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for the fullest examination of the nature of the disease, and the application of all those means of cure, which scientific research and acumen may suggest ; and this may possibly lead in this country, as it has in our own, to the almost complete extinction of the disease. We trust therefore that our readers will deem no apology necessary for our inserting at full length the proceedings of a society for the support of an object, so new, so interesting in its nature, and so important to India in its results.

Proceedings of a General Meeting of the European and Native

Inhabitants of Calcutta, held at the Town Hall, in pursuance of Public Notification, on Saturday, the 22d August, 1818, for the purpose of taking into consideration the Establishment of an Asylum for Lepers.

On the motion of the Lord Bishop of Calcutta, J. H. Harington, Esq. was requested to take the Chair; and the object of the Meeting having been stated as mentioned in a letter addressed to the Managers of the Town Hall, dated the 12th instant, and more fully detailed in a printed paper, circulated for general informati on; the following Resolutions were unanimously passed :

1. That an Institution be established for the reception, medical care and support of Lepers ; to be denominated “ The Calcutta Asylum for Lepers.

2. That His Excellency the Governor General, and the Members of the Supreme Council, who are Patrons of the Calcutta Na. tive Hospital, be requested to accept also the Patronage of this Institution.

3. That the business of the Institution be conducted by Twenty-four Governors, resident in Calcutta or its vicinity; of whom a proportion, not exceeding a moiety, may be Natives of India ; with the assistance of a Secretary; a Surgeon; a Treasurer; and such other Officers as may be required.

4. That Donations and Annual Subscriptions be solicited for defraying the expenses of the Asylum ; and that all persons subscribing annually for this purpose, be entitled to vote at the election of Governors, and be themselves eligible in that capacity.

5. That the very liberal Donation of twelve Biggahs of Ground and 5000 Rupees, by Baboo Kalee-shunkur Ghosal, which was tendered by him to the Select Vestry of the Cathedral, with a view to promote the foundation of an Asylum for Lepers ; and which the Select Vestry are willing to relinquish for the benefit of the Asylum now established, be accepted, and thankfully acknowledged. That the land granted by Baboo Kalee-shunkur Ghosal, be secured to the Asylum, in such manner as the Governors of the Institution may, on inquiry, find legal, and judge to be the most proper; and that as a public token of respect to the donor, he be elected a Governor of the Asylum for life.

6. That an Annual Meeting of Subscribers to the Asylum be held in the month of January, for receiving and publishing a Report of the Proceedings of the Governors, with a statement of Receipts and Disbursements, during the past year; and for electing the Governors of the ensuing year. The first Annual Meeting to be held in the month of January, 1820.

7. That the Governors of the Institution be empowered to call a special General Meeting of the Subscribers, if circumstances should at any time appear to require it; and also to fill UP,

from among the Subscribers to the Asylum, any vacancies that may happen in their own number, or in the official situations above specified, withio the period of one Annual Meeting and another.

8. That it be left to the Governors of the Asylum to adopt such measures, consistent with the Rules established at the present Meeting, or at any future General Meeting of Subscribers, as may appear best calculated for carrying into effect the design of this lostitution ; which is limited, in the first instance, to the care and support of Lepers, with such members of their respective families as cannot be separated from them. In furtherance of this design, however, it shall be at the discretion of the Governors to grant such aid, as the funds of the Calcutta Asylum for Lepers may admit, to any Auxiliary Institutions, founded on the same principles, which may be established at any of the ci. ties, chief towns, or other places in the Provinces subject to this Presidency, where a local Asylum for Lepers may appear to be required.

9. That the Funds of this Institution, which may not be required for current disbursements, be vested in Government Securities, payable to the Treasurer for the time being ; and that such Securities be not disposed of by the Treasurer without an order from at least five of the Governors, but that the Principal and Interest of such securities as well as all other Money belonging to the Asylum in the hands of the Treasurer, be appropriable to the expences of this Institution, by a resolution or order from any number of the Governors, not being less than five; who may constitute a Meeting of the Governors, or may act as a Committee under the following Rule.

10. That six of the Governors, in rotation, form a Quarterly Committee, to visit the Asylum, and transact the detailed business of the Institution, in concert with the Secretary and Surgeon, in such manner as may be determined by the Governors collectively; any five of whom shall be sufficient to form a quorum, at their Meetings, to be convened by the Secretary.

That the following Gentlemen be elected Governors of this Institution for the remainder of the present year; and till the period of the next Annual Election to be held in January, 1820; in addition to Baboo Kalee-shunkur Ghosal, who has been elected Governor for life; The Lord Bishop of Calcutta ; Joseph Barretto, senior, Esq.; James Robinson, Esq.; W. O. Salmon, Esq.; John Palmer, Esq.; The Venerable Archdeacon Loring; Alexan


der Colvin, Esq.; J. W. Sherer, Esq.; J. P. Larkins, Esq.; James Jamieson, Esq.; Charles Lushington, Esq.; Edward Brightman, Esq. ; Thomas De Souza, Esq. ; Rev. J. Parson; Rev. T. T. Tho. mason ; Charles Trower, Esq. ; Radha Madhub Banoorjya; Kae shee-nath Banoorjya.

12. That to complete the number of Governors fixed by the 3d Resolution, the Governors above elected be authorized to add five Natives of India, who may be eligible under the 4th Resolution, as Subscribers to the Funds of this Institution.

13. That James Robinson, Esq. be elected Secretary to this Institution.

14. That the House of Joseph Barretto and Sons, be appointed Treasurers to the “ Calcutta Asylum for Lepers ;” and that the amount of all Donations and Subscriptions for the Asylum be paid to them on account of this Institution.

'15. On the motion of the Lord Bishop of Calcutta, resolved unanimously, that the cordial thanks of this Meeting be given to Mr. Harington, for not only his conduct in the Chair, but also for the trouble which he has taken in preparing the Rules brought forward by him for consideration of the Meeting ; who further ex. press their regret that in consequence of Mr. Harington's approaching departure from the Presidency, they are precluded from the hope of his future services.


16. On the motion of Baboo Kalee-shunkur Ghosal, Resolved unanimously, that the thanks of the Meeting be offered to the Lord Bishop of Calcutta, for his kind and valuable aid in promoting the objects of the Meeting.


On the motion of Mr. Harington, Resolved unanimously, that the cordial acknowledgements of this Meeting be given to James Robinson, Esq. for his benevolent and zealous exerti

ons, in adopting the preliminary measures, which led to the establishment of the Asylum for Lepers now founded.

18. It was further Resolved, that the proceedings of this meeting be printed and published for general information.


A book for Donations and Annual Subscriptions, (the latter to commence with the year 1819,) was opened at the Meeting re.. ferred to in the above proceedings; and the following names and sums have been already entered :

Don An.

Don. Ana Lord Bishop of Calcutta, 400 100 Radha Madhub Banoorjy, 200 50 J. H. Harington,

400 100

Kasheenath Bapoorjya, 200 50 Kalee-shunkur Ghosal, 5000 T. Thomason,

50 36 J. Barretto,

W. B. Bayley,

300 100 Archdeacon Loring, 200 50 James Robinson,

200 100 Joseph Parson,

200 50
H. Townley,

100 50 E. Brightman, 500 100 G. Forbes,

300 100 J. W. Sherer, 300 100 | J. Pattle,

300 100 J. P. Larkins, 300 100 S. S. Robinson,

50 36 C. Trower,

100 50 Lieut. Irvine, R. McClintock,

500 100 W. C. Blacquiere, 100 W. Orton Salmon,

50 K. Wolff,

100 50 C. Lushington,

100 50
J. Mackillop,

300 150 Alexander Colvin, 100 50 J. Palmer,

300 200 W. E. Rees,

50 P. Maitland,

300 J. Money,

100 30 Mackintosh and Co. 500 200 T. De Souza, 500 F. Hall,

100 J. Jamieson,

100 51



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The Subscription Book is now open at the Calcutta Exchange, --and Donations and Subscriptions will be received by Joseph Barretto and Sons, Treasurers, or by Mr. Robinson, Secretary, at Brijee-tullow.

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