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For January, 1731.


Füngar vice cotis, acutum
Reddere quæ ferrum valet, exfors ipfa secandi.



Printed for WILLIAM INNYS; at the Welt
' End of St. Paul's. MDCCXXXI. :

Price One Shilling


BOOKS printed for W.innys.'

I. ~r* H E Case os Reason, or Natural Religion, fairl Jy and fully stated, in. Answer to a Book Entitled, Christianity as Old as the Creation- By William Law, M. A. Part I.

IT. Fleury's Ecclesiastical History, K° 24. or the first Number of the 5th Vol. N.B. N° 15. is in the Press, *nd will speedily be publish'd.

III. A Sermon preach'd before the Lords Spiritual •nd Temporal in Parliament assembled, in the Abbey Church, Westminster, on Saturday, Januarys. 1730. By the Right Reverend Father in God, Robert Lord Bishop of Peterborough.

IV. A Second Vindication of Christ's Divinity: Or, a Second Defence of some Queries relating to Dr.Cta-Fs Scheme of the Ho.!y- Trinity: In Answer to the Country Clergyman's Reply; wherein the Learned Doctor's Scheme, as it now stands, after the latest Correction, Alteration, and Explanation, is distinctly and fully considers by Daniel Waterland, D. D. Master of Magdalen College in Cambridge; 'and Chaplain" in Ordinary to* his Majesty. The Second Edition, %vo.

V. Silva t Or. a Discourse of Forest-Trees, and the Propagation of. Timber in his Majesty's Dominions: As it was delivered in the Royal Society the 15th of Offoher, i66i, upon Occasion of certain Queries propounded to that Illustrious Assembly, by.(heHonourable and Principal Officers and Commissioners oFtne Navy. In two Books. TogetheJr wiiktfoiliftarical Accojunfc.tyf jfre Sacrcdness and Use of Standing Groves'. Terra, a Philosophical Essay of Earth; being a Lecture in Course. To which is annex'd, Pomona: Or an Appendix concerning Fruit-TreeSj in relation to Cyder; the Making, several Way* «f -Ordering 0. .Publish'd by express. Order of the Royal Society. Also Kalendarium 'Borttnsef b},: Hie Gardener's Almanack; directjhg what is toido; Mqftfhly throughput the Year... By John Evelyn, Esq; late Fellow of the Royar Society."

A TABLE of the Articles

For January 1731.

Art. I. A Discourse of the History, Reliil gion> and Laws of the7ra/J. By the late Reverend and Learned W. Wotton, D. D. &tc. communicated by Anthony Hammond, Esq; p. j;

II. A Perpetual Commentary on the Revelation of St. John, &c. by Charles Datibuz, M. A. &c. New modell'd and abridg'd by Peter Lancaster, A. M. &c. p. 27

III. Sermons on several Subjects, being a continuation of the Posthumous Works of Samuel Clarke, D-D. Eft", p. 40

IV. The present State of the Cape\of Good Hope, &c. * Doneinto £#£//j5^Jf6jnwthe Original by Mr. Medley. ;j p. 55

V. Letters, giving an Account of several Converfations, &c. Written originally in French by Mr. St. Hyacinthe, F. R. S. p. 62

VI. Eternal and Immutable Morality, by Ralph Cudworth, D. D. &c. p- 66

YJIjiLectures in Opticks, read in the Publick Schools by Sir Isaac Newton, Knt. p. 69

1 VIII. Æf*/*

VIII. State of Learning,

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Republick of Letters.

For January 1731.


^discourse of the History, Religion, and Laws of the Jews. By the late Reverend and Learned W. Wotton, D. D. Author of the Reflections of ancient and modern Learning. Now firjl published from his Original Manuscripts.

TH E great key which will lead us to the understanding of the Old Testament, is the consideration that it directs us all along to a nobler dispenfation which is set forth to us in the New. Christ Jesus was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world; for as soon as Adam and Eve had, by eating the forbidden fruit, lost their innocence in Paradise, from whence they were immediately thereupon January 1731. A thrust

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