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VI. EAST INDIA AND CHINA MAILS.—Time Consumed in Mails to Twenty promlnent places in India, China, Japan, &c.,.

606 VII. THE FUNDAMENTAL LAWS OF MEXICO.—Table, giving the laws, plans, con

stitutions, &c., which have formed the pivots upon which the many governments of independent Mexico have turned,.....

607 VIII. THE NEW-YORK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.-1. The Committee of Arbitra

tion. 2. Names of Presidents, 1768—1860. 3. Some of the Objects accomplished by the Chamber, ..

619 JOURNAL OF MERCANTILE LAW. 1. The Statute of Frauds. 2. Insurance. 3. Fire Policy. 4. Use of Campbene. 5. Rail

Roads. 6. The British Law of Bankruptcy. 7. Rail-Road Mortgages. 8. Mosaics and Precious Stones. 9. Playing Cards,...

569 STATISTICS OF POPULATION. 1. Trades and Employments in France. 2. Marriages, Births and Deaths in France. 8. West

Indies and Mauritius. 4. Victoria. 5. Effects of Climate on Northern and Southern Troops. 6. The French and the English,.

608 JOURNAL OF NAUTICAL INTELLIGENCE. 1. Launch of a Cunard Steamer. 2. The Cunard Steam Fleet. 3. Ventilation of Ships. 4.

New Light-Houses Navesink Lights -Gulf of Finland-Mediterranean-Turkey-Sea of Marmora-England -Gulf of Bothnia. 5. Deviation of the Compass, ...


JOURNAL OF MINING AND MANUFACTURES. 1. Early Manufactures in Rhode Island. 2. Coal Mining in India. 3. The Working of Eng.

Jish Mines. 4. Manilla Rope. 5. Japanese Paper. 6. Breech-Loading Pistol-Knife. 7. The National Beverage. 8. “Entire” Porter. '9. Missouri Lead Mines. 10. Shoddy. 11. Shoddy, Flocks and Noils. 12. Photographs in the House of Commons. 18. The Ratios of Wages and Profits. 14. Poisoned Dresses. 15. Re-making Leather. 16. Lake Superior Iron,...


STATISTICS OF TRADE AND COMMERCE. 1. Kentucky Annual Tobacco Circular, 2. Adulteration in Silk Fabrics. 3. Adulteration

of Tea. 4. Trade and Navigation of Great Britain, 1860. 6. The Lumber Trade. 6. The Tallow Business. 7. Liberia Trade, ....


COMMERCIAL CHRONICLE AND REVIEW. 1. Large Exports to Europe. 2. Reduced Imports. 3. Extraordinary Receipts of Grain at

tide-water. 4. Appeal of the New York Chamber of Commerce to the Canal Board, and their Response. 5. General Imports and Exports. 6. Foreign Dry Goods. 7. Government Loan. 8. Pacific Telegraph Completed, ...


FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE OF THE MERCHANTS' MAGAZINE, The London Money Market-Rate of Discount, Banks of England and France-Liverpool

Cotton Market-Failure in the Metal Trade-Table showing the returns of the Bank of England, Price of Consols, &c., 1851-1861-Southern Blockade-British Board of Trade Returns-Trade in Palm Oil-Malta and Alexandria Telegraph Cable, &c.,......


RAIL-ROAD, CANAL AND TELEGRAPH STATISTICS. 1. East India Railway. 2. Important Rail-Road Decision. 3. The New Field Telegraph. 4.

New Telegraph Lines, .

THE BOOK TRADE. Notices of New Publications in the United States,...


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