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To present the public with a SERIES OF Engravings, carefully drawn from the originals, and executed in a superior manner on Steel, is the object of the Work now announced under the title of “THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF PAINTING AND SCULPTURE,' which is intended to form a Gallery in miniature, on the plan of the Musée Napoléon, equally adapted to the Library or the Drawing-room.

The admirers of the Fine Arts, who reside at a distance from the Metropolis, or who are otherwise deprived of the pleasure of viewing the fine productions of Art which now adorn the National Gallery, will be thus enabled to possess, in the cheapest and most convenient form, a faithful delineation of every Painting, &c. with a description of each subject, and a brief memoir of the Artist.

The utmost care will be taken to render "The NATIONAL GALLERY,' as a work of art, worthy of public patronage. Eminent artists have been engaged, and the whole will be superintended by Mr. Valpy.

PLAN OF PUBLICATION. The Work will be published in Monthly Parts, price 2s.6d., to be delivered with the Magazines.

The Monthly Parts will contain on an average TWELVE ENGRAVINGS, carefully drawn from the originals, and executed in the best manner on Steel.

The Work will be printed on fine paper in octavo, with de. scriptive letter-press to each Engraving, and brief Memoirs of the respective Artists.

The NationAL GALLERY' will be comprised in Sixteen or Eighteen Monthly Parts; and on the completion of the present Collection, an additional Part will be published occa. sionally, as the number of Paintings, &c. may be increased by purchase or donation.

Printed and published by A. J. VALPy, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street; and sold by all Booksellers, Printsellers, &c. in Town and Country.

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