and a heaving-down pontoon for vessels up to 400 tons. Eng. Brokers. Civel, Kerlero du Crano.

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