Sivut kuvina


ground £4 45 611 ; G. Raw £r os 4d, roasted or ground £1 5s 5d ; Gr. Raw or roasted £1 55 74d; H. Free; I. Raw 42 16s id, roasted £4 is 34d, chicory 3/3; N. Raw 61 28 7d, roasted and chicory 19'9; P. Husks and berries from Portuguese possessions 18:34, husks and berries from all other places £1145 34d, roasted or ground and chicory £2 14 103 ; Rus. Coffee and chicory £1957d ; 8. All kinds, conventional tariff 17/107, general tarifi £i os 4d, ditto transitory duty 10/17; Sn. Raw 14. 8, roasted and chicory 199;

Sz. Raw 1'5, roasted 1/10, chicory 3'3; T. 87 a v; US. Free. Coke.-See Coal, Cinders and Patent Fuel. Combs.-See Indiarubber and Gutta Percha. Confectionery, per cwt.-A. 62 98 8d; Ar. Biscuits of all kinds 9 cts per kilo;

B. Sweetineats (see Sugar, Refined), other kinds 10/2; Br. 500 per kilo and 39, jams '100 per kilo and 30%, chrystalized jams 850 ; C. Confectionery, conserves in sugar, sugar of all kinds 35% av; Ch. Almonds 0-4'50 per pecul, biscuits all kinds free, preserves, comfits and sweetineats, 100 catties o*5'0'0 ; D. 16/6; F. Without sugar or honey 33, preserved with sugar or honey and marmalade 11, sweetmeats £1 3s 7d; G. \ I ios 6d ; Gr. £4 16s; H. £iis ad ; !. Plain biscuits 16/3, confectionery and preserves with sugar or honey kl.165 2d, bread and ships' biscuits 3/73 ; M. Sweets of all kinds l.w. 100; Nic. Confectionery and all kinds of sweets 5d per lb. ; N. Cakes, biscuits and preserves £125 7d, other kinds er ós 4d; P. In syrup 17:5, dry 61 bis 2d ; R. Bon-bons, syrups, &c. 64 is 3d, fruit preserved in sugar, or honey preserves, marmalade, &c., £2 125 rod; Rus. Cakes and biscuits, g w tl 145 6d, other kinds 63 185 1od"; 8. £r 145 60 ; Sn. 41 6s 60 ; Sz. Cakes 22 82, biscuits and fancy pastry without sugar 6'1'15 ; T. 8% a v; US. Comfits, sweetmeats or fruits preserved in sugar, spirits or molasses 35% av, other confectionery valued at 30 cents or less per lb 62 6s 8d per cwt, ditto above 30 cents, or when sold otherwise than by the pound 50% a v, confectionery, such as fruit tablets, flavoured with lime, lemon, orange, &c., and which is thereby more or less coloured by the flavouring extracts sd per Ib; Ur. Biscuits all kinds, and sweet.

meats 44 av. Cooked Beef.--See Beef, Salted. Copper and Brass.-See Brass and Copper. Copper Sheets.-See Brass and Copper. Copper Wares.--See Brass and Copper. Copperas, per cwt.-A. Sulphate of iron (green copperas) 2!d, other kinds 1/64;

B. All kinds free; Ch. i mace per pecul; D. All kinds free; F. Sulphate of copper 1 2}, sulphate of iron 3:d ; G. All kinds free ; Gr. Free ; H. All kinds free ; l. All kinds gid; N. All kinds free ; P. All kinds 7 d ; R. Free ; Rus. Green copperas 2/2, other kinds 4'11 with an addition of 20% on each rouble of duty leviable ; Sal. id per Ib; S. Sulphate of iron (green copperas) 7 d, other kinds 4.01 ; Sn. All kinds free; Sz. All kinds odd; T.8% av; US. Sul

phate of iron 1 :5, sulphate of copper 14/. Cordage and Twine, per cwt.-A. Ropes, cables, cords, also bleached, tarred

sil per 100 kilos, all other ropemaker's wares 181. (Note.-Cocoa and similar fibres twisted into ropes for the manufacture of mats, &c., when fultilling all conditions imposed by Government on receiving a permit, free.) B. Cordage free; Br. Of cotton, in pieces, '120 per kilo and 30%, manufactured 150 per kilo and 30%, of linen 250 per kilo and 30%; C. Old free; Ch. Manilla 100 catties o*3*5'0; D. 2 4+; F. Of esparto grass, lime tree bark and reed 1/61, other, measuring 2,000 metres or less, of single thread, to the kilogramme 6'1; G. Bleached or tarred 5 1, other kinds 12/2; Gr. Tarred or not 8', of esparto grass 3 2}; Hay. Ropes 6:3, twine 14/; H. Cordage free ; l. Of esparto, linden (tiglio) and the like 7'3150; J. 1 Boo 25 cents per 100 callies; M. Ropes of aloes and hemp up to 3 centimetres in diameter or 94'2 millimetres in circunference free, iron and steel wire cables of any thickness free; NI. Ropes, &c., cables and rig. ging, and other cordage free ; N. Tarred and untarred ropes and twine over two millimetres in diameter free, other kinds 1 :8; PR. Tackle and cordage 5 pesos 60 centavos per 100 kilos; P. Cordage, ropes, cables, and other articles for shipping, except metals, so r per kilo; R. Cordage 1€ 3, twine trga zid; Rus. 414 with an addition of 20%, on each rouble of duty leviable; Sal. 5 w 7id per Ib; S.

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Cordage and Twine-continued.

7/8; 8n. Cordage free, twine and string u14; Sz. Twine 6/6, cordage 1/21; T. 8% a v; U8. Cordage, manilla untarred 11/8, other kinds untarred 16/4, all kinds tarred 147, twine 40% a v; USC. Cords for bridle rein (cotton) 1od, tarred cords and ropes 2}d, other

18 per kilo.; Ur. Rope and iwine less than zin thickness 20% a v. Corduroys.-See Woven Manufactures. Corned Beef and Pork.--See Beef, Salted. Cotton, Yarns and Thread.-See Yarns and Thread (Cotton). Cotton (Woven Manufactures).-See Woven Manufactures (Cotton). Counterpanes.-See Woven Manufactures. Cretons.-See Woven Manufactures. Curtains.--See Woven Manufactures. Cutlery.-See Iron and Steel. Damasks.-See Woven Manufactures. Dimities.-See Woven Manufactures. Distilling Apparatus.--See Brass and Copper ; also Iron and Steel, Drain Pipes. - See Earthenware and Porcelain. Dredges.-See Ships and Boats. Driving Gloves.-See Hides and Skins. Druggeting.-See Woven Manufactures. Drying Oils.-See Grease. Earthenware and Porcelain, per cwt.-A. (a) All most common earthenware

not otherwise specified, bricks, tiles and earthen pipes, stoves and architectural ornaments of earthenware or terra-cotta free, (b)graphite vessels, gas retorts, crucibles, pipes, plates, jars and vessels for manu. facturing purposes, of common stoneware or fireclay6d, (c) stoves and parts of stoves, and tiles for floors and walls other than of common earthenware 3/04, (d) earthenware included under (a) and (b) combined with wood and iron not polished or varnished 2/0), (e) earthen. ware not otherwise specified, (i)of one colour or white 5 1,(2) of two or more colours bordered, painted, printed, gilt or silvered 8 2, (f) porcelain, white 7/1, (g) (i) porcelain of all other kinds, plain or in combination with other materials 15/3, (2) fine earthenware of all kinds in combination with other materials 15/3; the new tariff makes the following changes--Common bricks (roof or wall) and carthen pipes. not glazed, free, glazed bricks and gutter tiles 6d per cwt, Chamotte goods, bricks of ordinary size each weighing up to

5 kilos, 6d, others 1/, 'paving materials and pipes made of common B.

stone, also pipes made of glazed earth 1 ; B. Crucibles and

retorts, bricks, tiles and drain pipes, also paving tiles free, common Br. earthenware 7d, fine earthenware and porcelain 10% a v; Br.

Medical instruments not otherwise distinguished, and parts 2,600 r,

toys (children's) 1,000 r to 3,200 r, pipes, cigar and cigarette holders, C. of clay or porcelain, wit tubes of horn or wood 650 r; C. Earthen. Ch. ware,' fine, porcelain 35% a v; Ch. Coarse chinaware o'4'5*0,

per catties, fine o'g'o'o pottery, earthenware 00:50; Cor. D. Cor. Common stone and chinaware 757, fine 10% a v; D. Bricks,

paving bricks, tiles and earthen pipes free, pottery of common earth as gas retorts, crucibles, &c., including graphite crucibles 63d, ditto other kinds 245, earthenware or stoneware (faience) terra-cotta or terralith, and tobacco pipes, gilt or silvered, with real or false gold

or silver 18/10, other kinds 21, porcelain, coloured, gilt or silvered E. F. £r 175 8d, other kinds 18/10; É. 6d per kilo; F. Bricks, tiles and drain

pipes, common; crucibles and gas retorts, common earthenware, plain, glazed or not free, ditto glazed with decorations in bas-relief of one or more colours, flat or hollow 2'01, stoneware apparatus and articles for the manufacture of chemical products free, common, flat or hollow, as bottles, plates, flasks, household and kitchen utensils, &c. 17), other plain and ornamental ware of fine paste, washed and baked 3/3, tiles, decorated or not, of different paste, grain or colour 12t, tiles, not decorated, of one colour, paste and grain throughout 4d, chinaware stanniserous, of coloured paste, with white and coloured glaze, with plain moulded ornaments, of one colour, not finished by hand free, with coloured glaze, printed or painted by hand or moulded in relief and finished by hand 4/10, fine white or coloured, with a glaze of one uniform colour 3/3, painted and decorated, of one colour 33, of several colours 4/104, porcelain, white, insulators 2 101, ditto other kinds 40%. decorated, also parian or biscuit, white or coloured 8/2, decorated and of extra thickness 4/104 ; G. Common bricks, tiles, pipes, and pottery unglazed free, firebricks zd, glazed tiles and bricks, paving tiles, architectural ornaments, also of terra-cotta, glazed pipes, pans, jars



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Earthenware and Porcelain-continued.

and other

vessels of common stoneware, common stove tiles, earthen. ware tobacco pipes, glazed pottery 6d, crucibles, retorts, fire-proof pipes and plates 1, other earthenware, except real or imitation porce. lain, (1) of one colour or white 3'1, (2) of two or more colours, bordered, printed, painted, gilt or silvered 82, (3) in combination with other materials (provided such articles cannot be classified under the head of small ornamental wares) 8 2, (4 )fine terra-cotta wares 5/?, porcelain and wares resembling porcelain parian, jasper, &c), (1) white 7/1, (2) coloured, bordered, printed, painted, gilt, silvered, also in combination

with other materials (provided such articles cannot be classified under Gr. the head of small ornamental wares) 15/3; Gr. Earthenware of all

sorts unglazed free, ditto glazed 1/3), chinaware, white or of one colour, plain or with impressed designs 4/51, ditto of more than one colour or with gilding, designs in relief or other ornamentation 16),

porcelain, common white articles 16', gilt or otherwise coloured or HI. ornamented 43 4s; fancy and artistic china £11 45; HI. All kinds Hay. 10%, bricks free; Hay. Brick 1/3 per 1000, stoneware, per crate,

I to 3 ft 4/4 each, 3 to 5 ft 16.8 each, per hogshead 20/10 each, china.

ware, white and ordinary (as stoneware) fine id per piece; H.

H. Bricks and roofing tiles and crucibles free, moulds for sugar baking 5% a v, earthenware and porcelain of all kinds not otherwise enume.

rated, including earthenware pipes for water supply, drain pipes, &c., 1.

5%; 1. tricks, tiles, drainpipes, etc. 1d, square roofing tiles of Marseilles and Paris patterns and hollow bricks 7d, pottery (terra-cotta), square tiles or bricks glazed or enamelled 1/21d, crucibles, oil jars, stoves, and similar coarse manufactures 1/21, statues and ornamental ware 7/3), majolica or wares of coloured clay covered with enamel or opaque varnish-tiles, slightly coloured and coarse stone wares 2/5#, white or coloured or plain ground 4/0), variously coloured or decorated 510, earthenwares or wares of white clay, white and fine stoneware 7/33, coloured, gilt or otherwise

decorated 10'2. porcelain white, 7/31 gilt or otherwise decorated M.

14/23; M. (per kilo). Manufactures of alabaster, marble or stucco, not elsewhere specified g w o 20, manufactures of plaster of Paris or clay, not elsewhere specified, g w 0'15, bricks, other than fire-bricks

1°80 per 1000, stone mosaics for pavements g wo'or per kilo, whet. NI. stones and fints g. w 0'05, gypsum g, wo 10; NI. Earthenware Nic. (baked) and porcelain 6%. a v, tiles and bricks free; Nic. jd per lb, N. brick 2-50 per Ib; N. Crucibles, mortars, filtering plates, retorts,

telegraph insulators, galvanic pans, drain pipes, stoves and stove pipes water pipes, &c, bricks and unglazed tiles 5/6% per 1,000, fine stoneware, terra-cotta and terralith 3/11), porcelain and biscuit glazed tiles 8/11 per 1,000, common pottery and stoneware (crockery) un.

glazed and unpainted free, other kinds 1/10), chinaware (faience) and Per china of all kinds 13/; Per. Earthen, stone and chinaware 45%

PR. Tiles, coloured, for floors and walls, bricks, roof tiles, pipes, and

like articles i peso 15 per 100 kilos, stoneware and fine clay 5 pesos, P.

porcelain 9 pesos; P. Earthenware 100 r per kilo, porcelain 220 r, R. ceramic products, not distinguished 2 r, firebricks free ; R. Com

mon pottery, including bricks, drain pipes tiles, &c. unglazed 91d, common earthenware or stoneware, varnished or unvarnished 6/11, chinaware (faïences) of all kinds, white or coloured, printed, gilt, silvered or not, plain or with designs or ornaments in relief 6/14, porcelain of all kinds, white or, coloured with one or several colours, printed, gilt, silvered or not, plain or with designs or ornaments in relief 12/3, fancy articles in porcelain, biscuit and faiences, such as vases, statuettes, inkstands, &c., candlesticks, lamps and similar articles, plain,

painted or gilt, or combined with bronze, carved wood, mosaic, &c. Rus. 65 is. 7d ; Rus. Common earthenware and stoneware, as bricks,

fire-bricks tiles, slabs, drainage and water pipes 34d per cwt, ordinary bricks ifd, pottery ware or stoneware of common clay, coloured or gilt for the decoration of rooms 10/10, other kinds, as household utensils, &c. 2/2, earthenware (china) white and of one colour, dyed in the paste without ornaments, except a moulded pattern 8/4, with patterns, rings, borders and edges of one colour 10/10, painted or with gilt or variegated patterns Li 7s id, porce lain vessels, white or of one colour and with coloured or gilt edges or borders, but without other ornaments £2 3s 4d, ditto painted or with coloured or gilt patterns, arabesques, flowers or other ornaments £4 6s 8d, articles of porcelain, such as vases, statuettes, candlesticks table ornaments. &c. white or of one colour 44 6s 8d, painted, gilt or


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Earthenware and Porcelain-continued.

with bronzed ornaments £8 139 5d. Note-(1) Crests and cyphers are not considered ornaments, (2) packing cases in which china, &c. is imported, pay duty according to the material of which they are made

with an addition in each case of 20% on each rouble of duty leviable ; Sal. Sal. Per lb, Earthen, stone, and china ware, ordinary g w 2d,

imitation porcelain g'w 3d, fancy ware g w 740; S. Roofing tiles and bricks for building purposes sid per ton, tiles for walls and

floors, glazed, tubes, drain pipes, &c. 710 per cwt, stoneware and Sn. fine earthenware 109, porcelain 153; Sn. Earthenware, tiles,

paving, not exceeding three-quarters of an inch in thickness 1/8$ ditto other kinds and bricks free, carthenware and terra-cotta not otherwise specified 3/11), stoneware or chinaware, white or of one

colour, not painted 5/8, painted or printed 9', porcelain, white or of Sz. one colour 13/7, gilt or painted with figures or flowers &i 6s 6d; Sz.

Common bricks, pipes, plates, flags, not otherwise mentioned 0'489d, fire-proof bricks, tiles, flagstones of common grey 2.448d, tiles, bricks, smoked, slated, varnished, balusters and architectural orna. naments not otherwise mentioned 91, pipes, plates, squares, oiled, varnished or grey, not otherwise mentioned not painted, without stamped designs, not polished, plain, or simply channelled, without raised ornaments, gas brackets from o'4896d to 98d, common earthen.

ware with grey or red fracture, glazed or not, common grey pottery, Us. crucibles, earthen pipes 91d; US. Bricks, fire bricks, roofing and

paving tiles and large stoneware vessels 20%, a v, encaustic tiles 35%, brown earthenware and common stoneware not ornamented, gas retorts, &c. 25%, earthen, china, porcelain and parian ware, white, not decorated 55%, coloured, gilt or in any way decorated 60%, tobacco pipes, common 35%, ditto pipe bowls 70%, small oval porce

lain plaques and various heads and devices painted upon them, suit. USC. able and intended for use in the manufacture of jewellery 60%; USC.

(per kilog). Common earthenware and stoneware in any form 5d, porcelain ware and chinaware iod, empty jars or pots, bottles, Hasks, or small flasks of earthenware for filling, and in general com:

mon pottery 1 d, tubes, pipes, and channels for pumps, drains, and Ur. roofs 2 d. Ur. tiles for roofing or flooring and plain tiles 20% av; Ven. Ven. 2nd class tiles, bricks, 3rd class tobacco pipes, pottery not

specified, 4th class flower pots, porcelain, chinaware and imita.

tions, 5th class toys, images, inkstands, paper-weights. Electric Lamps and Machinery.-A. 62 10/ per cwt ; 8. machinery, cast

iron, old per cwt, if wrought iron or steel 1/7), if copper 4/104, lamps 10% a u; D. Lamps and dynamos 10% av; F. Machinery weighing less than 30 kilos free, if less than 50% of cast iron 6/1 per cwt, from 50 to 75% of cast iron 4/01, 75% and above of cast iron 25}, incandescent lamps 7/61, accessories 8:2; G. Machinery, if princi: pally of cast iron 1767

per cwt, if wrought iron 26), if other metal 403; Gr. Lamps 15/3, machinery free, lamps E112 ; H. Machinery

free, lamps 5% av; 1. Machinery to 20-horse power 10/2 per cwt, * over 20-horse power 6/6, lamps 122; N. Machinery free, lamps according to material of which made; P. Machinery if entire 3/54 per cwt, if in pieces 5/8}, lamps, if glass, £15s 2d; R. Lamps £4 35 per cwt, dynamos CI 14 60 ; S. Dynamos 3'3 per cwt, lamps, glass, 14/1, porcelain 153 ; Sn. Same as Norway; T. 8% a'v; us.

Machinery and lamps 45% a v. Embroidered Wares.--See Woven Manufactures Encaustic Tiles.-See Earthenware and Porcelain. Engravings.-See Paper, &c Epsom Salts, per cwt.-A. 4/03; B. Free ; D. Free ; F. Free; G. Free ; Gr.

Free; H. Free; 1. złd; N. Free ; P. 5% a v; R. 4/1; Rus.

1/57; S. 2fd; Sn. Free ; Sz. 11d; T. 8% a v; US. 24. Felt Hats.-See Hats. Firearms.- See Iron and Steel. Fire Bricks.-See Earthenware and Porcelain. Fireclay.-A. Free; B. Free; D. Free; F. Free; G. Free; Gr. Free; H.

Free; I. id per cwt ; N. Free ; P. Free ; R. id cwt ; Rus. Free ;

S. 6d per ton ; Sn. Free; Sz. Free ; T. 8% a v; US. 6/3 per ton. Fire Engines.-See Iron and Steel. Fish, per cwt.-A. Fresh, except shell-fish, free, shell-fish 10/2 salted, smoked or

dried 30$, caviar £2. 10s, fish' prepared in casks 15/3, fish

preserved in cases, bottles, &c. £2 os 8d ; Ar. Fresh free; B. All Br. kinds free; Br. Per kilo, gold, silver, and fancy fish r'ooo each, not

otherwise specified free, fish not otherwise mentioned, shell-fish,



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oysters, and other molluscs, and fish ova '50, dried, salted, or in

brine -50, fresh, in ice '50, preserved and prepared in any manner C.

Ch. '600; C. Dried 35% a v; Ch. 100 catties salt o'18.0, maws i'o'o'o, Cor. D. skins o'2'0'0; Cor. fresh 5%, dried 75% a y; D. Fish, fresh oysters

36), ditto other kinds free, salted or smoked, dried or otherwise pre

served, anchovies, lampreys, salmon, sardines, caviar, mussels and E. F. oysters 7/1, other kinds 84d; E. 10, codfish 2 d per kilo; F. Lobsters

fresh 204,

' ditto preserved 460%, mussels and other shell-fish except oysters, free, oysters fresh, young (Naissain) free, ditto other I'af per 1,000, ditto preserved 40 per cwt, cod, dried, salted or smoked

19 6, other kinds of sea fish, fresh 2 o}, ditro smoked, salted, dried or pre

served 4/08, fresh-water fish fresh free, ditto dried, salted, smoked G. or preserved 401; G. Fish fresh (except shell-fish) free, oysters

and lobsters £1 55 5d per cwt gross, other marine shell-fish 12,2 gross, herrings salted (if in the ordinary barrels of commerce) 3/ per barrel, diito if otherwise packed 10 per cwt, salted in casks (except herrings), dried, smoked or cured 161, preserved in vinegar, oil or spice, in casks 61), preserved otherwise and fish of all kinds in her

netically sealed tins, &c. fi nos 60, caviar and substitutes Gr. 6316s 2d ; Gr. Fresh free, salted, smoked or dried, not otherwise

mentioned 971, sturgeons smoked or dried, shrimps, lobsters and other kinds of fish in boxes, prepared for consumption <3 45, cod

and stock fish 6/4, caviar, black 44 165, ditto red of all kinds 6/41, Hay. HI.

oysters 16s, all other shell-fish 17; Hl. Free; Hay. Codfish 1/8

per cwt, mackerel 2/1 per barrel, herrings, alewives 2'1 per barrel, H.

scalded 3d per box ; H. In hermetically-sealed vessels 61 is 2d, 1. other kinds free; 1. Fresh free, dried or smoked 2'05, in brine

25ł, pickled and prepared in oil or tinned 40%, caviar and other Nic. N. prepared fish roes 12/2; Nic. All kinds 3d per Ib; N. Fish, sardines

and anchovies in oil 114, olher, salted, smoked or preserved in oil or Per. in air-tight cases £1 25 7d other kinds free ; Per. Dry and smoked PR. in case 15%; PR. Codtish and stockfish 1 p. 18 c, fish fresh, salted, P. smoked, pickled and shell-fish 1p 18 c per 100 kilo ; P. Per kilo. cod.

fish 39 r, sardines salted or pressed 4 r. not otherwise mentioned, un

prepared, otherwise than for preservation 3 r, fish not elsewhere speciR. fied, salted, pressed, smoked, or pickled 10 r; R. Fish, fresh, salted,

smoked or dried, except those specified below 18:3, mackerel, stock fish and herrings 6/1), salmon and salmon-trout smoked, also lobsters, oysters and other fish preserved in oil or vinegar £2 25 1od, tunny in brine 10/25, sardines in kegs 4/1, preserved fish roe £5, caviar, fresh,

of all fish 21 12 6d, ditto not distinguished 8/2, lobsters and oysters Rus. fresh 122, mussels and other shell-fish 2 of; Rus. Fish fresh (except

shell-fish), imported in Russian ships free, ditto foreign ships udt per cwt gross, marinated and prepared in oil, also caviar Er igs 5d,t salted and smoked, except herrings 11/10, herrings salted or smoked, cod and all other fish kippered or air-dried 2/2, oysters, lobsters, crabs,

mussels 19/8, if imported in hermetically-scaled vessels £1 198 50+; Bal. 8. Sal. In tins, & w 5d, dried or salt, g.w.3d per lb ; 8. Fresh

fish or with such an amount of salt as is indispensable for their preservation 74d per cwt, dried cod fish and stock fish, import duty

5/2, dittotransitory duty i 23, salted, smoked or pickled, except sardines 8n. salted 2/0), sardines salted 97d, shell-fish 41d; Sn. Fish fresh free,

saleed or preserved anchovies and sardines, tunny fish 11/4, salted 8z.

or preserved other kinds free; Sz. Fresh i'ot, salted, smoked, dried or prepared in any other manner, in cases of 5 kilos or more

in weight ofd, ditto in cases or packages of less than 5 kilos in T.

weight 6/6, oysters, lobsters, mussels, &c., fresh 122; T. All kinds UR. 8% av; UR. Fish in brine per case or barrel 0'10 per kilo, dried US. 0.05; US. Mackerel 4/8, herrings pickled or salted 2/4, salmon

pickled 4/8, other kinds not in barrels, including fresh fish 2/4, ditto pickled in barrels 48, fish preserved in oil, except anchovies and sardines 30% a v, fish prepared or preserved otherwise than in oil, not specially mentioned 25%, shrimps, oysters and other shell-fish fresh free, anchovies and sardines packed in oil or otherwise, in tin boxes measuring not more than 5 inches in length, 4 inches in width and 3t inches in depth sd per box, in boxes measuring not more than 5 inches in length, 4 inches in width and if inches in depth 2fd,

in boxes measuring not more than 4 inches in depth, 31 inches in USC. width and it inches in depth 11d, in any other form 40% a v; USC. Ven. In pickle, other, per kilo, afd; Ven. 3rd class fish, salt or smoked,


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