Sivut kuvina

Corn-continued. (Wheaten).-B. 4/2 per barrel; BG. 4/2 ditto; CGH. 316 per 100 lbs ;

C. 1/10) per cwt; DC. 2/1 per barrel ; Hon. Free ; T. Free; Ja. 8/ per barrel; M. 94d per cwt; N. Free, with registration charge of ad per bag or barrel; NF. 1/0$ per barrel ; NSW. Free ; NZ. 11. per too lbs; Q. Free ; SA. 27 per 100 lbs, (NT.) By sea 10%, other free ; Tas. 1/3 per 100 lbs ; Tr. 3/4 per barrel ; V. 2/ per

100 lbs; WA. 20/ per 2,000 lbs. (Rice).-B. 61d per cwt ; BG. 1/2 per cwt; CGH. ud, paddy'1/4 per 100

lbs ; C. od per bushel, paddy 3d per cwt ; DC. "Paddy 171% a v, if imported direct from the country of growth, other 4/8 per cwt ; !: Free; Ja. Undressed 1/ per bushel, other 3/ per 100 lbs ; M. 6d per cwt; N. Free, with registration charge of 2d per bag or barrel; NF. 121% a v; NSW. 3/ per cwt; NZ. 4/8 per cwt ; Q. 9/4 per cwt, barley 9d. per bushel, malting do. 1/6, maize and oats 8d ; 8A. 37 per cwt (4/8 per cwt in Northern Territory); Tas. 9/4 per cwt ; Tr. 2/2 per cwt; V. 6) per 100 lbs, undressed imported into any bonded warehouse and dressed therein 4 per 100 lbs, do, do. of any kind

not otherwise enumerated 2/ per 100 lbs; WA.' 2/ per cwt.
Corrugated Iron.-See Iron, &c.
Cotton-See Woven Manufactures (Cotton).
Crystals.-See Alkali.
Disinfectants.-See Bleaching Materials.
Dogs.-Tr. 10/ each.
Drapery: -See Cottons, &c.
Druggists' Materials. - See Barytes ; also Bleaching Materials.
Druggists' Sundries.-See Sal Ammoniac.
Dye Stuffs.-See Indigo.
Earth-closets.-See Earthenware.
Eau de Cologne.-Sec Perfumery.
Earthenware and Porcelain, á v.-B. Empty stoneware bottles free, bricks,

3) per 1,000, all other 4% av; BG. Bricks 1/3 per 1,000, other 7%,
CGH, Telegraphic materials free, other kinds 15%; C. Bricks and
tiles, apparatus and parts of machinery free, other kinds 61% ; DC.
Earthenware and stoneware (jugs, &c.) id per gallon ; brown or
coloured Rockingham ware, white, granite, or iron stoneware,
cream-coloured ware, decorated, printed, or sponged, and all other
earthenware 35% av; Hon. Per lb earthen, stone, and china ware,
according to quality, jd to idd ; I. All kinds free; Ja. Bricks (not
bath), pipes for conveying Auid, tiles free, other kinds 125%; M.
Bricks and tiles, apparatus for manufacture or improvement of
produce free, other kinds 64%; N. Bricks, fire-bricks and tiles
with registration charge of 1/ per ton free, other kinds 7%; NF.
All kinds 13%; NSW. All kinds free ; NZ. Drainage pipes,
tiles, and bottles empty, all materials specially imported for the
construction of gas-works, water-pipes not otherwise described, and
all material specially imported for the construction of waterworks
free, earthenware, chinaware, porcelain and parian ware 15% ; Q.
All kinds 75%; SA. chinaware and earthenware not enumerated
15%, (NT.) 10%, tiles, brown earthenware, 25%; Tas. Water pipes,
drain pipes, draining tiles, fire and building bricks free, chimney.
pots gd per cwt, all other kinds 10%: Tr. 4% av; V. Fire bricks Er
per 1000, earthenware 1/4 per cubic foot, chinaware and porcelain
2/6 ditto, brown ware and tiles 20% av; WA. Drainage pipes and
tiles, and earth-closets 5%, stone bottles and telegraphic materials

10%, other kinds 12%. Electrical Apparatus -See Brass, Copper, &c.; also Earthenware ; also.

Glass, &c.; also Indiarubber, &c. Electrotypes.-See Lead, &c. Engine Fittings.-See Iron, &c. . Epsom Salts, a v.-B. 4%; BG. 7%; CGH. 15%; C. 61% ; DC. 20% ; I.

Free; Ja. 12%; M. 64%; N. 7%; NF. 8%; NSW. Free ; NZ. 15%; Q. 73%; SA. 10%; Tas. Free ; Tr. Free ; V. Free ; WA.

12%. Fenders. See Brass, Copper, &c. Fencing Wire.-See Iron, &c. Fire Bricks,-See Earthenware. Fireclay, a v.-B. 4%; BG. 7%; CGH. 15%; C. Free ; DC. Free ; !. Free ;

Ja. 12%; M. 61%; N. 7%; NF. 13%; NSW. Free ; NZ. Free;

Q. 71%; SA. Free ; Tas. Free; Tr. Free ; V. Free; WA. 121%. Fire Engines. - See Brass, Copper, &c.; also Iron and Steel, Fire Irons.-See Brass, Copper, &c.

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Grindstones and Millstones, a v.-B. 4%; BG. Millstones free, grindstones

7%; CGH. 15%; C. Free ; DC. Burr stones, in blocks, rough or unmanufactured, not bound up into millstones free, grindstones 8/4 per ton, other kinds 20%; I. Free ; Ja. Mills, parts of, free, other kinds 12%; M. Machinery for manufacture of produce frec, other 61%; N. Free, with a registration charge of 1/ per ton or 6d per package ; NF. Parts of machinery 8%, other kinds 13%; NSW. Free ; NZ. Free; Q. Machinery for manufacturing purposes free 8A. Free ; Tas. Free ; Tr. Machinery for manufacture of produce

free, other kinds 4%; V. Free ; WA. Millstones 5%, grindstones 124% Gunpowder.-Tr. 9/4. Qutta Percha.-See Indiarubber, &c. Haberdashery.-See Iudiarubler, &c.; also Linen, &c. ; also Woven Manu

factures. Hams.-See Bacon and Hams. Handkerchiefs.-See Linen, &c. Hardware.See Household Furniture, Hats (Beaver, Silk and Felt) a v.-B. 4%; BG. 7%; CGH. 15%; C. 64%; DC.

25%; 1. Free; Ja. 12}%; M. 64%; N. 7%; NF. 13%; NSW. Free; NZ. 15%; Q. 73%; SA. from 81 to 62 8s per doz, not enumerated 25%; (NT.) 10%; Tas. 10%; Tri 4%; V. Hats, (except straw, chip, willow, tape, and braid, untrimmed) 25%, boys', youths' and men's, with calico or other foundation or frame, and covered with felt, plush, silk, merino, or other material (unless otherwise specified) 41 tos per dozen, known as dress hats 62 8s per dozen, boys' and youths' felt, in sizes up to and including 61 8/ per dozen, men's felt, and women's untrimmed felt, of any size, and pith hats 15/ per dozen, other kinds (except straw, chip, willow, tape, and braid, untrimmed) 25%, felt hood, pull-over hoods, and any article of felt

prepared for the manufacture of hats 5/ per doz.; WA. 12}%. Hemp.-See Linen. Hides, Skins and Leather (Unwrought and Wrought), a v.-B. Hides and

skins, raw free, other kinds 4%; BG. All kinds 7%; CGH. Boots, &c.
2/ to / per doz pairs, with 10% a vin addition, other 15%; C. All kinds
61%; DC. Boots, &c. 25%, leather 15% to 25%, harness and saddlery
30%; Hon. Per lb, according to quality 410 to 1/, leather 4td,
wares ul : 1. All kinds free; Ja. Raw hides, pipes for conveying
Auids, free, other kinds 12%; M. All kinds 68%; N. Hides and skins,
raw and undressed, with a registration charge of 1/ per ton or 6d
per package, free, leather and other kinds 7%; NF. Not tanned,
curried, or dressed free, leather 15% av; NSW. All kinds free ;
NZ. Boots, &c. 2/ to 12/ per doz pairs, leather, sole, 4/8 per cwt,
other kinds 9/4, manufactures 15%; Q. Leather 37/4, boots and shoes,
men's 22) per dozen pairs, youths' 14, boys' 12), women's 13), girls'
11/, small do. (Nos. 7 to 10) 81; SA. Hides and skins, raw, free, boots
and shoes from 11/6 to 33/ per doz. pairs, harness, saddlery made up,
and leatherware, all kinds 25%; (NT.) Boots and shoes 10%, leather,
patent, kid, &c., free, other 10%: Tas. Hides and skins, raw and
unmanufactured free, leather and all goods manufactured therefrom,
in whole or in part, including hides and skins dressed in any manner
10%; Tr. Leather manufactures, being boots, shoes, slippers and
leggings of all kinds, harness and saddlery 4%; V. Boots and shoes
4 to 33/ per doz pairs, leather 71%, 10%, and 20%, wares 25%,
Saddle-trees, riding £ 1 per doz, do. harness 10/ per doz., saddles, and
harness and whips of any description 25% a v, gloves 20%; WA.
Hose 5%, hides, raw, free, and apparatus for raising and distributing

water 10%. all other 5%, saddlery and harness 20%. Hops.-B. 4% a v; BG. 7% a v; CGH. 10% av; C. free; öc. 3d Ib; Hon.

dib; I. free; Ja. 121% a v; M. 61% a v; N. 7% a v; NF. 13% a' v; NSW. 3d Ib; NZ. 60 lb; Q. 6 lb; SA. 60 lb; (NT.)

3d ib; Tas. ad Ib; Tr. free ; V. 6d Ib; WA. 40 lb. Horses.-B. Foals, horses belonging to equestrian companies and taken away

with them, and race horses after the first importation, if drawback has not been claimed, free, other horses, under 131 hands to each, ditra of or above 131 hands £z each ; BG. horses, stallions under 141 hands 620 16s 8d each, all other horses £1 Os ad each ; CGH, free: C. free, DC. Horses brought into Canada temporarily tor exhibition or competition for prizes, for improvement of stock imported into Manitoba and the North-West Territory by settlers, free, other 20% a v; l. free ; Ja. 10! each ; M. Free; N. Free, with a registration charge ; NF. 12/6 each ; NSW. Free; NZ. Free; Q. Free ; 8A. Free : Tas. Free : Tr. 62 as 6d each ; V. 5/ each ; WA. Free.

Hose. See Hides, &c.
Hosiery. See Cotton, &c.; also Indiarubber, &c.; also Linen, &c.; also

Woven Manufactures.
Household Furniture, a v.-B. 4%; BQ. 7%; CGH. 15%; C. 61%; DC.

H. F. settlers, free, other, finished, or in parts, including mattresses, bolsters, and pillows, caskets, and coffins 35%; 1. Free; Ja. 12}%; M.64%; N.7%; NF.H.F. settlers, free, manufactures of wood (except cabinet wares) 20%, other furniture 13%; NSW. Free ; NZ. 15%; Q. Imported with and by passengers for use, free, other 71%; SA. 25%; (NT.) 10%; Tas. Cabin furniture (passengers arriving in the Colony) free, other kinds 10%; Tr. Hardware 4%, furniture 4%; V. Furniture, including second-hand (except furniture up to 650 value, accompanying any passenger which has been in use, and is not imported for sale, free) 25%, springs, sofa, chair and other furniture 10% ; WA. Cabin furniture (passengers arriving in the Colony)

free, other 20%. Indiarubber and Gutta Percha (Unwrought and Wrought), a v.-B. All kinds

4%; BG. Electric lighting and telegraphic apparatus free, other
kinds 7%; CGH. Goloshes 21 perdozen pairs with 10% a v
additional, other kinds (unmanufactured) free: C. All kinds 61%;
DC. Caoutchouc, unmanufactured and rubber, hard crude, in sheets,
plain or moulded, gutta percha, crude, recovered rubber and rubber
substitute, fillets of cotton and rubber, not exceeding 7 inches wide,
when imported by and for the use of manufacturers of card clothing
free, indiarubber vulcanised handles for knives and forks 10%;
clothing of indiarubber or waterproofed with, 35%; other kinds 25%;
Hon. per lb, manufactured 4d; Ja. Pipes for conveying fluids
free, other kinds 12% a v; M. All kinds 61% av; N. Indiarubber,
unmanufactured, with a registration charge of it per ton or 6d per
package, free, other kinds 7% a v; NF. All kinds 13% av; NSW.
All kinds free; NZ. Gutta percha manufactures not being wearing
apparel, and not otherwise enumerated, boot elastic, rubber-cloth
(carriage and coach builders') free, goloshes 2/6 per dozen pairs,
apparel and ready-made clothing of all sorts 15% av, floorcloth,
haberdashery, hosiery, leather cloth bags and leather cloth 15% av,
other articles free; Q. All kinds 71% av; SA. Goloshes, indiarubber
cushions, druggists' tubing 10% a v, other kinds free; Tas. Boot
elastic and indiarubber sheeting for engine fittings free, other kinds
10% a v; Tr. waterproof articles (textiles and wearing apparel)
4% a v, other kinds free; V. Goloshes 4/ per dozen pairs, other

kinds free; WA. Telegraphic instruments 10% av, other kinds 5%. Indigo.-B. 4% a v; BG. 7% av; CGH. 15% av; C. 61% av; DC. Indigo

and paste, and extract of, free; Ja. 61 8s per cwt ; M. 61% a v; N. 7% a v; NF. Free ; NŚW. Blue 9/4 per cwt, other free ; NZ. Blue 9/4 per cwt, other free; Q. Blue 94 per cwt, other 75% av; SA. Blue 9/4 per cwt, other 10% a v; Tas. Dye stuffs for manufac. turing purposes free, other 10% a v; Tr. Free; V. Blue for washing

18,8 per cwt, other free; WA. 125% a v. Ink.-See Paper, &c. Iron and Iron Wares (Plain and Galvanised, Pig, Bar, Rod, Plate; Sheet, and

Hoop). – B. Hoops, bars and rods 71st per ton, other 4% a v, machinery for cultivation or manufacture of sugar free; BG. 10% av; CGH. Bar free, rod 5% a v, other (except railway and telegraph mate. rials free) 15%'a v, agricultural implements (except Kafir hoes and picks) 5%av,sheet iron (not corrugated) free; C. Railwayand hoop free, pig 4/81 per ton, bar and rod 7/6, plate and sheet 9/44; DC. Wrought scrap iron and scrap steel, ferro-manganese, &c. 8/4 per ton, iron in pigs, iron kentledge &c. 76/8 per ton, in slabs, blooms, puddled bars, or other forms less finished than iron in bars, and more advanced than pig, except castings, 37/6 per ton, bar iron, rolled or hammered, 54/2 per ton, iron and steel wire galvanised or not, 25% a v, wire of spring steel 20% a v, boiler or other plate iron 54/2 per ton, sheet iron 12% a v, hoop, band, scroll, or other iron 8in. or less in width, and not thinner than No. 20 gauge 54/2 per ton, ditto thinner than No. 20 gauge 121% a v, railway fish plates 50/ per ton, rolled iron or steel beams 121% a v, cast iron pipes 50 per ton, provided the duty is not less than 35% a v, fire-engines, locomotives and other engines, boilers and machinery 30% a v, other iron and steel manu. factures from 15% to 35% a v, iron or steel wire rope 23% av: Hon. Per lbd, manufactures id, medical instruments 4 d., 1. Free ; Ja. 121% av; M. 67% av; N. Pig, hoop and tram rails free, with registration charge of 1/ per ton or 6d per package;

Iron and Iron Wares-continued.

NF. Boiler and ship plates and pig free, other 8% av; NSW. Cor. rugated bars or sheets 40/ per ton, other free; NZ. Free ; Q. Free; SA. Boilers 25%, iron or steel columns, girders (rolled or riveted), pipes, tubes, nails and screws £2 per ton ;(NT.) Iron and ironwares free ; Tas. Free : Tr. 4% av; V. Free ; WA. Iron and steel wire, standards and staples for fencing 10/ a ton, iron gates, hurdles, and wrought bars for fencing 1/ per cut, iron and steel, unworked, bar, sheet, rod, plate and hoop iron, pig iron free,

other 5%. Galvanised and other kinds.-B. Nails 1/14 per cwt, other 8% av; BG.

Part free, part 7% a v; CGH, Galvanised 15% av; anchors and ship cables free, fencing wire and agricultural implements 10% av; other 15% av; C. Galvanised 28/1) per ton, angle and Swedish bar 9/45, corrugated iron 13/15, nails and rivets 23/7), other $% a v; DC. Part free, other various rates from 15% to 35% av; 1. Free ; Ja. Part free, part 121% a v; M. 61% a v; N. Galvanised 7% a v, fencing and agricultural implements free, with a registration charge of 1/ per ton or 6d per package, all materials for bridges, railways, or telegraphs free; NF. Part free, other 8% to 20% a v; NSW. Galvanised bars or sheets 40/ per ton, manu. factures 60/, other kinds-wire 20/. nails 40), other free ; NZ. Galvanised corrugated sheet 40/ per ton, tiles and rivets £1, other 2/ per cwt, other kinds-bolts, pipes, rails, wire-netting, &c. free, fencing-wire 1) per cwt, other 15% a v, or 2 to 4/ per cwt ; Q. Galvanised corrugated iron (pig, piping, and sheet) 2/ per cwt, iron ware 71% a v, other kinds-corrugated, wire, nails, castings 3/ per cwt, iron lanks 8/ each, furniture springs 5%, boiler plates and tubes, buckles, cart and carriage springs, malleable iron and copper piping, steel rails, tools, portable engines, and machinery (exc motive power) free ; SA, Galvanised sheet (plain) and wire free, corrugated 30/ per ton, manufactures 25%, (NT.) 15% a v, other kinds -rails, tanks, wire, fencing, &c., free, other 10% or 15% a v; Tas. Galvanised wire rope free, other 5%a v; other kinds-railway rails, chain cables, engine fittings, &c. free, fencing gd per cwt, nails 2/6, castings 1/6, bolts and nuts 2/6, harrows, horse-hoes, horse-rakes, ploughs, and scarifiers 5% a v, iron bar-rod, plates, and machinery free, other 10% a v; Tr. 4%'a v; V. Galvanised sheet and wire free, other 25% a v, other kinds-wire, railway rails, pipes (wrought), saddlers' ironmongery free, nails 3/ per cwt, horse shoe nails 12) per cwt, pipes (cast) 2/, other sorts 25% av; WA. Galvanised, sheet, plain, free, other kinds-fencing-wire il per cwt, nails, pipes, wire

netting 5% av, other 10% or 12% av. Machinery.-B. 8% av; BG. Free ; CGH. Agricultural, mining and

sawing free, other 15% av; C. Free; DC. Portable machines, 35% a v, other 25% av; l. Free ; Ja. Free ; M. For manufacture or improvement of produce of the colony free, other 61% a v; N. Part free, with registration charge of 1/ per ton or 6d per package, part 7% a v; NF. Agricultural and other machinery free, parts of machinery and propellers 10% a v; NSW. Free ; NZ. Free ; Q. Free ; 8). Weaving, flour-milling, paper-making free, engines and parts (ex. gas, portable, and traction), icemaking, cooling, and punching machines 25% av; other part 20% a v, part 15% a v, (NT.) Weaving, flour-milling, paper-making free, other part free, part 5/; Tas. Part free, part 5% a v; Tr. For manufacture of produce free, other 4% av; V. Agricultural, spinning and weav. ing free, other part free, part and mining 25% a v; WA. For

boring for water or coal free, other 5% av. Iron Wares.-See Iron, &c. Jams, &c.--See Confectionery. Jewellery. See Gold and Silver Wares. Jute. -See Linen, Hemp and Jute. Kerosine.See Oils. Lamps.-See Carriages. Lard. Tr. 3/ Lead and Leadwares.-B. Lead, old free, sheet and pipe 1/1} per cwt,

other kinds 4% av; BG. Printing type and material and pipes for gas works free, shot 9/4 per cwt, other kinds 7% a v; CGH. Printers' materials free, other kinds, unwrought and wrought 15%a v; C. Printing materials frec, lead, sheet, pipe, pig, and shot und per cwt, other kinds 61% av; DC. Lead ores and litharge free, lead, old, scrap pig 1/10 per cwt, bar, block and sheet 2/91 per cwt, type and

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